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Janitors are responsible to ensure all the corners in the buildings are kept clean. They work as a team to make sure all areas are taken care of.

Janitor’s duties and responsibilities include cleaning floors, windows, restrooms, emptying trash and restocking supplies, and at times performing building repairs. 

Be it janitor manager/supervisor, hospital janitor, or even an entry-level janitor, none of these roles needs to list any formal education qualifications on their resumes.

But there are certain skills for a janitorial resume to make it squeaky-clean and thus ensure the employers entrust their building to you.

How to write a great janitor resume?

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly Janitor Resume Format

While writing the janitor resume summary, skills, or duties, make sure it can pass the applicant tracking system (AST) by using the keywords on your resume from the janitor job description.

Tip 2: Refer to Online Janitor Resume Templates and Examples

When building your janitor resume, do not hesitate to go online for some janitor resume examples. Writing based on a well-structured janitor resume template will be a kick start for your job application game.

Pick consistent sections among the references you collect, then note the “strong parts” as well as the “weak parts” from those examples to customize your best version janitor resume.

Tip 3: Tailor Your Janitor Resume and Add Keywords

Before starting to tailor your resume for the janitorial job, here’s some knowledge about the main function of a resume and how it is different from a janitor CV:

A resume presents the key qualifications about your professional experience, educational background, and skills, and is fitted within 1-2 pages.

A CV is an in-depth document that describes the details of the whole course of your career or academia journey.

In short, a resume is commonly used for job search, a CV — for academic purposes.

💡 To begin writing your janitor resume, do some research about the job opening to gain important keywords from the janitor job description.

Tip 4: Quantify Results on Your Janitor Resume

It is in other words, to make your janitorial experience count by numerically describing your bullet points. The numbers describe both the size of the establishment you worked in and his/her achievements.

 Examples of quantified accomplishments in janitorial services resume:

  • Performed cleaning routine in patient rooms, nursing units, offices, clinical areas, waiting areas, lobbies, lounges, restrooms, and all other areas of a 60 room hospital.
  • Dusted and wiped clean class furniture, window sills, paneling, and all other surfaces in a 2,000+ student school.
  • Trained 2 janitors successfully in all aspects of cleaning, maintenance, and safety procedures, ensuring that they follow pre-set processes for maximum efficiency and achieve high standards.

Quantifying results on your janitor resume helps describe the size and scope of your job responsibilities, or how many people you trained or supervised.

It helps the recruiters quickly grasp the size and scope of your previous janitorial duties from your resume.

Tip 5: Specify Your Experience in Specific Janitorial Services

Besides the keywords you put in your janitor resume, note that there are some other basic abilities you need to show in your resume for different types of janitorial jobs.

For example for a janitorial manager resume, you need to ensure that you have the leadership skills to lead a team of janitors and also do training for newcomers.

In a hospital janitor resume instead, showing that you can utilize the appropriate chemicals and supplies according to safety procedures will ensure the hiring managers that you are a great fit for the job.

🔑 The key is to pay attention to details in the job opening post and know what they are looking for.

What is a good objective for a janitor resume?

The janitor resume objective is meant to give a brief and dynamic introduction of you as a person and as a potential employee.

It should describe where you have been and where you want to go in your career.

Worry not if your janitor resume includes no experience because this is rather a chance to show what you can offer.

Remember that the career objective should convey how you’ll help the company and not vice versa. To create a strong janitor resume objective, note there are 5 crucial elements to be included:

  1. Showcase Your Traits
    Hard-working, motivated, energetic, enthusiastic are some of the power adjectives that can enhance your resume and help with the position you are applying for.
  2. Specify Your Experience in Specific Janitorial Services
    Begin by stating the specific experience or knowledge in the janitorial service at the beginning of your janitor resume objective. If you have relevant experience with a job opening like hospital janitor, highlight it.
  3. Highlight Your Career Goals
    It is important to show that your career goals are realistic and attainable in comparison to the job posting.
    For example, if you are applying for a janitor supervisor position, your career goal could be working as a janitor manager towards the year.
    Only include one main goal in your janitor resume objective to provide a clear career path to a recruiter.
  4. Personalize Your Statement
    To leave a good impression and be remembered, your resume should be unique.
    Personalize your resume profile by including interesting facts during your career journey or a specific accomplishment that could bring something new to the hiring company (in a good way, of course).
  5. Include the Hiring Company's Name
    Seeing the company's name on one’s janitor resume gives a personal touch that indicates that the applicant’s resume has been customized to the job posting and the company.
    It will be appropriate to include the company’s name in the last line of your janitor resume objective.

Examples of great janitor resume objectives:

  • Energetic and passionate entry-level professional with 2 years experience as a hospital janitor. Skilled in light and heavy cleaning. Excited to serve in Dianthus Clinic to maintain a healthy and safe environment according to the procedure. 
  • Enthusiastic volunteer cleaner of “Home for Tomorrow” daycare excited to begin a professional janitor career at Hope Hospital. Mastered various cleaning equipment and familiar with both light and heavy cleaning. Passionate in maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.  

