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Events play an important part in the success of every organization by building relationships and creating business opportunities. 

As an event manager, you will need to work with your team to plan, organize, and manage a wide range of events, including promotional, business, and social goals.

You're responsible for the whole process from the planning phase to the running stage, as well as the post-event evaluation. 

📝 Job duties for an event manager include:

  • Producing detailed proposals in terms of event timelines, venues, suppliers, staffing, and budgets.
  • Sourcing high-quality hosts and entertainers.
  • Defining sales, revenue targets, and performance objectives.
  • Managing positive relationships with clients.
  • Running research to identify potential opportunities for events.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of event planning and management is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, much faster compared to other occupations. 

Crafting a job-winning resume for the event manager job is like organizing a perfect party - you need to place all the pieces in the right places and get noticed by potential attendants.

Hence, to be considered for top jobs in this field, it’s necessary to have a comprehensive event manager resume.

Step 1: Adopt a well-organized layout for your event manager resume.

Do you know the guidelines concerning a professional layout for your event manager resume?

Let's check out the following points!

👍 Don’t exceed 2 pages.

Normally, a one-page resume is ideal for most job applicants, especially entry-level individuals, new college graduates, and career changers. However, since you're writing a resume for the event manager position, you may be further along with considerable experience in the field. The extra page is necessary to fully convey your qualifications and work history.

👍 Keep your event manager resume consistent.

It's recommended that you stick to standard fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman, Georgia, or Helvetica. Regarding the font size, it’s ideal to set it at 10-12pt for normal text, and 14-16pt for your name, resume title, and section headings.

👍 Make the line spacing and margin size perfect.

It’s recommended to use 1-1.5” on all sides for resume margins and 1.0-1.15 for line spacing. Based on the content you put in your event manager resume, feel free to adjust accordingly to balance white space and text.

👍 Choose the right file format for your event manager resume.

So, here comes the question: Word or PDF?

If there is no specific request in the job ad, it’s better to go for an event manager resume pdf file. This way, the formatting won’t get messed up when the employer opens your file with different devices. 

Step 2: Pick the right event manager resume format.

Three common types of resume format are chronological, functional, hybrid (combination), and targeted. Your choice for your event manager resume format can determine how effectively the resume content reaches the recruiter.

🏷️ Chronological resume format:

  • Employment history is listed in a timely-reversed order, with the most recent job at the top and the first job at the end.
  • This is the most common resume format used by most job seekers.
  • Unsuitable for those with limited work experiences, such as fresh graduates, entry-level applicants, or career changers.

🏷️ Functional resume format:

  • Another name for this format type is “skill-based” as it prioritizes the skills section. The skills are elaborated with both work and life experiences.  
  • The writer can focus on professional skills rather than work history and career progression.
  • A great choice for freshers and career changers possessing transferable skill sets.

🏷️ Hybrid resume format:

  • The combination of chronological and functional format. 
  • It allows the job applicant to highlight both work experience and relevant skills to impress the employer better. 

When writing a resume for the event manager position, you may consider the hybrid resume format - as it allows you to showcase both your intensive work experience and key skills needed for the job.

💡Tip: If your work experience shines brighter than anything else, pick the chronological format instead.

Step 3: Start with basic personal details and contact information.

It's very important to list sufficient and accurate personal details and contact information so that the recruiters can reach you. 

The first section in an event manager resume is the resume profile (or personal information) that provides essential information about you, including:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • LinkedIn or personal website (optional)

👍 Learn more about 10 Personal Details NOT to be Included in a Resume.

Step 4: Add an intriguing title to your event manager resume.

Regrettably, resume headlines (also known as “resume title") often go unattended.

But you should know that an impressive resume headline can attract the employer right away as it demonstrates your competencies on the job application. That can be your professional expertise, personal traits, or achievements in the event management field.  

Resume headline examples: 

  • Professional Event Manager trusted as a “go-to" event specialist by universities, business startups, and local municipalities
  • Event Manager with a proven track record for event and project management, analytical, and problem-solving abilities
  • Passionate Event Manager showcasing 10+ years of experience in large advertising agencies

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Step 5: Craft a winning event manager resume summary.

Like the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at an event, you need to catch the employer's attention from the very beginning. That's where a resume summary comes into play.

The summary statement is a brief paragraph at the top of your event manager resume which showcases a snapshot of your experience and skills and highlights your wins in previous event planning roles. 

How to compile a strong event manager resume summary

  • Adopt positive adjectives (passionate, dynamic, enthusiastic, performance-focused, etc.)
  • Include the job title you're targeting 
  • Add years of experience and your core expertise
  • Feature some key skills you possess to be qualified for the event manager position

Example summaries for event manager resumes

  • Event director resume:
    Highly motivated Event Director with 15+ years of experience producing premium-quality functions for intimate gatherings and large crowds, including music & film festivals, media events, and sales rallies. Demonstrated attention to detail, strong negotiation skills, and flexible cost-cutting strategies to deliver events that exceed client expectations and gain organization reputation. 
  • Freelance event planner resume:
    Freelance Event Planner who coordinated 40+ events with up to 300 attendees and budgets over $55,000. Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification and expert in all elements of event planning, including vendor management, contract negotiation, timeline development, and budget administration. Strong rapport with clients based on comprehensive knowledge, high responsibility, and great professionalism.  

✅ Note: A resume summary is different from a resume objective. A resume objective, or a career objective, tends to focus on your career goals, making it suitable for junior-level professionals or career changers.

