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As a lab assistant or laboratory assistant, you will need to aid scientists, lab directors, or medical professionals with lab tests and research. In general, this job demands in-depth knowledge of lab procedures and all regulations for health and safety.

Lab Assistant's duties and responsibilities:

  • Perform laboratory tests including pre- and post-analytical phases
  • Prepare samples/specimens
  • Perform daily quality control checks 
  • Prepare reports with reliable data
  • Interpret results based on findings
  • Use latest methodologies and best practices

If you want to convince the recruiter that you are the right fit, position yourself in the best way with a job-winning lab assistant resume. It should fully feature your skills, qualifications, and experience in the field.

Regardless of your expertise and professional level, this comprehensive resume guide will cover a wide range of lab assistant jobs that you might be seeking. 

5 tips to make your lab assistant resume stand out

Tip 1: Optimize your laboratory assistant resume for ATS.

Nowadays, most companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to review and scan job applications before forwarding them to hiring managers. Hence, make sure to compile an ATS-compliant resume for lab assistant jobs otherwise it will likely be rejected.

Here are several ways to optimize your lab assistant resume for ATS: 

  • Contain keywords that match the job ad.
  • Remove tables or images.
  • Correctly label the resume sections (Summary, Education, Work Experience, Skills).
  • Use a common resume font, like Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, or Georgia.
  • Use a lab assistant resume template that is ATS-friendly (you can create your own resume on online resume builders like Cake).
  • Submit your laboratory assistant resume as a pdf file.

Tip 2: Check out great lab assistant resume examples online.

Referring to lab assistant resume examples on the Internet can help you gain a lot of insights. You can learn about how to write a professional resume for lab assistant jobs, as well as what and what not to do when writing a job application. 

Tip 3: Tailor your lab assistant resume for the job opening.

Laboratory assistant jobs can vary by expertise or workplace. Therefore, try to customize your lab assistant resume by prioritizing your skills and qualifications for the job you're targeting.

For instance, make it clear whether you're writing a medical lab assistant resume, student lab assistant resume, or chemistry lab assistant resume since the job requirements are different. 

💡 Tips: The golden tip is to not only know yourself but also understand the job descriptions thoroughly. You can then insert relevant keywords from the job ad. 

Tip 4: Insert action verbs from the lab assistant job description.

We've emphasized the importance of job-related keywords in lab assistant resumes - to optimize the resume for ATS and tailor it to the specific role. One of them is “action verbs" that can sharpen up the language on your resume and impress the employer better. 

Some of the action verbs commonly used in a laboratory assistant resume are: analyze, perform, collect, research, coordinate, conduct, aid, assist, record, implement, etc. 

Tip 5: Showcase quantifiable results on your lab assistant resume

Achievements in your career can speak louder than a high GPA, especially for an experienced lab assistant resume. When you bring numbers to the table, the hiring manager may see them as strong evidence for your competencies and job performance.

Example of quantifying results on a microbiology lab assistant resume:

“Process Microbiology cultures, wounds, urines and blood cultures for up to 45 tests per week.”

Winning objective for a lab assistant resume (w/ examples)

An objective statement is not a must-have but a plus, especially for new grads, entry-level job seekers, and career changers. It should state your intention and career goals that lead you to apply for the job.

Keep it clear, straight to the point, and brief within one sentence.

Examples of catchy objective statements for lab assistant resume

  • Clinical lab assistant resume: 
    Looking to work as a clinical lab assistant that offers opportunities to apply knowledge of areas in histological examinations and procedures. 
  • Student lab assistant resume:
    Seeking a student lab assistant position to expand upon knowledge and experience in the medical field. 
  • Chemistry lab assistant resume:
    To acquire a position in the chemistry laboratory profession for blood collections by venipuncture and capillary techniques. 

📚 Further reading: Career Objective for Resume|Samples, Formats, Writing Guide.

Summary statement for a lab assistant resume: How-to & Examples

Note that a resume objective and a resume summary are not the same.

A summary statement is normally longer and reveals more about yourself, such as skills, expertise, and accomplishments in the field. If it is well-written, then you would be well-branded and the employer will be motivated to sail into your full lab assistant resume.  

3 key elements of a professional resume summary: 

  • Your major in the field and how many years of experience you have
  • Top skills needed for the lab assistant job 
  • Other outstanding achievements, awards, or certifications

Examples of an impressive lab assistant resume summary: 

  • Clinic lab assistant resume: 
    Clinic Lab Assistant showcasing 3 years of experience in the largest health service provider in New Orleans. Adept at performing, recording, and supervising phlebotomy for nursing homes, clinic outpatients, and inpatients in compliance with clinic policy and OSHA standards. Enthusiastic, independent, well-organized, and strongly committed to full assistance.
  • Student lab assistant resume:
    IT-major senior with hands-on experience in general maintenance and troubleshooting, ghost imaging, deepfreeze, and operating system management. Highly motivated individual with exceptional organization and problem-solving skills while being able to learn new knowledge quickly and thoroughly. 
  • Chemistry lab assistant resume:
    Certified Chemistry Lab Assistant with 10 years of professional experience in both academic and private settings. Highly recognized for chemistry knowledge and subject matter expertise across all aspects of lab operations. Proficient in analyzing professors' experimental frameworks and developing proper formulations and methods for efficient experiments.

