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List Presentations on CV
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Although not as common as other elements in a CV or resume, presentations can make or break your application. Listing presentations and conference appearances on a resume or CV properly can effectively showcase not just your public speaking, communication, and organization skills but also your expertise or field knowledge. 

If you have experience giving presentations on topics related to the position you are applying for, your CV or resume has a better chance to stand out in the applicant pool as your expertise is vouchered for.

Yet, you want your experience of delivering presentations on the CV/resume to 

In this article, you will learn when to list presentations on CVs and how to list and add presentations to resumes, with a step-by-step guide to help you.

When to List Presentations & Conferences on a CV/Resume

The presentation information you put on your CV or resume should be relevant to your target position and career industry. Here are 5 circumstances when one should list their presentations and conferences on their CV/resume.

Your role requires you to speak in public a lot.

If the role you are seeking requires public speaking skills and experience, it would be beneficial to include your presentations and conferences on your CV/resume. For instance, jobs such as conference speaker, lecturer, or news anchor would benefit from showing extensive presentation skills on their resumes.

You want to showcase your expertise in your career field.

One would need a certain level of expertise in their field to deliver a presentation about the industry to a group audience. Thus, listing your oral presentation experience on your CV could serve as strong evidence of your subject knowledge and industry expertise.

For example, if you are looking for a job in telecommunications and you’ve created a presentation on the features and benefits of 5G technology, it can be effective to include the presentation experience in your CV or resume.

The experience is related to the position you are applying for.

If you previously made a presentation or talked in an event that is related to the job you are targeting, then including that presentation experience in your resume might give you the upper hand during the application process.

If you are changing career paths, this is definitely a great way to showcase your existing knowledge and expertise in the new field to make up for your lack of relevant experience. 

The experience is noteworthy in your industry or prestigious in a particular field.

You might have experienced being invited to be a guest speaker at a special event in your industry to share innovative projects, research, or personal insight. Or, you did a Ted Talk that has a million views on the Internet.

Even if it is just a one-off presentation on a special occasion that is not directly relevant to the career field you are pursuing, you could still include the presentation experience in your CV or portfolio to showcase a noteworthy achievement.

It is common practice to include a resume addendum in your field.

In the academic field, job seekers often include pertinent papers, research, lectures, or presentations on their CV/resume with an addendum. It is also common for career fields like scientists, researchers, or medical professionals. The citation length would depend on the number of completed presentations and other accomplishments. 

How to List Presentations & Conferences on a Resume/CV

Here are 5 steps you could take to list a presentation on a CV/resume.

1. Include the presentation title.

First and foremost, start by including the presentation title. You could also distinguish the text by using boldface, to make it stand out more on your resume/CV. If the presentation has a long title, you could shorten it to briefly illustrate what your presentation is about.

2. List the name and date of the event where you presented.

Start a new line right under your presentation title and list the name and date (month & year) of the event or conference where you deliver your presentation.

3. Mention the main topic of the presentation.

Then, provide some brief details about the main topic of the presentation on your CV and try to keep it within one sentence (or more if the space allows). For instance, you could mention the research topic you did or the issues discussed in your presentation.

4. Mention any awards (if any).

List the relevant awards you received for your presentation underneath, if any. Like how you would put certifications on a resume/CV, you would enter each award on a separate line with relevant details such as the full name of the award and the year you received it.

5. Mention any related publications (if any).

Last but not least, mention any publications such as trade/scholarly journals, academic articles, books, or popular magazines directly related to your presentations on your resume. This would further emphasize your commitment to the career industry you are pursuing.

Still not sure how to add presentations to resume/CV? To effectively organize your presentation experience on resumes/CVs, refer to the examples below.

📝 Example #1:


  • The Positive and Negative Aspects of Blockchain Marketing
    Content Marketing World | 2020
    The adaptation of blockchain technology and its influence on the digital marketing landscape.
  • The Future of Hospitality and Tourism under The New Norm
    The Boutique Hotel Investment Conference | 2021
    What is in store for the industry in 2022 and beyond, call upon quick adaptation to cope with the continuous pandemic.

📝 Example #2:


  • Behind-the-scenes of The Ads
    Ad Club Agency | 2019
    Invited as a guest speaker to inspire the new generation of marketers and provide some industry insights.
    Ad Age - Agency of the Year, 2019

📝 Example #3:


  • 5G Technology Applications
    AT&T Summer Learning Academy | 2021
    5G as a disruptive technology fused with applications in AI and machine learning.

    - James, T. and Jade, C. (2016). 5G as Disruptive Innovation. Journal of Applied Technology, 58(1), 6-12.
    - Carol, W. (2018). The Importance of 5G Technology. Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 26(3), 46-61.

Tips for Adding Presentations to a Resume/CV

Consider these 5 tips for listing presentations on a CV/resume.

💡 List the most relevant presentation in the first place.

Unlike how you would list your work history in reverse chronological order, put your presentation in the order of relevancy on your resume. 

In the US, resumes are career summaries that are a 1-2 page snapshot of your qualifications, while CVs are academic biographies that include further details about your experiences and publications. If you are creating an American-style resume, ‌choose up to five most relevant presentations to list in your resume. 

Otherwise, include as many of your presentations and publications as necessary for your target position.

💡 Mention your exact role (speaker, co-speaker, etc.)

If you spoke with a co-speaker, specify it next to the presentation title on your resume, or include the other presenter(s) names to precisely show your involvement in the presentation. You could also distinguish your name from other co-speakers by using a different text style such as underlining their names.

💡 List your presentations under a separate “Presentations” section.

Create a dedicated section for listing your presentations in your resume if you have multiple speaking events and experience. The presentations section should come after your work experience section as additional information relevant to the job.

It is best to include your presentation section at the bottom of your resume/CV for recruiters to scan through at once to see the bigger picture of your authority and what you can contribute to the organization.

💡 If you don’t have much experience, list your presentations under the work experience.

If you conducted a few presentations during your previous work experience, list them directly in the work history section to provide the context of each presentation.

Here’s an example:


Creative Director
ABC Agency | 2020 - present

  • Oversees a range of client proposals, leads a team of creative professionals, and ensures that all standards are met with the final visual communication.
  • Presentation: Latest News and Trends in the Market (2021), provide a thorough overview of what to expect in the upcoming industry changes.

💡 If the presentation is given as a special honor, include it in your career summary/objective.

Regardless of having single or multiple presentations to list on your CV/resume, if you spoke at a prominent event that is relevant to your job or industry, add it to your career objective. 

A career summary or objective is placed at the beginning of a CV/resume. It showcases your most crucial skills and experience and how you can bring value to the company. 

For instance, mentioning that you have spoken at a Ted Talk right at the beginning of your resume attracts recruiters to read further as it resembles credibility for your achievements.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

In this article, we’ve gone through the basics of when and how to list presentation skills and experience on a resume/CV. When it’s relevant to the job or it’s a common practice in your field, you should list presentations on your CV.

How to list oral/poster presentations on a CV? Review the 5 steps for listing presentations on a resume above, and try it on your own by following the examples shown.

Whether it is oral/poster, single/co-speaker presentations, or with rewards/publications, as long as you include the most relevant information and keep your resume concise, you are well-prepared to send out the application. Good luck!

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