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Forklift operators play an important role in logistics as they facilitate efficiency in warehouses and storage facilities. While there has been an increasing demand for operators, it’s also important to know how to write a forklift resume in order to stand out from the competition.

The manufacturing industry is always in need of workers who can give them a lift with their goods.

6 Things to Know When Writing a Forklift Driver Resume

1. Write Your Forklift Operator Resume for the Job Position

This shows you did not use a forklift resume that was previously used for other vacancies and that you put effort into writing a customized forklift resume. You can do this by adopting relevant keywords from the job duties in your forklift driver resume.

2: Understand the Differences between a Forklift CV and a Forklift Operator Resume

When it comes to formatting, a CV can be written in dozens of pages outlining your life, both personally and professionally. On the other hand, a resume is usually one page.

As for purpose, a forklift operator CV is usually used for academia or research fields, while a forklift resume is used for most job openings. That being said, it is crucial to spot what details recruiters are asking for, as there are different preferences for either document in different countries.

3: Add Certificates and Awards

Having a safety record and/or being rewarded with any accolades during your job can give your forklift resume a boost in job applications.

4: Search for Resume Templates and Examples on the Web

An easy way to start is to explore online forklift resume samples and implement aspects you find useful into your resume.

5: Make Your Forklift Resume ATS-friendly

ATS (Applicant tracking system) is a software tool recruiters use to scan job applications. A forklift operator resume format shall be ATS-friendly by following a text-based format and having relevant keywords listed in the job posting. If a forklift operator resume is not ATS-friendly, it might not reach employers.

6: Quantify Results on Your Forklift Driver Resume

Numbers and percentages give you a professional advantage in doing the required work in your forklift resume.

How to write a resume objective as a forklift operator?

A resume objective or career objective is where you state your career goals, skills,  or experience. A well-written career objective is a short paragraph for a forklift driver resume that shows where you want to go in your career and what you are seeking. 

❗️ Here are some important elements when writing an objective for a forklift operator resume:

  • Professional Aspirations
    State your career goals intention why you are applying for the position.
  • Strong Traits
    List two or three o your positive traits in your forklift driver resume objective.
  • Highlight Your Experience
    Briefly show readers how many years of relevant experience you possess.
  • Insert the Company’s Name
    Having the hiring company’s name means that the resume has been specifically tailored to them, so including it in your forklift resume objective is recommended.
  • Display How You Are Beneficial for Them
    State in your forklift operator resume how you are an asset and in what ways you will enhance the organization.

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How to write a forklift driver resume summary?

A resume summary, or summary statement, is an overview of your qualifications based on past experiences. A resume summary should be around 2-4 sentences. If you are writing a forklift operator resume with a lot of work experience, you only have to highlight qualifications you think are the most important.

❗️ Here are three key elements to include in your forklift operator resume summary:

  • Emphasize Machinery Expertise and Logistics
    A good forklift operator resume summary shows you are familiar with how things work, especially at a warehouse, so mention what types of machinery you have experience in (e.g. overhead crane, pallet-truck, etc).
  • Mention Relevant Experience
    Include the number of years and past relevant work experience details in your forklift operator resume summary.
  • Display qualifications that make you a good fit
    Include relevant skills and abilities in your forklift operator resume that show employers you are capable of doing the job.

Warehouse Forklift Driver Resume Summary Samples:

  • Operator with 4 years of experience in warehouse and storage facilities. Familiar with control packaging lines, maintenance and repairs, add products, manual and automatic palletizing. Proven experience in monitoring and preparing orders in logistics companies.
  • Certified forklift driver with 6 years of experience at storehouse facilities. Certified training in overhead crane usage or Manitou-type telescopic forklift models. Proven track record of maintaining satisfaction from superiors.
  • Forklift operator with a year of experience. Physically fit, possessing knowledge in order handling and management capacity at warehouse facilities. Familiar with safety and risk prevention protocols.

How to write your skills in a forklift resume?

