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Fashion designers leverage their knowledge, technical perspective, and creative flair to work on designs for new and original clothing, shoes, and accessories. Depending on the area they work for (e.g. high street fashion, ready-to-wear, or haute couture), they will handle different tasks and responsibilities. 

In general, fashion designers typically need to:

  • Produce a design created or visualized from an idea.
  • Keep up-to-date with emerging fashion trends and anticipate designs that will appeal to consumers.
  • Decide on fabrics, patterns, and the theme for a collection.
  • Visit manufacturers or trade shows to get samples of fabrics, trims, fastenings, and embellishments. 
  • Assist with the production of clothing, shoes and accessories.

This position may bear some resemblance to a fashion stylist. Fashion designers are responsible for designing and creating outfits whereas fashion stylists usually style outfits for photoshoots, advertisements, and celebrity appearances.

Nowadays, both have become highly competitive jobs. If you are pursuing a career in this industry, prepare yourself with an excellent fashion designer resume or an impressive fashion stylist resume.

How to write a resume for fashion designer jobs?

Step 1: Understand that a fashion designer CV and a fashion designer resume are different.

A fashion designer CV includes the following details:

  • Personal contact
  • Career statement and objective
  • Education
  • Work experience (including freelance and volunteer)
  • Skills
  • Languages 
  • Awards and honors
  • Conferences, trade shows, etc
  • Non-academic activities
  • Publications
  • Personal projects 
  • References

Meanwhile, a fashion designer resume should not be longer than 2 pages, covering the information in terms of:

  • Personal & contact information
  • Resume summary (or career objective)
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications

In short, a fashion designer resume showcases relevant information to the job opening only.

💡 Learn more about how to distinguish a CV from a resume in terms of length, content, purpose, and design.

Step 2: Choose the right fashion designer resume format.

There are 4 major types of resume format: chronological, functional, combination, and target. Every type may be useful for your resume writing depending on your professional level. 

The chronological or hybrid format would be preferable for a senior fashion designer resume or a freelance fashion designer resume as they can present a brief run-through of their work experience in the field. Say you’re writing a resume for a fashion designer fresher or an entry-level fashion stylist resume, you may consider adopting the functional format to feature your skills. 

Step 3: Look up fashion designer resume templates & examples online as references.

Referring to good fashion designer examples can be very beneficial for your resume writing such as compelling content, useful tips, common mistakes, or creative fashion designer resume templates.

Step 4: Tailor your resume for the fashion designer job.

If you ever wonder whether it's really worth tailoring your fashion designer resume for the specific position, the answer is yes - it’s critical to make you stand out among other candidates.

For example, the recruiter will be able to distinguish a fashion stylist resume from a fashion designer resume even though their duties overlap and are carried out by the same person sometimes.

📝  Note: Make sure to peruse the fashion designer job description and define your level of profession in the field.

Step 5: Craft an impressive fashion designer cover letter.

Let's define it first! A cover letter is an application letter sent with a resume or CV. It features your skills, qualifications, and experience. 

A well-written cover letter briefly shows the hiring manager your interest in this position before they take a closer look at your fashion designer resume. Hence, it's highly beneficial that you make the effort to craft an impressive fashion designer cover letter. 

Step 6: Proofread your fashion designer resume.

Before hitting "Send", don't forget to check and recheck your fashion designer resume - think of it as the only chance to land your dream job.

What to put on a resume for a fashion designer?

1. Resume profile (personal information)

The resume profile (or personal information) is obligatory for all application documents, including:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Social or personal page
  • Location
  • Keep in mind to provide up-to-date personal information so that the hiring manager can reach you. How about the information that should be removed from your fashion designer resume profile?

    Learn more in this article: 10 Personal Details NOT to be Included in a Resume!

    2. Resume Headline

    The resume headline (or personal title) can tell the hiring manager exactly where you are in the field. With a strong resume headline, you can make yourself and your fashion designer resume stand out from other candidates.

