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Makeup artist is an artist who applies cosmetics and makeup to others who are the face for theater, film, fashion, magazine, and television. Makeup artists are creatures of magic, possessing all techniques of beauty and transformation. In occasional situations, the primary goal of a makeup artist is to highlight one’s beauty with a simple touch. 

However, in the production and modeling industry, a makeup artist often has the responsibility to transform one’s look according to the characters and requirements. 

The days of a job application are thronged with suffering. However, a strong makeup artist resume can remove and alleviate the pain. 

This article provides the perfect opportunity for makeup artist candidates to inquire, investigate, and learn. After reading this article, we hope one will come to know quite thoroughly (or at least partially) the professional world they are going to enter and the ways to create the best makeup artist resume.

How to make a makeup artist resume?

1. Start with a resume headline

A resume headline (also known as a resume title), is the candidates’ hashtag on their makeup artist resumes. It highlights a person’s value, story, and pitch——like a personal brand placed below one’s full name.

Mastery of Headline on Makeup Artist Resume

Flame up the candidate’s capacity to change their profile and headline in accordance with the makeup artist resume samples. Attune the hashtag for the position, and create an ideal profile that fits the industry (Fashion, theater, FX, airbrush, and bridal makeup looks for different types of candidates!).

Headline Samples for Makeup Artist Resumes

  • Beginner makeup artist resume headline example: Makeup artist specializes in Airbrush and Bridal Makeup 
  • Fashion show makeup artist resume headline sample: High-Fashion Makeup Artist with 5+ Years of Experience in the Advertising Industry 
  • Entry-level special effects makeup resume headline example: SFX makeup artist graduated from Vancouver Film School

2. Write an impressive resume summary

Write the makeup artist resume summary, the extended resume headline that often appears on makeup artist resume samples to showcase and outline a candidate’s greatest professional achievement and skills. 

Mastery of the Makeup Artist Resume Summary: 

  • Fragmented sentences written in comprehensible ways is the recommended writing style for resume summary. 
  • Putting adjectives in front of the position title is a good way to show more warmth to the application or land and secure one’s pitch in the candidate’s makeup artist resume (be sure the adjective is relatable to the makeup artist job description on the candidate’s resume).

Makeup Artist Resume Summary Samples: 

  • Sample Summary from makeup artist resume for Sephora: Certified makeup artist with 8+ years experience and proven sales skills. Client-oriented with advanced skills in color theory, bridal makeup, and application techniques. At Sephora, sold $6500+ per week in products. 
  • Freelance makeup artist resume summary:  Licensed cosmetologist with 8+ years of experience in the high-fashion industry. Worked with celebrities and models for print, photography, runway modeling, and galas: Taylor SXXX, Justin BIEEEEE, and more. 

3. Highlight your makeup artist skills on the resume

Mastery of the Makeup Artist Resume Skills: 

  • Makeup art actually belongs to the creative field, which values portfolios and past works on an extreme basis. Though works speak for themselves, it is still mandatory to include the makeup artist resume skills sections!
    (Only those fine-art artists that are generally more famous only use their portfolio. For most applicants, a makeup artist resume is still a must while applying for an official career position.) 
  • Makeup artists in different fields require different techniques. Be sure to check it out! 

Most Common & Useful Makeup Artist Skills on Resume

  • Time Management
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Customer Service
  • Communication 
  • Airbrush Technique
  • Special Effect Techniques
    • Gelatin Prosthetic Sculpting / Prosthetic Makeup
    • Burns / Scars / Blood / Veins Make up 
  • Stage Makeup
  • Catwalk Makeup
  • Skin Care 
  • Color Theory
  • Product Knowledge 
  • Hair Styling 
  • Fashion / Bridal / Natural Makeup

4. Customize your makeup artist resume for a specific job

Despite the slim possibility of doing so, most, if not all, employers want to find the perfect fit for the role. Be sure to at least fit the general makeup artist description on one’s resume to kick start the application journey. A professional makeup artist resume should include all sections and necessary information along with a strong portfolio.

5. Proofread your makeup artist resume

Ostentatious vocabularies are unnecessary. Rather, it only shows a candidate’s incapability to communicate with others. Proofreading avoids silly mistakes and can sharpen the makeup artist resume.

What is the best resume format for makeup artist resumes?

1️⃣ Hybrid

Combination of functional + chronological format.- Most suitable for experienced candidates while writing their makeup artist resume.- Also a recommended format for a beginner makeup artist resume.

2️⃣ Targeted

A makeup artist resume format customized for an individual role/job.- Cost enormous time and effort in return for high chances.- Recommended resume format for makeup artist fresher (to show personal determination).

