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HVAC stands for "heating, ventilation, and air conditioning”. As the name says, an HVAC technician/engineer is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. 

📓 HVAC job description: 

  • Investigate and handle maintenance risks on equipment.
  • Diagnose electrical and mechanical faults for HVAC systems.
  • Manage daily tracks and records of all maintenance functions.
  • Secure the compliance with service standards, work instructions and customers' requirements as well as appliance standards with Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Land your dream job in this field by making sure your HVAC resume fully features your skills and qualifications. This article will show you how to write the best HVAC resume for all professional levels and provide an HVAC resume sample in text format for your reference.

How to write a professional HVAC resume?

Step 1: Write an eye-catching HVAC resume headline.

A resume headline is placed at the very top of resumes, right under the applicant’s name and above contact information to summarize the entire resume. A well-phrased HVAC resume headline is the very first step to grab the recruiter’s attention and make your HVAC resume stand out.  

Examples of Resume Headline for HVAC Positions:

  • HVAC Foreman resume: Detailed Foreman skilled in planning, assigning, and directing HVAC work tasks. 
  • HVAC Apprentice resume: Fresh graduate on the basics of heating, plumbing, and pipefitting work.
  • Refrigeration Engineer resume: Experienced Refrigeration Engineer providing efficient cooling solutions for product development.

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Step 2: Craft a professional HVAC resume summary.

Let’s move on to the next step - crafting an impressive resume summary. It’s a short paragraph at the top of a resume that provides a brief summary of the candidate's relevant skills, experience, and outstanding achievements. A resume summary is very important because it determines the hiring manager’s first impression of you.  

Examples of a Well-Written Summary for HVAC Engineer Resume: 

  • Mechanical HVAC Engineer and small business owner with 10+ years of experience in repairs, maintenance, and installations. Possess a B.S in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning with an expert level of experience. Flexible about working hours and secure the best satisfactory service. 
  • HVAC Design Engineer with 5+ years of experience in engineering production software. Adept at using AutoCAD, Revit, and Carrier HAP. Gain solid relevant professional expertise in the design and engineering of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.
  • Flexible and hard-working HVAC/R Engineer with 3 years of experience in performing corrective repairs on HVAC/R and associated equipment. Ensure timely service to HVAC/R system emergencies during off-hours. 

👍 Note: Keep your HVAC resume summary less than 4 sentences - concise and straight to the point.

Step 3: Include key skills for the HVAC resume.

The skills section in a resume indicates whether your abilities meet the job requirements. Based on this, employers can determine whether to move on to the next step of the hiring process. For an HVAC resume, it's highly recommended that you include both technical skills obtained through formal apprenticeship and personal traits contributing to your work in this career. 

Be sure to highlight HVAC-related skills only and present them in bullet points.  

Check the table below for 10 examples of skills for HVAC jobs:

📘 Hard skills
📙 Soft skills
HVAC controls & air distribution
Electrical control circuits
Safety compliance 
Blueprint interpretation
Preventive maintenance
Organizational skills
Good work ethic
Critical thinking

Step 4: Tailor the HVAC resume to the specific job.

The HVAC industry consists of various occupations, hence, it's important to tailor your HVAC resume to the specific job you are targeting. This way you can better feature yourself as an ideal candidate for the job opening.

In terms of professional level, an entry-level HVAC technician resume should encompass eagerness and enthusiasm whereas an HVAC service manager resume puts emphasis on the candidate's considerable experience, achievements, and leadership skills in the field.

Online resume builders like Cake, provide service in building a professional HVAC resume/CV.

Step 5: Proofread your HVAC resume.

Once you think you have written an excellent HVAC resume with compelling content, take an extra step for a final check before sending it out to the recruiter. Make sure that you provide accurate information and especially there are no typing errors or grammatical mistakes.

What is the best HVAC resume format?

Four common types of resume format

🏷️  Chronological resume format: 

This is the most basic format in which your employment history is listed chronologically, with the most recent work at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Make sure this section in your HVAC technician resume should include the employer name, position title, employment date, job tasks, and accomplishments. 

🏷️  Functional resume format: 

This format will preferably match a skill-based HVAC resume as it highlights the applicant’s skills and qualifications. For the individuals who have just completed the apprenticeship, this HVAC resume format can help draw the recruiter's attention to your skills instead of work experience.

🏷️  Hybrid/Combinational resume format: 

A hybrid format is the combination version of the two previous formats. An HVAC resume adopting the combinational format not only showcases the applicant's skills but also presents his employment history in reverse chronological order. 

Thus, this HVAC resume format is beneficial for professionals who have stayed in the field for years and made significant gains, such as supervisor, senior, and manager positions.  

🏷️  Targeted resume format

With a focus on a specific job opening, the targeted resume features the applicant's skills and demonstrates his work experience that are relevant to a particular position.

Say you are in urgent employment needs or applying for a specific position, adopt this format to demonstrate that you are the best fit.

How to make an HVAC resume template?

Most job seekers use Microsoft Word or online resume builders like Cake to create CVs or resumes. Basically, all you need to do is select a proper HVAC resume template and drop relevant content into your resume to make it highly unique. 

See the advantages and disadvantages of each tool below.  

Microsoft Word

🙋‍♀️ Pros

  • Free
  • Quick and easy to access
  • Simple to use

🙅  Cons  

  • Monotonous design 
  • Require high technical skills if you want to make a creative and unique HVAC resume. 

