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Before we start learning how to write a marketing director resume, let’s go over the difference between a marketing director and a marketing manager.

In large corporations that offer multiple products and/or services, a marketing manager oversees the marketing efforts of one particular product, while a marketing director handles the general marketing strategy of all products. Simply put, multiple marketing managers report to one marketing director.

As you can imagine, a marketing director usually has rich experience in marketing. The role requires advanced strategic and leadership skills, which is why you need a strong and impressive marketing director resume in order to land the job.

How to write a professional marketing director resume?

🖋 Step 1: Write an eye-catching resume headline.

A marketing director resume headline states who you are as a professional in one single line.

The key is to let recruiters quickly get an idea of your expertise and value. If it fails to show relevance to the position, recruiters might skip the rest of your marketing director resume.

Place your resume headline at the top of your resume and highlight your best strength.

Marketing director resume headline examples:

  • Strategic Marketing Director with 8+ Years of Experience in B2B Product Marketing
  • Senior Marketing Director Specialized in Building Global Consumer Brands
  • Award-winning Head of Marketing Who Led and Empowered 200 Employees

🖋 Step 2: Craft a professional resume summary.

The next step is to further explain your experience and skills in a short paragraph. The best marketing resume summary is concise, relevant, and provides quantifiable results.

This crucial paragraph determines whether recruiters would continue to read your marketing director resume. Make sure to include your greatest achievements.

Digital marketing director resume summary examples:

  • Marketing Director in charge of multi-million digital marketing programs, extensive experience in strategic planning, budget management, execution, and ROI tracking. Led a team of 10 marketing professionals focused on executing email, social media, and content marketing.
  • Marketing Director with 10+ years of strategic marketing experience in startups. Designed and managed a series of digital marketing campaigns that boosted customer base by 360% and annual revenue by 80%. MBA graduate with strong project management, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills.
  • Data-driven marketing director skilled in branding, SEO, SEM, and paid advertising. Developed and launched marketing campaigns that increased web traffic by 120% and social media followers by 72% in 6 months.

🖋 Step 3: Include key marketing skills.

A concise list of your professional skills on your marketing director resume can quickly let recruiters understand your expertise without having to read through all of your work experience.

It is recommended to include both hard skills in marketing and soft skills such as interpersonal and organizational skills for a marketing director job on your resume.

Marketing director skill examples:

  • Market Research
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Public Relations
  • Product Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Presentation
  • Leadership & Team-building
  • Cross-functional Communication
  • Project Management
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

🖋 Step 4: Tailor your marketing director resume to the specific job.

Different positions, even with identical titles, may require different skills depending on the industry and the company.

Study the job requirement and job description, and prioritize experience and skills that speak directly to the position.

If you are applying to multiple openings, make sure you make different versions of your marketing director resume for them.

🖋 Step 5: Proofread your marketing director resume.

A marketing director CV that contains typos and grammar errors looks unprofessional. Remember to triple-check your resume carefully before you submit it.

What is the best marketing director resume format?

How to best showcase your skills in a marketing director resume? The best resume format really depends on your career history. Here’s a quick introduction of 4 common resume formats:

  • A chronological resume format, or a reverse-chronological resume format, lists your latest work experience first and then the next most recent job. It is the most common format.
  • A functional resume format incorporated your experience and accomplishments in the skills section, instead of the employment history section on your marketing director resume.
  • A combinational resume format, or a hybrid resume format, merges the previous two formats. It highlights professional skills and achievements while also listing your work history in reverse-chronological order.
  • A targeted resume format is a resume highly customized for one position. You might include elements exclusively relevant to the company.

Most job seekers use a chronological format because it is the most straightforward option.

However, if you have your eyes set on one single position, you can also consider creating a targeted marketing director resume to show your effort and motivation.

How to make a marketing director resume template?

It is a great idea to make a marketing director resume template before you work on the content. While you can download resume templates online, designing your own template can ensure that it best showcases your strengths.