3️⃣ Functional

Zoom in on makeup artist resume skills instead of working experiences.- Skills on a makeup artist resume speak for themselves if there are authentic portfolios to support the claim!

4️⃣ Chronological

From present to past.- The safest choice for most makeup artist resumes.

How to make a makeup artist resume template?

Resume Template is such a great mastery: it sums up the knowledge of the past and offers the candidate the most useful, and transferrable tips at once. A strong makeup artist resume template will surely guide the candidate’s journey and help create a corresponding, well-prepared makeup artist resume.

🖇 Option 1: Microsoft Word, Mac OS Pages, or Equivalent Editors

  • Stand on the shoulders of the giants.
    Online makeup artist resume samples can be the candidate’s starting point! Check out the makeup artist resume examples first, and then inquire, investigate, and learn.
  • Avoid extravagant vocabularies and design. Not only will that help the makeup artist resume to be concise, it will also make sure the resumes are ATS-friendly. 
    1. Formatting the Makeup Artist Resume
      1. Use 12pt as the primary font size and adjust it between 10-16pt for different purposes (headline, notes, etc). 
      2. Classical fonts: Arial / Helvetica / Cambria / Time New Roman / Georgia / Calibri 
  • Sections the candidate must include:
    Contact Email/ Phone + Skills + Employment History.

🖇 Option 2: Online Resume Creator

Word editors are sure convenient for those aiming for a succinct (and sometimes classical) design. However, it generally takes more effort and time as the candidate needs to start from scratch.

An online resume builder can be a good choice for those crafting the makeup artist resume. 

Cakeresume is an emerging global platform helping people to connect. The builder offers free samples of makeup artist resumes, numerous tips and tricks into writing, and even some hiring connections (depending on the users’ location). Furthermore, it is also known as the most suitable and most used online resume builder for artists and engineers to showcase their portfolio and Github works!

Top 8 makeup artist resume dos and don'ts

✔️ Dos:

  • Distinguish between a makeup artist resume & makeup artist CV. 
    1. Resume: crafted specifically for a role and company. 
      1. Resume format for makeup artist: 1 page max. 
    2. CV: generally used in academics. Documented all details of one’s education & employment, regardless of position and industry. 
      1. CV format for makeup artist: long. generally 2+ pages and more. 
  • Include information that is relatable to the specific role & industry.
  • Data-oriented accomplishment is the most preferred outcome. If not applicable, portfolios and pictures are also suitable for makeup artists to showcase their skills. 
  • Use ATS-friendly makeup artist resume template! 
  • Use active verbs!

❌ Don'ts:

  • Adopt an antique version of career objective for makeup artist. Artist should always be at the frontline of fashion and beauty. An outdated objective may hint incompatibility to catch up with the current trend and fashion style -- which is sure not an optimal impression. 
  • Send the makeup artist resume in word document. Always use pdf as the primary choice. 
  • Report any personal information that may be harmful and cause discriminative bias (age, marital status, LGBT, etc.) + intellectual information from past employment that may cause legal disputes.

Cake provides the right makeup artist resume templates & formats to showcase your skills and experience. Sign up to create the best makeup artist research resume. Download it for Free!

Makeup artist resume sample

Ben Chou

MAC makeup artist with 11+ years experience in high-fashion and catwalk industry.

Mobile: (+2) 012-11222
Email: [email protected]


Certified makeup artist nominated in Malta Fashion Week’s Hall of Fame. Has a proven 11+ years in the catwalk industry. At Mac, sold $6000+ per week in product and skin-care programs. Trained 4 other makeup artists in the team.

Work Experience

Senior Makeup Artist, MAC, CA       

Sep 2017 - Present

  • Performed 50+ client consultants and makeup applications per week. 
  • Trained 4+ makeup consultants at MAC. 
  • Sold $6000+ per week in product and skin-care programs. 
  • Responsible for most MAC events at CA state regions as makeup artists for commercial photoshoots, events, and campaigns.

Makeup Artist, VJY Diro Fashion, NY

Jun 2010 - Jun 2017

  • Designed lookbook and strategy according to the art director and own creative analysis. 
  • Prototyped, and performed 2+ fashion shows makeup applications per week. 
  • Maintained & managed the makeup team’s inventory.
  • Represented the Fashion Company at industry events.


  • Airbrushing Techniques
  • Skin Care & Facial Treatment
  • Hair Design & Styling
  • Sales & Product Knowledge
  • Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Communication & Customer Service
  • Project Time Management 
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Attentive to Details
  • Bilingual in Portuguese and English


Graduate Certificate in Makeup & Theater
The Makeup For Ever Academy


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