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As a software engineer, you will need to apply scientific and mathematical principles to create, maintain, audit, and improve systems to meet particular needs. Your work is commonly advised by a systems analyst or architect, testing both hard and software systems to diagnose and resolve system faults. Since IT-related job titles are not standardized, a software engineer may be called with different titles such as a systems/software/web programmer, engineer, or developer, depending on the system they're developing.

Landing the first software engineering job can be very tough, especially for entry-level individuals who have acquired some relevant skills but lack real-world experience compared to more senior professionals. That means if you want to get hired, you'll need a solid entry-level software developer resume - a simple but most effective way to showcase your skills, knowledge, and experience to potential employers.

6 Steps to Write a Great Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume

✏️ Step 1: Distinguish between a CV and Resume

The main differences between a resume and a CV are length, content, and purpose, as explained below.

  • Length: 
    Resumes are limited to two-page long while CVs have no length restrictions, typically between three to ten pages.
  • Content
    An entry-level software engineer resume summarizes your professional experience and accomplishments that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. A CV presents your academic and professional achievements in a comprehensive and in-depth way. 
  • Purpose
    Resumes can be used for all kinds of jobs and professions whereas CVs are preferred for teaching or research positions

📒 Note: In some countries like New Zealand, the UK, and parts of Europe, the term CV is used to describe both CV and resume-style documents. Besides, these two terms are used interchangeably in South Africa, Australia, and India.

✏️ Step 2: Adopt a Well-Fitted Resume Format

Three major resume formats are chronological, functional, and combinational. Your choice of format for the entry-level software engineer resume can determine whether the information is transmitted effectively to the recruiter. 

As a newbie in the industry, you may lack practical experience and don’t have much to show. Thus, it's recommended that you adopt the functional or combination format type. The functional resume format helps highlight your skills instead of employment history, while for the combinational format, you can include both internship or work experience as well as developing skills on your entry-level software developer resume.

✏️ Step 3: Check Out Entry-Level Software Developer Resume Examples

For fresh graduates and entry-level professionals, writing a resume may seem overwhelming at first. No worries! Try looking up entry-level software engineer resume examples online. With how-to guides, templates, and well-designed resume samples, you will know how to create a great resume on your own!

✏️ Step 4: Tailor the Entry-Level Software Developer Resume for the Job

To show the employer that you're well-fitted, tailor your entry-level software engineer resume to meet the requirements of the opening position.

You just need to insert keywords from the job description and remove any unnecessary information. As an entry-level applicant, you may have experience which isn’t directly related to the job area, but try to connect these experiences to the positive qualifications of a software engineer.

✏️ Step 5: Craft a Sincere Entry-Level Software Engineer Cover Letter

A candidate who includes a cover letter for an entry-level software engineer position has a higher chance of landing an interview.

Here are the reasons:

  • The extra time you spend on your entry-level software engineer cover letter will showcase your enthusiasm and determination to get the job.
  • A well-written cover letter creates a positive impression and motivates the employer to read your entry-level software engineer resume.
  • You get a chance to demonstrate what value you can bring to the company in more detail, which may not be mentioned in the resume.

✏️ Step 6: Proofread

Many job seekers, especially recent grads, aren’t getting the message: Make sure to proofread your resume and supporting documents before sending them out.

Many recruiters and hiring managers have received poorly-written resumes with mistakes such as inconsistent use of verb tense, mis-spelling, grammar and formatting errors, etc. When it comes to sorting through applications, your resume for an entry-level software engineer position can be disqualified due to those errors.

8 Key Sections to Put on an Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

As the name says, a resume profile provides your personal information, including: 

  • Full name
  • Job location
  • Email address 
  • Phone number
  • Personal website/LinkedIn 

Make sure everything is precise so they can contact you for further process.

Find a list of what not to include in the resume profile, where many young job applicants tend to make a common mistake.

2. Resume Headline

Think of it as a personal title that quickly tells the employer what skills you possess and/or your background as an entry-level candidate. With such a headline, you can effectively pique the hiring manager’s interest from the start.

Examples of a well-branded resume headline:

  • Entry-level software engineer resume with no experience: Flexible CS graduate knowledgeable in AI and machine learning. 
  • Resume for entry-level software engineer position: Attentive and goal-driven engineer adept at designing and developing web pages.

📒 Note: A more descriptive title can label you better compared to a generic one.

3. Resume Summary

The entry-level software engineer resume summary appears right after the resume profile, providing the hiring manager with a summary of your educational background, skills, and other qualifications for the job.

Example of a well-written entry-level software engineer resume summary:

  • Recent Software Engineering Graduate with fundamental knowledge of bioinformatics, database management systems, and assembly language programming. Participated in the Software Engineering Internship program at Google. Efficiently supported a team of 15 senior developers and engineers with key responsibilities including testing, debugging, and updating Google apps.

📌 Reminder: Don't stuff this part with a lot of information. It's ideal to write it concise and snappy within 3 sentences.

4. Resume Objective

Including a resume objective is recommended for entry-level job applicants. A well-written objective for an entry-level software engineer resume should present you as someone coming with passion, motivation, and valuable impacts for the company. This also means that you need to customize the resume objective for each job you’re after to make your resume stand out.

Example of a coherent entry-level software engineer resume objective:

  • Eager to join the Software Engineering team at Rosetta to leverage proven skills in JavaScript, Django, and Python and learn more from senior developers.

