CakeResume for Freelancers: Boost Your Income with a Professional Resume

If you are a freelancer on Upworks or, you should have a piece of CakeResume on your profile! This will enable you to highlight more of your skills and best assets, which will surely encourage potential employers or even other users to hire you and avail of whatever service you offer and provide.

How CakeResume answers Freelancers’ quest for the best resumes?

Better Readability

CakeResume is focusing on content and leveraging the art of the typefaces as well as visual hierarchy in order to make the reader feel at ease while reading a particular resume. You can also check on the status of how many people have viewed your CakeResume, through the daily reports that will be seen on your resume.

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Track Your Results

There's visitor stats right on dashboard, so you will be able to monitor how far your resume reached, by keeping track of the number of unique page-views on your resume.

Responsive Design

This is very much convenient to freelancers for it is optimized for mobile devices, meaning the CakeResume will responsively adjust to its own layout in order to look awesome to any size of screen you have.

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Building Your Resume as Freelancer

Building your own resume is made easier through the CakeResume! You can find more than 40 beautifully designed resume snippets to use. No need to search and download for it is made ready with the simply drag and drop feature, you can put them onto your resume in no time.
As a freelancer, you depend on no one but to yourself, so you need to look for ways on how to build up yourself in a creative and professional way. With CakeResume, you can create a resume that will look creative and impressive like no other. This is made possible through the limitless content and highly-customized design allowing you to introduce yourself in you own unique ways.
Sharing your resume will enable you to reach potential employers or people who would be glad to work with you. This is because you will get your standalone page for CakeResume that will enable you to share it as your personal website and include it in your profile in By doing so, whatever craft you are engaging in as a freelancer might not just your pastime or hobby but a job that awaits more opportunities for your successful career.

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CakeResume has provided opportunities to number of job hunters and job enthusiast toward achieving their goals in life, which is to become hired and to earn trust from potential employers and customers.
Being self-employed does not mean that you do not need to create your resume anymore. CakeResume is different from your usual concept of what resume is. It is made not just to show what you can do to contribute in particular company but also tells more about the stuff you love and just being yourself that makes you unique!

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