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Game Developer Resume
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A game developer transforms a game designer’s design into the actual game users can play through coding. Please do not confuse a game designer with a game developer as the former role designs the game, whereas the latter executes the game. We can classify game developers into different categories, such as APP games and online computer games.

A professional game developer resume (also known as the game dev. resume) is the key to landing the dream job.

How to write a professional game developer resume

Step 1: Write an eye-catching resume headline.

A competitive game developer resume must have an eye-catching resume headline. A resume headline is a sentence with roughly 10 words summarizing your expertise with powerful adjectives and prominent achievements. A successful game developer resume headline creates recruiters’ reaction of “This is who we want”.

Even when writing a game developer CV, we still recommend you to include a game developer resume headline. 

Examples of resume headlines: 

  • Software Engineer Familiar with C# and Developed a Mobile Car Racing Game
  • Online Game Developer Skilled in 3D landscape Construction and Design
  • Gameplay Programmer Experienced in Creating Virtual Reality Games

Step 2: Craft a professional resume summary statement.

A professional gameplay programmer’s resume summary is as important as the resume headline. Following a powerful game programmer resume headline, the resume summary should add to that expectation and reveal more details about your qualification.

Take notes that a game developer resume summary should also be concise but more objective. A game programmer resume summary is also crucial in a game dev. CV.

Examples of resume summary:

  • Double majored in computer science and electrical engineering. Received Switch Video Game Hackathon award. Exceptionally thoughtful at pre-production planning. 
  • Freelance game developer with 5+ years of experience in creating mobile and web browser video games. High familiarity with Unity materials and 3D game assets. 
  • Software engineer proficient in HTML5 and JQuery. Experienced in Photoshop, interface design, and illustrator. Phenomenal critical thinking skills and patience. 

Step 3: Include key skills.

For game developer resumes or CVs for game developers, selection heavily depends on the skills candidates obtain. Thus, the skills section format is similar for game programmer CV and game developer resume. 

Note: For people writing a game developer resume, this is where you present your expertise. The following skills tailor towards those looking to write game developer resumes. 

Examples of hard skills for a game developer resume: 

  • Familiar with developing games on platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. 
  • Experienced with developing games for Xbox, Wii, Switch platforms. 
  • Proficient in programming languages including Javascript, Python, C#, C++, and BOO.
  • Solid knowledge of the 3D arts, including 3dsmax, Modo, Blender, Cinema 4D.  
  • Spectacular at efficiently integrating resources in the Asset Store. 

Examples of soft skills for a game developer resume: 

  • Exceptional pre-production planning ability.
  • Sociability.
  • Innovative problem-solving skills. 
  • Superb self-management and development ability. 
  • Solid mathematics foundation. 

Step 4: Tailor the resume to a specific job.

Game developing is a specific role requiring narrowed skills. The more keywords you include in your game programmer resume, the higher are the chances of getting the job. Writing a game developer CV is unlike writing a gameplay programmer's resume. The former should be more specific. In addition, game programmer CV emphasizes on complete work history. 

Step 5: Proofread.

Avoid careless mistakes since that may jeopardize your chances of admission, which is very unfortunate and should have never happened. 

What is the best resume format for a game developer?

1. Chronological resume format

List your working experience from the latest to the oldest. All CVs for game developers have this format. By overviewing your career trajectory, the recruiters can better assess whether or not you suit the role.

A game developer resume with a chronological format or a game developer CV shows the link between decisions you have made, revealing critical information about who you are.  

2. Functional resume format

A functional resume format avoids working history or skills acquired that do not apply to the applied job. For instance, if you are looking for unity developer jobs, you should steer your programing history to depict you as a javascript game developer and not a javascript web designer. Thus, career changers may want to use this format.

💡 Tip: We suggest you review game developer resume templates using the functional format before deciding on using it. 

3. Combinational resume format

Extracting the useful aspects of the above two resume formats helps you create a competitive gameplay programmer resume. People writing an entry-level game developer resume may strategically use this effective game programmer resume format to highlight strengths.

How to make a game developer resume template

Searching for game developer CV templates online, you may realize the majority of game developer resume samples have the same few key sections. Using a game developer resume template is helpful as it can help you minimize the time spent thinking about organizing the various sections.

✅ Microsoft Word: 

Many game developer CV examples are built with this platform. It provides a blank space for jotting down the key sections a game developer's resume needs, which can be helpful if the recruiter requires candidates to submit their game developer resume in Microsoft Word form. 

