Craft a Job-Winning Cover Letter for Fresh Graduates (w/ Examples & Tips)

cover letter sample for fresh graduates

Aside from a well-prepared resume, we all know that a cover letter is required for applying for a job. But what is a cover letter in precise? What is the significance and how important is it? 

📝 A cover letter is a single-page document that showcases your professional skills, achievements, personality, and your suitability for the desired job position. Overall, a cover letter guides recipients to screen through your job application and examine your suitability.

Therefore, an outstanding cover letter can undoubtedly distinguish you from many others applying for the job.

As a fresh graduate, you may not have formal experience in the work field. Therefore, a job application letter for fresh graduates becomes an important role in making the first impression on the hiring manager. 

We will provide paragraph-by-paragraph writing guides and tips in composing a persuasive job application letter for fresh graduates that helps you land a job, regardless of how much experience you have.

Job Application Letter Sample for Fresh Graduates

Mark Spence

No. 56, Section 678, Zhongshan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 220  [email protected]


Ms. Ling Mei Shuan
No.6, Lane 876, Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City,110

Dear Ms. Ling, 

I am Mark Spence, a graduate of National Taiwan University with a Bachelor Degree in International Business and a Masters of Management from University of Michigan. 

I am writing to express my interest in applying for the marketing position in your esteemed company. As a recent graduate of University of Michigan, I'm eager to bring my knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence to your company's innovative environment. 

During my studies, I acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and implement solid marketing strategies. My six-month internship in the StarTech Company's Marketing Department taught me how to analyze target audiences' needs, conduct precision marketing, and respond to competitors' tactics. More importantly, I learned how to pitch marketing proposals to executives and how to set prices to maximize profit and sales volumes from experienced professionals.

Additionally, I have been involved in many academic and extracurricular activities in school, which helped me develop my communication and leadership skills, both of which are vital for success in the workplace.

As it would be my first time working in an office environment, I am confident that I can learn quite quickly and contribute immediately to your team and company.

Thank you for reviewing my application. I would appreciate the chance to speak with you in person and show you how my skills can assist your company in achieving its goals.

Yours sincerely, 
Mark Spence 

How to write a cover letter for a fresh graduate

Now you have a rough idea from the cover letter sample for fresh graduate students, let's look into more details.

Cover Letter Header

The cover letter header is the heading that appears at the top of the fresh graduate cover letter.

The header includes:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Email address
  • Date of writing

Your professional information will be immediately identifiable if you add a header to your fresh graduate cover letter.


Begin with the phrase "Dear [Hiring Manager's Name]," to demonstrate politeness and sincerity. Usually you would be able to find the hiring manager's name and title on the company's website. If not, LinkedIn can come into handy.


To start off the opening paragraph for the cover letter for fresh graduates, greet your hiring manager by introducing your name, the position you’re applying for, and your academic qualifications.

You should also mention how you came across the job position and if you were recommended by anyone currently working at the company.

💡 Note: Your chance of getting an interview will increase when you specify your connection with the company.


In this part of the job application letter for fresh graduates, you should express your interest and point out your reason for applying for the job position. Evident reasons will illustrate a clearer idea of your goals and visions for joining the company.

Nonetheless, it is a perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge of the company and your commitment to supporting its culture, mission, and values.  

Key Qualifications

The qualification part is the main body of your fresh graduate cover letter. In this section, you should demonstrate both your capability and eligibility for the role to the hiring manager.  

1. Identify the qualifications and skills required for the job you are applying for.

For example, the required skills for a marketing manager role are: 

  • Customer Value analysis 
  • Brand Positioning 
  • Marketing research 

2. Showcase the valuable skills and experiences you possess by relating them to the required skills.

The next step is to connect your skills to the job requirements. You can do so by highlighting your past experiences.

Let’s say we're composing the application letter for marketing fresh graduates. Perhaps you have conducted customer value analysis for Starbucks in a marketing course or master’s thesis. This relevant experience can serve as an evidence of your eligibility and capability for the position.

3. Mention any academic awards, extracurriculars, and certifications.

In the fresh graduate cover letter, do mention academic awards, extracurriculars, and certifications that highlight your hard and soft skills relevant to the job match.

