How to Accept a Job Offer [with 5+ Email Examples]

how to accept a job offer
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Congratulations! You’ve got the job! After a brief moment of excitement, you might start wondering if you want to accept the offer and how to accept a job offer? These are serious questions that will have a huge impact on your career.

But worry you not! We will walk you through the factors to consider before accepting a job offer, the tricky formalities when writing a job acceptance letter, and, most importantly, what to include in a job offer acceptance letter. You want to make sure everything you expected is in the job offer, and there is no confusion in the job acceptance letter. In addition, you may want to ask some important questions in the job acceptance email. 

💭 How long do you have to accept a job offer?

After receiving a job offer, it is best to reply with an offer acceptance mail within one to two days. After all, recruiters need to contact other interviewed applicants as soon as possible.

What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is something worth celebrating. Still, there are many aspects to consider when writing a job offer acceptance letter. The job acceptance email is another precious chance to communicate with the hiring manager and know more about the company.

Here are the details you should examine and discuss in the job offer acceptance letter with the hiring manager:

✅ Job title and responsibilities

Needless to say, you need to know your duties, so your expectations can meet the company's. If you are concerned about your job title and responsibilities, be sure to address them in the job acceptance email. 

✅ Salary

It is important to assess your financial needs and your value and compare them to a potential employer’s offer.

After all, you want a fair exchange for your devotion. In the job acceptance email, you should also make sure the salary is the same as you’ve discussed. 

✅ Benefits package

Look closely into the company’s benefits package. Direct benefits such as retirement plans or stocks, and indirect perks such as vacation pay or family leave, are incentives that the company may offer.

If you have any future plans for the next few years, these benefits can be much more valuable. Restate the terms in the job offer acceptance letter to make sure communications are clear. 

✅ Working hours

Working hours are another crucial aspect. You should discuss the working shifts and regular working time in the job offer acceptance letter before your first day at work in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

✅ Start date

You should be clear about the start date in your job acceptance letter. Make sure you resign and end your previous job before the start date so that you don’t get yourself into any troubles, legal or non-legal, with your former employer.

✅ Career advancement

Before saying yes in the acceptance letter for employment, you should also take your long-term career plan into consideration. Think of how this title and experience will benefit you as a professional. 

What do you expect to learn from this company, and what will it bring to you in the future? If you have any doubts, it is good to ask the hiring manager in the job offer acceptance letter.

✅ Company culture

Company culture is a vital element that determines your professional happiness. Looking into the company’s atmosphere will give you a peek at how you will interact with others. 

Ideally, you should research the company culture before the interview, but you can also ask more about it in the acceptance letter for employment.

✅ Commute

The location of your job will significantly influence your daily routine. Consider planning the commute route and calculating the commute time before writing the job offer acceptance letter.

How to Accept a Job Offer via Email

🖋 Write a clear subject line for the job acceptance letter.

First things first, craft a clear subject line for your job acceptance letter. A formal title could be “Job Offer Acceptance – (Your Name)”. A clear title for the letter is needed to ensure the letter will be well received. 

Nevertheless, if you are replying to the job offer email, there’s no need to change the title. 

🖋 Explain the purpose of the job acceptance email.

Briefly state how and/or when they offered the role in the opening of your acceptance letter for employment. Was it by phone call? Email? Or was it told to you directly during the interview? This will help the recruiter identify you better.

🖋 Include a written acceptance of the job offer.

Next, state  your job offer acceptance clearly and avoid redundant or ambiguous statements to avoid misunderstandings. Address the official message to the direct recipient or supervisor in the acceptance letter for employment.

🖋 Express your appreciation for the offer.

Remember to show appreciation in the job offer acceptance letter. Thank the hiring manager or supervisor for interviewing you and giving you an opportunity to work with the company. 

🖋 Confirm the terms and conditions in the acceptance letter for employment.

The written job offer made to you should include:

  • Your job title 
  • Your salary
  • Your start date
  • Your benefits package

List these terms of employment in the job acceptance letter if you don’t need adjustments. If you still want to negotiate on specific terms, be sure to discuss the details clearly before you send the job acceptance email.

How to Accept a Job Offer on the Phone

✨ Thank the caller.

For example, “Thank you very much! I appreciate this opportunity. When do you need the answer?”

✏️ Reminder: There’s no need to accept the job offer right away on the phone. Once you’ve accepted the offer, it’s likely the terms are set. 

The benefit of waiting a day or two before you formally accept an offer is having some time to consider whether the conditions match your expectations. Later on, you can still send the job offer acceptance letter and thank them officially.

✨ Request a written job offer email that includes the details.

For example, “Can you send me the offer in email writing? So I can review the details on job title, salary, and benefits that we have discussed in the interview. I believe you can find my email address in the resume.”

✨ Ask questions.

If there's anything you're uncertain about, ask it in the job offer acceptance email. For example, "If I have any questions about any terms and conditions of employment, who should I contact?” Or “Is the job title negotiable? If so, who should I discuss it with?” 

✨ Send a follow up official job acceptance letter when you're ready.

Once you’ve reviewed all the terms, benefits, and starting date, you should send a job acceptance letter to confirm and make it official.

Job Offer Acceptance Email Samples

How to write an acceptance letter for a job offer

[Subject Line: Simon Henz - Job Offer Acceptance]

Dear Claire,

Thank you for reaching out to me over the phone yesterday. I’m writing this letter to formally accept the job offer for the Senior Sales Manager position at ABC Company. I’m ready to put my skills to work and help ABC’s brand gain awareness and increase sales influence.

