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Letters of employment go by many names, such as job verification letters or proof of income letters. You need to get familiar with the terms in case you are ever required to request one or write one. 

The reason why employment verification letters have so many names is that they have several purposes. Sometimes, landlords will ask you for one as part of the screening process to rent you a place. Another instance in which you might need a letter as proof of employment is when you apply for a mortgage or a new job position.

Before going any further, let us start by giving a precise definition.

What Is a Letter of Employment?

An employment letter is a formal document that verifies one’s status as an active or former employee of an organization. Usually, job confirmation letters also include verification of the employee’s title, salary, and contact information, among other relevant details. 

  • What it is used for: An income verification letter is proof that a person is an actual employee or former employee of an organization. It is a traditional requisite when applying for a loan, mortgage, and even a new job.
  • Who needs it: Companies, landlords, and financial institutions require a work verification letter to double-check that a candidate is truthful in their application.
  • Who writes it: Depending on the company, an employee or former employee can request a certification letter from their direct supervisor or the human resources department. 

What to Include in a Letter of Employment

Although there is no universal employment letter format that fits every application, you should still get familiar with the most common elements that need to be in an employment letter.

❗️Employer information

The following items are the base upon which you can start building your document (or request whoever is writing it to include them). Let us start with relevant company information to include in your employment verification form:

  • Verifier’s name: When an employee presents a verification letter, it must include the full name of the person verifying the document. If possible, add a job title.
  • Company name: It might sound obvious, but ensure to include the full name rather than an acronym when creating a proof of employment. 
  • Address: Write the company’s address under the company name.
  • City, state, ZIP code: The more detailed a verification of employment form is, the better. Add all relevant information to increase its reliability. 

❗️Employee information

Aside from the employer’s information, a standard certificate of employment letter includes the following details about an employee:

  • Employment start date: A staple of any employee verification format. Ensure the employee is aware of the correct date so they can align it with any additional documentation they provide to the party that requested the letter.
  • Employee name: Avoid using any nickname. Double-check with the employee if their name is correct to avoid any confusion.
  • Job title: Remember to mention the position the employee covered in the certification letter. If it was more than one, add the dates on which they handled each job.
  • Salary: Do not forget to check if the party that requested proof of income letter needs detailed information such as the periodicity of payment or working hours per week. Avoid providing too many details - unless it is necessary. 
  • Annual bonus amount: When money matters, providing proof of additional income in a work letter can make a difference.
  • Employment end date (if necessary): If you are getting a working letter from a company you used to work for, check you include an employment end date.

❗️Additional information

Other than the common items of a service letter format, there are a few additional pieces of proof that might be useful for some applications. These are not necessary but can improve the appeal of a letter to certify employment:

  • Paystubs: A physical or digital record of the payment an employee receives. It helps to substantiate proof of income letter.
  • Tax returns (1040): US taxpayers can use this form to back their income verification letter.
  • Wage and tax statements (W-2): Unlike a 1040 form, a W-2 is a document filed by employers to report employees' annual wages and withheld taxes. It is a highly trustable document that a company can attach to enhance the appeal of a job confirmation letter.
  • Social security proof of income/Benefits Verification Letter: It works as a proof of income letter for those who retired or have a disability. It can also prove you receive a supplemental security income.
  • A Workers’ compensation letter: It works to show that an employee is covered in case of any injury that happens at work. It provides proof of assistance such as medical bills, wages, and additional payments that support proof of income letter.
  • Bank statements:  It is a quintessential way to prove one’s income. It shows a summary of the transactions of an account during a month and works as the perfect companion to an income verification letter.

Letter of Employment Sample

How to write an employment letter? Well, there’s no better way of leading than by providing some examples of letters of employment. Read the different samples to understand better the relevant content you can include when writing a job confirmation letter.

Let us start with a basic employment letter sample. In this scenario, we are confirming that the person works at our company and providing some additional information:

Lincoln Johnson 
HR Manager
500 South Buena Vista Street 
Burbank, CA, 91501


SeAg Ltd.
2100 Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA, 91501

To whom it may concern,

This letter intends to verify that Daisy Lincoln is currently part of our team. She has been working for SHLD Inc. as an Event Manager since February 15th, 2018. Ms. Lincoln's salary is $60,000 per year. 

