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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Traditional Resume vs. LinkedIn vs. CakeResume vs. Personal Site
  3. How to Build a CakeResume?
  4. Process of Building a Resume through CakeResume
  5. How to Promote and Track your CakeResume
  6. Conclusion


Focusing on your background, your accomplishments, and your experience is what has been known as a functional resume. Many people are thinking that the purpose of a resume is simply to get them a job. It is not entirely right. Your resume is providing you a summary of your abilities, experiences, accomplishments, and skills. Your resume is a tool to be able for you to sell yourself to your potential employers. If your resume is done in a correct way, you will be able to get an interview. If you are having difficulty in being considered for one, there may be something wrong with your resume. Nonetheless, if you have an interview but you did not have the job, the problem may probably lies with the way that you conduct yourself in those situations.

Your resume will enable you to convey your intent in applying for a job to your potential employer. No matter what the number of hours you have put into writing up your resume, your potential employer may only get a glance at it for several seconds before deciding if they would need to grant you an interview. Thereby, another purpose of your resume is to introduce you to your potential employers, letting you communicate your most essential assets to them.

Furthermore, your resume is providing the details of your working life, which include all of the jobs you have held. Also included is a list of skills, which you have developed across your education and careers. Nevertheless, remember that your resume is not your biography. On the average, an employer will take at most twenty seconds to be able to screen all of the incoming resumes and at most, around twenty minutes once the resume is chosen. Thus, you need to be clear and concise, and you should highlight the work and academic experiences that can make your prospective employer think that you have the qualities for the specific job.

Your resume is not a brag sheet that you can hang on your wall but it is really providing you a chance of determining your achievements and relevant skills, and hopefully, impresses your potential employers enough that they will give you an interview. Be sure to tailor your resume for particular jobs by means of emphasizing your relevant skill for that position, placing focus on highlighting any past experience that would benefit you within their company. Your potential employers will be developing interview questions based on the information on your resume, so be sure that you would not stretch your qualifications and that you are ready to elaborate or demonstrate your listed skills.

To your potential employers, you are nothing but a total stranger. By looking at your resume, they will get an idea about how well you will be able to communicate. It will furthermore demonstrate your capability of organizing information and writing well, along with paying attention to details. Before sending your resume off, be sure to proofread it thoroughly and be sure it is clear and organized through a quality resume builder like CakeResume. CakeResume is a hybrid between a social media-based personal website and a resume, providing the users with a one-page platform for introducing themselves in a professional, unique, and completely customizable way.

Traditional Resume vs. LinkedIn vs. CakeResume vs. Personal Site

Cracking a certain job interview is not actually that easy as you may imagine it is because it is synonymous to a situation where you are heading for a battle between life and death. Job hunting is not a simple and easy game that you can play, most especially if you are not that equipped of the necessary things required for a certain job. With this hard fact, job hunting is indeed a very daunting task not only for the fresh graduates but as well as for the expert and experienced professionals out there. When looking for a good-paying job, your resume will always play the lead role in landing in a job that you desire to have. The only problem that a lot of us worry about making our resume is that how on earth we can make a resume that is attention grabbing, very effective and will be noticed instantly, most especially now that we are already in the 21st century where almost everything is already high-tech or are embedded with the modern technology.

Applying for a certain job that you have always dreamed of is not as easy as ABC and it is also the same with writing a very effective resume. The main reason behind this is that it requires a sense of clear cut dedication and as well as acquaintance about oneself. Indeed, an effective and attention grabbing resume will not only be very beneficial to you in landing that particular job that you want but it will also be your edge over the other applicants, most especially now that we have a quite declining and troubled economic status. Making resumes these days is a way different than with the traditional resume that we have known before. With the fact that we are no longer in the old age because it is already the 21st century or digital age where almost every single aspect of our life uses the internet and modern technology, a lot of people out there incorporate these technologies in creating their resume to make it more updated, not lagging behind and, most of all, attention grabbing and effective.

