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The duties of dishwashers are simple but vital to a restaurant. They spend hours cleaning plates and dishes, making sure that those delicious foods are served with super clean tableware. Learning these basic skills in the kitchen may pave the way to become a notable chef in the future.

Keeping everything clean is the most important skill for a dishwasher. When writing a dishwasher resume, it also needs to maintain a “clean” format. In the following content, you’ll learn how to craft a nice dishwasher resume that will help you get a job in no time. There are also tips for those writing a dishwasher resume with no experience.

How to write a great dishwasher resume?

Before you start to write a resume for a dishwasher, here are 5 tips that may come in handy. Follow the tips and be ready to create a competitive dishwasher resume!

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly Resume Template.

Keep the dishwasher resume in a simple and text-based design to make sure it is ATS-friendly.

Tip 2: Refer to Online Resume Templates and Examples.

If you have no idea how to start writing a dishwasher resume, or you are writing an entry-level dishwasher resume, searching for a dishwasher resume example or template might give you some inspiration.

CakeResume provides the right dishwasher resume templates & formats for dishwashers to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create and download the best dishwasher resume Now for free !

Tip 3: Tailor Your Resume for the Job Position and Adopt Keywords.

Every job requirement differs from another, therefore it is important to tailor the dishwasher resume for each application. For example, some countries prefer using a CV(curriculum vitae), while others prefer handing in a resume. (Further reading: What is the difference between a dishwasher CV and a resume?) Also, try to insert keywords that appear on the job description to your dishwasher resume. 

Tip 4: Quantify Results on Resumes.

Write your past experiences with figures and numeric results. They can support your achievements and make them more persuasive.

Tip 5: Present Positive Personalities in the Resume

A dishwasher has a rather low entry barrier and does not require too many professional skills. (Of course, if you have a professional skill it would be even better!) On the other hand, that means your personality becomes very important. Therefore, write down experiences that show teamwork, strong stress resistance, or fast learning on the dishwasher resume.

What is a good objective for a dishwasher resume?

A resume objective is a short paragraph (or 3-4 sentences) describing yourself and your career goals. Writing a good dishwasher resume objective with a clear statement gives you a higher chance to get noticed by the recruiter. If you are writing a dishwasher resume with no experience or little experience, it would be suitable for you to put a dishwasher resume objective at the top of the resume.

🔑 Here are some crucial elements for writing an eye-catching dishwasher resume objective:

  1. Highlight your career goals: write down one main goal on the dishwasher resume. Remember that your career goals should be realistic and attainable.
  2. Showcase your traits: List down 2-3 characteristics that can be regarded as bonus points to the job.
  3. Keep the job description in mind: Link your past experiences or insert keywords that appeared on the job description when writing the dishwasher resume.

Dishwasher resume objective examples:

  • Responsible and energetic college student, with 1-year experience in the food industry. Seeking a part-time dishwasher job in KAP restaurant.
  • Organized dishwasher with 3 years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing tableware. Seeking a position as a dishwasher in the convenience store.
  • Efficient dishwasher with 4 years of experience in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Skilled in cleaning and dishwashing machine operations. Seeking an opportunity as a dishwasher in a café.

How to write a professional resume summary for a dishwasher job?

A dishwasher resume summary is similar to a dishwasher resume objective. However, it focuses more on highlighting your skills and past experiences to show the recruiter how you can benefit the company. For those who have relevant experiences, writing a dishwasher resume summary would be a good choice.

🔑 Here are a few vital tips for writing a good resume summary:

  1. Keep it concise: The ideal length is around 30-50 words, so don’t write unnecessary parts that waste the recruiter’s time.
  2. Include important achievements: Awards, skills, or a relevant educational background can make your dishwasher resume summary more persuasive.
  3. Start with a key adjective that describes you: Don’t use fancy words such as “awesome” or “fantastic”, use positive and realistic words such as “energetic” or “self-motivated.”

