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HR Assistant Resume
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The Human Resources (HR) assistant plays an integral part in the HR department as “a behind-the-scenes collaborator”. They take responsibility for a variety of administrative duties, including both external and internal HR-related tasks, such as organizing meetings, maintaining employee records, training new employees, and etc.

If you are aiming for the role, let’s start with building a professional HR assistant resume, the first and foremost step.

How to write an HR assistant resume?

To begin with, candidates should have a clear understanding of what makes up a good resume and follow the guidance as well as useful tips to present an impressive human resources assistant resume.

Step 1: Understand the differences between an HR assistant CV and an HR assistant resume. 

Quite many people are likely to mistake a CV for a resume, as they are both job application documents. However, there are several remarkable distinctions between these two phrases.

Can be extended over two pages, depending on the number of experiences or achievements.
Should be within two pages and tailored related to the position that you target.
Provides detailed information about the candidate's academic and career training. 
Provides detailed information about the candidate's academic and career training. 
Is mainly required for such specialized fields as nursing & medical, science, etc.
Is preferably required for the job application.
Utilizes plain and simple design.
Choice of the layout varies based on specific industries' demand.

Step 2: Choose the right HR assistant resume format.

Be aware of the choice of format and layout used in an HR assistant resume even though they all serve the purpose of highlighting HR assistant skills on your resume.

In particular, there are four types of HR assistant resume format that are best used for a specific career, namely: Chronological, Functional, Combination, and Targeted. Thus, it is necessary for the candidates to get it clearly and select the proper layout.

Step 3: Look up HR assistant resume templates & examples online as references.

Since each HR staff wears the hat of a specific core function involved in HR activities, job applicants need to fully understand an HR assistant's responsibilities, and write a great resume. The Internet can be considered to be the most useful source of learning more about this field as well as HR Assistant resume examples. By consulting a great HR Assistant resume sample from someone, you might learn how to avoid making common mistakes and take necessary advice for your resume.

Step 4: Tailor your resume for the HR assistant position.

There is no doubt a human resource assistant position requires a high level of communication skills, multitasking, and flexibility. Thus, you should illustrate and highlight these traits in your HR Assistant resume in a well-structured and professional way.

Step 5: Craft an HR assistant cover letter.

Apart from writing a great HR assistant CV / HR assistant resume, a human resources assistant cover letter is just as essential for proving your value to hiring managers. The cover letter should consist of a concise introduction about the applicant, illustrate why he would be the best fit for the role, and be entailed with sincerity.

💡 Tips: If you would like to compose an HR assistant cover letter with no experience, look up more HR assistant cover letter samples on the internet and write down some tips, or you might find this tutorial useful.

Step 6: Proofread your human resource assistant resume.

Last, but not least, be sure to check your resume carefully before sending it out to hiring managers. Minor typos and grammar mistakes can lead to negative judgement and qualification.

Thus, whether you are writing an HR administrative assistant resume or HR assistant manager resume, make sure that it is flawless and well-structured.

Cake provides the right HR assistant resume templates & formats for HR assistants to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best sales resume Now!

What to put on a resume for human resources assistant?

As mentioned earlier, regardless of the difference between an HR Admin CV and HR Assistant resume, it is not necessary to present all details and experiences in your resume. Keep in mind that you should include information related to the position only.

1. Resume profile (Personal Information)

Personal information is the candidate's background that needs to be included in an HR Assistant resume. Therefore, make sure you provide up-to-date and sufficient details so that the recruiter can contact and proceed to the further procedures.

You should include these:

  • Full name
  • A professional title
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Adđress

You should NOT include these:

  • Expected salary
  • Social Security Number
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Weight/Height

📝 Note: A professional title indicates your professional level, for example, you aim to write an entry-level human resources assistant resume or a resume for fresh graduate HR assistant.

2. Resume headline

A resume headline or a resume title is put at the first part of a resume. Therefore, it is likely to first grab the hiring executive's attention. Hence, you might need to polish a professional HR assistant resume headline by showing your achievements and experience.

Examples Resume Headlines for HR Assistants:

  • Self-motivated professional with 5 years of administrative experience in a media agency.
  • Business administrative graduate with 3 years of experience in the HR department. Performing various organizational and HR-related tasks.
  • Target-oriented with 6+ years in the administrative environment. Looking for an HR assistant position to utilize excellent multitasking and analytical skills.

3. HR assistant resume summary

Similar to resume headline, the resume summary allows job applicants to briefly present their qualification to the recruiter, ideally within two sentences. A professional summary for an HR assistant should bring up the most remarkable goals and skills to grab the recruiter's attention.

Examples of Resume Summary for HR Assistant:

  • Being passionate and working exceptionally hard to ensure that the company firstly recruits the right people, and secondly trains the new hires properly.
  • An effective and confident communicator who is also a self-starter with the dedication and motivation required to succeed in a busy HR department.

4. HR assistant resume objective

A good career objective for an HR assistant should clearly illustrate the goals that you intend to reach in the future, both personally and organizationally.

Examples of Resume Objective for HR Assistant:

  • Has extensive hands-on HR experience and a clear vision of how to embrace change to improve ways of working and getting results.
  • Eager for better performing in internal and external HR-related tasks.

