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Everybody needs their hair done, may it be out of necessity or to treat yourself. A hairstylist works in various settings – in spas, fashion shoots, production sets, and most commonly, in salons. Their general duties include washing, cutting, and styling clients' hair. 

Hairstylists (or hairdressers) mostly deal with hair, but so does barber.

How do they differ?

Barbers mainly specialize in men's haircuts (usually shorter, simpler, and more traditional haircuts), whereas hairstylists tend to deal with more complicated haircuts and other services such as coloring, perming, etc. 

These differences in their duties and qualifications should be noted to ensure that you don't end up creating the wrong resume!

What should go into your hair stylist resume to ensure that it's of the best quality?

All types of hairdresser resume, whether it be a beginner hair stylist resume, an independent hair stylist resume, or a senior hairdresser resume, can benefit greatly if you understand and apply the essences of a great resume.

How to write a great hairstylist resume?

Many hairstylists may struggle in crafting a resume, but it doesn't have to be if you know the core factors of a great hair stylist resume!

👍 Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format.
 Nowadays, many businesses will utilize an ATS (applicant tracking software) to make the hiring process easier for them. An ATS works by scanning and ranking applicants' resumes.

This reduces the number of resumes that recruiters will have to review. Ensure that your hairdresser resume is one of those that bypasses the filter and ensure that you use simple hair stylist resume templates or format. This software cannot recognize resumes with too many visuals.

👍 Tip 2: Refer to online hair stylist resume templates and hair stylist resume examples.
With the internet at your disposal, you can use this opportunity to refer to online hair stylist resume templates and hair stylist resume examples to guide you in your resume-making process.

As hairstylists may operate in different settings or industries and may require other things, you would want to make sure that your online resume references fit your situation, qualifications, experience, etc.

👍 Tip 3: Tailor your hair stylist resume for the job position and adopt keywords.
You may have noticed how interchangeable the terms "CV" and "resume" are. Generally, resumes are used for job applications and require tailoring for different job positions, whereas CVs are used in academia, medicine, or science fields and don't need as much tailoring.

However, these differences usually only matter with jobs relating to medicine, science, or academia; you can use the terms hair stylist resume and hair stylist CV interchangeably. That being said, you should always tailor your hairdresser resume to adopt keywords from the job ads.

You should also consider tailoring your hairdressing skills for your CV, your hair stylist resume description, and any other applicable sections to include relevant ones.

👍 Tip 4: Quantify results on your hair stylist resumes.
All prospective employers want to see results, as it's undeniable proof of your abilities as a hairdresser; you can do so by quantifying your results in your hairdresser resume.

That way, your achievements as a hairstylist can be more convincing and more apparent to recruiters.

👍 Tip 5: Don’t lump your license with your certifications.
Hairdressing, as with a lot of jobs in the beauty industry, may require you to possess a license to practice. The licensing laws and rules may differ from one country to another, but it’s important for you to not lump your license and your hairdressing certifications (optional) together.

Your license is usually more important than certifications, so it’s best to dedicate a part to highlight it in your hairdresser CV.

💡 Note:

Using keywords from the job description in your hairdresser CV is also an excellent tactic to increase your chances of being filtered in by an ATS; so, having an all-purpose resume is a mistake you should avoid making!

What is a good hairstylist resume objective?

A good hair stylist resume objective should be able to inform a recruiter of your career plans as a hairdresser. Ideally, your hair stylist resume objective should be short and positioned on top of your hairdresser resume.

To ensure that your resume objective is as intriguing and eye-catching as possible, you should showcase your relevant achievements or qualifications. Structure-wise, it should be concise, and worded positively to work in your favor.

Hairstylist resume objective examples:

  • Licensed cosmetologist with 6+ years of experience providing hair services, including hair cutting, styling, perming, and balayage. Looking to leverage and improve my hairdressing skills and expertise to fill the position of hairstylist in Luxury Life Salon.
  • Passionate and enthusiastic cosmetologist fresh graduate eager to further hone my hairdressing and barbering skills. Looking to utilize my fast-learning abilities to fill in the position of hairstylist assistant in New Wave Hair Salon.
  • Creative and multi-certified hairstylist with 10+ years of experience in the salon and beauty industry. Seeking to leverage my excellent customer service skills and my hairstyling abilities to fill in the role of a senior hair stylist in Waves.

Cake is an online resume builder that helps job seekers build professional hairstylist resumes/CVs.

How to write a professional hairstylist resume summary?

An important note to keep in mind is that your resume should be made in a way that keeps recruiters engaged with the limited time they can spare to look over your resume. A hair stylist resume summary can help you achieve that goal.

As its name suggests, a hair stylist resume summary should summarize the important aspects of your hairdresser resume, namely your hairdressing background, experience, and relevant skills.

As with the resume objective, your hair stylist resume summary should be kept concise and well-structured, ideally 1-2 sentences long only. You may also combine your hair stylist resume objective into your resume summary to give it more of a kicker.

Hairstylist resume summary examples: 

  • Enthusiastic and customer satisfaction-oriented hairstylist with 8+ years experience in haircutting and styling, blowout and keratin treatment, hair extension, and hair extensions. Extensive experience in wedding hairstyling, with 50+ positive customer reviews.
  • Highly experienced freelance hairstylist with 12+ years of experience. Completed over 500 projects and orders including weddings, birthday parties, galas, award ceremonies, etc. Frequently fill in for a luxury and high-end salon.
  • Passionate and driven cosmetologist graduate with a demonstrated history of creativity. Looking to leverage my enthusiasm to learn and further hone my hairdressing skills for the position of hairstylist assistant.

