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Maintenance workers, also known as maintenance mechanics, are responsible for inspecting, fixing, and maintaining mechanical equipment, buildings, and machines in a place of business.

They perform a wide range of tasks related to flooring repair and upkeep, plumbing work, painting, electrical repairs, and air conditioning system maintenance. 

Bear in mind that maintenance and handyman jobs are different. A handyman is like a one-man-show who can handle a variety of tasks including maintenance, but likely won't be an expert as a maintenance worker. 

Seeking a maintenance job? Check out our comprehensive guide below and refer to a great maintenance technician resume sample!

How to write a great maintenance resume?

Tip 1: Optimize the maintenance resume format for ATS.

You've probably heard that recruiters often use ATS - a resume scanning technology that parses every resume submitted and forwards only the relevant ones to recruiters.

How to make an ATS-friendly maintenance resume format:

  • Stick to text and avoid graphs.
  • Include the right keywords.
  • Don’t use too much fancy formatting. 
  • Submit the maintenance resume as a PDF.

Tip 2: Look up maintenance resume templates and examples online.

The Internet has become a great source of information and knowledge, especially for job seekers.

Through great maintenance resume examples and templates, you can learn lots of dos and don’ts while writing a maintenance engineer resume.

Tip 3: Insert relevant keywords from the job description.

As mentioned earlier, including the right keywords allows ATS to scan your maintenance worker resume easily.

Also, the hiring manager can catch a glimpse of you as a potential candidate or not. Relevant keywords which relate to job responsibilities, skills, and qualifications can be found in the maintenance job description resume.

Tip 4: Add quantifiable accomplishments to your maintenance resume.

Do you know that you can upgrade your mechanic engineer resume from amateur to amazing just by bringing up numbers? Hiring managers review hundreds of resumes for maintenance jobs.

Thus, make yours stand out among other applicants by quantifying your achievements. 

Tip 5: Tailor your maintenance resume for the job position.

There are many different maintenance jobs, and each requires specific expertise and requirements. Accordingly, make sure that there is a clear distinction when you craft an apartment maintenance resume, facility maintenance resume, or industrial maintenance resume.

It's also very important to customize your resume to effectively demonstrate your professional level, such as an entry-level maintenance technician resume or maintenance manager resume.

What is a good objective for a maintenance resume?

A career objective statement is not required in the resume.

However, it's recommended that you polish an impressive objective statement for your maintenance worker resume to express yourself further to the recruiter.

What does a winning maintenance resume objective look like? 

  • Demonstrate your career goals 
  • Express your motivation to apply for the job
  • Desire to create impact within the organization
  • Keep it within 2 sentences

3 examples of a maintenance resume objective:

  • Electrical maintenance resume:
    Looking to be a Maintenance Technician at Billy AC Corp. where I can fully promote the safe operation of all electrical circuits and wires.
  • Maintenance supervisor resume:
    Actively seeking employment as a Maintenance supervisor to utilize my in-depth expertise and exceptional skills in industrial maintenance.
  • Facility maintenance resume: To obtain an opportunity that allows me to leverage my attributes and skills as a Facility Maintenance Engineer.

Check out more examples of career objectives for resumes to create your own career objective for a maintenance technician.

How to write a resume summary for a maintenance job?

Firstly, keep in mind that a resume objective and a resume summary are not interchangeable!

A summary statement is normally longer than a resume objective, briefly highlighting the candidate's skills, expertise, and accomplishments in the field. Think of it as a self-introduction to the hiring manager.

Thus, make it impressive, well-branded, and professional so you can motivate them to dive into your maintenance resume.

3 examples of well-written resume summaries for maintenance jobs:

  • Entry-level maintenance resume:
    Fresh graduate with a Building Systems Maintenance Certificate. Gained considerable knowledge in HVAC/R and energy efficiency. Accomplished one-year internship as an Apartment Maintenance at Zoom Video Corporation.
  • Maintenance supervisor resume:
    Innovative Maintenance Supervisor with a proven track record of general repair and maintenance work. Adept at working with large and complex production systems as well as reading and interpreting blueprints, diagrams, and buildings.
  • Maintenance manager resume: Adaptable and transformational Maintenance Manager with 15+ years of experience in maintenance and 5 years in leading and training large teams, committed to delivering efficient operations and mechanical performance.

What are some great skills to put on a maintenance resume?

No matter what maintenance resume format you adopt or what your professional level is, the skills section is a key part that determines whether you'd fit well in the position.

Hiring managers are trying to pull together a story about you, hence, list your maintenance resume skills wisely that can best emphasize your qualifications. 