Game Developer CV template:

When referring to game programmer CVs online, you may notice they have a similar plain structure, for which using Microsoft Word alone can create.

Indeed, Microsoft Word is especially useful for those writing a game programmer CV. It has basic important features such as change font, font size, font colors, line spacing, align paragraphs, and add bullet points.

Another similar tool in writing CV for game developers is Google doc.

✅ Online Resume Builder

Online resume builders are easy to use and usually have ready made templates with key sections only needing you to fill out, which eases your mind on figuring out what to put on a resume. They support customized game developer resume templates, which allows job seekers to design maximized advantage game programmer resumes.

On Cake, not only can you craft a high-customized game developer resume with ease, but you can download it in PDF form for free. 

Cake provides the best game developer resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate your qualifications. Let us help you land the dream as a game developer with a strong resume (free download)!

Top 10 Game Developer Resume Dos and Don'ts

✅ Tailor the resume and include only relevant information. 

A gameplay programmer resume that only consists of information evidencing your qualification makes your game developer resume a successful one. Even though a game programmer CV has a straightforward structure needless of tailoring, this is still something important to keep in mind. 

✅ Add quantifiable and measurable achievements.

Numbers speak louder than generic descriptions. This is the key to a successful gameplay programmer resume. Quantifiable achievements depict you as a more promising candidate. Apply this to your game developer resume. 

✅ Optimize the resume for ATS.

Companies filtering job seekers via ATS means you will be competitive when including sufficient game developer resume keywords. Same logic applies to writing a game developer CV. 

✅ Choose the right resume format.

Understand the differences between chronological, functional, and combination resume formats. Then, select the one that suits your situation the best. 

✅ Use active verbs in the resume.

Active verbs convey your intention of getting this job, which is a bonus as recruiters want people passionate about their jobs. 

❌ Mix up a resume with a CV.

Careful to not equalize resume and CV as a CV for game developers could gain you more advantages. CV generally exceeds two pages, whereas a resume is less than two pages (as it is a snapshot of the aspect of your work history).

We recommend writing a game programmer resume instead of a CV because the potential employers will be more intrigued to see a tailor-made job application, instead of a generic one.

In other words, recruiters prefer receiving concise and highly-relevant game development experience. Therefore, a game programmer resume or game developer resume is favored as the job application documents. 

❌ Adopt an old-style resume objective statement.

Recruiters nowadays rarely take your future blueprint into account when recruiting engineers. A display of passion and determination is beneficial, but an old-style gameplay programmer resume objective is not needed. 

❌ Disclose confidential information about previous employers.

This act is violating the ethics in working places. The companies will avoid hiring candidates who have done so as they will be cautious about you leaking their classified information. 

❌ Include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.

Be cautious of this mistake especially when you are writing your first game programmer resume. Avoid mentioning your sexual orientation, marital status, political stances, and horoscopes signs because those details do not amplify your game developer qualifications. 

❌ Send the resume as a Word doc.

Word doc is prone to alter its format or display during conversion. To prevent this from happening, please do not send your game developer resume as a Word doc. However, writing a CV for game developers with word doc generally works.

To be certain, consult the company before sending your gameplay programmer resume or CV.

Game Developer Resume Sample

Joseph Lin

Innovative Game Developer Proficient in Javascript and UI/UX Design 

[email protected]
San Francisco 

Professional Summary

Game developer with 8+ years experience of playing World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Developed 2 APP video games. Skilled in creating multiplayer games with complex backend systems. 

Work Experience

Game Developer
Project Panda War game
June 2018 - February 2019 

  • Built the tracking system for the puppets’ movements. 
  • Built the light and dark theme switch. 
  • Coded the help menu. 

Unity Developer
Flavor Monsters Thunder game

June 2017 - April 2018

  • Scripted with Javascript. 
  • Developed 3D landscape.


2006-2009, University of Southern California
Computer Science
GPA: 3.6


Hard Skills: 

  • Knowledgeable in C#, CSS3, HTML, MySQL, Javascript, PHP.
  • Proficient in Unity scripting and GUI styles. 
  • Experienced in systems architecture and rapid prototyping. 
  • Familiar with console game development and UI engineering.  
  • Worked on online web and Augmented Reality wearables platforms.

Soft Skills: 

  • Familiar with interactive media development. 
  • Phenomenal aesthetic sensibility. 
  • Analytical debugging skills. 
  • Strong mathematical foundation. 
  • Innovative resource application.

--- Originally written by Rebecca Huang ---


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