As we discussed earlier, the starting salary will be $70,800 per year, with two weeks of paid time off. I acknowledge that the health and dental benefits will be ready after ninety days.

If you need any formal documents from me before the start date, you can contact me via email or phone directly. I’m ready to dig in and get to know the team on December 21, 2022.

Thanks again,

Email: [email protected] |  Phone Number: +123 456 6789

How to accept a job offer over the phone

[Subject Line: Louise Wu - Senior User Experience Designer Job Offer Acceptance & Detail Confirmation]

Dear Lawrence,

Thank you for the call two days ago, and I am writing this letter to officially accept the job offer of Senior User Experience Designer at NPB.  with a monthly salary of $90,000. The benefits, according to the job posting and the detail we walked over yesterday, includes medical, life, and dental insurance, a total of two-week paid leave, 401K, travel subsidence, and free training programs. All of the benefits will be effective after 90 days of employment. I will start working on February 15th, Monday.

Thank you for your call again yesterday, and I am excited to work with all of the outstanding colleagues! Please let me know if any of the details are missing or misunderstood. 

Eager to join the team!

Louise Wu

Email: [email protected] |  Phone Number: +123 456 6789

How to accept a job offer and negotiate salary

[Subject Line: Charles Smith - Job Offer Acceptance & Salary Discussion]

Dear Amber,

I am very thrilled to be offered the digital marketing strategist role at XYZ company!

Before accepting the job offer, however, I am writing this letter to discuss my base salary. My expected base salary is ($60,000), based on the average annual salary range of ($59,000 to $61,000) for this job. With my expertise and proven success, I feel $60,000, although slightly higher than your offer, is appropriate.qualifications. 

This is negotiable, nevertheless, depending on factors such as benefits, opportunities for position progression, or training programs.

I look forward to hearing from you and joining the team!

Best Regards,

Email: [email protected] |  Phone Number: +123 456 6789

How to reply to a job offer and negotiate the starting date

[Subject Line: Mindy Wang - Customer Service Manager Job Offer Acceptance & Start Date Discussion]

Dear Jumpha,

Thank you for the call yesterday, and I am writing this letter to confirm my acceptance of the job offer, concerning the customer service manager position at MBM company.

I am fine with the discussed salary ($57,000) and the benefits offered.

However, I would like to talk about the starting date. As previously mentioned in the phone conversation, it would be perfect if you could allow me to start on the 4th of November, rather than the 1st, due to a slight delay of operation at my previous company. I will receive the relieving letter on the 2nd of November.

If we could reschedule my start date, it would be great.

Eager to join the team!

Mindy Wang

Email: [email protected] |  Phone Number: +123 456 6789

Sample letter accepting job offer after declining it

[Subject Line: Naomi Smith - Digital Marketing Job Offer Reconsideration]

Dear Martias,

I am Naomi Smith, and I am writing to you because of the regrettable decision to decline your digital marketing job offer.

After reflecting on our discussion about the responsibilities and doing more research on the role, I am confident that I am the right fit for the role. At the time of declination, I did not yet see my potential. However, our conversation inspired me to give it a try if you are willing to offer the role again.

I understand if you are not willing to re-offer the role. Nevertheless, I am ready to join and contribute to the company with my best effort.

Thank you for your time.

Naomi Smith

Email: [email protected] |  Phone Number: +123 456 6789

Tips for Writing a Job Acceptance Letter

✅ Review job offer details and include them in the acceptance letter for employment.

When you write the job acceptance letter, make sure you review the terms and details. Evaluate whether they match your expectations. There are still chances for discussion before you accept the deal in the thank you email for a job offer.

✅ Keep the job offer acceptance letter brief.

Ideally, your job offer acceptance email should be clear and concise unless there are doubts or questions you’d like to ask.  Make sure your job acceptance letter is clear so the hiring manager can see your answer at one glance.

✅ Include your contact information.

Although your contact information is already included in your resume, you should still add it in your job acceptance letter. Keep it easier for the hiring manager  in case they need to inform you of any details.

✅ Proofread your job offer acceptance email.

Find someone you trust to proofread your job offer acceptance letter reply. Proofreading is always a must in any formal document. Make sure your emails are free of any typos or confusing messages.

✅ Let them know if you need more time.

Instead of making a rash decision and writing the job acceptance letter, you might want additional time and sleep on it. Speaking to your mentor, recruiters, friends, or family is a good way to evaluate the job offer. 

However, don’t keep the company waiting. You should reply and let them know if you are not ready to accept the job offer within one day.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template

Subject Line: [Your name] - Job Offer Acceptance

Dear [Hiring Manager/Employer/Supervisor’s name],

Thank you for the offered position as the [job title]. I look forward to leveraging my skills as the [position] at [company name], and I greatly appreciate the opportunity.

As the offer letter explains, my starting salary will be [agreed salary] with [additional benefits]. I understand the [any other benefits offered]

If there is anything you need beforehand or additional formal documents I should provide, please let me know via phone or email. I am eager to join the team and get started on [start date]

Thank you again for the precious opportunity!

[Your name]

[Your email address] [your phone number]

🔑 Key Takeaways:

Cheers! After sending out your job acceptance letter, you are officially reaching the end of a job search journey.

Here are some key tips on how to write the job acceptance letter:

  • Thank them for giving you the offer.
  • Be clear and concise with your thank you email for the job offer.
  • Restate the salary, benefits, starting date, and any other details in the offer acceptance email.
  • Ask questions in the offer acceptance email if you are unsure about something.
  • Include your contact information in the offer acceptance email.

--- Originally written by Chao Min Wu---

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