Check out great resume summary examples for 20+ different jobs at Summary for Resume|Examples, Templates, Writing Guide.

10 best skills to put on a lab assistant resume

For the skills section, you also need to go over the lab assistant job description to write it effectively. The employer is pulling together a complete story about you, hence, make sure all skills are related to the opening job. 

Hit the following points when writing lab assistant skills for a resume

  • Highlight both hard and soft skills with 5 each
  • Adopt a suitable format for the skills section among the 4 common skill formats
  • Be honest and concise!

Below are some key skills for a medical lab assistant resume

Soft skills
Hard skills
Critical Thinking 
Communication Skills 
Attention to Detail
Phlebotomy Process
Microbiology & Vital Signs 
ECG Monitoring & Analysis 
Quality Assurance Testing 
First Aid Certified 

Guide on writing a great resume for a lab assistant with no experience

📌 Advice 1: Choose a well-fitted lab assistant resume format

Generally, fresh graduates and entry-level job seekers are confused about what resume format to adopt.

Among four types of resume formats (chronological, functional, combination, and targeted), the functional format seems to be a great choice for a lab assistant resume with no experience. Since you have limited or no hands-on experience in the field, greater emphasis should be placed on proving your skills rather than employment history. 

📌 Advice 2: Draft a convincing career objective.

You may not have much to say regarding work experience, so go for a career objective instead of a resume summary!

The most effective statement should meet these requirements:

  • Be tailored to the job you are applying for. 
  • State what position you are seeking.
  • List the skills (and experiences if applicable) you have that make you ideal for that career.
  • Express your goals on the career path.

📌 Advice 3: Highlight your education.

Keep that in mind to fill out this section accurately and include relevant details such as courses completed, GPA (if higher than 3.5 on a 4.0 scale), training programs, etc. 

For example: 

Seattle Pacific University, WA
Associate’s Degree in Laboratory Science

  • GPA: 3.85/4.0
  • Courses completed: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunology, Biomedical Analysis, and Toxicology

📌 Advice 4: Showcase your certifications, side projects, or personal website.

Do you have more to show that will help your lab assistant resume stand out? 

Then go for it! Light up your entry-level lab assistant resume by bringing any certification to the table. Side projects, a personal website, or anything related to the position can also work.

📌 Advice 5: Craft a sincere lab assistant cover letter.

It may sound intimidating to write a laboratory assistant cover letter with no experience.

But it’s worth your effort, if well-written. You get to explain why you are passionate about the lab job, which cannot be shown in the resume.

A cover letter for a lab assistant job will need to cover the following information: 

  • Basic personal and contact info
  • Self-introduction
  • Motivation to apply for the job
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Sincere closing

Cake provides the best lab assistant resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream as a lab assistant job with a strong resume (free download)!

Lab Assistant Resume Sample

Rita Martha

Medical Laboratory Assistant with demonstrated success in performing specialized tests in microbiological analysis

Rita Martha
[email protected]
Mesa, AZ


Quality-focused Medical Lab Assistant with 5 years of experience and solid knowledge of the manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, including Research, Product Testing, In-Process Control, Production Planning & Development. Adept at performing and recording all in-lab tests and procedures with high responsibility, attention to detail, and work quality. 

Work Experience

Medical Lab Assistant, Arizona Emissions Testing Station, AZ

12/2016 - 2/2021

  • Analyzed an average of 85 urine samples on a weekly basis. 
  • Performed routine and stat phlebotomy on patients, complying with standard laboratory policies and procedures for patient identification and sample collection.
  • Processed specimens and filed all appropriate paperwork for in-house laboratory testing and reference lab testing.
  • Communicated with patients and their families to provide necessary explanation and verbal reassurance. 

Lab Assistant Intern, University of Arizona: Testing Office, AZ

1/2016 - 7/2016

  • Came up with the idea of storing lab test data, generating a reduction of 2 hours in time spent on documentation.
  • Assisted Lab Tech and Specialists with collecting samples for both mechanical and chemistry testing.
  • Reported the test results to the lab director and proposed necessary suggestions.
  • Prepared and packed specimens for delivery to outside laboratories and charted patient results.


Soft skills
Hard skills
Research & Analytical Skills 
Organization Skills 
Histological Examinations
Sterilization & Disinfection
Medical Procedures & Terminology
Basic Anatomy
Urinary Testing


Phoenix College, AZ | 2013-2016
Associate’s Degree in Laboratory Science

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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