4. Quantify the information with numbers and statistics.

Consider numbers and statistics that will clarify what you can bring to the table in terms of performance and value.

Additional Information

In order to attract the potential employer's attention, you should demonstrate passion for the job and a desire for continuous learning. Thus, the fresh graduate cover letter should include a statement describing why the position appeals to you. 

💡 Tip: Be specific about why you are interested in working at the company, including the job aspects, its products, or culture. Show in the cover letter that you’re interested in the specific job you’re applying to, and not just any job.

In addition, outline any factors that could help you succeed in the position, including your qualifications, certifications, personal projects, volunteer work, personality, family history, etc.


Wrap up your fresh graduate application letter for employment by restating your interest in the position and your anticipation of an interview in the future.

In addition, do mention your interest in scheduling a phone call to further discuss the job position. This will not only demonstrate how initiative you are in terms of opportunities, it also shows your enthusiasm towards the job.  

In closing, thank the hiring manager for spending time reading your cover letter. Also, don't forget to mention if there is any portfolio or relevant certificate attached. Finally, sign your full name at the end of the letter. Then you’re all set!

Cover letter tips for fresh graduates without experience

cover letter for fresh graduates

Here are some tips on writing a fresh graduate cover letter with no experience:

#Tip 1: Include keywords in your cover letter for fresh graduates.

Many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to review and screen applications. They can utilize software like this by typing in specific keywords ( such as "degree" or "management experience") as search criteria, so they can retain only those cover letters that meet their needs. Therefore, the keywords and phrases you use in the job application letter for fresh graduates have the potential to make you stand out from the rest.  

#Tip 2: Tailor the fresh graduate cover letter to the job and company.

It is important to meet the criteria of the job description. Therefore, you should carefully examine the keywords and phrases listed in the job description in order to tailor your cover letter based on your skills.


  1. Read the job description carefully 
  2. List down the required skills and keywords 
  3. Relate these required skills and responsibilities to your academic performance, relevant coursework and skills 
  4. Elaborate on the performances and skills you’ve acquired

#Tip 3: Highlight specific skills.

When it comes to a lack of work experience, it is crucial to highlight your skills. The skills that you possess directly reflect your capability.

💡 Tip: Getting hired requires both hard and soft skills that are depicted in the right way.

To start with, hard skills are the technical and practical ability that fits the job. Hard skills are normally measurable, and transferable through courses and books. Soft skills, on the other hand, are abilities not particular to any jobs. Soft skills are used in communication, teamwork, or project management, just to name a few.

Below listed the top 10 most-in-demand hard skills and soft skills to mention in your cover letter for a fresh graduate. Feel free to customize your list to meet the specific job requirements: 

Soft skills
Hard skills
Interpersonal Skills
Critical thinking
Construct customer survey
Conduct customer analysis
Develop rapport with clients
Conduct market research
Develop brand awareness
Conduct focus groups
Propose new ideas
Social media
Strategy development
Statistical skills
Qualitative analysis

#Tip 4: Proofread.

When you've finished writing the fresh graduate cover letter, reread it carefully before you send it to a prospective employer. It is the little things that count when it comes to making a good first impression. 

  • Ensure that the address, company name, and hiring manager's name are spelled correctly. 
  • Check for content-related errors, such as inaccurate work experience, unrelated skills, or missing materials. 
  • Make use of software tools to fix grammatical errors. 
  • Avoid informal language and punctuation. 

#Tip 5: Be honest. 

When writing a fresh graduate cover letter, be honest about your level of expertise. You can show your confidence and capability, but don't oversell yourself. Knowing something about a subject doesn't mean you are an expert; it isn't necessary to claim that you are; learning through experience can always gain more insights and credibility. 

Finally, as a fresh graduate, do you know how to create websites and social media campaigns? Are you familiar with a foreign language? Are you passionate about any related field that requires soft skills? Be sure to include these in your fresh graduate cover letter if they are stated in the job requirements.

Extra cover letter tips for 5 different new graduates

The ultimate key to writing a convincing job application letter for fresh graduates is to tailor the content based on the respective fields of profession. Therefore, the content you compose should always meet the requirements and aspect of the job. 

Fresh Graduate Nurses 

A key component to being a good nurse is to have empathy towards your patients. Moreover, you need to show patience, tenderness, and be gentle when handling situations. If you possess these abilities and traits, do not neglect to tell the hiring manager in your application letter.