    Examples of resume headlines:

    Headlines for a fashion stylist assistant resume:

    • Fashion Stylist Assistant with 3 years of experience working for Versace. 

    Headlines for a freelance fashion designer resume:

    • Freelance Fashion Designer with 5+ years in the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing.

    3. Resume Summary 

    Right below the resume headline is the resume summary, ideally 2-4 sentences, that summarizes your expertise, skills, and achievements as a candidate. 

    A well-written fashion designer resume summary will encourage the recruiter to read the rest of your resume, for example: 

    Creative fashion designer resume summary:

    A creative designer with a strong passion for fashion and detail in product styling. 5 years’ experience of working for high-end brands and excellent ability to identify target markets and deliver on emerging trends. In the most recent role, launched a highly acclaimed women’s autumn collection, leading to an increase in sales by 30% compared to the previous year.

    Associate fashion designer resume summary:

    Customer-oriented associate designer with 3+ years of experience in designing seasonal products based on the company strategy. Highly proficient in applying the latest trends to attract the customer focusing on style, fit, and fabric.  

    Freelance fashion designer resume summary: 

    Creative design professional offering 5 years of experience in fashion design and apparel production. Proven history of successful collaboration with 5 big brands to deliver seasonable lines and specialized projects. Able to catch up with the latest fashion trends and work well under pressure to meet deadlines. 

    4. Resume Objective

    The resume objective is considered as a career objective statement that clearly outlines your career path and goals. When crafting a fashion designer resume objective, you should tailor it to position yourself as a fit for the job opening. 

    Examples of a fashion designer resume objective for entry-level and experienced professions:
    • With extensive experience of working for luxury brands, eager to join Gucci as a Creative Fashion Designer to inspire innovative ideas and concepts of men's footwear.
    • Creative and self-motivated Fashion Design graduate desiring an entry-level position at Uniqlo Vietnam to utilize considerable experience in freelance jobs.

    5. Skills

    Want your fashion designer resume to land great interviews? Make sure that the skills section fits the job opening and feature yourself as a potential candidate.

    Check the table below for a list of skills for fashion stylist and fashion designer resumes:

    Hard Skills
    • C-Design fashion
    • Pattern cutting and sewing
    • Garment construction
    • Knowledge of silhouettes, fabrication, and sewing machines
    • Adobe Illustrator 
    Soft Skills
    • Artistic and creative
    • Ability to work under tight deadlines
    • Communication skill
    • Eye for detail
    • Teamwork

    6. Work Experience

    The work experience section of your fashion designer resume should contain information about your employment history, including:

    • Job title
    • Company name 
    • Employment date
    • Job duties with accomplishments
    Examples of work experience for the apparel designer resume:

    Assistant Designer | San Diego, CA
    Jan 2017-May 2019

    • Worked independently to create and execute the design for all categories of 5 assigned brands and presented it to the head of design.
    • Created supporting artworks that illustrate design concepts and deliver viral stories to the Marketing, Merchandising, and Sales teams, resulting in a growth in Instagram followers by 25%.

    Learn how to write "work experience" in a fashion designer resume for freshers with no work experience.

    7. Education

    Reviewing the education section in the resume for a fashion designer, the employer can determine whether you have the basics of fashion design or relevant knowledge.

    Include the degree, your major, the name of the school, and the year you graduate. If you are a fresh graduate, it’s recommended to list a few relevant courses you took in school.

    Below is a list of courses that matches a fashion stylist resume and a fashion designer resume:

    • Fashion and Apparel Designing
    • Fashion Business and Retail Management.
    • Lifestyle and Accessory Design.
    • Textile Design
    • Leather Design
    • Accessory Design
    • Fashion Merchandising

    8. Additional Information

    For those working in the creative and fashion industry, it's highly beneficial for you to have a portfolio or a personal page/blog. This is a great way to showcase your skills, qualifications, and achievements for the job hunt. 