One of the best things that the internet has brought us is the advantage in communication, especially the advent of the different social media. Wherever you are in the world, you can get in touch with anybody that you want to communicate with easily and comfortably with the help of the internet and social media. To some who have a bad experience with social media think that it is a foe but for professionals and persons who are seeking a job, this foe can be a great friend. Incorporating the use and benefits of the social media in creating your resume in the virtual world will make it very much possible for you to create a very effective and eye-catching resume just like a piece of cake. One of the fast thriving and becoming very in demand or common to expert professionals and fresh professionals alike is CakeResume. One of the reasons behind this impressive trend is that this particular web builder enables a person to highlight more of his best assets and skills which will surely encourage your potential employers or other users of the site to hire you and then avail whatever service you provide or offer.

What makes CakeResume different or very advantageous than the traditional resume, LinkedIn and personal site?

Are you having a hard time finding a new job or you want to have the edge over the other applicants for the job that you badly want? If your answer for these questions is a big YES, then the very first and most important thing that you must do is to create a great first impression about you and that can be through your resume. It is a professional highlight reel which is presented in an easily understood and standardized format. This will be the most effective in selling your skills and capabilities and eventually encourage the employer to schedule your interview and finally get the job. With this being said, writing the best resume as you can is of great importance in order for you to achieve your coveted goals in stepping on to the next level of attaining your dream job. With today’s very modern world, writing your resume is much easier because there are numbers of tools or resume builders that can give you a hand like CakeResume, LinkedIn and personal websites.

Though the traditional resume is outdated, it is not yet obsolete and is still being used in some parts of the world, we can say that the resumes online are still the best to use with today’s highly modernized business world. Indeed, the traditional resume is easy to create because you will just have to put your objects and details about you but it is quite not that appealing to the eyes because it is black and white and, most of all, it is somewhat the oldest version of selling yourself to land in a certain job. Taking advantage of the internet and making your own personal site or social resume can also help you in getting the job that you want and as well as LinkedIn but if you want to make sure that you will be ahead in the competition and that it will be a win-win situation for you to be hired, the CakeResume is that best and the most perfect tool or resume builder that you must choose to be your partner in achieving success in the company that you would want to work in.

With a lot of tools that you can use in creating an attention grabbing and effective resume, you might be confused of what you will choose. Would you choose LinkedIn to promote yourself and land a job? Would you make your own personal site to make a presence online and get noticed by potential employers? Would you trust CakeResume in creating your best resume as possible? Or you will just stick with the traditional resume? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional resume, LinkedIn, CakeResume and Personal Site which will surely help you in you in making your decision.

Traditional Resume

The conventional wisdom always believes that applicants don’t really need anything more than the usual and traditional resume. For them, the most important thing that will certainly matter no matter what is the content of the resume, such as the experience, qualifications, education and training which are the big factors in getting a great job. A traditional resume is a simple and concise document of your education history, employment, objectives, contact information and other important things and there are still a big number of companies that prefers the traditional resume.


Social networking is really a buzzword for this very moment and nobody knows when it will end. One of the most popular sites both for professionals, particular in building business connections is LinkedIn. It is considered as the most important social media site for professionals seeking job, business owners of small and big professional service firms and others in the business industry. The only thing that persons joining in this particular site is not just to merely add friends or swap pictures or stories but rather to make a new great business connections with other professionals and businessmen all around the world.

LinkedIn can be a great friend when you are looking for a good-paying job because through this, you will have a very wide range of possible employers and opportunities. This is very much possible with the fact that it is an online website and almost all people around the globe are using it. It has even considered as the one of the biggest challengers of the traditional resume because of a lot of advantages such as the contents that you will put on it about yourself can be easily searchable, consistently formatted, and interactive, most of all, can be seen by a lot of people just by typing in your name. It is a very easy and quick way for you to be found by your prospective employer and vice versa. Aside from that, it will enable you to establish a very high quality profile and at the same time a cheap way for the recruiters out there to find you. Another good thing about LinkedIn is that it has a standard and familiar format. In addition to that, your profile also is well-positioned for a possible trend in the future.

The only drawback of LinkedIn is that it is not customizable and it would be impossible or hard for you to tailor your profile in this particular web page for all the possible jobs where you would want to apply to. Unlike the traditional resume, it would also require you more effort and time, particularly in tailoring your profile to every job that you can think of. With the fact that it is an online platform also, its connections might be polluted with scams or other kinds of deception. The users usually tend to just simply accept invitations from other users, typically unknown persons and the information here is also not objective because all of the data in this particular recruitment tool are written only by the profile owner so employers will need to validate it by patiently checking the other data sources which can really be a quite a hard and tiring task to do because doing so will really require high manual efforts from on the part of the employers.

