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Lines and lines of codes define the internet world and its visuals. 

Front-end, as its name suggested, stands for the “face” of our digital network and applications. Front end developer (also called front-end web engineer) thus is responsible for adding visuals and interactive components to web browsers or applications. 

Different from UIUX design that focuses on software user experiences, front-end development concerns more about the technical application & feasibility (hence the constructor) of software interfaces.

Front End Developer Job Description: 

  • Has the master hand that integrates the art of design with programming; translates & develops the UI/UX wireframes to actual reusable code and libraries. 
  • Optimize application speed & scalability. 
  • Collaborate with back-end developers & other stakeholders in the team. 

For one to become a front-end developer, a strong front end developer resume is a must. The article below is among the bread-and-butter passages that reveal the worlds of writing front end developer resumes, cover the skills needed on a front end developer resume, and offer the delicate front end developer resume samples. 

Which is the most effective front end developer resume format?

There are several resume formats suitable for various careers and industries. 

💡 4 common formats for  front end developer resumes: 

1. Chronological

  • Follows the time sequence of each event and experience in a reverse chronological order.
  • Safest front end developer resume format for most, if not all, candidates.
  • Recommended for entry-level front-end developer resume too, due to its simplicity.

2. Hybrid

  • Integration of chronological & functional elements. 
  • Centers around presenting skills needed to be a front end developer first then focus on professional experience. 
  • Highly recommended for front end developer resumes with experience to showcase the candidate’s strength. 

3. Functional

  • Go to resume format for front end developers with no experience. 
  • Pinpoint on the candidate’s skills & portfolio rather than working experience.
  • Advantage: entry-level front end developer resume (with solid skills set) can benefit.
  • Disadvantage: very easy to anxious candidate to blabber and fabricate skill sets they are not adept with.  

4. Targeted 

  • The front end developer resume format tailor specifically to the dream position/role/company. 
  • Showcase the candidate as the perfect fit. 
  • For sure requires tremendous time and effort to develop one. 
  • Great for front end developer resumes with no experience in order to exhibit and demonstrate dedication. 

💡 Frequent resume format Q&A 

1. In which format should a front-end developer resume be sent?

At all times send the candidate’s resume in PDF format, no matter if it’s a front end developer resume or not. Word documents are deemed as unprofessional. 

2. How to prepare a resume format for freshers, or a front end developer resume with no experience?

For fledglings, some guidance up in the sleeves can certainly make life easier:

  • Advice 1: Adopt functional front-end developer resume format as it will zoom in on skills instead of experience. 
  • Advice 2: In the education or additional section, center around educational qualifications, projects, or portfolio.
  • Advice 3: Utilize the front-end developer resume objective to highlight dedication & motives.

What to include in a front end engineer resume - 6 key sections

✅ Resume Profile

  • Personal details are needed to establish trust and credibility via the front end engineer resume. (It serves as the first formal written self-introduction.)
  • Contact information is mandatory as the employers should have a way to reach out to the candidate for further steps. 
  • A front end engineer resume should include the following personal information:
    • Full name
    • Resume Title
    • Phone number/Email address 
    • Address
      Thanks to the establishment of the digital world, detailed addresses are not required in the current employment procedure. General information about the city, state, and country would suffice. 

📚 Further reading:  Should You Put Address on Your Resume? Why or Why Not

✅ Resume Headline 

The resume headline for a front-end developer is a succinct, super-short summary of the candidate’s achievement/general professional background. It’s often also known as the professional title/resume title. 

Resume templates for front end developers is a great place to start and walk in the shoes of the employer. Keep in mind plagiarism is unethical and comes with great consequences once discovered. 

Front-end developer resume headline examples:

  • Creative & Proficient Front End Developer with 3 Years Experience Developing and Maintaining the Fashion Industry’s Websites
  • Experienced front-end web designer adept at JavaScript and HTML/CSS to transform art into reality 

✅ Resume Summary/Resume Objective 

A profile summary for front end developers can often be confused with a career objective for front-end developers. 

While both try to paraphrase the candidate’s professional accomplishment, the former (profile summary for front end developer) focuses on documenting and is more based on quantifiable results and KPIs, the latter (objective for front end developer) concerns more on motivation and career goal (the more emotional side).

Front end developer resume summary
Front end developer career objective 
A must-have
Optional Section
Since resume summaries focus more on data-oriented results & achievements, adding adjectives in the summery can help the HR to better understand your ability.
It concerns your career goal, a great way to show that you're a good fit for the position. But make sure your goal aligns with the company's and it is not too generic.
Fragmented sentences are preferred for both the resume summary and resume objective to create concise statements.

Front-end developer resume summary example:

Experienced front-end web designer with 3+ yrs of experience in mobile web applications. Adept in Ionic, Intel XDK, and AngularJS. Implemented new interactive features that boost web traffic by 25%. 