There are a plethora of technical skills for a forklift resume. Regarding the resume’s skill section, there are four common ways to list skills on a resume, but for a forklift operator resume, it’s recommended to decide between one of these two formats:

1️⃣ Simple Bullet List

This is the most straightforward way to list your skills in your forklift operator resume. Here is a quick example:

  • Inventory Management
  • Overhead Crane
  • Heavy lifting
  • Loading and Unloading

Concise and easy-to-read for anyone reading your forklift operator resume.

Lacks in-depth details, which may have to be addressed in a cover letter or the work experience section.

2️⃣ List with expanded bullets

This format provides more information and context regarding your forklift driver resume skills section. Here’s an example:

  • Teamwork - Strong communication and willingness to work with colleagues.
  • Dexterity - Physically fit and adept to maneuver equipment and other kinds of physical activity.

A detailed explanation regarding your skills in a forklift resume.

Takes up more space in your forklift driver resume.

❗️ Whichever format you choose, here are 3 elements to take into account for your forklift operator resume skills section:

  • Simplicity
    Try your best to condense the skills section in your forklift operator resume so you do not run out of space.
  • Keep it relevant to the job position
    Identify forklift operator skills and abilities you find useful for your resume. Always keep your resume relevant to the forklift operator job description.
  • Prioritize Hard Skills
    While soft skills are relevant in a forklift driver resume, use your space to emphasize hard skills, such as machinery expertise and storage skills.

Examples of skills for a forklift operator resume:

🧷 Hard Skills:

  • Loading Experience
  • Packing
  • Pallet Jack
  • Safety Awareness
  • Overhead Crane

🧷 Soft Skills:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Good Judgement
  • Takes Initiative
  • Reliable
  • Teamwork

Writing a resume with no experience?

✏️ 5 bonus tips for junior forklift drivers: 

1. Write a forklift operator cover letter
Your forklift operator resume shall be accompanied by a cover letter to complement your resume which is tailored towards the hiring employer. You can showcase more of your personality and motivation to apply for the job in a forklift cover letter.

2. Highlight your education
Employers often prefer candidates with some academic background, so make sure to include the schools you attended in the forklift resume. Training certificates will also be important, as they are part of your formation.

3. Use a forklift operator resume objective
Since you are new in this industry, using a forklift operator career objective is suitable as a resume summary is more appropriate towards forklift drivers with relevant experience.

4. Choose the right forklift resume format
There are 4 different formats for a forklift resume: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination targeted. A functional resume format is a good choice to pick, especially for freshers and career changers. A forklift driver resume with a functional format emphasizes skills and any expertise you have, rather than focusing on your work experience.

5. Include a personal website
Personal websites, blogs, or LinkedIn can all count as a portfolio. You can include projects that cannot be listed in your forklift resume. Recruiters often screen applicants using the web and social media, so having one prepared will give them a good impression of you.

Forklift resume sample

Calvin Mahomes

Certified Forklift Driver with 10 Years of Experience

Mobile: (+7) 001-67389
Email: [email protected]

Resume Summary

Forklift driver with 10 years of experience in warehouses, forklift, and general maintenance in a fast-paced environment. Strong communication skills, both written and orally. Hardworking and able to load and unload heavy items; routinely lifted items above 50 lbs.

Work Experience

Forklift Driver
Falco Warehouse

Aug 2015 - Sept 2020

  • Inspected and assisted in the maintenance of equipment.
  • Stacked and stored items in designated areas, and introduced new ways of stock rotation, increasing efficiency by 20%.
  • Ensured the right amount and product type was pulled and packed for shipping.

Forklift Driver
Enerco Inc.

Jul 2010 - Jul 2015

  • Drove forklifts in the warehouse and outdoors for loading and unloading products in a timely manner.
  • Constantly lifted items that weigh 50+ lbs, and often products that were 75+ lbs.
  • Operated forklifts, floor sweepers, power lift trucks, and pallet jacks in a safe manner with 0 incidents.


Southwall Springs High
High School Diploma

May 2010


Hard Skills

  • Reliable
  • Detail-oriented
  • Safety-conscious
  • Excellent Judgement
  • Energetic

Soft Skills

  • Trailer Loading & Unloading
  • Stocking and Inventory
  • Heavy Lifting 
  • Record Keeping
  • Shipment Inspection


  • English
  • Spanish

--- Originally written by Jose Joaquin ---

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