Personal Website

If you want to have a resume that can take your personal brand to a much better level beyond the traditional resume and plain LinkedIn profile, then creating your own personal website can be your effective secret weapon. Job seeking in today’s very competitive and tough economy that we have today is indeed a hard task to deal with, especially in promoting yourself and be ahead of the other candidates in the competition. A study also shows that a hiring manager spends a bewildering amount of time for about 6 seconds only per resume so it is very important that you make your cover letter and resume eye-catching or attention grabbing as much as possible. In doing so, you must still bear in mind that you must offer a hiring manager with a complete and concise view of who you really are, what your skills are and what you can offer to their own company. Though it is effective also to include your social media pages right on your resume, it is much better that you create your own personal website.

A personal website can make you trustworthy and can interest or convince the hiring manager if he finally gets to use a web interface in finding who you really are. While he might not think or suspect of you of being a scammer or a front for a money-laundering scheme, there will be a big possibility also that he will think that you’re are committed in the things that you’re doing and that you are a trustworthy person. Aside from that, it will also help in building your personal brand, as we all know, a brand is very important because it tells the hiring manager your story. Depending on how well you do the story thingy, the hiring manager will be either persuaded or turned off to ask you for a job interview.

The story that you must put in your personal website are the things that the hiring manager would want to know such as your expertise, qualifications, and the eagerness to be one of the employees that they are looking for.

In addition the said advantages of a personal website, it will also help you not just in the networking aspect but as well as in getting you noticed by a lot of people. Though building a personal website is really quite time-consuming, it will be all worth it because a study shows that 56% of the hiring managers out there are more impressed if a certain candidate has his own personal website. 705 also of the hiring managers in the industry look at the applicant’s personal website first before they are called in for a job interview. Therefore, if you present your potential company’s hiring manager with a concise and professional depiction of yourself right online, you have bigger chances of getting successful or hired.

Further Reading: If your are going to build your personal website, make sure you read The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website by Thomas Frank.


If you are seeking job and want other people to learn more about you and get to know who you really are, then a webpage can effectively yourself, one that will be enough to tell all about you. One of the tools that you can use in creating a presence on a webpage online is through CakeResume. The traditional resume is somewhat a cliché now and through the help of this particular online tool in making an eye-catching, attention grabbing and effective resume, you will not just merely have a list of nouns because you will be able to share almost everything about you to others out there. While the traditional resume is just pure text only and is typically bland just like the LinkedIn, the CakeResume uses the multimedia interfacing which allows the users to integrate the embedded links, videos, images and other online tools in order to have an impressive and effective virtual portfolio that will advertise all your best assets and skill and will make it very easy for you to guide the hiring manager or potential employer to the most important part of your resume.

CakeResume is not only very easy to use but it can also be customized with its drag-down features. With it, you can always make your resume look modern as well as professionally designed and aesthetically appealing as much as possible while being effortless in creating it. Aside from that, CakeResume is also on the content of your resume and in leveraging the art of visual hierarchy and typefaces to make the visitor or reader feel comfortable and at ease while reading your resume. With a very responsive design, you can be assured that many visitors will visit your webpage and you can possibly monitor or track just how far your resume have reached. Hiring managers and business owners alike prefer a short yet very detailed resume alike and with CakeResume you can heave a sigh of relief because you can definitely do that so the page can be digested easily by the reader. You can also paste a link here to your CakeResume on your email footer or social media in order to make it easy for people to grab the basic information about you as quickly as possible. Embedding links, images and videos on your resume is also very much possible with this particular tool which is surely a great and effective way for you to have an outstanding and impressive virtual portfolio that will effectively advertise your brand, assets or skills.

How to Build a CakeResume?

If you know for sure that you need help with your resume, but don’t want to take the route of hiring a professional resume writer, you may want to consider the online resume builder tools like CakeResume. There are several options you can possibly try to get help with your resume in the forms of online resume builders that acts like a resume writing software without the troubles and hassles of the actual installation of the software.

