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Digital marketing is a wide field in today’s world. Figuring out how to do a successful digital marketing resume can be complex. A resume is similar to what all marketers do every day: Sell yourself.

Therefore it is important to know what to include in a resume. This goes for both freshers with no relevant work experience, and individuals looking for a digital marketing specialist resume with proven experience in social media, content writing, SEO, or among other specialties.

How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume?

Step 1 : Understand the differences between a digital marketing CV and a digital marketing resume.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are both documents that highlight your professional work, but there are differences in them.  In a nutshell, the differences between a digital marketing CV and a digital marketing resume lie in the format, the length, and the motive for applying.

A digital marketing CV sample can even reach 10 pages, detailing your whole career; while a digital marketing resume only highlights your qualifications relevant to the job position in no more than 2 pages.

If the position is an academic field, a digital marketing CV is suitable to show all your details and experience. For a job position, a digital marketing resume can be appropriate as it is quicker to read for recruiters.

Step 2 :Choose the right digital marketing resume format.

Choosing the right format for your digital marketing resume depends on your relevant experience and digital marketing context. Therefore, you need to see which type of resume format for digital marketing works best.

There are four types of digital marketing resume formats: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted resumes. Check out more on 4 Types of Professional Resume Formats. For making a fresher digital marketing resume, a functional format can be used, whereas those who already have experience can use the chronological format as a digital marketing resume template.

Step 3 : Look up digital marketing resume templates & resume examples online as references.

Search for resumes samples and observe as much as you can from them, and modify those elements into your digital marketing resume.

Step 4 :  Tailor your resume for the digital marketing position.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking on how to do a fresher digital marketing resume, or an experienced professional looking to further your career, a strong digital marketing resume includes relevant skills and accomplishments to the position.

Step 5 : Craft a digital marketing cover letter.

This is where you tell why you are qualified for the job. Utilize your unique personal traits to convince the hiring managers why you are a good fit for the position.

Step 6 : Proofread your online marketing resume.

Make sure your resume is comprehensible throughout the document. Proofreading and double-checking your resume can help you spot mistakes or things you may end up leaving out for the better.

What to put in a Digital Marketing Resume?

A digital marketing resume can be built in an hour or two. However, even if you do have the experience, it can be a daunting task to figure out exactly how much or what specific aspects to put on your digital marketing resume.

Digital marketing covers many roles and responsibilities due to the variety of specialists out there. Whether you are doing a digital marketing specialist resume or an entry-level digital marketing resume, this section will help you decide what to include/ exclude and build a digital marketing resume that will stand out from the rest.

1. Resume Profile ( Personal Information )

This is where the most basic details belong. This personal profile section should be on top, and shall display: 

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Professional portfolio ( if available )

💡 Tips: Avoid including personal details, such as marital status, salary, religious preference, etc. Also do not put outdated profile links in your resume.

2. Resume Headline

Using a few lines or phrases, briefly describe who you are as a qualified candidate, summarizing your career profile. A digital marketing resume headline should be concise and able to show your value within a few lines. Here are some headline examples you can use for your online marketing resume.

Digital Marketing Resume Headline Example for Different Level

  • Digital marketing specialist resume headline example:

“Digital marketing coordinator and SEO professional who drove above 50 percent increase in sales during last SEO role.”

  • Entry-level digital marketing resume headline example:

“Entry-level digital marketing copywriter with 2 years of experience, in charge of boosting website traffic through blogs and posts.”

  • Digital marketing fresher resume headline example:

“A hardworking, diligent student seeking social media or digital marketing internship. Fast-learner with basic knowledge in the startup world.”

A rule of thumb when making a headline for your digital marketing resume is to start with your job title and/or strong traits, followed by years of experience, relevant skills and accomplishments

3. Digital Marketing Profile Summary

A summary of your qualifications and past accomplishments will boost your chances to garner interest from recruiters. If you are making a digital marketing specialist resume, using a summary over a resume objective will be more suitable, as a resume summary clearly shows your competence with previous outcomes.

Digital Marketing Profile Summary Example

“Digital marketing manager with more than 5 years of experience specializing in content marketing. Possesses proven history of generating significant revenue through online marketing campaigns. Skilled in multimedia production, email marketing, and social media marketing.”

In the previous example for writing a digital marketing profile summary, you can see the details such as position title, years of experience, specialization, accomplishments, and skills used to form the summary. Try to include these elements in your digital marketing resume summary.

4. Career Objective for Digital Marketing

The resume objective section is the perfect place to align with the company’s goal and showcase how you will help the company achieve its objectives.

It is important to include a digital marketing resume objective since it shows the recruiter your intention of building a future at the company. 

Digital Marketing Resume Objective Sample

“Highly-motivated digital marketing analyst capable of producing reports and analyzing effectiveness in digital marketing campaigns. Seeking a position to help the company’s long-term goals through any online marketing campaigns.”

💡 Tips: A career objective is more favorable towards freshers, as an entry-level digital marketing resume counts with less experience than applicants with plenty of experience.