Here are some tools you can use to make your own marketing director resume template:

➡️ Microsoft Word or Pages:

Basic tools like Microsoft Word and Pages are useful to build simple templates. Start by listing all the sections you need and use H1 and H2 tags for the section headlines.

Determine a consistent set of fonts and font sizes for each section. Finally, use bullet points and bold texts to organize your marketing director resume content.

➡️ Online Resume Builder:

If you’re looking for templates that include more visual designs, an online resume builder might save a lot of time for you. You can enter your own text content and edit the designs based on the available templates.

For example, Cake provides a variety of resume templates and elements that makes your marketing director resume look unique and professional by simply dragging and dropping.

Cake provides the right marketing director resume templates & formats to showcase your skills and experiences. Sign up to create and download your resume now for free!

Top 10 marketing director resume dos and don'ts

Want to make your sales and marketing director resume stand out? Here are some advanced tips for you:

✅ Dos:

1. Include only relevant information on your marketing director resume.

While you might have rich experience in various fields, it’s important to include only information that makes you qualified as a marketing director.

2. Add quantifiable and measurable achievements.

State sales and traffic you contributed Try to include hard numbers in your marketing director resume, as they are way more credible and objective than superfluous adjectives.

3. Optimize the resume for ATS.

If you are not sure if a human or an ATS (applicant tracking system) will read your marketing director resume first, try to avoid formats such as tables and charts to make it easier for ATS to scan your resume.

4. Choose the right resume format.

As mentioned above, the right resume format best showcases your strengths. Take some extra time to try different formats for your marketing director resume and pick the one that works best for your career history.

5. Use active verbs in the resume.

For marketing director job descriptions on your resume, use resume action verbs to describe your tasks and achievements. They can concisely depict all kinds of professional work in a proactive narrative.

❌ Don’ts:

1. Don't use passive voice.

Sentences in the passive voice turn the focus away from you and what you did, which is the opposite of what you hope to achieve in your marketing director resume. They also take up considerably more space on your resume for a head of marketing role.

2. Don't write a vague and general resume objective statement.

As a marketing director are generally a role for experienced job seekers, a resume objective or a career objective is not suggested for a marketing director resume.

3. Don't disclose confidential information about previous employers.

It is dangerous to reveal too many details other than work duties about previous jobs on a head of marketing resume. Being respectful of the company is a crucial trait for all employers!

4. Don't include unnecessary personal details.

The common consensus is to keep resumes professional instead of personal. Photo, age, marital status, and ethnicity are not suitable for a marketing director resume.

5. Don't send the resume as a Word file.

Don’t send out your resume as a Word file as the formatting will likely mess up on different computers unless the company requires resumes in Word file. Submit your marketing director resume in pdf format instead.

Marketing director resume sample

Carissa Johnson

Marketing Director, 10 years of experience in global consumer brands

(+1) 000-1234
[email protected]

Resume Summary

Specializes in global market and communication strategy for consumer brands. Led Nike to win the 2020 Top 10 Best Global Brands. Proven track record in delivering exceptional brand marketing campaigns that raised awareness and preference by over 40%, leading to 20% revenue growth.

Professional Skills

  • Market research
  • Market analytics
  • Global market strategy
  • Branding
  • KPI & ROI management
  • C-suite communication
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic negotiation
  • Team-building and leadership
  • French (fluent) & German (intermediate)

Work Experience

Marketing Director / Nike
Nov 2017 - Present     

  • Develope global marketing strategies and annual KPIs for 8 departments in collaboration with the Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Lead a team of 500 marketing professionals to execute 50 marketing campaigns every year.
  • Achieved annual profit growth by over 15% for 3 years and grew customer base in developing countries by 30% in 2 years.

Digital Marketing Director, North America / PUMA        
Mar 2014 - Nov 2017

  • Developed and oversaw digital marketing strategies including social media, influencer partnerships, email marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Boosted membership in North America by 65% in 2016 through paid social media advertising and influencer marketing.
  • Increased marketing ROI by 22% in 2016 and 17% in 2015.


Master’s of Science in Marketing

Cornell University
2007 - 2009

Bachelor’s Degree in English

Boston University
2002 - 2006

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