CakeResume is a high quality online resume builder that can help you in the entire facet of your resume, starting from the cover letter to the resume itself. With most of these program types, there are several secrets and tips along the way in order to help you create the best resume that will suit any of your needs.

Basically, depending on the type of industry you’re trying to get in will depend on the resume builder that you will use. For example, if you are trying to get in a government job, then it’s very important to ensure that your building features a proper formatting for government resume. CakeResume is one of the online builders that provide not only the standard resume formatting, but a variety of resume templates. You can simply build your own resume with proper formatting by just filling in the blanks, and before you know it, you already have produced a clean and professional-looking resume. When all is done, you can just save it in your computer, post it online, or print as many copies as you can for live application.

This might all sound like it’s too much for you to learn or understand, and if you’re not a technical person, then you may understand the feeling of some apprehension in the process. Fear not though, as CakeResume comes with great customer support. This kind of feature is very important and may vary from phone support, email support, and live online support.

Creating a resume via CakeResume can help you standout of the rest without facing any troubles as this online resume builder uses a drag and drop features, which makes the resume building much easier. The tips, templates, and other help that CakeResume can give you is all worth your time and effect that will surely give you an edge over the others and help you get the kind of job that you deserve.

Process of Building a Resume through CakeResume

The CakeResume Builder/Editor provides more than 50 resume templates/snippets for your professional resume-building needs via a simple drag and drop action. In order to get started, you can simply drag and drop a template into your resume and start filing in the blanks to introduce yourself.

Make a brief introduction of yourself

As much as possible, you should limit your description to 1 or 2 sentences only. Also upload your professional looking photo. As a tip, it’s always better to leave your social profile on your CaseResume if in case people are interested to learn more about you.

List Your Most Interesting Skills

Don’t list your entire skills. List only 5 of your most important and interesting skills and try to describe how better your skills are than others and how you have used them on your past experiences.

List Your Entire Experiences

Try to include the entire experiences you have. Include not only the names of the companies, but also add their logos, images, links and other contact details.

List Your Works

This is one of the most important part of your resume, use images and links is order to effectively catch the readers’ attention and eyes. If you have an online portfolio you can link it your CakeResume, for example, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Dribble, Behance and many more.

You can also try adding a quote on your CakeResume

there are several quote snippets available in CakeResume. These quotes are quoted from movies or literature that can help you show your real personality.

Aside you professional skills, it is also good to share your hobbies

If you love reading books, try to name some of them, same goes with your favorites music etc. You need keep in mind and understand that CakeResume is built to be shared, not just for job-seeking purposes only.


By default, the CakeResume is using Gotham for the heading and Sentinel for the paragraphs. However, you can possibly choose and design your own style. CakeResume is providing high quality typefaces for a much better readability.

Owing to the very competitive job market today, it has become very important to stain out in crowd in order to secure success. Posting your CakeResume in different websites is one of the quickest and best ways to attract the eyes of many people, especially the employers. It’s likely that you’ll easily get a job online through the use of career sites than any other source for job hunting which marks the importance and advantage of having a CakeResume.

As soon as your CakeResume is already posted in different websites, it will become visible to many recruiters and employers online which will increase your chances of getting hired in a much better way than mailing your resume to different employers in different companies.

Here are the following benefits of having a CakeResume that can help you to create a lasting impression and get an upper hand in the job applications:

Accessibility Increases – once you have uploaded you CakeResume online, it becomes totally accessible to the recruiters and employers who can read it in just a few clicks. There’s no need for the recruiters or employers to download your resume as they can directly see it posted on the website, or open it using a direct URL that’s generated when using the resume builder.

Security and Privacy Increases – CakeResume building tool can offer you more privacy and security. You can possibly protect your CakeResume with a password for it to become inaccessible without your permission. You also have the option to hide your contact details for privacy purposes and provide an email id instead through which your potential employers or recruits can reach or contact you.

Updating and Modifying Your Resume is Easier – As your whole information is divided into several field like for the experience, there’s a different field and for the skills, there’s also a different field. Hence, the modification becomes very easy and can possibly modify separately the appropriate field without having any difficulty. Because of the fact that the entire procedure is done online, you can possible update your CakeResume alongside and the changes can be visible instantly.