What are some great skills for a hairstylist resume?

As an occupation that requires meticulous precision, recruiters may pay special attention to this section of your hairdresser CV.

All types of hairdresser resume, may they be a student hair stylist resume, a freelance hair stylist resume, or even a senior hair stylist CV, should have their skills section structured and formatted properly to deliver the most impact to the recruiters.

There are 4 ways you can format your hairdressing skills section in your resume, each comes with its pros and cons:

  • A Simple bullet list is easy to craft and can allow the recruiters to see the desired skills quickly. However, because of its simple format, it’s difficult for you to elaborate more on your hairdressing skills.
  • An expanded bullet list is similar to a simple bullet list, except it allows you to explain how you’ve applied the hairdressing skills in your CV. This also comes with its drawback. Because of its lengthier approach, the skills you can include are limited.
  • Integrating skills with work experience tackles two birds with one stone, it allows you to enhance both your experience section and skills section by putting them together.
    However, this format is best used for experienced hairdressers, resumes such as a beginner hair stylist resume and student hair stylist resume may be at a disadvantage because of their inexperience.
  • A categorized skill section can help you format the skills for your hair stylist resume by organizing them into specific categories. However, similar to the integrated with work experience format, inexperienced hairdressers may not benefit from using this format.

👍 Tip:

At the end of the day, the best formatting to use for skills in a hairstylist resume may differ greatly from one hairdresser to another, depending on their backgrounds. Carefully evaluate your skills before committing to a format. Include both soft skills and hard skills and keep it simple, concise, and relevant.

Hairdressing skills for a resume examples:

Hard skills

  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Smoothing and Relaxing
  • Men and Women’s Cut
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Hair Coloring

Soft skills

  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management
  • Creativity
  • Listening

How to write a hairstylist resume with no experience?

🏷️ Advice 1: Choose the right resume format for a hairdresser resume with no experience.

There are 4 ways you can format your beginner hairdresser resume: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted.

Depending on your background and skills, some formats might fit you better than the others. As with your skills format, you should give it a few thoughts before deciding on a format to use.

🏷️ Advice 2: Include a hair stylist resume objective.

Beginner hairdressers tend to fret over their lack of experience on their resume. One easy way to offset this inadequacy is to fully utilize the impact a hair stylist resume objective can bring you.

This section is your chance to redirect the recruiter’s attention to your passion and your goal as a hairdresser. 

🏷️ Advice 3: Highlight your education.

Hairdressing is a difficult job that doesn’t only require you to possess the specific skills, but also for you to possess qualities such as meticulousness, attention to detail, creativity, just to name a few.

For a beginner hair stylist resume with no experience, your cosmetology degree or diploma will serve as the indicator for recruiters of how trained and educated you are in your craft. 

🏷️ Advice 4: Include your portfolio/side project/personal website.

If you've had prior experience in hairdressing, you want to make sure that you document all your past work.

Documenting your works them in a portfolio (you can create a website or have an Instagram account dedicated to it) can greatly boost your qualification and is a chance for you to showcase your talent as a hairstylist.

Best of all, this works for all types of hair stylist resumes, may it be an independent hair stylist resume, a hair stylist assistant resume, or even a senior hairdresser resume!

🏷️ Advice 5: Write a sincere hairstylist cover letter.

A hair stylist cover letter is a document written in the form of a letter to accompany your hairdresser resume.

A cover letter should be used to allow recruiters to get to know you and how you can contribute to the company.

A well-crafted cover letter can aid you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. You can do so by introducing your relevant work history or projects, the skills you possess, and your passion for the job. 

👍 Reminder: 

Keep the hairstylist cover letter within one page and tailor it to fit the hairdresser positions you apply for.

Hairstylist resume sample

Kayley Jensen

Experienced and Personable Hairstylist with 5+ Years of Experience in High-End Salons

+1- 513-664-0681

[email protected]

Professional Summary

Friendly, skilled, and meticulous hairstylist highly trained in hairdressing crafts including haircutting, hair styling and perming, hair relaxing & smoothing. Demonstrated history of achieving high customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations. Seeking to leverage my customer service skills and hairdressing skills for the senior hair stylist position in Waves and Curls Beauty Salon.

Work Experience

Hair Stylist

Stylette Salon
Dec. 2016 – Present

  • Dedicated hairstylist for Miami Fashion Week for 3 years.
  • Commended by managers and clients ranging from celebrities to CEOs for speed, creativity, customer service, and professionalism.
  • Trained a team of 15 junior hairstylists and hairstylist assistants.

Hair stylist

Tres Beaux Salon

Jan. 2013 – Oct. 2016

  • Consulted with clients and analyzed their hair, to recommend the proper beauty treatment and hair style for them.
  • Suggested hair care products and treatments to clients, resulting in a 25% increase in add-on sales.
  • Voted the Hairdresser of the Month 5 times consecutively.


2012-2013, Diploma in Cosmetology
Florida Technical College


  • Men’s & Women’s Cut
  • Hair Styling, Balayage
  • Ombré & Sombré Techniques
  • Coloring
  • Marketing & Up-selling
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Multitasking
  • Creativity


Licensed Cosmetologist & Hairstylist, State of Florida

--- Originally written by Patricia Rosita ---

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