5. HR assistant resume skills

In this part, you need to present both soft skills and hard skills that are most applicable to the HR assistant position. Excluding irrelevant information and wisely customizing your skill set will make you stand out among other candidates.

HR assistant skills to put on a resume: 

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Multi tasking
  • Time management

6. Work experience

Work experience, a key part of a human resources assistant resume, is considered as your “showtime”. Highlight the contributions you have made to previous employers and demonstrate the qualifications you have gained from working there. To prove to the hiring managers that you would be a great addition to the team, you need to know how to state your employment history and organize them professionally and effectively.

Some elements to be included in this part of an HR assistant resume:

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Working time with month and year
  • Job duties
  • Quantified achievements

Examples of “Work Experience” in a human resource assistant resume:

Administrative Assistant at IPT Company

Hanoi, Mar 2010-Present

  • Professional event planning and travel arrangements, skilled in handling communication tasks and decision-making.
  • Gained “Employee Of The Year” Award in 2012 for an excellent performance.

7. Education

For this section, the employers wish to see the candidate's educational background so that they can measure his/her compatibility for the vacancy. Keep in mind that stuffing this part with all of the academic records will make the resume lengthy and tedious. 

Example of “Education” in a human resource assistant resume:

University Of Sydney, Class of 2008

  • GPA: 3.5/4.0
  • NSW Certificate for excellent achievement in English Standard
  • Member of the drama club

8. Additional information to put on an HR assistant resume

In addition to the required information, you might consider adding up some extra materials to further describe yourself and impress the hiring executive, such as your personal accomplishment and outstanding projects, or certifications that you have obtained.


  • Volunteer for White Ribbon Project in 2010
  • Certificated for HSK level 5 in 2009
  • Winning the local competition of Creative Design in 2005

Tips for writing a professional HR assistant resume

Tip 1: Customize the resume for the job.

As mentioned earlier, a great resume should consist of relevant information that best illustrates your strengths and work experience corresponding to the HR assistant job description.

💡 You can look up HR assistant job description for resume online to avoid confusion with other HR positions, such as HR generalist, manpower specialist, HR advisor, recruitment officer.

Tip 2: Use Keywords (from Job Description) in resume.

Utilizing keywords from the job description can not only show your understanding of the job requirements but also make your human resources assistant resume professional and impressive.

Tip 3: Quantify results in your HR assistant resume.

Hiring managers wish to see what you have achieved via quantified measurements rather than daily duties. However, unlike Sales & Marketing, it is not easy to be present in an HR assistant resume. Instead, here are some valuable metrics you can bring up:

  • How many new hires have you managed during recruitment or training?
  • What is the size of personnel records that you have handled?

Tip 4: Choose an ATS-friendly resume format.

Avoid gaudy and flashy format/layout which does not fit with Human Resources in general. On the contrary, you'd better use a minimal format/layout for your HR assistant resume with a simple design and basic tones.

Tip 5: Adopt resume action words.

Action words (also known as power words) can make your resume stand out in a crowd of potential candidates by highlighting your expertise and communication skills.

Tip 6: Focus on the qualifications for an HR assistant.

Each HR position is in charge of a specific core function. Hence, your human resources assistant resume should highlight the traits and qualifications of an HR assistant, such as administration skills, knowledge of HR and labor law, being detail-oriented, or excellent verbal communication skills.

How to write an HR assistant cover letter?

In this section, we will guide you through how to create a basic cover letter for an HR assistant with no experience. Accordingly, an application letter for an HR assistant should include:

  • Contact details: Provide your up-to-date phone number, email address, or social media account.
  • Introduction: Make a good impression on the hiring managers by beginning with a polite and formal greeting. And also, make sure to call them with the right name and position.
  • Motivation: Demonstrate your understanding of the company and your expectations.
  • Qualification: List your expertise, employment history and other relevant skills.
  • Closing: Express your respect and gratitude to the recruiter for their time and consideration.

For references, you can look up more HR assistant cover letter examples on the internet.

HR Assistant Resume Sample

Krystal Brown

Mobile: (+65) 901-9351

Email: [email protected]


Professional Summary

HR Assistant with 3+ years of experience in employee recruitment and support HR Manager in Human Resources related duties. Fluent in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese.

Work Experience

NJK Company
HR Assistant
April 2017-January 2021

  • Improved managerial performance by 10%
  • Assisted in hiring 10+ senior software engineer positions, and successfully helped recruit 3 people.
  • Expert in employment law legislation and employee training.

IVEE Group
HR Advisor
December 2015-January 2017 

  • Provided professional HR related advice and support.
  • Gained the award "Employee of the Year" in 2016 for excellent performance in the job.
  • Provided professional HR related advice and support.
  • Reduced the company's hiring cost by 20% with an increased retention rate of 15%.


2012– 2016, Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management
University of Melbourne, Australia


  • Bilingual, fluent in 4 languages
  • Certified PHR (HRCI)
  • SEO Marketing
  • Problem-solving
  • Writing skill and presentation
  • Meeting management
  • Respectfulness and Enthusiasm

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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