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As you move up to the top of the career ladder, you might notice that you have what it takes now to transition into a C-level position.

In general, an executive-level position requires a solid work ethic, a stable decision-making mindset, and a strong vision. 

While specific tasks may vary depend on the industry and business, an executive is generally responsible for managing the business as a whole. Due to the executive’s managerial qualities, you might be wondering how the role differs from a manager role. The most noticeable difference is that a manager oversees a specific team in a company, while an executive supervises the company as a whole. 

In short, an executive is the top management of the organization and is higher up on the career ladder.

For such a high-ranking position, the board of directors will become very selective of who to invite into the company. Show that you have the credentials for the C suite position by strategically putting together an executive resume.

How to write a professional executive resume?

🖋 Step 1: Understand the differences between an executive CV and a resume. 

While a CV and a resume may be used interchangeably, there are a few differences that set the two apart.

The main thing to remember for applying for a C level role is that an executive CV will be more useful in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa while an executive resume will be preferred in the U.S. and Canada. 

🖋 Step 2: Choose the best executive resume format

  • the chronological resume format
  • the functional resume format
  • the hybrid/combinational resume format

While there are three types of resume format options, the chronological format is the most effective for someone who is applying for a C suite position. 

🖋 Step 3: Look at executive resume templates/examples online. 

An executive-level resume will be different from what you might be used to creating for entry-level and mid-level job resumes. Having an executive resume sample to refer to can guide you to the right direction. 

🖋 Step 4: Adjust your C level resume for the position. 

  • CEO resume
  • Executive chef resume
  • Marketing executive resume
  • Warehouse executive resume
  • Healthcare executive resume

While the above are all C level positions, there are many differences in the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed for those positions. 

🖋 Step 5: Write a professional executive cover letter. 

Give your all for the position by putting in the time to create an executive cover letter. The cover letter will help tell the stories of how you actively used the qualities listed in your executive resume. 

🖋 Step 6: Proofread your executive resume. 

With such a high-ranking position, one small mistake can make you seem like the wrong candidate. Get the help from others or even online proofreaders to rid your executive resume of any careless mistake.

What to include in your executive resume?

While you may have years of experience and expertise, you will want to make sure that you include only the necessities for the board of directors to review. Below are essentials you will want to include for your executive resume: 

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

  • full legal name 
  • professional title
  • email address
  • mobile number
  • address (at least city/state and country)

2. Executive Resume Headline

Your executive resume headline is similar to a descriptive title of who you are. To make your headline eye-catching for the top-level position, you can incorporate an achievement with numbers you have accomplished in the past in the resume headline.  

Account Executive Resume Headline Example

Account Executive Who Advanced Market Share Growth by 30% Within a Year 

3. Executive Resume Summary

An executive resume summary adds another layer of information to your resume headline at the top. Including a summary within your resume will provide the board of directors with an idea of your general background. They will oftentimes prefer seeing resume executive summaries due to the focus on what you can bring and achieve for the organization.  

Marketing Executive Resume Summary Example 

Goal-oriented marketing executive with a passion for producing positive limelight for the company brand. A creative thinker skilled in metrics analysis, strategy development, and e-commerce. 

4. Executive Resume Objective

An executive resume objective presents to the board of directors a stronger picture of who you are, with the addition of what you plan to accomplish. If you are entering a new field or industry, a resume objective will be more suitable. 

IT Executive Resume Objective Example

IT executive who facilitated $2M in annual savings due to the creation of new infrastructures. Proficient in systems integration, IT governance, and POS (point of sale). Eager to join SC Technologies in developing stronger technology solutions for global growth. 

5. Executive Resume Skills

To stay concise while showing your strengths, you will want to strategically sort out the skills you possess and narrow down the ones that will be most beneficial for the role. Reminder to also include attributes that relate to the c level position. 

Executive Resume Skills Example:

  • Processing Speed
  • Metrics Analysis
  • Effective Communication

6. Executive Resume Work Experience

For each work experience you include in your executive resume, be sure to have: 

  • name of company/organization 
  • date of employment (month and year)
  • few examples of what you worked on 

Work Experience Example for a Customer Service Executive Resume

Client Services Executive 
IBM, Georgia
Jul 2018 – Present

  • Performed service investigations and resolutions to ensure positive experiences for our clients, which improved customer satisfaction rates by 45%.

