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Logistics workers are in charge of the transportation, distribution, packing, and storage of goods and materials. This field can encompass a wide range of jobs such as shipping clerk, logistics engineer, analyst, manager, coordinator, including both merchandise delivery to retail locations and raw materials delivery to production facilities.

The goals are to keep the company’s supply chain efficient and ensure that production quotas are met and products are delivered to customers.

While the global logistics industry is booming more than ever, finding a job in this field takes a bit of preparation on your part. The first step is having a logistics resume that fully features your skills, qualifications, and experience.

Regardless of your expertise and professional level, this article will cover a wide range of logistics jobs that you might be seeking.

Tips for a job-winning logistics resume

Here are 5 tips to make a job-winning resume for logistics and supply chain management jobs!

Tip 1: Optimize your logistics resume for ATS.

Nowadays, numerous companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for their recruiting process - job applications will be automatically reviewed and scanned before reaching the hiring managers. Make sure your logistics resume is ATS-friendly so you can get a chance of landing the job interview. 

Golden tricks to beat the bot:

  • Yes: text and bullet points
  • No: images, special symbols, tables, and typos.
  • Stick to standard sections (Summary, Education, Work Experience, Skills).
  • Submit your logistics resume as a pdf file.

Tip 2: Check out great logistics resume examples online.

Before writing the resume, spend some time referring to online logistics resume examples. This way you can have a clear understanding of the format, writing guidelines, and critical mistakes to avoid.

Also, you can customize your own resume based on thousands of professional logistics templates found on the Internet.

Tip 3: Tailor your logistics resume for the job position.

If you're a fresher, it's ok to write an entry-level logistics resume that fits all logistics jobs. However, you'd better change your mind if you're an experienced professional! Instead of a generic resume for logistics and supply chain management, a highly-tailored resume can prove that you have the skills and qualifications required for the specific position.

💡 Key tip: Insert relevant keywords from the job description!

Tip 4: Add quantifiable results to your logistics resume.

One of the best tips to stand out from other candidates is using metrics to quantify your achievements - both in the logistics professional resume summary and the work experience section. With such strong evidence, your logistics resume can better impress the hiring manager.

📝 Example of a quantifiable achievement for logistics coordinator resumes:

"Contributed to a streamlined materials-handling process by offloading 1200+ excess parts, generating a $180K cost savings."

Tip 5: Feature the areas of expertise on your logistics resume.

To land the dream job, you can't miss listing core competencies on your logistics resume.  

Note that this section is different from the skills section. Core competencies are the areas of expertise that give you advantages over other job applicants, whereas skills include personal traits, knowledge, and techniques that benefit you at work.

List of some areas of expertise on a logistics resume:

  • Rate negotiation
  • Facility coordination
  • Routing orders 
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Shipping control 
  • Invoice development 
  • Risk management

Drafting a great objective statement for the logistics resume

An objective statement is not always required but you might need one if you're: 

  • An entry-level job seeker
  • In the transition of careers paths
  • Having an employment gap 

As the name says, the objective statement should state your intention to seek employment and/or demonstrate your career goals as a logistic specialist. Keep it brief within one sentence and straight-to-the-point!

Examples of catchy logistics resume objectives

  • Logistics coordinator resume:
    “Looking to implement effective process controls and quality improvement initiatives at Glory International Logistics.” 
  • Logistics manager resume:
    “Looking to become the Logistics Manager at Dolphin Logistics to utilize extensive experience in logistics and supply management software, both proprietary and commercial.”
  • Logistics specialist resume:
    “Actively seeking employment as a Logistics Specialist to improve delivery schedule and decrease maintenance downtime.” 

Further reading:  What to put for an objective on a resume?

Intriguing summary for a logistics resume

A well-written resume summary can help label yourself professionally and impressively towards recruiters. It determines their first impression of you and whether it’s worthy to read your full resume.

How to draft a professional logistics resume summary:

  • Tailor it to the job you're applying for 
  • Summarize your skills, work experience, and career achievements
  • Briefly demonstrate what value you can bring to the employer 
  • Keep it within 2-4 sentences

Examples of a well-branded resume summary for a logistics job: 

  • Logistics analyst resume:
    “Dynamic Logistics Analyst with 5+ years of experience. Highly adaptable to evolving logistics technology to facilitate the shipping process while maintaining timely deliveries. Fully knowledgeable in software programs to manage deliveries both within Japan and across the border.”
  • Logistics team leader resume:
    “Accomplished Logistics Team Leader with over 7 years of experience in a fast-paced distribution center for Best Buy stores in Austin. Recognized for strong leadership skills and comprehensive knowledge in logistics networks.”  
  • Logistics assistant resume:
    “Self-motivated Logistics Assistant with proven ability to ensure first-class delivery to the customer base. 3 years of working with general merchandise and cosmetics supply chains/distribution networks. Dedicated to providing customer assistance and problem-solving methods in a timely manner.”  