Dishwasher resume summary examples:

  • Dedicated dishwasher with over 8 years of experience in a busy food court. Skilled in cleaning and hygiene knowledge. Always double-check the tableware before serving dishes to the customers. 
  • Quick dishwasher with 5 years of experience in a hotel. Proficient in cleaning and maintaining equipment. Won first place in “Fastest dishwashing competition”. 
  • Patient dishwasher with 6 years of experience in cleaning and organizing food supplies. Collaborate well with partners, able to wash 1000 plates and dishes in 1 hour. Always arrived punctually and finished work earlier.

What are some great skills to put on a resume for a dishwasher?

When writing skills for a dishwasher resume, besides focusing on hard skills, remember that soft skills are important as well. 

There are 4 ways to list skills on a dishwasher resume:

  • A simple bullet list
  • An expanded bullets
  • Integrated with work experience
  • Categorized skills section

📍 Learn more about the differences: Skills for Resume|Examples List, Templates, Formats

💡 Here are some tips for you to craft a good dishwasher resume skills section:

  • Make it legible: a neat and organized format is easier to read.
  • Keep it relevant: Don’t put everything you can think of on the resume. Instead, choose the ones that are relevant to the job.

Dishwasher resume skills section example:

  • Hard skills:
    • cleaning skills
    • hygiene standards
    • supply organization
    • dishwashing machine controlling
    • kitchen equipment
  • Soft skills:
    • enthusiasm
    • time management
    • fast-learning
    • stamina
    • collaboration

How to write a dishwasher resume with no experience?

A lot of people might apply for a dishwasher as their first job, or as part-time jobs to earn extra money. Then you’ll face the situation of writing a dishwasher resume with no experience. Don’t worry, here are five useful pieces of advice for freshers!

Advice 1: Choose the Right Resume Format.

Choosing the right dishwasher resume format is the first step to make the resume look well-organized. There are four kinds of dishwasher format, including chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted resume format. For a fresher, you can go with the chronological format, which is also the most common used format.

📍 Learn more about every format: 4 Types of Resume Formats & Examples

Advice 2: Adopt a Career Objective.

As mentioned above, for those planning to write a dishwasher resume with no experience, including a dishwasher resume career objective can show your motivation and ambition for the future.

Advice 3: Highlight Your Education.

The education section is often regarded as “not so important” in a dishwasher resume. However, it would be a bonus for the dishwasher resume if you graduated from a cooking school, or present your personality such as team-building ability through classwork.

Advice 4: Include your portfolio/side project/personal website.

You might be good at cleaning, why not put some before/after photos of cleaning projects?

Advice 5: Write a Sincere Cover Letter.

The dishwasher cover letter is the first thing the recruiter would read when receiving the application. Write a sincere cover letter to leave a good first impression. The content should include a simple introduction about yourself, your motivation of applying for the job, and list some past experiences (relevant ones!) that make you a qualified candidate.

Dishwasher Resume Sample (Text Format)

John Austin

Dishwasher with 5+ years of experiences in the food industry

(+02) 445-2389
[email protected]

Resume Summary

Dedicated dishwasher with over 5 years of experience in a busy food court. Skilled in cleaning and hygiene knowledge. Always double-check the tableware before serving dishes to the customers. 


Hard Skills

  • Cleaning Skills
  • Hygiene Standards
  • Supply Organization
  • Dishwashing Machine Controlling
  • Kitchen Equipment

Soft Skills

  • Enthusiasm
  • Time Management
  • Fast-learning
  • Stamina
  • Collaboration

Work Experience

XVP Food Court
Feb 2015- Oct 2017

  • Learned washing skills and kitchen hygiene process in 15 minutes.
  • Won first place in “Fastest dishwashing competition”.
  • Followed high standard regulation of sanitization.

CC Pizza Restaurant
Jan 2012- Jan 2015

  • Implemented a new washing strategy and reduced 30% washing time.
  • Collaborated well with partners, able to wash 1000 plates and dishes in 1 hour.
  • Double checked the tableware before serving dishes to the customers.


2018-2012, Bachelor Degree in Food and Beverage
Quaker University 


Leader of the Cooking Club
Won first place in a national cooking contest

--- Originally written by Annie Chao ---

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