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Housekeeping involves many household roles like cleaning, home or hotel maintenance, shopping, sweeping, cooking, record keeping, and related duties. The housekeeping role has many categories including live in housekeeper, live out housekeepers, house managers, housekeeper cleaning companies, and cleaners or maids.

A housekeeping role needs a professional resume to showcase relevant qualifications, experience, education, and skills. Format it to stand atop many other resumes. An outstanding housekeeping resume helps one be among the 4-6 applicants (from the average 250) per a housekeeping job who get an interview invite, according to Glassdoor. 

A professional housekeeping resume is necessary since it takes about 6 seconds for an interviewer to review and decide on a resume.

What are Some Housekeeping Job Duties and Responsibilities for a Resume?

We provide below, a summary of the most common duties and responsibilities you can use when crafting a housekeeping resume.

  • Sweeping, vacuum cleaning, and mopping.
  • Clean, keep records and provide hostel or school supplies.
  • Lock doors and keep keys to secure buildings.
  • Clean walls, windows, and glass.
  • Order, maintain and issue cleaning supplies.
  • Doing minor building repairs and alerting managers to do major repairs.
  • Some housekeeping job descriptions also cover taking care of infants, washing clothes, cooking, sweeping the house and the backyard.
  • (hospital & hotel housekeeping resume) Supply soap, tissue papers, bulbs, and other room supplies.
  • (hospital & hotel housekeeping resume) Clean the rooms, bathrooms, toilets, and beddings daily.
  • (housekeeping supervisor/manager resume) Keep records, prepare meeting rooms, move and arrange furniture, and ensure electronic appliances are okay. 

How to Write a Great Housekeeping Resume?

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly Resume Format.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly housekeeping resume has job keywords, related qualifications, and top housekeeping skills. It has 10-12 font size, no fancy fonts, tables, and graphics. 

Tip 2: Refer to Online Housekeeping Resume Templates and Examples.

An online housekeeping resume template helps you to write your details in the main resume sections. You then customize and download your housekeeping resume.

🔍 There are numerous well-organized housekeeping resume examples online.

Simply type “housekeeping resume samples” on a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). You will get several housekeeping resume examples as results. Choose the one that fits your intended housekeeping resume.

Tip 3: Tailor Your Housekeeping Resume for the Job Position and Adopt Keywords.

Study the duties and responsibilities of the housekeeping job description and match them to your top qualifications. Apply them to your housekeeping resume. 

Give facts, figures, and evidence on your resume for the housekeeping job and format it appropriately.

CV or Resume?

If employers require a housekeeping curriculum vitae (CV), outline the whole course of life. A CV includes education, skills, work history, achievements, hobbies, and certification details.

If the interviewer asks for a housekeeping resume, summarize your relevant skills, experience, qualifications, and education in 1-2 pages.

Tip 4: Quantify Results on the Housekeeping Resume. 

Use a problem-action-result approach to sell your worth instead of simply listing housekeeping duties and responsibilities. Use percentages, range, and dollar amounts on what you did. Facts, figures and evidence is the golden rule when showing how you solved a problem through action verbs.

💡 A statement like "trained five inexperienced housekeeping staff on housekeeping inspection methods" can change to "inducted 4 housekeeping interns on better room inspection and housekeeping methods raising room occupancy by 40%."

Tip 5: Customize your housekeeping resume for the position.

Provide relevant qualifications for the housekeeping job opening. Closely look at the housekeeping job description and company to obtain the best matching qualifications from your housekeeping resume.

What is a Good Objective for a Housekeeping Resume?

A career objective is a specified career/ professional intent placed just below the contact section and tailored for the target job. It can be 2-3 sentences. A housekeeping resume objective is for fresh graduates, those with career gaps, and those changing careers.

Importance of a Housekeeping Resume Objective:

  • It shows your defined career/professional path.
  • It draws the attention of the recruiter and earns you a job interview.
  • It underlines your accomplishments and capabilities to recruiters, urging them to read on.
  • Mentioning the keywords for the perfect housekeeping job desired helps filter your resume through the ATS since it scans keywords.

