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Marketing executives play a vital role as they are the main person regarding the marketability of a product or service. Knowing the right way to make a marketing executive resume is way simpler than orchestrating a marketing campaign, but there is no space for errors.

A market executive resume shall display how you are capable of many marketing responsibilities, such as reviewing marketing campaigns, conducting marketing research, and maintaining coordination between customers, investors, suppliers, etc.

Unlike a sales executive, who has a role more centered on being responsible for the overall sales activities of the company like presenting and demonstrating the product towards customers and maintaining customer satisfaction, your role as marketing executive goes beyond the buying and selling procedure.

The importance of a marketing executive resume is to demonstrate that you know how to handle a company’s product by operating and maintaining correct monitoring of the segments to which the company is directed.

In this way, crafting a marketing executive resume should clearly show that you can establish a close bond with customers, and promote the products through various marketing activities. That being said, it is crucial to include in your marketing executive resume the most relevant qualifications based on the job posting during your job search.

How to write a marketing executive resume

Step 1: Understand the Differences between a Marketing Executive CV and Resume.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are both documents detailing your career but are clearly different.

A CV for a marketing executive focuses on academic credentials, whereas a marketing executive resume highlights your qualifications for a job. If you take a look at a marketing executive CV sample, it can even reach 10 pages; while a marketing executive resume can be only 1-2 pages.

In most parts of North America, Australia, and Asia, a marketing executive CV is your go-to choice for academia, while a marketing executive resume is preferred when it comes to job applications.

Step 2: Choose the Right Resume Format.

Choosing a format for your marketing executive resume relies on the extent of your professional career. Therefore, you need to see which type of resume format for a marketing executive works best. There are four types of format for a marketing executive resume, including chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted resumes.  For more information, check 4 Types of Professional Resume Formats

A chronological resume format would be appropriate for many marketing executives with solid relevant experience, especially if you are creating a senior marketing executive resume. A functional format can be ideal if you are crafting a resume for a marketing executive fresher.

Step 3: Look Up Resume Templates & Resume Examples Online as References.

Look for a few marketing executive resume examples and elements you find useful. Based on how other resumes were done, you can adjust and reword your marketing executive resume, making it better than its original form.

Step 4: Tailor Your Resume for the Job Position.

Decide what elements are relevant to the job opening when tailoring your marketing executive resume, and only include details that match what the job demands.

Step 5: Craft a Marketing Executive Cover Letter.

Using your cover letter to approach employers with what you would bring to the table at a deeper level, such as your key qualifications and motivation.

Step 6: Proofread.

To prevent any errors and leave out needless information, check your marketing executive resume thoroughly.

What to put on a resume for a marketing executive

It is important to know what to include in your marketing executive resume and what structure looks like. A marketing executive resume is your presentation for a marketing role.

You would want to stress your strengths and capabilities that make a difference. Nevertheless, for making a well-written marketing executive resume, there are certain sections to take into account.

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

This is where you list your contact details so employers can reach you out. This section includes your name, email, and phone number. You can also include your address and LinkedIn profile. Avoid including any personal details in your marketing executive resume.

2. Resume Headline

Your headline in your marketing executive resume should be a well-written and concise sentence. It is important to craft it carefully as your importance is put forward and it is one of the first things employers read in your marketing executive resume.

  • Sales and marketing executive resume headline example:
  • Marketing executive who increasing department’s output by 55%.
  • Senior marketing executive resume headline example:
  • Experienced marketing executive who drove a 67% increase in revenue and acquired 20,000 followers within a year.

As you can see, a marketing executive resume headline can be made up with a single sentence. Showing an achievement within this sentence will get the recruiter’s attention.

3. Resume Summary

The more experience you have, the more complex it is for you to craft a  profile summary for a marketing executive position. A marketing executive profile summary lists facts regarding what you achieved throughout your career.

Adopt a resume summary for your marketing executive resume over a resume objective if you think you cover all that the listing is asking for.

  • Marketing executive resume summary example:
  • Self-learning professional with solid experience in the areas of Marketing and Customer Service with functions related to strategic planning, brand management, media relations, development of incentive campaigns, elaboration of customer loyalty actions, and social responsibility. Proven track record in team management and drove ROI increase by 47%.

An excellent marketing executive resume shall display accomplishments in this section. These accomplishments and proven history of roles and duties give a boost, especially for a marketing executive resume.

Moreover, do not forget to say in your marketing executive resume summary what marketing aspects you are good at based on your past jobs.

4. Resume Objective

A resume objective shows your career aspirations, unlike a profile summary for a marketing executive. Although a resume summary is preferred for senior candidates, you can use a resume objective if you believe it is easier to try to appeal to the company’s goals and values.

