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Sep 28th 2023

Top 5 Highest Paid Jobs in the Current Market 2023 - 2024

What Makes a High-Paying Job In recent years, the landscape of well-paying jobs has evolved significantly. Technological advancements and the modernization of the workspace have spelt drastic changes to the types of jobs available, the technical qualifications needed to work them, and the corresponding compensation for these more technical positions. Jobs that pay well now are typically those that have not yet been automated or replaced by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. According to recent research conducted
Career Development
Sep 20th 2023

Study in Taiwan: Universities and Scholarships for International Students

Taiwan Top Universities If you want to pursue a higher education in a new environment, you might want to consider Taiwan. Universities in Taiwan offer a range of short-term programs, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English across a variety of disciplines. If you want to study Chinese, Taiwan is a great place to learn as there are plenty of universities and language schools in Taiwan to choose from. Choosing where to study in Taiwan will be based on your
Career Development
Sep 12th 2023

Southeast Asia Meets Taiwan: A Recap of CakeResume’s Event for Career Advancement

TLDR;; CakeResume hosted the Global Talent Connect event, a resounding success tailored to students from Southeast Asia seeking promising career opportunities in Taiwan. The event featured prominent experts, including Satria Perkasa — Digital Technology Consultant at Deloitte Taiwan ; Daniel Ha — Project Manager at Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office ; and Anna Tran — Sales Country Manager at VIVOTEK Taiwan . These accomplished professionals graciously shared their valuable insights and seasoned expertise. The event is a milestone, marking CakeResume's unwavering commitment to bridging the
Career Development
Sep 10th 2023

Mastering Chinese: A Guide to Learning Mandarin in Taiwan

Created by CakeResume Have you ever wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese? As an English speaker, it’s one of the hardest languages to learn and it can take years. The best way to learn Chinese quickly and thoroughly is in an immersive environment, so it’s common for people to go abroad for their studies. Although there are numerous countries to study overseas, one of the best places to learn Mandarin Chinese is in Taiwan, and we’ll have a
Career Development
Sep 3rd 2023

Steps to Becoming a Physical Therapist You Need to Know [+ FAQs]

Created by CakeResume According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) , a physical therapist “optimizes the patient's quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education.” In particular, physical therapists diagnose and treat individuals of all ages who have injuries, disabilities, or other health conditions that affect their function and movement. PTs, the abbreviation for “physical therapists”, will thus develop a treatment plan to improve their ability to move, reduce or manage pain, restore function, and
Career Development
Aug 26th 2023

Paving the Way to Becoming a Nurse [+ Requirements & FAQs]

Created by CakeResume Nurses play a critical role in our society today - providing expert care from birth to the end of life, educating the public and patients on preventing injury and illnesses, and being advocates for health promotion within every community. Approximately 3 million nurses have been working in the field that makes up the backbone of the U.S. healthcare industry, according to a report in August 2021. It can be quite hard to get into nursing school for
Career Development
Aug 18th 2023

Path to Becoming an Accountant [+FAQs & Step-by-step Guide]

Created by CakeResume As the backbone of all businesses, accounting helps track the company's finances in whatever forms they take, like credits and debits, profitability, payroll, and tax filings. Its role also includes maintaining a systematic, accurate, and complete record of all financial transactions. As such, accountants are always in high demand and needed in most industries. This profession continues to grow, and there is a wide range of fields in accounting that you can pursue. Here are 10
Career Development
Aug 21st 2023

From Freelancing to Content Marketing Intern at CakeResume

My journey of becoming a content marketing intern at CakeResume actually started from working as a freelance SEO content writer with them. Let’s start from summer 2021. I was in my 3rd year of uni in Taiwan as an Indonesian student, majoring in Applied Foreign Languages. And every one of my friends already got summer jobs in restaurants and stores making bucks, while I was still volunteering online as a content writer, penniless. FOMO almost made me follow my
Career Development
Aug 13th 2023

How to be a Good Leader: Guide to Mastering Leadership!

Created by CakeResume Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are household names that all have one thing in common; they are excellent leaders that have taken their companies to the very highest level. In many cases, a visionary leader is what separates a successful company from a great company. But, of course, this is much easier said than done! This begs the question: How do you become a good and effective leader? Being a good leader is
Career Development
Aug 13th 2023

10 High-paying Business Degree Jobs

Created by CakeResume Demand for people majoring in business is growing as the Job Outlook 2019 Report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows that 87 percent of businesses in the Finance, Insurance, and Real estate industries intend to hire employees with a business degree - an increase of 15% compared to 2017 statistics. A business degree helps you obtain skills required in many jobs, not to mention the rising trend of skill-based hiring in the current job

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