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Excelling in teaching grammar, writing, reading, and punctuation to students of different ages are skills a prepared English teacher shall possess. As an English teacher, these shall be used when making your resume. 

A typical English teacher CV should illustrate responsibilities such as planning lesson plans, teaching students, upholding school rules, preparing students for standardized tests, and tracking progress.

Employers seek English teachers who not only improve students’ grades but also are also capable of implementing different teaching methods successfully.

Figuring out how to elaborate an English teacher CV is important as the competition is more and more serious nowadays.

Your resume for an English teacher position shall display your ability to deal with students based on your education and teaching experience. 

Just like planning lessons, making an English teacher CV requires strategic planning. This article will help you in all aspects of crafting an English teacher resume with comprehensive tips.

Things to know for writing an English teacher CV

1. Refer to online resume templates and examples.

After looking up resume samples for English teachers online, you can incorporate any elements you deem useful into your English teacher resume. 

2. Modify your English teacher resume for the job position. 

A strong English teacher CV includes relevant skills and outstanding teaching experience for the job posting. Make sure to list relevant skills in your English teacher resume and use keywords you find in the description. 

3. Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format.

As employers might face large numbers of applications, they often use Applicant Tracking Systems to automatically scan through resumes.

If your English teacher CV is not ATS-friendly, it will be discarded. Use an easy-to-read layout and adopt keywords used in the job description and keep your English teacher resume formatting simple. 

For example, if the job description specifies a High School English teacher, tailor your English teacher CV for that description, along with the duties and requirements they emphasize.

4. Quantify performances in your English teacher resume.

Significant and calculable performances demonstrate evidence of your skills. For your English teacher resume, you can talk about improvements or performance from students based on their grades.

5. Specify the age of students you have taught.

It may be helpful to include in an English teacher CV any past teaching experiences working with children, teenagers, or any age range, especially if the job description specifies which group is to be taught. 

How to write an objective for an English teacher resume

A resume objective or a career objective is the aim or purpose of your career. A well-written career objective for an English teacher resume is generally a short opening paragraph. 

Here are 4 important elements when crafting an objective for an English teacher resume.

✅ Include the institution’s name.

Having the institution’s name means that the resume has been tailored to the English teaching job. For the last line of your English teacher resume objective, it is recommended to include the school’s name.

✅ List your positive characteristics.

List two or three of your positive attributes in your English teacher resume objective you deem useful to mention as an educator. 

✅ Indicate your experience. 

If you count on plenty of experience and this factor is part of the job description’s requirements, it would be helpful to have these details in the objective statement on your English teacher resume.  

✅ List your certificates. 

Recruiters ask for teachers to submit teaching certificates, and will give you an edge to mention it in your English teacher CV.

Entry-level English teacher resume objective example

College graduate majoring in English seeking a teaching position. Certified educator skilled in class management, with 2 years of experience teaching children and adults. Seeking to fill the English teacher position at Toley English School. 

High School English teacher resume objective example

Energetic and enthusiastic high school English teacher with 3 years of experience in high schools. Skilled in elaborating a dynamic learning environment and familiar with traditional and innovative methods. Has taught both History and English in past schools and is currently seeking a teaching position at ABC School to impact the lives of students.

Online English teacher resume objective example

Dedicated and student-focused online teacher with vast experience in tailoring lesson plans depending on students’ needs. Possess 4 years of experience with a commitment to provide an engaging learning environment, skilled with digital tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Striving my best to be part of MyEnglish Online’s community and contribute to their learning and teaching goals.

💁‍♀️ Pro Tip: As an English teacher, show in your CV how passionate you are for teaching students and/or be part of a team that cares for the students’ learning.

How to write a resume summary for an English teaching job

A resume summary is a brief highlight of your teaching credentials and prior experiences. This segment will significantly increase the chances of attracting attention from recruiters. If you are an experienced English teacher, a resume summary works better than a resume objective to show all your experience and results at the beginning of your English teacher resume.

When you write your English teacher resume summary: 

1. Display any relevant duties you are good at/familiar with. 

An excellent English teacher resume summary displays roles or duties you were previously responsible for. Furthermore, some of these duties may be specified in the English teaching job description, so your resume should include these.

2. Emphasize your experience.

Mention the length and details regarding your relevant work experience for your English teacher resume summary.

3. Put together your qualifications. 

Based on your skills and experience, list some aspects you are capable of doing in your job which you consider important towards employers.

