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Games would not exist if it weren’t for the work of game designers. Game designers are responsible for more than just creating the game. For instance, they might find work with other businesses to generate collaborative ideas, design the plot and characters for the game, and formulate the levels within the game. 

Different from a game developer, the game designer focuses on generating concepts for the game rather than writing the codes to bring the game to life. In short, a game designer creates characters and storylines while a game developer brings the game itself into action. 

To start developing game ideas for players, you will need to craft a professional game designer resume for a game company or a game design studio. With our guide, you can rest assured that your game designer resume will reach the highest levels.

How to write a remarkable game designer resume?

Create an ATS-friendly game design resume.

Creating an ATS-friendly game designer resume ensures that your resume can be read by the employer's tracking system. 

Refer to online game designer resume samples or examples.

Many popular games that you see today have gained inspiration from other games. Similarly, you might have a better idea of what to incorporate into your game designer resume with the help of game designer resume samples.

Tailor your game designer resume and include keywords.

A winning game designer resume is customized for a specific game designer position. Write a customized game designer resume by featuring the keywords from the job posting.   

💭 Note: A game designer resume will be customized specifically for the game design position while a game designer CV usually details all professional experience. 

Add quantified results to your game designer resume. 

In a video game designer resume, you can elaborate your achievements further with quantified results, such as: 

  • The number of game characters created per month
  • The number of sales made from the games you designed 
  • The number of digital edits made for game characters
  • The number of game levels created for various video games

Bring your game designer resume to life with action verbs. 

Action verbs, such as developed, formed, authored, can help better express the impact you had on video game projects in your game designer resume.

What is a good objective for a game designer resume?

For an entry-level game designer resume, you will want to write a short description detailing the goal of your game designing career and your accomplishments that shows your suitability. The objective of your game designer resume should include your experiences, skills, and a brief section explaining what you plan to achieve as a game designer. 

Example Objectives for Game Designer Resumes:

  • Game design graduate with 2+ years of internship experience in creating prototypes for various video games. Eager to join RPG Co. as a game designer to provide more ideas and make a positive impact on the gaming industry.  
  • Video game designer passionate about game platforms and level-building. Seeking to join Upgrade’s game designer position to design more advanced levels for popular games. 
  • Passionate game designer experienced in scriptwriting and character design. Looking to join DesignX as a game designer to produce entertaining games for gamers around the world. 

How to write a game designer resume summary?

For a higher-level game designer job, you will want to design a short paragraph which details your experiences, skills, and accomplishments in your resume. The summary of your game designer resume should start with a descriptive title, followed by your experience, and wrapped up with your skill sets.     

Example Summaries for Game Designer Resumes:

  • Game designer with 2+ years of design experience with 2D & 3D animation, scripting languages, and programming languages. Skilled in designing user-friendly yet innovative games.  
  • Video game designer experienced with improving design and user experience for higher gamer satisfaction. Awarded with Best Video Game Design, Most Unique Character, and Best Graphic Design at the Gamer’s World Convention in 2019.  
  • Game designer with 6+ years of experience working on various game genres, such as action role-playing, Metroidvania, etc. Skilled in developing unique scenarios for the players to enjoy. 

What are some good skills for your game designer resume?

As a game designer, you will need to possess various skills and list them properly on your game designer resume to impress the hiring manager. Hence, be sure to select the best format to showcase your list of skills and highlight your strengths in your game designer resume. 

4 ways to write a game designer skills resume:

1. Simple bullets

  • PROS: A clear overview of all your skill sets
  • CONS: Does not include further details

2. Expanded bullets

  • PROS: A simple yet detailed overview of your skillsets
  • CONS: Takes up much space in your game designer resume

3. Skills integrated with work experience bullets

  • PROS: Shows how your skills are applied
  • CONS: Not suitable for an entry-level game designer resume

4. A categorized skills in bullet points

  • PROS: Shows a wide range of skills orderly
  • CONS: Lacks context of how you used the skill

3 tips for leveling up the skill section in your game designer resume: 

1. For an entry-level game designer resume, include more game designing-related skillsets. For an experienced game designer resume, add only a few to keep the focus on your professional experience.  

2. Besides adding game design-related skills, show your personality in your game designer resume with soft skills.

3. The goal is to include the most relevant skills in your game designer resume, which you can easily do so by referring back to the job description of a particular game designer job. 

Example Skills for Game Designer Resumes:

Hard Skills: 

  • Animation 
  • Creative Writing
  • Game Mechanics 
  • Level Design 
  • Scripting 

Soft Skills: 

  • Problem Solving 
  • Creative 
  • Communication 
  • Time Management 
  • Teamwork 

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How to write an entry-level game designer resume?

➡️ Choose a suitable format for your entry-level game designer resume.

In most cases, you might find yourself falling within one of these three levels during your game designing career: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Your experience level can impact which resume format you should use for your game designer resume.  

➡️ Write a career objective for your entry-level game designer resume. 

Due to the limited experiences and relevant achievements, you might find yourself having difficulty composing a successful summary statement for your entry-level game designer resume. Opt for an objective statement in your game designer resume to show the employer that your goal aligns with the company’s. 

➡️ Highlight your education in your entry-level game designer resume. 

The gaming industry is a competitive field. Show that you already have the right educational background for the job in your game designer resume. 

➡️ Better your game designer resume with portfolios, side projects, or personal websites.

Including the sample visuals, from your 3D artwork to your designing projects, that relate to the game design helps show the employer your skills as well as passion. 

➡️ Compose a sincere game designer cover letter. 

Creating a game designer cover letter helps you elaborate more on your creative writing, art creations, and other works. Go further by complimenting your game designer resume with a killer game designer cover letter. 

Game designer resume sample

Louie Pro 

Innovative Game Designer Devoted to Generating Enjoyable Games

Redmond, WA 98052
[email protected]


Game designer with 2+ years of design experience with 2D & 3D animation, scripting languages, and programming languages. Skilled in designing user-friendly yet innovative games. 

Work Experience

Game Designer
PC Works Studio  
Jan 2020 - Dec 2021

  • Designed 1k+ characters for various genre games, such as action role-playing, Metroidvania, etc. 
  • Created 300+ player scenarios for two best-selling games, which helped the company gain a profit of $40k.  
  • Assisted in hosting weekly design meetings to discuss player experience, which led to an increase of player satisfaction rate by 15%. 

Game Designer
PC Works Studio  
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Collaborated with the user interface and user experience team to focus on remastering previous best-selling games. 
  • Developed complex levels (up to level 150) for various games using Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, and other level-building tools. 
  • Sketched and created 2D and 3D animations for 50+ game characters throughout the year which helped generate loyal gamers and fans around the globe.  


Hard Skills:

  • Storyboards
  • Scripting
  • Character Design 
  • Game Mechanics  
  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Computer Graphics 
  • Programming Languages 
  • Design Software 
  • 2D & 3D Animation

Soft Skills:

  • Communication 
  • Creative
  • Time Management 
  • Organized 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Collaboration 
  • Storytelling 
  • Adaptability 
  • Passionate


B.A. in Game Design
DigiPen Institute of Technology

2016 - 2020

  • Best Design Finalist for the Student Game Awards, 2019

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun ---


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