🔑 Here are 4 key tips:

  • Going over the job requirements helps you learn what skills should be featured. And remember, honesty matters.
  • Don’t take up a lot of resume space and hiring manager’s time by listing irrelevant skills or basic skills such as internet, email, etc. 
  • Hiring managers consider soft skills to be as important as hard skills. Make sure you include both in your maintenance resume skills section.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of different listing formats and adopt the right one that works best for your maintenance resume.

Check the list below for resume skills formatting:

  • Bullet lists
    - The easiest and most basic way to list skills
    - Easy to read
    - Save space
    - The reader may find it hard to see how you've applied to your work
  •  Expanded bullet lists
    - Provide more information and context
    - Give credibility to the skills section
    - take up more space
  • Integrating skills with work experience
    Greatly demonstrate your competence in a professional and easy-to-quantify way
    - Require extensive work experience and specialization to justify all the space used
  •  Categorized skills section
    - Good for the elaboration of a broad skill set, which could be difficult to list down
    - Take up a lot of space
    - Require broad skill sets and considerable work experience

Example skills for a maintenance worker resume:

Hard Skills: 

  • Resource planning
  • Knowledge of HVAC systems
  • PLC diagnostic
  • ERP packages
  • Machine directives

Soft Skills: 

  • Versatility
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Multi-tasking
  • Analytical thinking 

📚 Further reading: Dos & Don'ts of Writing a Professional Resume Skill Section

How to write a maintenance resume with no experience?

📌 Advice 1: Adopt the right maintenance resume format.
 There are three major resume formats you can choose, which are chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted formats. The chronological and hybrid formats are suitable for those writing a maintenance supervisor resume or a maintenance manager resume because you can clearly present your employment history. The functional format may work best for an entry-level maintenance technician resume. Targeted format, your maintenance engineer resume can be highly customized to fit a specific job opening. 

📌 Advice 2: Write an impressive career objective for your maintenance resume.
A job-winning career objective can show your skills, professional goals, and how the job goes along with your long-term career path. 

Example of a career objective for maintenance technician:

Looking to obtain the position of General Maintenance Worker to build upkeep in an efficient manner through in-depth knowledge of electrical/carpentry repair and maintenance.

📌 Advice 3: Highlight your license/certification/side projects.
Aside from the skills and work experience section, you can feature anything that is relevant to the job and makes you stand out from the competition, such as Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional, Professional Service Association, HVACR Certification, Aircraft Maintenance Licenses (AML’s), etc. 

📌 Advice 4: Write a sincere maintenance cover letter.
Though it’s optional, it’s better to craft a professional cover letter for maintenance engineers that sincerely expresses your motivation, demonstrates core competencies, and sets you apart from other applicants.  Whether you’re writing a maintenance supervisor cover letter or a cover letter for an entry-level maintenance position, make sure to cover your contact details, self-introduction, motivation to apply for the job, qualifications & achievements, and a sincere closing.

📌 Advice 5: Proofread your application documents.
Before hitting “Send”, keep that in mind to proofread your maintenance resume and cover letter. Reading them over and over is not enough. You might also need tools for grammar and spelling checks or have someone professional proofread for you.

CakeResume provides the right maintenance resume templates & formats for maintenance worker to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best maintenance resume Now!

Maintenance resume sample

Daniel Marta

Multi-skilled electrical maintenance engineer with in-depth knowledge of ERP packages and PLC protocols.

Mobile: (-352)-283-4925
Email: [email protected]


Highly versatile electrical maintenance engineer with 5 years of experience in building maintenance and property management. Great expertise in the maintenance of LPG Gas safety systems, electrical testing, and quality checks. Decreased costs by 8% by renovating HVAC equipment in two years.

Work Experience

Electrical Maintenance Technician II, Formal Corp. 

Aug. 2018 - Dec. 2020

  • Trained new hires and supervised a team of 10 electrical technicians.
  • Handled the troubleshooting and maintenance support of all production equipment in a multi-skilled technician capacity.
  • Proactively modified and upgraded the TIG welder, improving runtime to 90% in the first year.

Electrical Maintenance Technician, Formal Corp.

Dec. 2015 - Dec. 2017

  • Responsible for repairing and maintaining HVAC equipment, including ordering the necessary parts when needed. 
  • Performed preventative maintenance on all production machinery.
  • Designed and installed DeviceNet and Lan networks for 5+ big clients.
  • Assisted with the redesign and renovation of the electrical system of Crowe Hotel, San Diego, resulting in a reduction of 25% in overhead costs.


Hard Skills:

  • Resource planning
  • Knowledge of HVAC systems
  • PLC diagnostic
  • ERP packages
  • Machine directives

Soft skills:

  • Versatility
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Multi-tasking
  • Analytical thinking 


AMOC Stationary Engineering Certificate


Associate of Applied Science in Electromechanical Technology, San Diego City College
2012 - 2015 

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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