Online Resume Builder (Cake)

🙋‍♀️ Pros

  • Customizable templates for hundreds of roles and jobs
  • Time-saving
  • ATS-friendly HVAC resume format

🙅  Cons  

  • Some features are only available for paid accounts

Top 10 HVAC Resume Dos and Don'ts

Once you already get the idea of the fundamental elements of a professional HVAC resume, keep in mind the following advanced tips:

✅ 5 Dos that could be a plus for your HVAC resume:

1. Tailor your HVAC resume and include only relevant information.
As noted earlier, applicants with skills and qualifications closely related to the specific opening will likely make a better impression on the employer. Thus, be sure to tailor your HVAC resume instead of crafting a generic one.

The most effective way is to include relevant information only.

For example, an HVAC maintenance engineer resume will cover the specialization in system maintenance. Meanwhile, the applicant should demonstrate his skills and experience in performing basic engineering for selected HVAC projects in his HVAC project engineer resume. 

2. Add quantifiable and measurable achievements to your HVAC resume.

Numbers can attract attention better than words. 

That’s very true! In the work experience section, it's highly recommended by recruiters that you bring up measurable achievements to make your HVAC technician resume win the competition.

Examples of Adding Metrics and Figures to an HVAC Resume:

  • Size of an HVAC system or construction
  • Rate of customer/client satisfaction
  • Size of the HVAC tech team that you managed 
  • Reduction in costs 
  • Increase in profit

3. Optimize the resume for ATS.
75% of submitted applications never reach the recruiter as they are eliminated by ATS (applicant tracking system) beforehand. Thus, be sure to optimize your HVAC engineer resume for ATS if you don't want to lose your job opportunity.

💡 How to get through ATS easily and reach the hiring managers effectively?

  • Avoid graphs and tables
  • Follow standard titles and sections (e.g: Personal statement, Work Experience, Skills, Education, etc)
  • Insert keywords from the HVAC job description

4. Choose the right resume format.
If you've forgotten about how to choose the right HVAC resume format, return to paragraph 2 for a detailed explanation. But first, know where you are in the field and go through the HVAC job description carefully before picking the best format for you. 

5. Use action verbs in the resume.
For the HVAC resume summary, career objective, and work experience, try to insert many power verbs that are relevant to the position. This will make your HVAC resume more ATS-friendly and stand out from other candidates.

❌ 5 Don’ts that could be deal-breakers for your job opportunity:

1. Mix up an HVAC resume with an HVAC CV.
Read the job posting carefully to see whether the recruiter asks for an HVAC resume or an HVAC CV. Even though they are both application documents, their purpose, content, and design are different.  

2. Adopt an old-style resume objective statement.
If you ever see an HVAC resume objective like this “Looking for an HVAC tech position at ABC company". Well, that's a kind of outdated and old-style objective statement for the HVAC resume because it doesn’t say anything about you.

It's important to draft a compelling objective to impress the employer, for example in an HVAC Supervisor resume: 

“Seeking an HVAC Tech Supervisor position that I can utilize my solid expertise in preventative maintenance and installations of heating & cooling systems.”

3. Disclose confidential information about previous employers.
If you include confidential information about previous employers in your HVAC resume (e.g: salary, business plan, customer data), you may get involved in legal issues or be labeled as unprofessional and lack of work ethics. 

4. Include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.
Personal details that you need to avoid in your HVAC resume are: height/weight, race, religion, political affiliation, etc. 

5. Send the resume as a Word doc.
Many people experience common errors while opening a Word file such as fonts and formatting, or unable to read. Hence, it’s better to submit an HVAC resume as PDF for the job application.

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HVAC Resume Sample (Text Format)

Mikey Shawn 

Professional HVAC Technician working for commercial and residential settings.

[email protected]
Lolita, TX

Professional Summary

Performance-driven and hard-working HVAC Technician with 5+ years of experience in installing, performing, and maintaining heating and cooling systems. Solid background in design review, load calculation, heating/cooling, and civil engineering. Highly proficient in servicing and troubleshooting to successfully repair units. 

Work Experience

Central Lolita Heating & Air | Lolita, TX
HVAC Technician

July 2018 - Present

  • Lead a team of 5 HVAC technicians.
  • Visit work sites to determine the client's requirements, traveling to 10-12 work sites per week.
  • Make rounds of equipment to ensure all auxiliary components are operable and in good condition.
  • Track all work orders in the internal system, including entering materials used and hours worked.
  • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction in the survey conducted by the company.

Billy's Heating & Cooling | Victoria, TX
HVAC/R Technician
May 2015 - May 2018

  • Installed, maintained, and repaired HVAC equipment, including ordering the necessary parts, when needed.
  • Sold ongoing maintenance contracts to customers.
  • Assisted with the redesign of HVAC system in 3,500sq/ft dance studio, cutting overhead costs by 30%.
  • Performed 40 home installs in a 3-HVAC tech team.


2013-2015, Associate of Applied Science in Electro-mechanical Technology
Texas A&M, TX


Hard skills
Soft skills
Equipment installation
Electrical & mechanical repairs 
Inventory management
Safety compliance 
Troubleshooting & diagnostics
Time management
Attention to detail
Innovation and Creativity


Green HVAC/R Certified
EPA 608 Certification

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