5. Digital Marketing Skills for Resume

The skills section is one of the most important sections in your digital marketing resume as it demonstrates what you are capable of. Some skills for a digital marketing resume are:

  • CMS (e.g., WordPress)
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • PPC Advertising
  • Email Marketing

Try to match your skill list with the skills the job description demands and have a combination of personal skills and technical skills. Make sure to check this list of skill categories.

💡 Tips: If you think your skillset is top-notch, you may opt for a digital marketing skills resume.
A skill-based resume, also known as a functional resume, focuses on your skills rather than your work history.
A functional format can be ideal for those who want to change careers.

6. Work Experience

List your relevant work experience in ascending order. You shall list each company you’ve worked for under the following format:

  • Name of the company or entity
  • The dates of employment
  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Milestones or Accomplishments (if any)

7. Education

Relevant academic background could be a plus. Avoid including unnecessary and irrelevant studies you did in your digital marketing resume. 

Tips for Writing the Best Digital Marketing Resume

Here are some useful tips for writing a professional digital marketing resume:

    Tip 1 : Customise the online marketing resume for the job.

    Every job position has different requirement specifications. Modify your resume according to what recruiters ask for.

    Tip 2 :  Use Keywords (from Job Description) in your resume.

    Job descriptions contain keywords, such as specific digital marketing skills and experiences, so make sure your resume has these terms.

    Tip 3 :  Quantify results on resumes.

    Significant and calculable accomplishments show proof of your capabilities.

    Tip 4 :  Choose an ATS-friendly resume format.

    If your digital marketing resume is not ATS-friendly, it will be cast aside and employers will not consider it. An ATS-friendly resume format matches the pattern used in the job description with an easy-to read layout,  so try to adopt keywords used in the job posting and keep the resume formatting simple.

    Tip 5 :  Adopt resume action words (verbs).

    Using active voice will clearly show employers what can you offer to the company in terms of skills, accomplishments, and responsibilities. Here is an extensive verb list that will help you with your online marketing resume.

    Tip 6 :  Have a Portfolio.

    Your actual content creation cannot be displayed in your online marketing resume, so having a place that shows your work will show recruiters what you can bring to the table.

    CakeResume is an easy-to-use editor you can use to create and host a resume webpage for free. It provides 50+ beautiful resume snippets to choose from to design a professional portofolio in minutes.

    How to Write a Digital Marketing Cover Letter?

    A cover letter for digital marketing positions is a chance to sell yourself as an employee. Make sure to tailor your cover letter to your prospects, along with the resume. 

    This is what you need to include in your digital marketing cover letter:

    • Contact information - Your full name, your email, and a phone number.
    • Greeting - Clearly address the recruiter/hiring manager.
    • The Why - Explain why you want to work for the company. Similar to a digital marketing resume objective, your cover letter should show how you like the company and how your skills align with their digital marketing practices. This is an important element, especially if you are doing a cover letter for a digital marketing internship.
    • Persuasion - Convince employers why you are the right candidate for the job. List accomplishments or experiences you deem relevant to show you are the right person.

    Your digital marketing cover letter should tell the hiring manager what’s great about your skills and experience. Whether it’s a cover letter for a digital marketing specialist position or a digital marketing internship, a cover letter establishes a link between you and the place you are applying for.

    Digital Marketing Resume Sample (Text Format)

    Blake Robinson

    Digital Marketing Coordinator Who Increased Web Traffic by 45%

    Mobile: (+16) 000-1783
    Email: [email protected]

    Resume Summary

    Digital marketing coordinator with 5+ of experience in SEO and marketing campaigns. Drove website traffic goal for an employer by 200%. Executed innovative digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic to company pages and generate interest for the company’s services.

    Work Experience

    Novoa International Company
    Digital Marketing Coordinator
    June 2017–Present

    • Organized projects for social media, SEO, and email marketing.
    • Increased organic revenue by 60% within the first year through marketing campaigns.
    • Established a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, boosting Facebook engagement by 200% and increasing Youtube subscribers by 50% within the first three months,

    ABC Company
    Digital Content Writer
    Aug 2012 - May 2015

    • Implemented strategies focused on email marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    • Improved website pages readability through relevant keyword optimization, reducing bounce rate from 50% to 24%.
    • Wrote compelling content to increase brand awareness and increased website traffic.


    2015– 2017, International Master's in Business Administration
    Chapman University in Orange County, California

    2008– 2012, B.A. in Business Administration
    Chapman University in Orange County, California
    Academic Award: Magna Cum Laude


    Hard Skills

    • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    • CMS ( e.g. Wordpress)
    • Google Analytics
    • Microsoft Office
    • SEMrush
    • Language Proficiency in Mandarin, English and French

    Soft Skills

    • Problem Solving
    • Customer Engagement
    • Self-driven
    • Multi-tasking
    • Teamwork

    --- Originally written by José J. Rosales ---

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