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An event coordinator executes all kinds of events. From wedding parties to trade show events, you make sure every detail follows the planner and nothing goes wrong. Event coordinators are also great at dealing with emergency incidents. 

Some may be confused with the job responsibilities of an event coordinator and those of an event planner. The main difference is that event planners are the ones who design and plan the event, while an event coordinator follows the planner and carries out the event.

When it comes to finding an event coordinator’s job, the event coordinator resume is like the plan. In the following content, you’ll be able to learn how to craft a strong event coordinator resume step by step.

How to write a great event coordinator resume?

Here are 5 great tips for you to create a great event coordinator resume. Don’t worry if you are planning to write a wedding coordinator resume or a catering event coordinator resume.

These tips are suitable for all types of event coordinator resumes!

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software designed for hiring needs. It scans resumes to narrow down the candidates before the recruiters start to review the resumes.

To pass the ATS system, make sure to keep your event coordinator resume format in a text-based design, and avoid charts or graphs.

Tip 2: Refer to online resume templates and examples.

It is hard to start from nowhere, so why not ask the Internet for a little bit of help? An online event coordinator resume example could show you what content is most frequently put on the resume. In addition, you can choose various types of templates from Cake to create your event coordinator resume!

Tip 3: Tailor your resume for the job position and adopt keywords.

The large concepts of writing an event coordinator resume are the same for all positions, but because every job is different, you have to customize your resume to make it unique.

For example, a CV(curriculum vitae) is required in some countries, while in other countries they only accept a resume.

Read more about the difference between an event coordinator CV and a resume: What is the difference between a CV and a resume?

Tip 4: Quantify results on resumes.

Sometimes it’s hard to measure your achievement just by words. Using numeric figures can serve as stronger support for your success. It is also more convincing from the recruiter’s perspective.

Tip 5: Include reviews from the participants.

To prove that you aren’t bragging about how well you can execute an event, you can add the opinions and feedback of event attendants in the portfolio in your event coordinator resume.

What is a good objective for an event coordinator resume?

A resume objective or a career objective is a short paragraph that focuses on your career goals.

Writing a good event coordinator resume objective is important especially for those who are writing an event coordinator resume with no experience. It increases the chance to catch the recruiter’s eyes and earn the interview opportunity.

Here are three crucial elements for you to write an eye-catching event coordinator resume objective.

  1. Highlight your career goals: the career goal that you are pursuing should be realistic and attainable. Focus on one main goal on the event coordinator resume to show your determination.
  2. Include the company’s name: Adding the company’s name in the last sentence indicates that you make customization for the resume.
  3. Keep it concise: Since the length of an event coordinator resume objective is usually around 2-3 lines, you should cut to the point and target the statement towards the job role.

Event coordinator resume objective examples: 

  1. Reliable event coordinator with 3 years of experience in dining event coordination. Seeking to help increase customer satisfaction as a catering event coordinator in high-class restaurants.
  2. Energetic wedding event coordinator with 2-year experience in the wedding industry. Able to handle more than 200 participants. Seeking a wedding event coordinator job position that deals with large-sized events.
  3. Diligent event coordinator with 1-year experience. Familiar with scheduling and sponsoring development. Seeking an opportunity to coordinate business events.

How to write a resume summary for an event coordinator job?

An event coordinator resume summary is similar to an event coordinator resume objective.

The main difference is that an event coordinator resume summary highlights your past achievements and skills to inform the company that you are the right person for the job. Those who already have relevant experiences are suggested to write a resume summary instead of a resume objective.

Here are 3 main key points for writing a good event coordinator resume summary.

  1. Structure it properly: There is no specific rule for framing the resume summary. However, the flow has to be logical and coherent.
  2. Emphasize your achievements: Make sure to include what you achieved in the past. Your experiences are what make you stand out from other candidates.
  3. Start with a key adjective that describes you: Using practical and positive adjectives such as “energetic” or “goal-oriented” makes you more professional and proactive.

Marketing event coordinator resume summary example:

  • Goal-oriented marketing event coordinator with more than 5 years of experience. Skilled at campaign promotion and event branding. Increased 80% member registration after the event.

Trade show coordinator resume summary example:

  • Organized trade show coordinator with over 7 years of experience handling various industry events. Familiar with multi-task handling and cross-industry communication. Awarded “Best Tech Event of the Year” twice.

Wedding coordinator resume summary example:

  • Dedicated wedding coordinator with over 6 years of experience. Quick response in facing unexpected situations. Received 95% client satisfaction in 100+ weddings.