Crucial Elements for Writing a Good Housekeeping Resume Objective:

i) Be Specific 

The more particular you are, the higher the chances of receiving an interview invite. Write a new career objective for each housekeeping job. 

ii) Use Relevant Keywords

A killer trick is adopting keywords from the housekeeping job description in your resume objective, since a house cleaning resume objective could include slightly different qualification requirements from a room attendant resume objective, even though these two roles both fall into the housekeeping category.

iii) Focus on the Value Proposition

 Make your objective in the resume for housekeeping about the company, and demonstrate how your skills and experience will help them. Convince the recruiters to hire you to assist them in growth.

iv) Match it to the Specific Housekeeping Job 

Check your housekeeping qualities and align them to the housekeeping functions advertised. State goals that are within what the company/household wants for the housekeeping position. Focus on your growth within the company.

Examples of Career Objective for Housekeeping Resume:

  1. An interactive senior housekeeping manager experienced in multitasking in an industrial environment. Seeking to use her excellent housekeeping skills and experience in supplies inventory, factory sanitation, and room safety at Bright Housekeeping Ltd to improve its projected growth.  
  2. A diligent college certified housekeeping professional experienced in hotel inventory and sanitation. Aiming to use her excellent two years' hostel housekeeping intern experience in your hotel to boost its hospitality business. 
  3. An amiable self-motivated housekeeping assistant with four years’ experience in a busy hospital environment. Seeking to employ his cleaning and caretaker skills to take sanitation levels in the private hospital to sparkling levels.

How to Write a Professional Resume Summary for Housekeeping?

The housekeeping resume summary has few lines highlighting achievements and skills related to the specific position. A resume summary helps use job keywords that point out a candidate’s attributes, abilities, and qualifications in brief.

Crucial Elements for Writing a Good Housekeeping Summary for Resume:

  1. Keep it Concise
    Make the summary for your housekeeping resume between 30 -50 words but not above 100. Summarize, don’t reveal everything.
  1. Structure it Properly
    Use a framework like your title, experience, and skills to give your housekeeping resume summary a smooth structure.
  1. Emphasize on Your Housekeeping Experience
    For more credibility on your skills, mention any big reputable company you had served in the profile summary for your resume for the housekeeping job.
  1. Start with a Key Adjective that Describes You 
    Use professional adjectives like efficient, energetic, self motivated. However, you need to avoid exaggerated fancy adjectives like ambitious, go-getter, among others.
  1. Check for Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes 
     It looks very obvious, but carelessness portrays a lack of seriousness on your housekeeping resume.

Examples of a Professional Summary Statement for Housekeeping Resume:

1. A dynamic executive housekeeping assistant with over nine years of office experience. Holds certifications in diverse executive housekeeping and customer care skills.

2. A well-mannered housekeeping professional with 8+ years’ extensive experience in housekeeping tasks and cleaning fields. Well-versed with first aid and safety practices related to hospital housekeeping.

3. An upcoming housekeeping assistant with hands-on experience in operating home equipment. Demonstrated ability to achieve physically challenging tasks. Proficient with the safe use of different kinds of chemicals.

What are Some Great Skills to Put on a Housekeeping Resume?

Skills are capabilities you possess through learning, experience, education, and personality traits. Listing housekeeping skills on your resume allows employers to assess your suitability for the job opening. Skills help filter the applicants if they are fresh graduates, have gaps on their resumes, or are changing careers.

4 Housekeeping Resume Skills Listing Formats:

📝 A Simple Bullet List for a Housekeeping Resume

The most basic way to write the skills section in your resume is to list the skills with bullets.

For example, a housekeeping resume skills section would include:

  • Cleaning 
  • Organization
  • Attention to detail
  • First aid

✅ The format makes it easier for recruiters to see the desired housekeeping skills fast.

⛔ The disadvantage is that the listed skills may require further clarification on your cover letter or experience section using quantifiable evidence.

📝 An Expanded Bullets List for a Housekeeping Resume

The bullet points have more information than the simple short points earlier discussed.

An expanded bullet list maybe like this:

  • Cleaning 
    Cleaned windows, floors, and glass for 50 rooms daily at Eaton hotel for three years
  • Organizing hostel housekeeping teams
    Supervised a team of 10 hostel room attendants for three years successfully, raising hostel occupancy rate by 50%  
  • First Aid Training Methods
    Performed first aid training to over 100 graduate housekeeping trainees for three years, improving disaster response rate for Eaton hostels by 35%.

✅ The format has more impact since it makes your skills credible while displaying the value you will bring to the role.

⛔ The drawback is that the expanded bullets use more space, and it would be unwise to list more than five skills.

📝  Skills-Work Experience Integrated Format

It resembles the reverse chronological order resume format, but each work experience point has a shorter list of housekeeping skills. 

✅ The format conveys your competencies in a professional and quantifiable way to the recruiters. 