🔎 Don’t know how to write a summary for a resume with no experience? This resume summary writing guide will provide you plenty of tips and examples!

Key skills for a logistics resume

An outstanding resume for logistics and supply chain management needs to showcase some relevant skills that the employer is looking for in a candidate. Keep in mind to research the position and must-have skills for logistics employees.

Top skills for logistics resume are listed below: 

✅ Hard skills
✅ Soft skills
- Material needs analysis
- ERP and Supply Chain Software
- Numerical and analytical skills
- Expense control 
- Updating logs
- Problem-solving
- Multitasking
- Teamwork 
- Reliability 
- Proactiveness

👍 Pro tip: Tailor the skills section to the position. For example, a logistics executive resume should highlight your strong leadership skills.

Impressive logistics resume with no experience

Here are 5 know-hows for writing an impressive logistics resume even with no experience!

💡 Advice 1: Select a well-fitted logistics resume format.

Not everyone knows how to adopt the right resume format.

Among 3 major types of logistics resume formats (chronological, functional, hybrid), the functional format may work best for an entry-level logistics resume. As you have limited or no work experience in the field, this resume format can put the emphasis on your skills instead.

💡 Advice 2: Draft a job-winning career objective.

A career objective is necessary for freshers as it states what you’re looking to be and where you want to go on your career path. Try to impress the hiring manager with an impressive objective statement on your entry-level logistics resume like this: 

“Leverage knowledge in shipping manifests to ensure full compliance with local customs.”

💡 Advice 3: Highlight your educational background.

Boost the education section to the top to catch the recruiter's attention if you don’t have an employment history. There is no need to add your high school if you've completed a higher degree.

The standard format of the education section includes the school name, type of degree, and the year of graduation, but if you have an impressive GPA or awards, feel free to list them as well.

💡 Advice 4: Add some extra sections. 

Don’t hesitate to show off what can make your logistics resume win the competition, for example:

  • Languages 
  • Logistics-related certifications
  • Side projects 
  • Volunteer work

💡 Advice 5: Write a sincere logistics cover letter.

To be considered for a good logistics position, newbies in the field can consider submitting a powerful logistics cover letter that demonstrates relevant skills and educational background, as well as a strong passion for this work.

A cover letter for a logistics job needs to cover the following details: 

  • Personal information and contact 
  • Self-introduction
  • Motivation to apply for the job
  • Qualifications
  • Proper closing

No matter if you're a seasoned professional or a fresher, you can create a powerful logistics resume using CakeResume. Download free logistics resume PDF and get the dream job with ease!

Logistics Resume Sample

Daniel Huston

Logistics Supervisor adept at developing effective procedures and complicated logistics functions for multinational projects

[email protected]

Professional Summary

Performance-driven professional with extensive experience in managing integrated logistics supports to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of equipment, materials, and resources. Excellent leadership and a solid understanding of local customs and international regulations.

Work Experience

Logistics Supervisor
External Edge, CA

1/2016 - 2/2021

  • Monitored and adjusted 25+ routes based on daily needs, available staff, weather conditions, and traffic hazards.
  • Managed detailed track of all available personnel and all in-progress and completed calls to ensure cost-effective procedures. 
  • Established and supervised direction while maintaining positive communication within a team of 8 members. 
  • Instituted an efficient order process to improve delivery schedule and reduce lead times, resulting in a $150K cost savings. 

Acme Tech Innovation, CA 
10/2010 - 12/2015

  • Processed an average of 25 orders and 15 shipping logs on a daily basis. 
  • Implemented schedule and policy changes in the computer tracking system.
  • Produced weekly reports on materials and equipment received, shipping output, and rates. 
  • Directed investigations to verify and resolve customer or shippers’ complaints and maintain a quick response time within 1-2 hours.


B.S. in Business Administration
Texas A&M, TX

Year of graduation: 2010


Hard skills
Soft skills
MS Office Suite 
Material needs analysis
Inventory tracking 
Budget management 
Communication skills
Highly organized 
Time management 


CILT International Certificate in Logistics & Transport

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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