No Compatibility Issues – This is really an amazing feature of CakeResume. The text alignment will be destroyed if you will open a word document format in any other format, vice versa. But with CakeResume, there are no compatibility issues and your resume will appear in similar format everywhere.

Market Value Increases – As the market job is now becoming technology oriented and more advanced, the appropriate technical skills have become very crucial in field of any work. CakeResume can give you a cutting edge and can increase your market value regardless of whether you’re skilled or a fresher individual.

Interactive Interface – CakeResume provides a very interactive interface where you can add the link to your blogs and past projects. This can create a good impression on the recruiter or employer and will get to know more about your experience and skills.

Social Media Exposure – As our industry is now becoming technically advanced, the role of social media has become very significant. The employers are now looking for their potential employees on the social media site and also post their job opening on different social media networks. So having your CakeResume posted on social media networks can certainly help you catch the attention and interest of these employers.

If you are looking forward to the above-mentioned benefits, it’s highly advisable to make your own professional CakeResume online. The better you online presence is, the more opportunities will come to you, have a better chance to impress the employers and obtain a good job for a healthy and successful future ahead.

How to Promote and Track your CakeResume

Having an online resume or CV, as people call them in the United Kingdom, is now seen as ultimately important in terms of increasing your opportunities to secure a new role. With CakeResume, you have given many ways of putting your resume online, such as by having it available for people to download from your personal blog, or by means of creating a profile at one of the many job boards. Nevertheless, simply having it online is not enough. As soon as you have done the initial work of getting it online, you will then need to deal with the issue of having it seen by the right individuals. Knowing how you can promote and track your CakeResume will greatly help you in making the first step to get the right job.

Getting the best out of social media

One of the things, which you have to do to get your CakeResume promoted and tracked is by putting a link to your online resume profile or site on all your social media accounts. You can put it on LinkedIn, for example, as it is the leading website for professional networking. Social media has been growing in significance in terms of getting a new job, so it makes perfect sense that you have a link to your resume website in as many social media accounts as possible.

People will get jobs through other people, not computers. By having a personal connection to the company, which you are applying for, the chances of you getting a job will multiply. If all that you can do is, submit your resume on job boards blindly, you will not have that much luck. A decade ago, it will take you so much effort to ask your friends about who they know, and to keep in mind where all your friends are working. Now you will be able to tap your social graph on the social networks, with all the information in your fingertips.

For the job seekers, it means that you are able to get introductions to people who are working at companies that you have interest in. For companies, it means growing your business even through introductions rather than cold calls. The internet will be your personal research laboratory. Here are several tools, which can help you in tapping into your social graph during your job search.

LinkedIn – It is giving you access to the hiring managers through your close connections. After you have created your profile, you should upload all your email contacts so that you will have a foundation to build upon. You should then search for a position or company, filtering your results by location, and seeing who in your immediate network will be able to introduce you to a hiring manager. LinkedIn is forcing us all to do more research on the companies and employees before the interviews. All their information is online, so has been created an expectation that you are doing your homework.

Adding your link to job websites

There are so much debate in the internet world, most specifically in the marketing and SEO departments of larger and mid-sized organization, regarding to whether or not to link out to other websites from their own. People are afraid for several reason, which is that they are worrying that linking may damage their search engine rankings, harm their reputation, cost them PageRank, and create them exit portals in which users will be dropping off. However, these concerns are widely unfounded. Linking your CakeResume to job websites is a common practice on the internet, which is respected and expected by the users of all kinds. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely to harm your reputation.

Even if you are linking to the occasional page or website, it has been taken over by a domain squatter, entranced Twilight fan, or aspiring pornographer, your visitors are more likely to be carrying a great deal of forgiveness, mores particularly if it is an old link. In much the same fashion, search engines are recognizing that even the best sites are at times, carrying a link to the nether regions of cyberspace. On the other hand, linking adding your CakeResume link to job websites will send trackable traffic. It is very likely that sit tracking folks will notice your link. Perhaps they need SEO services or would have interest in some of your spiffy tools. Maybe they will enjoy your post and link it in the future. It only means that you have the potential of attracting relevant, important, and valuable eyeballs when you link your CakeResume.