7. Executive Resume Education

For each degree you list in your executive resume, be sure to include: 

  • school name
  • degree type/major
  • duration of education
  • honors/awards (optional)

Example of Education on a Business-related Executive Resume

Executive MBA
Columbia University
2012 - 2015

GPA: 3.89

8. Additional Information for an Executive Resume

From certifications to key achievements, having these additional features on your executive resume can help further prove that you fit the C suite position.   

Additional Information Examples for a Sales Executive Resume

  • Certification: Certified Sales Executive (CSE)
  • Conferences: “International Business”, DigiMarCon West 2020
  • Personal projects: Cofounder of the local food bank

Tips for creating the best executive resume

✏️ 1. Customize your C suite resume for the job.

Prove to the board of directors that you are the executive member they want for the company. To do this, you will want to adjust your executive resume to fit the job qualifications.  

✏️ 2. Add numbers to your executive resume.

Having these numbers included within your executive resume benefits you in many ways. It is a simple way to grab attention to your executive resume and lets the board of directors know specifically what you can achieve.

✏️ 3. Build an ATS-friendly executive resume format.

A simple, clean format can do wonders for your executive-level resume. One, it puts the sole focus on your professional experience, and two, it is ATS-friendly and reader-friendly. 

✏️ 4. Incorporate action verbs in your modern executive resume.

Fueled, generated, accelerated are just a few examples of action verbs that can spice up your executive resume. Using these verbs can produce a lively tone and help keep the board of directors interested. 

✏️ 5. Show your strong network of connections on your executive resume. 

An executive role is top-tier, rare, and difficult to obtain. Oftentimes, many successfully land the executive position through referrals rather than through applications. Raise your chances of landing an executive role by including your LinkedIn profile in your executive resume. 

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How to write an executive cover letter?

Write a strong executive cover letter to pair with your executive resume with five simple sections:

  • Contact Details:
    Include at least your full name, email address, and mobile number. Additionally, you can include your address, personal websites, and LinkedIn URL.
  • Introduction: 
    Start with a polite greeting, followed by a short introduction as to who you are.
  • Motivation: 
    Transition into why you are interested in the role and what about the company attracts you. Show that you have done your research and know their company culture.
  • Qualification: 
    Discuss why the company should select you for their C suite position. Provide strong examples of how you applied your expertise.  
  • Closing: 
    Close off the executive cover letter with a sweet ending and let them know you’d be happy to discuss your qualifications and the role further in an interview. 

Executive resume sample

Sira Law

Columbia MBA Alumni with 3 Years of Marketing Experience

853 Orange Ave | Ithaca, NY 14853
[email protected]


Marketing executive with 3 years of experience driving up company revenue and marketing outreaches. Skilled in advancing leads, enhancing marketing plans, and improving engagements. 

Work Experience

Marketing Executive
May 2020 - Present 

  • Conduct market research with a focus on the e-commerce sector to strengthen our company's brand. 
  • Host the company’s bi-yearly international conference with updates and direction strategies. 
  • Generated an improved e-commerce style which led to a 14% gain in new customers and a 98% of overall customer approval rating. 

Dec 2017 - Mar 2019

  • Developed an improved, budget-friendly marketing proposal that boosted outreaches by 16%. 
  • Collaborated with the sales and design team to develop a strong, memorable marketing message that fits the brand. 
  • Analyzed marketing targets and stats to determine plan, process, and goals; increased company revenue by 36%. 


Hard Skills:

  • Marketing Programs/Tools
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Process Development
  • Goal Setting Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Advertising
  • Marketing Research 
  • Web Campaign

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Problem-Solving
  • Time Prioritization  
  • Deadline Management
  • Adaptability
  • Persistence 
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity 
  • Stability


  • American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  • Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP)

Key Achievements

  • Led an online revenue increase of 46% with a new digital advertisement.
  • Exceeded plan expectations of $10k+ additional revenue.


Executive MBA
Columbia University
2015 - 2017

GPA: 3.92

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun ---

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