Example of an event manager resume objective:

To secure a position in Big Hit Entertainment to apply my skills in liaising with clients to ascertain their exact event requirements whilst achieving company goals.”

💡 Check out 20+ Summary Examples for Resume for a variety of jobs and positions.

Step 6: Feature key skills for an event manager.

Keep in mind that what you list in the skills section should match the requirements of the opening position. 

Hit the following points to write event manager skills on your resume effectively and impressively:

  • Include both soft and hard skills and keep them balanced - 5 skills for each category are ideal.
  • Identify skills needed for the position by studying the job descriptions.
  • Add those event management skills to your resume.
  • Don’t list basic skills as “Microsoft Office'' or “Outlook/Email”—that will lower your level and make your event manager resume slate.

Check the table below for key event planning skills:

Soft skills
- Communication skills 
- Time management
- Problem-solving 
- Research and analytical skills 
- Remain calm and professional under pressure
- Self-motivated
- Leadership 
- Teamwork 
- Decision-making
Hard skills
- Customer service skills
- Event production & management
- Process improvement
- Budgeting & cost controls 
- Venue & travel coordination
- Account management
- Brand strategy alignment
- Vendor negotiations 
- Strategic & contingency planning
- Social media marketing

Step 7: Highlight relevant work experience and accomplishments.

The work experience section in your event manager resume is just like the spotlight of an event. This is where you position and promote yourself by showing the employer what you have done and achieved in previous jobs. 

The standard format for this part is as follows:

  • Job title
  • Company name and location
  • Employment dates
  • Job responsibilities and achievements

Work Experience xample a senior event manager resume:

Senior Event Manager 
HTIC Entertainment, NYC
06/2015 - 10/2019

  • Led and directed the Kenzo Melbourne fashion festival that received $850K in PR coverage and attracted up to 1200 attendees. 
  • Managed a team of 15 in-house members in a high volume and fast-paced environment.

Step 8: List education on your event manager resume.

Though you don't need a specific degree to become an event manager, it's still important to write the education section properly. 

How to get it right? Just simply follow the standard format as below:  

  • College/University name and location
  • Degree type
  • Major and minors
  • Graduate year

👍 Note: If you have more than one degree, start with the highest first.

Example of education in an event manager resume:

University of Southern California, CA
M.A. in Social Media

Pierce College, CA
B.S. in Computer Science

Step 9: Round out your event manager resume with an extra section.

In addition to the key sections, employers wish to see more convincing data that helps them understand your competencies. 

Here are some additional information categories you might include on your event manager resume:

  • Certifications/Licenses
  • Languages 
  • References/Job performance reviews from previous employers
  • Testimonials from clients (especially for freelance event manager resume) 

Example of references on a special events manager resume:

Harry Martinez | Chief Executive Officer | [email protected]
Dentsu Aegis Network USA, Austin

"Harry was my direct manager while I worked as an event manager for the regional sales manager at Dentsu Aegis Network USA from 2014 to 2019."

Step 10: Craft an event manager cover letter that gets you noticed.

Even if the job ad shows “Cover Letter: optional’’, it's highly recommended to include an event manager cover letter. A good cover letter can spark the employer's interest, let them know you better, and get them to dive into your resume.

Within one page, you need to include the following information: 

  • Contact details
  • Introduction
  • Motivation (Intention to apply)
  • Qualification
  • Closing

🔎 Check out this cover letter guide for comprehensive instructions on writing a professional cover letter! 

Writing a resume might be intimidating at first, but you can refer to many great event manager resume examples on the Internet.

The key tips are tailoring your resume to the job descriptions of the opening and adding quantifiable accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to win the competition.

Event manager resume sample

Henry Pullman

Dynamic Event Manager with 8+ years of experience in innovative and revenue-generating events

Chicago, IL

Professional Summary

Enthusiastic Event Manager taking the lead in organizing all aspects of weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers for 130+ medium- and large-sized corporate clients. Highly organized, competent and passionate to make sure customer expectations are exceeded in every aspect of an event.

Work Experience

Event Manager 
Revel Global Events, IL 
9/2017 - 4/2021

  • Organized and managed all aspects of 50+ events, including multi-day conferences, trade shows, shareholder meetings, sales rallies, and product launches. 
  • Transformed client visions into crowd-pleasing events that were executed flawlessly within budget and promoted the business brand. 
  • Led product launch events for KYMCO Motorcycle for 3 straight years, with up to 1200 people in attendance. 
  • Initiated the idea on online trade shows and virtual expos, attracting 15 new potential clients in 3 months.  

Event Coordinator 
C&A Media Group, TX 
10/2009 - 2/2013

  • Planned events to make sure all elements meet the client's requirements in terms of venues, vendors, budget, and sponsorship.  
  • Supervised the fundraisers for the Children’s Defense Fund, generating up to $1.8M (35% above goal). 
  • Cooperated with the Marketing team to promote the event on social media channels. 
  • Assisted the logistics team during the event to ensure a successful event.


M.A. in Communication MBA
DePaul University, Chicago
2014 - 2016

B.A. in Mass Communication
Texas A&M, TX
2004 - 2008


Soft skills
Communication skills 
Negotiation skills
Time management
Hard skills
Budgeting & cost controls
Post-event evaluation
Event catering
Customer insight
Relationship management
Areas of expertise 
Trade shows  
Grand-opening events 

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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