Especially as you know that an increasing number of job site will enable you to have your own profile, you need to take advantage of them by adding a link of your CakeResume that people may take a look at, and which will help with the ranking of your website in the search engine. Job sites are actually able to lead to you being headhunter, and if you are applying for jobs actively, it looks a lot more professional for you to have a link to your CakeResume online. This is going to improve your chances, and if you would not take advantage of the chance, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Taglines or Signatures in Forums

If you are participating in any forums, even if it is for a hobby, and they are allowing taglines or signatures, you can also take advantage of the tagline that you will usually be able to have at the end of each message. Be sure to follow the rules of any forum when it comes to signatures, which can be added. However, if you are allowed to add your CakeResume, you should clearly state what the link is for. If you would join new forums in the industry or your local area, in which you would want to work in, you should not be one of those people who are only posting to be able to get exposure for your CakeResume link. Rather, make meaningful posts, which will be able to help others, and put your link in the end of every post. All in all, it stand to reason that if you are getting that link out there in front of the right people, it will be able to help and provide you about what will be a useful like back to your resume.

Your Email Signature

With regards to signatures, you should not forget to add your CakeResume to your signature on all your emails. Each time that you send an email to anyone, which include prospective employers, networks and recruitment agencies, your CakeResume is going to be there in front of them. If you have not yet create your email signature, you will have to get one sorted. If you are not sure about how you can create one, consider some searches on Google or your favorite engine about how you will be able to create san email signature, will be a great help.

The great thing is that it will make your CakeResume a more scalable and more valuable resource. Regardless of how great a resume that you build, you will never become all things to all people, and you will not contain all of the relevant value and information that a user may be seeking in your given topic. As such, it will make great sense to leverage the power of internet in creating a scalable and easy way to making your resume promotion’s experience more rewarding and better for those who will view it.

Classified Ads Websites

It is not something that you can try, but there are number of people who have used the different classified ads sites and their work wanted section to be able to get themselves promoted online. If it is something that will appeal to you, it would be suggested that you take a closer look at many different adverts to be able to get a feeling about what will make a good copy, which is going to attract individuals into just opening up your advert. You will have to be sure that within your ad, you have a link to your CakeResume to enable the prospective employers to click on it, and then learn more about you. If it is something that appeals, it will be a way to get yourself and your CakeResume promoted, giving your prospective employers a chance of learning more about your background without a need to email you to be able to get a copy of your CakeResume sent to them.

From the few mentioned, there are a number of possibilities in terms of promoting your CakeResume, and you will really have to take advantage of as many of them as possible. The great news is that they are all free to do, so you do not have anything to lose by putting your link out there. It stands a reason that the more places you get your link to, the better the chance for the right people to see it. As you are without a doubt, very much aware that there are many competition out there for each job, you have to do anything you can to be able to get ahead of the others. Having a CakeResume will be a great help for you, and promoting it actively will help you even more, and will also help come across as being a lot more professional. So get started on promoting your CakeResume today.


Writing a resume can be a confusing and intimidating task, and you have enough pressure in searching for a new job without the headache of building a resume. A resume need to look professional and impressive to be able to make a good impression on your potential employer. Nonetheless, not everyone is blessed with great design skill, and make an impressive looking resume. This is why you need to consider an online resume builder, especially, CakeResume, if you do not know how to design a professional resume. There are many reasons why you should use a professionally created template in building your resume.

CakeResume will keep and maintain your essential document updated. As time goes by, you will find trends changing and different things starting to look dissimilar from what they have been several years ago. For example, fancy fonts on computer have been the favorite among many people, and have been still in their infancy. When you decide to use CakeResume for creating your resume, even without the important experience in layout design, you will be able to design your resume, which is conforming to the newest trends in the industry. As a matter of fact, there are font selection to select from; you will be able to select using your favorite type of font and size to write your resume.

Furthermore, an online CakeResume will help you remain consistent with the job opportunities and current market. Using online resume builder like CakeResume will deliver a great boost of confidence because you will be able to move forward knowing that you have a professionally formatted resume, and will be impressing your future employer. Getting your task related fear eliminated and beating writer’s block will enable you to get on with the business of landing your dream job. Using CakeResume is like having a resume coach right by your side during the entire process. All of the resources that you have to create in order to get a winning resume are right at your fingertips. Learn more about CakeResume and leverage the power of having a professional made resume, with ease.

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