  • Marketing executive resume objective example:
    Ambitious marketing professional with 3 years of experience. Skilled in market research, consumer insights, visual merchandising, brand management, and introduction of new products on the market. Seeking a position to further skills for and be a crucial member of the company’s strategic management of product marketing and merchandising teams.

Unlike a resume/profile summary, an objective in your marketing executive resume aligns you with the company and demonstrates how your ambitions and goals can relate to what the organization/company stands for.

5. Skills

The skills in your marketing executive resume show prospective recruiters whether you are eligible for the job. Here are some examples of skills to include in your marketing executive resume:

Hard Skills:

  • MS Office
  • Google Analytics
  • Product & market research
  • Lead generation

Soft Skills:

  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation skills

Your marketing executive resume would benefit from using both hard skills and soft skills, as this demonstrates that you are a well-rounded person.

6. Work Experience

Include your relevant work experience in your marketing executive resume.

Segment your work experience by companies and each section should include: 

  • Job title
  • Name of the company/organization
  • Dates of employment (month, year)
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Achievements (if any)

Here is an example of a work experience section, covering job responsibilities for a marketing executive resume:

Marketing Executive, Howwa International
Sep 2018 - Dec 2020

  • Developed the construction of distribution plans with the internal team, marketing, and logistics.
  • Managed human resources, resource materials, and financial resources.
  • Advised the company's board and sectors in the area of operation, which led to an overall increase in manufacturing optimization.

7. Education

Name the college or university you attended and the graduation year. Also, mention any degree titles you obtained in your academic experience.

Tips for Writing the Best Marketing Executive Resume

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your marketing executive resume.

📎 Tip 1: Customize the Resume for the Job
Modify your marketing executive resume based on the job description

 📎 Tip 2: Quantify Results on Resume
Calculable results demonstrate evidence of your skills and capabilities, so do include these in your marketing executive resume.

 📎 Tip 3: Craft an ATF-friendly Resume
Make sure that the readability of your marketing executive resume is top quality. Based on the job description, follow important keywords and use a common format, such as a chronological resume format, so that the ATS program passes the resume.

 📎 Tip4: Adopt Resume Action Words (Verbs)
The use of the active voice gives your marketing executive resume a proactive tone. Be sure that action verbs, such as the ones in this verb collection, are used to illustrate that you truly are a competent candidate.

 📎 Tip 5: Include Specializations or a Portfolio
Without your specializations, a marketing executive resume is not complete. These show whether you have what the work position demands. You can include a link to your website or a portfolio you have online for employers to see.

Cake provides the right marketing executive resume templates & formats for you to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best marketing executive resume Now!

How to Write a Marketing Executive Cover Letter

Your job application letter for a marketing executive position should have the following:

1. Contact Details
Your letter shall have your name, email, and phone number.

2. Introduction
Give a short introduction at the beginning of your marketing executive cover letter. You don’t have to go through many specifics, so use no more than 3-4 sentences. The last sentence should transition to the next part: why the job position is of importance to you.

3. Motivation (Intention to Apply)
Tell recruiters why you are interested in their position. Explain why you are interested in working for that business in your marketing executive cover letter. This segment focuses on how you can relate to the organization and how their values and beliefs are matched with yours.

4. Qualification
This part also relates to a sales executive cover letter in one thing: selling yourself with facts. How do you do this? Describe your past roles that speak to the position and talk about your accomplishments and how skilled you are. Make sure this part in your marketing executive cover letter shows you are qualified.

5. Closing
Let them know you are excited to hear from them soon and that you accept any questions recruiters may have.

Marketing Executive Resume Sample (Text Format)

Jonathan Jenkins

Experienced marketing executive who increased customer base by 120% within a year

Mobile: (+19) 000-8753
Email: [email protected]


Professional with more than 10 years of experience, focusing on development and strategies in the area of digital marketing creation and web development. Skilled and experienced in strategic planning, campaign development, advertising and communication materials, social networks, engagement campaigns, graphics designing, and videos.

Work Experience

Digital Marketing Executive | Opport Lab

Mar 2015 - Mar 2021

  • Planned campaigns, communication, and promotion/products for digital and web marketing.
  • Developed sales incentive campaigns, defined KPI’s and coordinated project executions with internal and external teams.
  • Introduced innovation strategies and analysis in the retail industry.

Digital Marketing Strategist | Portanova Inc.

Aug 2010 - Dec 2014

  • Generated daily website visits increase by 30% and increased social media following to 50,000 followers.
  • Met customer experience goals by adding input and advice from consumers to strategic plans and reviews.
  • Created and monitored digital marketing campaigns, including social networks.


Hard Skills

  • Inbound marketing
  • SEO
  • Trend analysis
  • Project management
  • Search advertising

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Attention to detail
  • "Can do" attitude
  • Negotiation skills


B.A in Business Administration | Villanova University

2006 - 2010

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