English teacher resume summary example #1

Certified English teacher with 5+ years of experience teaching English-taught subjects, such as Math, Science, and History. Improved final test scores by 15% with personalized teaching methods. 

English teacher resume summary example #2

Innovative Teacher with 10 years of experience teaching English spelling and grammar. Thorough direct experience in leadership, supervision, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. Familiar with standardized tests and formal writing, among other technical areas high school students require to apply for college.

English teacher resume summary example #3

Elementary and high school teacher with 4 year’s experience in preparation of classes, focusing on the needs of each grade. Familiar with a wide array of digital resources and virtual student portals. Proven experience in developing interdisciplinary projects.

How to write your skills for an English teaching resume

Skills can make a difference in your English teacher resume. Generally, there are four ways to list skills. For an English teacher CV, you can choose between a simple bullet list and a list with expanded bullets.

These two types of lists are sufficient for your skills section in your English teacher resume.

Simple Bullet List

This is the most direct way to list your skills in your English teacher resume.

Examples of skills listed in bullets

  • Teamwork
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Critical Thinking

This format is concise and easy to read. However, this skills listing format in your English teacher resume may not be clear enough, so you shall further explain your skills in your work experience section and cover letter.

An Expanded Bullet List

This is a similar format as the previous one but this one provides more information and context regarding your skills in your English teacher resume.

Examples of skills listed in expanded bullets

  • Organizational skills: Plans and prioritizes class objectives and allots class time diligently.
  • Leadership skills: Has assertiveness and is a role model for students, showing an example for good behavior, making them exemplary individuals when reaching adulthood.

This format contains more details than a simple list. However, using this format takes up more space in your English teacher resume.

Here are 3 tips for you when you craft your English teacher resume skills section:

  • Keep it short:
    Be brief while you are listing your skills in your English teacher resume.
  • Keep it relevant to the job position: 
    Identify the key skills from the job description you find applicable for your English teacher resume. 
  • Include both hard skills and soft skills: 
    Include hard skills and soft skills in your English teacher resume. Having both sets of skills shows you are a well-rounded teacher.

Examples of hard and soft skills for English teachers

  • Soft skills: 
    Attention to detail
    - Patient
    - Communication
    - Leadership
    - Teamwork
  • Hard skills:
    MS Office
    - Lesson planning
    - Monitoring skills
    - Behavior management
    - Research skills

Advice on making an English teacher CV with zero experience

👍 Include a career objective. 

A resume summary is mostly made by experiences and abilities obtained through the years. For less experienced teachers, a career objective is suitable for your English teacher resume, as an objective shows your desire to teach at the employer school you are applying to.

👍 Choose the right resume format.

There are 3 types of professional resume formats you can use for your English teacher resume, and these formats are: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted resumes. A targeted or functional format is appropriate if you currently lack experience. 

👍 Highlight your education.

Employers seek educators with a strong educational background. Mention your degrees and academic performance, especially if they are in education or English.

👍 Include your portfolio or personal website.

Having a personalized website or anything similar on the web can help employers know more about you because your English teacher CV may not be enough to get to know you better.

👍 Make a cover letter.

An application letter for an English teacher position is your opportunity to show yourself as a good candidate with a personal touch towards employers.

You can take a look at this helpful guide for writing a cover letter for making an English teacher cover letter.

English teacher resume sample

Joseph Lappaty

Certified, engaging, and compassionate teacher with 4 years of experience in primary school education

Mobile: (+50) 000-2469
Email: [email protected]

Resume Summary

Proactive and experienced teacher with more than 4 years of experience dedicated to primary school students, from large to small groups. Professional with a Master's Degree in Education, seeking to continue applying my teaching skills, providing the knowledge, and helping students grow.

Work Experience

English Teacher

New Star Elementary School
Nov. 2018 - Dec. 2021

  • Taught in the areas of English, Social Studies, and Science, for 3rd and 4th-grade students.
  • Improved academic performance of 20 students with special needs by 25%.
  • Organized didactic materials for students, especially for those who required special assistance.

English Teacher
Wolf Interactive School
March 2016 - October 2018

  • Improved class grades from an average of 76% to 91%.
  • Elaborated monthly meetings with parents and guardians of students.
  • Planned and executed extracurricular activities for students.


Hard Skills:

  • Gamification
  • Online Teaching
  • Planning Teaching Tools
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Classroom Management

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Perseverance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness


  • English (native)
  • Japanese (conversational)


Masters in Teaching and Education

University of New Orleans
Class of 2010

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