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Do you love to help others get rid of stress or recover from injuries or soreness? As a massage therapist, you are the one people will go to for a peaceful wellness treatment.  

Your tasks as a massage therapist include:  

  • Learn about the health situation of each client
  • Design and personalize a massage procedure for each client
  • Ensure results throughout the process
  • Track progress and make treatment adjustments if necessary

Similarly, a spa therapist works to assist clients with massage treatments for a relaxing experience. What differs is that a spa therapist focuses on temporary stress relief treatment while a massage therapist provides long-term health treatment. Though a spa therapist’s job slightly differs, a massage therapist is often referred to as a spa therapist. 

Before you can start accepting client requests, you will need to display your qualifications and show that your abilities fit the role of a massage therapist through a convincing resume.

Relax your shoulders and be prepared to study up and design out a professional massage therapist resume with our simple method.

Which resume format is the best for a massage therapist resume?

3 types of resume formats suitable for a massage therapist

Resume format affects how the materials in your massage therapist resume will be delivered to the employer. This can make a great impact on your chance of getting hired whether you are creating an entry-level massage therapist resume or you are crafting a resume as a licensed massage therapist.

The three types of formats for your massage therapist resume include:

  • Chronological resume format:
    - Pros: the format that most hiring managers are used to.
    - Cons: not suitable for people with career gaps.  
  • Functional resume format:
    - Pros: focusing on skills and suitable for people with career gaps or entry-level job seekers.
    - Cons: not common and might raise questions.
  • Combinational format:
    - Pros: fit for people with both experience and skills.
    - Cons: seemingly repetitive. 

Which format should a massage therapist resume be sent in? 

Once you have narrowed down a resume format, decide in what format you want to submit your spa therapist resume.

The two common resume document options are: 

  • Massage therapist resume as a PDF file (recommended) 
    - Pros: readable across diverse devices.
    - Cons: large storage size & may not be ATS-friendly.
  • Massage therapist resume as a Word file (not always recommended)
    - Pros: smaller storage size & readable by ATS.
    - Cons: your resume layout design messing up. 

How to prepare a culinary resume with no experience?

If you are writing an entry-level massage therapist resume, here is some advice:

Advice 1:

Choose the functional resume format.This is the perfect format for you due to its emphasis on your massage therapy skills for your resume. 

Advice 2:
Include a career objective statement.A massage therapist resume objective statement will let the employer understand your career vision and how it aligns with the establishment. 

Advice 3:
Highlight your educational background or training you have received. Display that you have fulfilled the required postsecondary degree or other additional programs. 

What to include in a massage therapist resume?

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

The essentials to include in your personal information section:

  • full name
  • professional title
  • email 
  • phone number
  • address

Additionally, you can include your LinkedIn profile or your personal website within your spa therapist resume. 

2. Massage Therapist Resume Headline

The headline for your massage therapist resume is a brief introduction to who you are. Feature your strengths, experience, or certifications/licensing in the resume headline to make it as noteworthy as possible.  

Massage Therapist Resume Headline Example: 

Client-Oriented Massage Therapist with a Strong Focus on Reflexology

3. Massage Therapist Resume Summary

The summary for your massage therapist resume lists your capabilities. Choose impressive facts about you from your educational achievements, work experience, or your expertise to show the employer you are a good fit for the role. 

Massage Therapist Resume Summary Example: 

Arizona-licensed massage therapist with 4+ years of experience providing comforting deep tissue massage for clients with various symptoms. Highly knowledgeable in trigger points, shiatsu massages, and reflexology. 

4. Massage Therapist Resume Objective

The objective for your massage therapist resume is used as a replacement of a summary statement if you are an entry-level massage therapist. Just like a massage therapist resume summary statement, the objective will provide further details as to what you are capable of, with the addition of a career trajectory for the employer to understand your vision.

Massage Therapist Resume Objective Example: 

Considerate massage therapist with an Ivy Tech associate’s degree in therapeutic massage. Eager to join Cloud Health Center as a massage therapist to advance my knowledge in reflexology and therapeutic techniques to assist more clients. 

5. Massage Therapist Resume Skills

The massage therapy skills for your resume should contain both physical and interpersonal skills. While the employers will love to hear that you are skilled in deep tissue massages, they will also love to learn from your massage therapist resume that you have outstanding customer service skills. 

Massage Therapist Resume Skill Examples: 

  • Customer Service
  • Aromatherapy
  • Empathy 

6.  Massage Therapist Resume Work Experience

List your most recent positions that relate to the role of a massage therapist even if it is not the traditional full-time job. From hospital/massage internships to temporary gigs, they will all be valued by employers.  