How to write a resume summary for a janitorial job?

The janitor resume summary is the place to show employers you are a well-rounded candidate with a great attitude.

One thing that mainly differs a janitor resume summary from a janitor resume objective is the years of experience you have in that specific field.

While a janitor resume objective emphasizes what you want to achieve for your career within the company, a janitor resume summary highlights the specific experience that you have and how it can be beneficial for the company.

List down 3 - 5 crucial elements for writing a good resume summary.

Examples of a janitor resume summary:

  • Dependable janitor supervisor with 5+ years experience in offices and education building. Commended 5x by the principal for never taking sick leave. Seeking to provide janitorial excellence at AZ Tech by supervising the janitor team and coordinating all staff activities efficiently.
  • Energetic and passionate janitor with 2+ years of experience seeking a full-time janitorial position at EY Corps. Excited to use my proven skills and knowledge to provide a healthy and clean environment. Regarded as a dedicated employee with a strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail in the cleaning work.

What are some great skills to put on a resume for a janitorial job?

Despite the many skills required for a janitorial resume, it is important to consider which format to list your skills: bullet lists, expanded bullet lists, integrated with work experience, etc.

Regardless of being the commonly used one, bullet lists of skills are very simple yet to the point, making it easier for recruiters to learn about your ability from your janitor resume skills section.

Top janitorial skills to put on a resume:

🧷 Hard skills

  • Light and deep cleaning
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Employee scheduling
  • Inventory replenishment

🧷 Soft skills

  • Dependability
  • Time-management
  • Leadership
  • Efficiency
  • Proactive team player

How to write a janitor resume with no experience?

📍  Advice 1: Choose the Right Janitor Resume Format

A successful janitor resume even with no experience highlights your accomplishments, not just your responsibilities.

To create the best resume for a janitorial job, you will need to choose among the resume formats: reverse-chronological, functional (skill-based), and combination. 

The consistency of your work experience history is the main deciding factor in the format you choose.

In this case, if you are about to craft a janitor resume with no experience, you don’t have to follow the most commonly-used reverse chronological resume format that showcases your work experience history.

Instead, choose functional (skill-based) which best highlights your janitorial skills.

📍 Advice 2: Adopt a Career Objective in Your Janitor Resume

Begin your resume by offering the career objective you have that can benefit the company. Include some relevant skills that you have to show recruiters the qualifications, and interest that you have towards the job.

📍  Advice 3: Highlight Your Janitorial Skills

Janitor position usually doesn’t require formal education as cleaning and maintaining skills are preferred instead. In a janitor resume with no experience, the skills section is the most important of your resume.

Make sure to describe the skills you have in your janitor resume to ensure hiring managers that they should want you as a candidate.

📍  Advice 4: Demonstrate Reliability by Including Training and Certifications

With the rise of the janitor job market, more companies are starting to look for janitors with relevant training and certifications. Completing training and learning a variety of cleaning equipment might be useful for your skillset and also make your janitor resume more reliable.

📍  Advice 5: Write a Sincere Janitor Cover Letter

A great janitor resume sent alone without a cover letter might sink the job application. Contrarily, a well-written janitor cover letter accommodates the candidate’s resume.

A cover letter gives future employers a more detailed view of a candidate’s accomplishments and qualifications for the role. When writing a janitor cover letter, don’t forget to include the hiring manager’s name.

Finally, this is an example you can follow for a janitor supervisor resume or any related janitor job. Good luck landing your next janitorial job!

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Janitor resume sample 

Resume Profile

Mitchell Spark
Janitor Supervisor with 5+ years experience

Mobile: (+1)000-1719
Email: [email protected]


Dependable janitor supervisor with 5+ years experience in offices and education building. Commended 5x by the principal for never taking sick leave. Seeking to provide janitorial excellence at AZ Tech by supervising the janitor team and coordinating all staff activities efficiently.

Work Experience

Janitor Supervisor | McCartney Corps

Jul 2019 - Present

  • Trained 2 janitors successfully in all aspects of cleaning, maintenance, and safety procedures, ensuring that they follow pre-set processes for maximum efficiency
  • Responsible for scheduling cleaning and coordinating all cleaning staff in the department efficiently
  • Performed light maintenance on office equipment and fixtures

Construction Laborer | Scotts High School

Jun 2016 - Jun 2019

  • Performed cleaning routine of classrooms, offices, restrooms, canteen, and all other areas of a 2,000+ student school
  • Received commendations from supervisor for dependability and work quality.
  • Cleaned


Hard Skills:

  • Light and deep cleaning
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Employee scheduling
  • Inventory replenishment

Soft skills:

  • Dependability
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Efficiency
  • Proactive team player


High School Diploma, Swanson High School
Swanson, Texas 2016


  • 2018 – IJCSA Master Certificate
  • Certified school janitor


  • CDL License
  • CPR & Basic First Aid


Volunteer cleaning service for the “Home for Tomorrow” daycare for 2x a month.

--- Originally written by Elonike Verina ---

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