You can do so by explaining why you would be a good hire in the cover letter for fresh graduates.

💡 Tip: Elaborate on the interpersonal skills you possess that can lead to improved patient experiences, thus leveraging the business.

Accounting Fresh Graduates

As for writing a cover letter for an accounting job as a fresh graduate, it’s essential to outline your unique experience and hard skills. Do mention any accountancy skills you possess.

List down your areas of expertise in detail, for example:  

  • Payables and receivables management 
  • Confirm and reconcile goods and services invoices
  • Payroll tax and budget management 

Fresh Graduate Engineers

For a cover letter for fresh graduate engineers, start off by emphasizing your technical expertise. 


  • Develop lightweight materials, and performs structural tests and analyses results to identify areas of weakness
  • Follow meticulous construction notes throughout production to maintain uniform standards
  • Integrate production goals into the design while maintaining structural integrity

Likewise cover letters for fresh graduate nurses, it is vital to provide not only your technical skills. Many engineering companies look favorably on accomplishments and experiences outside of the field.

Below is a list of the most common soft skills to include in fresh graduate cover letters for engineering jobs:

  • Problem-solving 
  • Detail-focused 
  • Teamwork 
  • Structure analysis 
  • Industry knowledge

🔖 Reminder: Be sure to mention any skills you have. Make sure to let the potential employers know what skills you possess by illustrating why you are a good fit for engineering jobs. 

Fresh Graduate Teachers

No matter if it's an application letter for english teacher or an application letter for an elementary teacher,the application letter for teacher fresh graduates should highlight professional and academic experience that add credibility to the application.

Therefore, do mention the following details in your cover letter: 

  • Credentials: If you are applying for your first teaching position, focus more on your academic credentials than on your limited professional experience. Include any certificates you have earned, too.
  • Relevant soft skills: Mention any relevant soft skills such as organization, patience, and leadership skills that would come in handy in a number of different situations.
  • Technical skills: Discuss any teaching techniques relevant to enhancing student performance, such as syllable selection and learning plan management. 
  • Tools for teaching : Highlight any technology tools you are proficient with that can demonstrate your capability in teaching. 

Fresh Graduates of Business Administration 

Apart from a persuasive degree and certificate, fresh graduates of business administration should possess strong operating skills to conduct high demand tasks such as:

  • Develop objectives, procedures, and policies for the department or organization
  • Budget and oversee the financial affairs of an organization
  • Consult with directors, managers, and executives regarding operations
  • Perform an analysis of financial statements and sales reports 
  • Identify chances for reducing costs and improving policy and program performance
  • Establish department KPIs while demonstrating strong cross-departmental integration and communication skills

As a result, these are the abilities that you should emphasize in a cover letter for business administration fresh graduates. If you do not have any prior experience, you may propose ideas and concepts related to the tasks, aiming to enhance the company's management and performance.

How to send an application letter for fresh graduates by Email

You can send your fresh graduate cover letter in two ways: as an attachment or in the body of the email.

Here's how you can do it:

➡️ Send as an attachment.

  1. First, do check what kind of file format is required from the job company. Overall, it is common practice to attach PDF files. Thus if your fresh graduate application letter for employment is a Word document, save it as a PDF file by selecting "File, Save As, PDF(.pdf).
  2. Next, please label the file with your name to prevent it from mixing with other applicants’, e.g. markspencecoverletter.doc.
  3. Finally, attach it in the email where you mention your attachment as follows:
    "Attached is my cover letter for your review and consideration."

➡️ Send as the body of the email. 

Some employers do not accept attachments. Therefore, you can paste your fresh graduate application letter for employment into your email message to send it as the body.

Do keep in mind with several adjustments :

  1. Make the font simple and remove any fancy formatting
  2. Omit cover letter header. You do not need a cover letter header in this case.
  3. Add the subject line. The subject line not only indicates the subject of the cover letter, but also helps the recipient decide whether he or she should spend time reading it.
  4. Provide an email signature. In a professional email signature, you should include your name and contact information.


  • Subject: Your Name - The Position Title - the company name - Job ID(if any)
  • Signature: Mark Spence | 0955-555-555

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