What are some great skills to put on a resume for an event coordinator?

The skill section on an event coordinator resume is where you list down the expertise you have. It helps the recruiter make sure that your skills meet their needs. 

There are 4 common ways to list your skills on an event coordinator resume.

  1. A simple bullet list:
    Simply list down all your skills with bullet points.
  2.  An expanded bullet list:
    Add additional information to explain how you utilize the skills in 1-2 sentences.
  3. Integrated with work experience:
    Support your abilities by explaining your work experiences. This type of format is more advanced, therefore it is recommended for only senior event coordinators.
  4. Categorized skill section:
    If you are aiming for a job position with a broad skill set such as a marketing event coordinator resume, or a trade show coordinator resume, you can categorize the skills into groups.

Here are 3 useful tips for you to write a good event coordinator resume skill section:

  1. Make it relevant: Focus on what the job position requires. 
  2. Include both hard and soft skills: Besides hard skills, remember to put soft skills on the resume as well. Soft skills are social skills that you can apply in the event field.
  3. Avoid using level bars: Using level bars to measure skills is imprecise since everyone has a different standard. It also increases the chances of failure in the ATS checking round. 

Event coordinator skills resume example:

Hard Skills

  • Budgeting
  • Social media marketing
  • Sponsor development
  • Project management
  • MS office

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Crisis management
  • Self-starter
  • Communication
  • Time management

How to write an event coordinator resume with no experience?

Writing an event coordinator resume with no experience can be a little challenging since you have to focus more on your personality and demonstrate your goals to persuade the recruiter.

But don’t worry, here are some pieces of advice for you to keep in mind:

🖇  Advice 1: Choose the right resume format.

Just like there are many ways to present an event, there are also various types of event coordinator resume formats to present your experience.

The most common four types are:

1. A chronological resume format lists everything in the order of time.
It is the most basic type and is recommended for those with some experience.

2. A functional resume format is a skill-based format that highlights your skills to show your strength and ability to the recruiters.

3. A hybrid resume format is a combination of a chronological and functional format.

4. A targeted resume format is a customized format just for a specific company you are applying for.
It takes a lot of time and effort so it is recommended for those who aim at only 1-2 companies.

🖇  Advice 2: Write a career objective.

As mentioned above, usually an event coordinator resume summary is for experienced professionals. For a fresher, it’s wiser to adopt an event coordinator resume objective which emphasizes your skills, personality, and ambition for the future.

🖇 Advice 3: Highlight your education.

Do not underestimate the importance of your educational background. Any course or extracurricular activities related to events or cooperation is a bonus point for your event coordinator resume.

🖇 Advice 4: Include your portfolio/side project/personal website.

The job of an event coordinator lays stress on the result of the event. The most direct way to show your executing ability is to add a portfolio that showcases the event you are in charge of on your event coordinator resume.

🖇 Advice 5: Write a sincere cover letter.

A cover letter is the recruiter’s first impression of you. Sincerity and precision is the key to writing a cover letter for an event coordinator position with no experience.

The content of the cover letter for a event coordinator job should include a warm greeting, a simple introduction of yourself, a strong motivation explaining the reason you are applying, relevant past experiences to prove your qualifications, and a sincere closing.

Cake provides the right event coordinator resume templates & formats for event coordinators to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best event coordinator resume Now!

Event coordinator resume sample

Sarah Bieber

Event coordinator with 6+ years of experience in the wedding industry

Mobile: 012-345-678
Email:[email protected]
Portfolio: http://sarah.b.com


Energetic event coordinator experienced in coordinating weddings and conferences. Familiar with wedding trends and different religious wedding events. Received 100% satisfaction rate from over 200 newlyweds.

Work Experience

Wedding event coordinator, Honey Wedding Company 

2005 - 2013

  • Communicated with 200+ clients and executed more than 100 wedding events.
  • Collaborated with photographers, visual design companies, wedding cake factories to meet the clients’ requirements.
  • Received 100% client satisfaction and won best wedding coordinator of 2010.

Assistant conference event coordinator, ABC Green Co.

2003 - 2005

  • Coordinated 6 large-sized conferences for over 500+ participants each.
  • Organized digital marketing content and increased 80% exposure rate.
  • Tracked and reported sales statistics after the event.


Hard Skills:

  • Budgeting 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sponsor Development 
  • Project Management 
  • MS Office

Soft skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Crisis Management 
  • Flexibility 
  • Coordination 
  • Time Management


  • QRR University, New York
    • Bachelor degree in Administration and Management 
      1998 - 2002

--- Originally written by Annie Chao---

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