Find attached a W-2 form as proof of her income. If you want to discuss further details, contact me at 123-654-0897. You can also send me an email at [email protected] if you prefer. 

Lincoln Johnson

In this employment verification letter sample, the letter intends to verify a former employee:

Lincoln Johnson 
HR Manager
500 South Buena Vista Street 
Burbank, CA, 91501


Nick Phillips
Hiring Assistant
SeAg Ltd.
2100 Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA, 91501

Dear Mr. Phillips, 

I am writing you to verify that Daisy Lincoln was part of our team at SHLD Inc. for four years. She joined on August 1st, 2018, and worked with us until August 15th, 2022.

During her time with us, she excelled as an Event manager and earned an annual salary of $60,000.

Please contact me at 123-654-0897 if you want to discuss anything else. You can also send me an email at [email protected] if it works better for you.

Lincoln Johnson

Employment Verification Letter Template

After reading the employment letter samples, you probably noticed that writing one is not overly complicated. Just make sure to cover any specific request in terms of additional information. 

You can use the following template for a letter of employment to make sure you do not forget any relevant details when writing a job verification letter:

[Your full name]
[Your title]

[City, State, Zip code]
[Phone number]


[The recipient’s full name]
[The recipient’s title]
[The recipient’s company’s name]
[City, State, Zip code]

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. [the recipient’s last name],

The purpose of this document is to verify that [the employee’s full name] has been an active part of our company. [He/She] has been at [company’s name] since [onboarding date]. He/She earned a salary of [amount of money] on a yearly/monthly/per hour basis.

Do contact me if you need any additional information. Feel free to reach me at [your phone number] or [your email address].

[Your full name]

Tips for Writing a Letter of Employment

Follow these tips to enhance your employment verification letters. Remember, an employment verification form is a very influential document that can help an employee (or former employee) obtain a significant achievement. Do your best to make it as professional as possible.

✅ Follow the standard business letter format.

Given the formal tone of an employment verification letter, it is best to follow the traditional style of business letters. Start with your contact information, the date, and the recipient’s information. Include a proper greeting, closing, and sign-off. 

Sometimes, the party that requested the job verification letter will ask for a handwritten signature at the end. If you are sending a digital document, you can scan it after signing it.

✅ Include the necessary information.

Remember, aside from the standard items to cover in a work verification letter (the employee’s name, title, and job tenure), you may have to include some extra details.

Take the time to confirm whether your employee needs you to share details about their salary, working hours, or any additional data in the employment letter - only include the additional information when requested! 

✅ Provide your contact information.

Do not forget to include your information at the top of the official letter of employment. You may also do a call to action on your closing statement to let the recipient know you are willing to answer any questions they might have. 

✅ Keep it short.

As evidenced by the examples we presented, work verification letters do not tend to be lengthy. Keep it concise and only add extra information if an employee asks.

✅ Use the official letterhead format.

It is the cherry on top when writing a certificate of employment letter. An official letterhead format elevates the document, including the company’s logo and contact information. 

Consider these tips when writing a professional letter of employment and help impact your employees’ lives. 

🔑 Key Takeaways

By now, you should be more clear about what an employment letter is - a document that validates a person as a current or former employee of a company. Banks, other financial entities, and even companies require them to screen a candidate.

Although there is no unique service letter format to follow, there are a few elements you should include in one. Start with your relevant information, such as name and title. Then, add all the standard employee information (job tenure, title, name, etc.).

Sometimes, an employee needs proof of employment in form of a letter for specific reasons. They might ask you to input information such as their working hours, periodicity of payments, etc. Do listen to their requests and tweak the employment letter based on their needs.

You may use a template to write a letter of employment. Try reading examples to learn how to edit the document and add a unique touch. Remember that job confirmation letters are formal documents. Follow a traditional business letter format.

Keep your letter of employment concise, and include the necessary information and contact details. If possible, print the document using your company’s official letterhead format.

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--- Originally written by Roger Rene Ortega Figueroa ---

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