    Additionally, don't forget to highlight relevant certifications, such as Certificate in Fashion Styling and Forecasting, Certificate in Draping and Pattern Making, Certificate in Creative Fashion Styling, Certificate in Fashion Illustration and Design, etc. 

    Tips for writing the best fashion designer resume

    Here's a recap of tips for writing the best resume for a fashion designer:

    Tip 1: Customize the resume for the fashion designer job.

    Surely you know how important it is to tailor your fashion designer resume for the specific position. But how to do it effectively and impress the hiring manager?

    • Craft an eye-catching resume title and summary
    • Include relevant keywords from the fashion designer job description
    • Showcase the skills, qualifications, and work experience that match the job opening

    Tip 2: Quantify results on fashion designer resumes.

    Many of you focus on job responsibilities and daily tasks, but often leave out work accomplishments. Through quantifiable results in your fashion designer resume, the hiring manager can see if you are a performance-driven, satisfaction-based, or goal-oriented employee. 

    Tip 3: Craft an ATS-friendly resume for fashion designers.

    For such a creative job, you may tend to adopt unique and colorful designs for your fashion designer resume template. However, make sure that your fashion designer resume follows the basic standards to get through ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), such as format, layout, keywords, etc.

    Tip 4: Adopt action words/verbs.

    A good fashion designer resume should be polished with compelling action verbs. They can beat the ATS bot, catch the attention of the hiring manager, and prove you're the best fit for the job.

    Tip 5: Use an online resume builder.

    With online resume builders like Cake, you can save a lot of time and get yourself an ATS-friendly fashion designer resume. All you need to do is select a template and fill in the relevant content. 

    How to write a cover letter for a fashion designer?

    A fashion designer cover letter should be one-page in length and cover the following information:   

    • Contact details: phone number, email, social or personal page
    • Self-introduction: name, professional level, and the desired position 
    • Your motivation to apply for the job opening 
    • Your expertise, skills, and accomplishments in the field
    • Closing and express your appreciation to the hiring manager

    Further reading: The Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job | 5 Basic Paragraphs & 10 Tips

    Senior Fashion Designer Resume Sample (Text Format)

    Mary Madison 

    Senior Fashion Designer with an eye for the latest fashion trends

    [email protected]
    London, UK


    Over 10 years of experience working as a creative Fashion Designer for both high street fashion and haute couture. Experienced in providing clothing guidance and support for apparel brands. Gaining in-depth knowledge of old styles and current trends along with proficiency in fashion history.

    Work Experience

    Fashion Designer | Catwalk - Clinton, MD

    Mar 2015 - Present

    • Develop and design fashion collections.
    • Work with the stitching staff to streamline and secure the standards of design protocols.
    • Create graphic designs for the display of 10 stores in North Clinton. 
    • Awarded “The Best Designer of 2018”.

    Apparel Designer | IEV Group - Clinton, MD

    Jan 2000 - Dec 2014

    • Developed and introduced designs that follow the overall product strategy of the brand, boosting the annual sales by 35%. 
    • Prepared technical sketches and drawings of ideas for 3 summer collections and 2 winter collections that were performed in Clinton Fashion Week.
    • Conducted product and market research, analyzed data, and discovered new fashion trends to anticipate customer needs. 


    • Certificate in Pattern Making & Garment Construction
    • Certificate in Fashion Illustration and Design


    • Hard Skills: 
      • Visual Arts
      • Garment Technology 
      • textiles Design 
      • Graphic Design (illustrator, Corel, PTS)
      • CAD
    • Soft Skills:
      • Aesthetics
      • Creativity & Innovation 
      • Work Under Tight Deadlines
      • Detail-oriented
      • Communication Skills 


    B.A. in Fashion Design
    National Institute of Fashion Technology | Clinton, MD

    --- Originally written by May Luong --- 

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