5. Skills

For an entry-level software engineer resume with no experience, the skills section should be put placed in the front. The employer is likely to go over this part to determine whether you’re qualified for the position. Hence, effectively present them with your best qualities and technical expertise.

Skills that you may consider listing in your entry-level software engineer resume:

Hard Skills

  • JavaScript and Angular
  • Git
  • SQL (Postgre, Oracle)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Mobile App Development

Soft Skills

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention to Details
  • Teamwork
  • Quick Learner

📚 Further reading: Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Professional Skills Section.

6. Education

When reviewing an entry-level software developer resume, the hiring manager can see the education part as a key assessment criteria. Thus, make sure to write it properly and professionally.

The education section should mention basic information as following:

  • College/University name 
  • Type of degree
  • Majors and minors (if any)
  • Year attended
  • Relevant coursework
  • Honors or awards (if any)

7. Work Experience

For an entry-level software engineer resume, internships and volunteer work can be counted as work experience. List the title, name of the organization, dates, and use bullet points to explain what you did in each position.

Example of internship experience in an entry-level software engineer resume:

Information Systems Intern

  • Worked on Unix Kernel debugging and modification for IBM fault tolerant systems.
  • Assisted with the creation and development of group auditing procedures for HRIS data-entry,
  • Performed client-side validation and server-side validation controls to integrate SAP systems on UNIX.  

What about an entry-level software engineer resume with no experience? Simply skip this section and move straight to the next part.

8. Additional Information

Feel free to ship your entry-level software engineer resume with added sections such as:

  • Relevant coursework
  • Achievements/Awards
  • Personal projects
  • Certifications

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Career with a Job-Winning Resume

📍 Tip 1: Craft an ATS-compliant resume.

Little do you know, numerous resumes never even land in the hands of a human because they're automatically eliminated by ATS (Applicant Tracking System) - a software application used by lots of companies to scan job applications. Hence, optimize your entry-level software engineer resume for ATS by sticking to texts, inserting relevant keywords, and avoid any typos. Otherwise, the future employer won't have a chance to know you.

📍 Tip 2: Insert keywords from the job description.

ATS filters resumes by scanning keywords that match the job description. If you want your entry-level software engineer resume to rank highly for the position you’re targeting, contain the right keywords and tailor the content to the exact way the job description is written. It can take more time and effort but it's definitely worth it!

📍 Tip 3: Include relevant classes/courses/certifications.

To demonstrate what you've learned as a software developer, you need to list relevant courses that most fit what’s required for the work. Also, you can save some space to showcase certifications to beef up your entry-level software developer resume, such as AWS Certified Developer certification, Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Certified Scrum Developer, and C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA).

📍 Tip 4: Adopt a professional layout.

Stick to the following standards to make your entry-level software engineer resume professional: Length: One pageFonts: Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman, Tahoma, HelveticaFont size: 12pt for the text and 14pt for section titles Line spacing: 1.0 or 1.15File type: PDF

📍 Tip 5: Use a simple template.

As you don't work in the creative industries, companies and recruiters prefer simplicity in your entry-level software engineer resume template. Keep it neat, well-organized, and easy to read. You can find plenty of examples on CakeResume.

CakeResume provides the best entry-level software engineer resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream in entry-level software engineer job with a strong resume (free download)!

Writing an Appealing Cover Letter for Entry-Level Software Engineers

Contact details

Similar to the resume summary, you need to provide accurate personal information so that the employer can contact you in the future. You should include at least an email address and a phone number.


Start your entry-level software engineer cover letter with a strong “hook” by introducing who you are and what position you’re applying for. Make sure this paragraph is short but strong.

Motivation (Intention to apply)

Brush up this part to show the hiring manager your passion, enthusiasm, and sincerity. The motivation part demonstrates the reason you're applying for this job while expressing how eager you are to contribute to the company. Let them know you did your research on the company and the position!


This is a key section where you describe your skills, competencies, or any relevant projects that make you a strong candidate.


Lastly, end your cover letter for an entry-level software engineer position with an appreciative attitude and a polite reminder to check out the attached documents.

📚 Further reading: Dos & Don’ts of Writing a Cover Letter

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume Sample

Nick Huston

Software Engineer with a Strong Foundation in Software Design, Development, and Testing

[email protected]

Resume Objective

Passionate and enthusiastic computer science graduate with a passion for developing scalable web applications and working across the full stack. Seeking an entry-level position at Podo to leverage my full-stack Python experience to improve myself and achieve the company mission towards making seamless communication possible around the world.

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern

Pledgecam | Dallas, TX

Jan 2020 - Jul 2020

  • Applied object-oriented programming techniques and coding practices to work on 10+ software development projects. 
  • Worked in a team of 3 members to launch and update 15 customized .net applications for clients in the tourism and fashion industries.
  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of embedded application development by creating, testing, and deploying applications.


Hard Skills:

  • ASP.Net
  • C & C++
  • Java.Net
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • CSS

Soft Skills:

  • Communications Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention to Details
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Active Listener
  • Quick Learner


B.S in Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

GPA: 3.85/4.0
Dean’s List (2019)

Relevant courses:

  • Java Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Information Security
  • Assembly Language Programming
  • Software Engineering Process Management
  • Enterprise Software Overview
  • Software Quality Testing
  • Network Security
  • Human-Computer Interface

2017 - 2020


Developer for Traveloka app on IOS

  • Applied Javascript, C++, Ajax. to pull and compare the best flight fares in a geographical area.
  • Investigated and fixed 80+ bugs.
  • Designed and created a landing page for the Christmas event of 2020.

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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