Massage Therapist Resume Work Experience Example: 

Sports Massage Therapy Intern
RJ Clinic, Missouri
Jan 2014 - Jun 2016

  • Designed a collection of massage therapy treatments for athletic injuries to ensure a quick recovery and healing process.

7.  Massage Therapist Resume Education

Put the spotlight on your educational achievements especially if you are creating an entry-level massage therapist resume. Make sure to have your school name, type of degree, major, and duration of education.  

Massage Therapist Resume Education Example: 

A.S. in Massage Therapy
Keiser University
2012 - 2014

8. Additional Information for your Massage Therapist Resume

Many states have their specifications to become a qualified massage therapist. Let your future clients know you have massage licenses in a wide variety of states if you are looking to create a self employed massage therapist resume.

Extra Information for your Massage Therapist Resume Examples: 

  • Certificate: Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB)
  • License: Licensed Arizona Massage Therapist

5 tips on how to write a good massage therapist resume

🔍 1. Tailor your massage therapist resume to match the job description. 

The best way to get started is by carefully reviewing the massage therapist job description for the role you are applying for and use keywords from the job posting when writing your resume.

Once you gain a sense of what employers are looking for, you can start incorporating relevant skills and experience into your massage therapist resume. 

Further reading:  600+ Resume Keyword Examples List by Industry & How to Use them

🔍 2. Keep it concise. 

Employers usually don't have a lot of time to read all the resumes they receive. Make sure your massage therapist resume is not lengthy and, thus, discourages hiring managers from reading it.

🔍 3. Refer to online sample massage therapist resumes. 

Looking at massage therapist resume examples gives you an overview of what employers typically expect for a massage therapist position. This can be a big plus for you, especially if you are creating an entry-level massage therapist resume, as it can help lead you on the right path.  

🔍 4. Keep the formatting consistent. 

Just like how clients expect an organized and neat massage therapy, employers expect your massage therapist resume to be consistent and tidy. 

🔍 5. Review your therapist resume before submission.

For either a massage therapist job or a spa therapist role, make sure to check over your massage therapist resume for any errors or edits needed. 

What massage therapist resume template is the most successful one?

🖋 Should I use a resume template?

  • Yes, because:
    - It's a good reference if you don’t know where to start.
    - It saves you time in creating the layout.
  • No, because:
    - Many designs are too similar.
    - There's no room to show your creativity

🖋 What is the best massage therapist resume template?

  • If you have limited  experience: Simple design with a focus on skills and relevant but not professional massage therapist job experience.
  • If you have extensive experience: Design a layout with a focus on your experience and accomplishments.

🖋 Where can I get a free resume template?

  • CakeResume: A variety of designs with user-friendly editing functions.
  • Microsoft Word or Google Docs: Already-made templates with basic editing functions.

With CakeResume, you can easily create a massage therapist resume online, free download your resume in PDF format, and utilize ATS-compliant templates to create a resume. Land your dream job, create your massage therapist resume online (free download) now!

Massage therapist resume sample

Sierra Ha

Kansas State Certified Massage Therapist Dedicated in Alleviating Client Discomforts

Hays, KS 67601 
[email protected]


Determined massage therapist with 2+ years of experience healing client body injuries and muscle tensions. Knowledgeable in areas of pressure points, muscle soothing treatments, and reflexology. 

Work Experience

Massage Therapist
Hays Clinic
May 2020 - Present 

  • Craft personalized short-term and long-term procedures for each client to ensure effective results.  
  • Create a strong loyal client base due to a healthy communication style with the clients. 
  • Improved our selection of treatments with aromatherapy, which helped boost revenue by $40k. 

Assistant Massage Therapist
Hays Clinic
Dec 2018 - Mar 2019

  • Educated clients with advice on lifestyle adjustments to ensure healthy results.  
  • Received 100+ client comments with an average satisfaction rate of 99%.
  • Updated and maintained client scheduling, information, and progress results for the massage therapists. 


Hard Skills:

  • Pressure Points
  • Muscle Soothing Techniques
  • Swedish Massages
  • Deep Tissue Massages
  • Injury Treatment 
  • Reflexology
  • Soft Tissue Massages
  • Massage Regulations 
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Hydrotherapy 

Soft Skills:

  • Passionate 
  • Friendly
  • Problem-Solving
  • Careful
  • Patient
  • Communication
  • Organized
  • Punctual  
  • Resourceful
  • Interpersonal  


  • Kansas State Certified in Massage Therapy


B.S. in Health Sciences
Fort Hays State University

2016 - 2020

  • Concentration in Massage Therapy

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun ---

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