Front-end developer resume objective example:

Web developer with 5+ years in the fashion industry & fast paced environment. Expert HTML5 knowledge and its practice. Looking to work at a non-profit organization to spread positive social impact. 

✅ Front-End Developer Skills for Resume

Front end developer is a career with rather high barriers of entry. Looking at front end web developer job descriptions, except for general skills needed to be a team player (like team building, active listening, etc.), the candidates have to be proficient in programming languages for their career. 

Front end engineer resume skills section:

Technical Skills: 

  1. HTML/CSS/Javascript (JS)/Typescript
  2. Angular/React/Redux/RESTful Services
  3. Cross-Browser Development 
  4. Responsive/Interactive/Mobile Design 
  5. Git/Subversion/Mercurial/Version Control
  6. Debugging & Testing
  7. Content Management System (CMS) 

Soft Skills:

  1. Project Management 
  2. Time Management 
  3. Decision Making 
  4. Communication 
  5. Problem Solving 

✅ Employment History

Working history doesn’t define you, but it does offer an authentic glimpse into your experience and ability, such as the ability to handle stress, the ability to debug, problem-solving skills, etc.

Working History Section on your front-end developer resume should Include:

  • Company name and location
  • Professional title
  • Duties and achievements
  • Employment period

✅ Education 

On the resume, educational background is essential. It allows the recruiter to understand your skill level better. While adding education to your front-end developer resume, include:

  • School name and location
  • Graduation year
  • Major(s) and/or minor(s)
  • GPA (if higher than 3.5)
  • Awards and honors (if applicable)

✅ Additional Information 

For the additional information, you can include anything that is relevant to the frond-end developer position and that will add value to you as a job candidate.

For example, a developer portfolio on GitHub will make your resume look good. You can also list hobbies and/or volunteer activities that demonstrate desired personality traits in the additional information section on your resume. 

5 Tricks on how to write a good front-end developer resume

You should customize resumes for different front-end developer positions you apply for.

Keep it short. A resume should not be over 1 page. 

Refer to free front-end developer resume samples online. Learn from good examples and make your front-end developer resume even better.

Stay consistent in formatting style (colors, fonts, tone, and diction). 

Attach the portfolio. Nothing can be more important than the front-end work itself.

What front-end resume template is the most successful one?

What is the best front-end developer resume template

Well, there’s no correct answer to the question. The best front-end developer resume template may be different for different roles. It can be simple and informative; it can also be creative and aesthetic. Make sure you research the job and company before you pick a template for your front-end developer resume.

Where can I get a free resume template?

Free front end developer resume templates available for download are all over the place.

CakeResume offers real examples of past front-end web developer resumes to its users. Not only can the users stand on the shoulders of giants, they can also customize their own resume using drag-and-drop snippets from CakeResume & attach the portfolio! CakeResume is also known as the best resume builder for engineers and designers

With CakeResume’s resume builder tool, resume templates and resume examples, you could showcase your best qualifications to land your dream job. Try making a resume online (free download) now!

An alternative way you can also consider is Microsoft word or other word processing software to create a template for your resume.

Front-end developer resume sample

Jessica Lin

Experienced Front End Developer with 5+ Years of Experience 

(+3) 000-0001111
[email protected]


Meticulous frontend web developer with 5+ experience in interactive design. Adept in user interfaces and prototype development with Axure. Knowledgeable in HTML5 & CSS languages. Engage user experience through efficient version control and testing. 


  • Proficient in HTML 5, CSS, JS, JSS 
  • React, Vue, Angular, jQuery
  • Typescript
  • Git Version Control
  • User Testing/Load Testing/Debugging 
  • English (Native) & Spanish (Professional)
  • Team Building 
  • Active Listening
  • Problem-Solving
  • Detail-Oriented 

Work Experiences

Front End Developer
YYY Ltd, Boston, MA                               
Sep 2017 - Present

  • Designed web mockups and wireframes. Optimize code, cross-browser compatibility, and web features. 
  • Increased 24% faster loading time and time spam per visit by +70 seconds in 5+ projects. 
  • Designed dynamic and interactive pages using HTML5, jQuery, JS. 
  • Performed team code reviews (group of 5)  and mentor entry-level developers. 

Front End Developer
XBY Ltd. Pittsburgh, PA                          
May 2016 - Sep 2017

  • Developed 2 website projects and landing pages from zero to deployment. 
  • Performed code review and bug fixes, reducing technical debt by 70% in the first quarter. 
  • Created a responsive modular for future team with CSS and JS libraries. 
  • Assessed and collaborated with the UIUX design team for technical feasibility.


Bachelor of Science | Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Class of 2016

--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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