⛔ This format uses more space and is suitable only for those with long work experience and specialization. It’s important to avoid this format if you have a short work history.

📝 Categorized Skills Section for a Housekeeping Resume

This format displays your many abilities, no matter they are house cleaning skills or room attendant skills. Get a broad category and bullet the specific skills under each category. 

Example of categorized skills format for a housekeeping resume:

House Cleaning Skills for Resume

  • Windows and glass cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor cleaning

Organization Skills for Resume

  • Organized housekeeping teams
  • Inventory management 
  • Maintaining economic supplies

💡 This categorization skills listing is advantageous when applying for jobs that need a broad skill set.

Crucial Elements for Writing a Good Housekeeping Resume Skills Section:

1. Keep it Short
Ensure your housekeeping resume skills section is as concise as possible. Recruiters have a short time to pick your skills, so keep it short.

2. Keep it Relevant
List only the housekeeping skills required for the target job to look professional and reduce interviewers' distractions to irrelevant qualities. 

3. Make it Legible
Use the skills formats outlined above for a more organized and professional housekeeping resume skills section that is clear for recruiters to pick you.

4. List Both Hard and Soft skills
Use the most relevant hard (technical) and soft skills to the housekeeping job description.

5. Double Check the Job Requirements
Always align your housekeeping skills to the job description specified. Be attentive to the “qualification & requirement” section in the job advert. It will make it friendly to interviewers and the ATS, which will earn you an interview.

Examples of Housekeeping Skills for a Resume (Soft Skills and Hard Skills)

Examples of Housekeeping Skills for a Resume (Soft Skills and Hard Skills):

Hard skills 

  • sweeping
  • mopping
  • dusting
  • safety procedures
  • carpet cleaning
  • floor cleaning

Soft Skills

  • communication
  • leadership
  • problem-solving
  • organization
  • attention to detail
  • adaptability

How to Write a Housekeeping Resume with No Experience?

An entry-level housekeeping candidate with no relevant work experience can benefit from the following pieces of advice below while writing a junior housekeeping resume.

Advice 1: Choose the Right Housekeeping Resume Format. 

An entry-level housekeeping attendant with no relevant work experience will benefit from a functional resume format. It showcases the skills first since there is no work history to display.

Advice 2: Adopt a Career Objective for Your Housekeeping Resume.

An inexperienced housekeeping resume needs a resume objective to state clearly the candidate’s aim of applying for the housekeeping job.

Advice 3: Highlight Your Education for the Housekeeping Resume. 

Highlighting education will allow recruiters to gauge your suitability for the housekeeping job.

Advice 4: Include Your Portfolio (Side Project/Personal Website).

A portfolio/side project/personal website displays any past work samples the applicant has, relevant to the advertised housekeeping position. The recruiter can assess the candidate’s achievements from the portfolio.

Advice 5: Write a Sincere Housekeeping Cover Letter.

A sincere housekeeping cover letter highlights skills, personal information, experience, education, and intentions for the job in brief. The interviewer can gauge the applicant from the short cover letter before diving into the housekeeping resume.

Housekeeping Resume Sample

Mosey Adrian

An organized housekeeping professional with over 7 years’ experience in housekeeping environments

(1223) 45216-7890
[email protected]


An enterprising private housekeeping attendant with seven years’ experience in home chores including cooking, childcare, and cleaning. Seeking to obtain a contract for a hospital housekeeping role to help in providing excellent housekeeping services to the hospital clients.

Work Experience

Housekeeper / Domestic Solutions

Jan. 2010 - Jan. 2015

  • Oversaw daily household management like cleaning, laundry, pet training, and child supervision for five years.
  • Planned seasonal events comprising holiday parties and birthdays for 15 households without complaints for five years. 
  • Purchased groceries and home supplies which maintained economic order quantities, reducing wastage by 40% annually.

Junior Housekeeper / Lainet Medical Centre

Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2010

  • Maintained a sanitized environment for patients, visitors, physicians, and health personnel.
  • Organized and did housekeeping duties like dusting, waste removal, and cleaning fixtures, and floors.
  • Performed general housekeeping and carpet cleaning of houses on a live-out basis for five families.


  • Hard Skills:
    • Household Management
    • Child Supervision
    • Fine Dusting
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Event Planning
  • Soft Skills:
    • Time Management
    • Team Player
    • Organization
    • Analytical Skills
    • Communication


  • Hotel Management Diploma, Newbyt College
    Jul. 2005 - Dec. 2007

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