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Modern science and medicine are the backbones of society: so are the individuals who devoted their lives to it. 

📝 Medical assistant's responsibilities include both clinical and administrative tasks in the medical-setting office (including but not limited to hospitals and healthcare facilities). They maintain the official records, assist during clinical exams, perform front-desk tasks, and more.  

The remedy for a patient is suitable medicines; likewise, for those applying for this world of medical science, a strong medical office assistant resume will be a candidate’s cure in the endless battle against the job-application-virus. 

The article contains crucial procedures and guidelines regarding the power of persuasive rhetoric in one’s application, whether one is working on a CMA resume or a medical assistant resume with no experience. At the very end, a medical office assistant resume sample is also provided for reference.

How to write a resume for a medical assistant job?

Tip 1: An ATS-friendly medical assistant resume format will help a lot. 

For those applying, one must acknowledge the massive competition in the medical field, as well as the common adoption for systematic/digital recruiting in most hospitals due to their moving traffic (in terms of human beings, of course). 

⚠ Avoiding fanciful formats and layouts for constructing a professional resume is important. A simple and easy to read resume format can help readers (and ATS!) screen your medical assistant resume more efficiently.

Tip 2: Refer to successful medical assistant resume templates and examples.  

Medical assistant resume examples and templates and samples came from the soul of past knowledge, and will sure offer insights. 

Tip 3: Customize the medical assistant resume for the job.

Parallel one’s skill and “packaging” with the keywords and requirements the HRs provided.

For instance, for those crafting a medical office administration resume, be sure to highlight the candidate’s experience and skills in administrative tasks; in comparison, for those applying and writing a clinical assistant resume, it would be more optical to showcase one’s clinical assistant experiences (lab, real-life, patient, etc.) 

🔎  Note: Depending on one’s working country, the HRs will require either a CV or a resume. Be sure to present the required one.

The difference between the two are as followed: 

📝 CV 
Academic setting
Detailed documentary of all academic and professional experience
2 pages 

📝 Resume
- Customization needed.
- Specifically for a certain role and industry
Only include information and experience related to the applied career

1-page max

Tip 4: Quantify the results if possible. 

Information regarding updating or maintaining the patient database, laboratory analysis, or clinical exams can be the starting points. 

Tip 5: Include your medical certificates.

Certificates or educational background in itself related to the medical fields implies professional knowledge and achievements. Despite the seemingly “easy” medical assistant duties, a recruiter will surely prefer those with strong background knowledge than those who don’t. 

📍 Reminder: This becomes a must if one’s writing a certified medical assistant resume!

What is a good objective for a medical assistant resume?

Career objective, as its name suggests, focuses on a candidate’s career goal and purpose. Despite its nature as an optional component to a medical assistant resume or CV, providing a career objective gives a more humanistic feature and might be able to catch the recruiters’ attention (drastic plus to secure interviews!). 

The gist of medical assistant resume objectives

  • Highlight one’s professional vision & goals = a great way to personalize a candidate’s application
  • Be Specific & Concise = no one wants to read essays
  • Keep the essence of the medical assistant job description in mind for your resume = do not mention one’s air pilot dream if it’s a medical office administration resume

Samples of medical assistant objectives for a resume:

  • Highly-engaged medical assistant with over 5+ experience, with the added passion to work in non-profit institutions. 
  • Proven history of 5+ years as a certified medical assistant, expecting to help patients with blood disorders and cancers. 
  • Committed and licensed medical assistant looking to gain experience in dementia and elderly treatment. 

Write a professional resume summary for a medical assistant job

A medical assistant resume summary highlights a candidate’s highest (and most relatable) achievements and skills. 

It’s like a bio, and is generally located at the very top of the resume. A medical assistant professional summary helps the recruiters to easily locate one’s most capable skills and achievements, and provide more chances for an interview. 

The gist of medical assistant professional summary

  • Read the medical assistant duties on the recruitment board. Take note of the duties and match the candidate’s own experience and skills into the summary. 
  • Structure the medical assistant resume summary. Although there is no definite structure, keep the writing concise and easy to comprehend. 
  • Start with an essential adjective = personalize the candidate (avoid cliches). 

Samples of medical assistant resume summary:

  • Sympathetic, AAMA certified medical assistant with 4+ years experience in medical facilities. Served 35+ patients per day and is known for dedication to offering prime patient care. 
  • CMA with 3+ experience in family medical practice. Provide advanced medical and patient care abilities. 
  • Compassionate medical assistant with 2+ years of experience advocating for non-profit childcare. Thrives in providing patient care in apace environments. 

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Skills to put on a resume for a medical assistant

The medical assistant resume skills refer to the candidate’s professional abilities in their role as a medical assistant. 

The 4 common formats for writing the skills are: 

1. Simple Bullet List

✅ Pros:

  • Straightforward & clear 
  • A great starting point for writing a medical assistant student resume or entry-level medical assistant resume

❌ Cons:

  • Could be too straightforward & doesn’t explain much (the recruiters might have doubts if the candidate did not provide evidence) 

2. List with expanded bullets

✅ Pros:

  • More impactful than a simple bullet list 
  • Gives credibility

❌ Cons:

  • Takes more room. Difficult to provide 5+ skills if using this format. 

3. Integrated with work experience

✅ Pros:

  • Conveys absolute professional competence

❌ Cons:

  • Extensive length
  • Not recommended for freshers

4. Categorized skills section

✅ Pros:

  • Great for a job requiring a wide range of skill set

❌ Cons:

  • Only applicable for professions that require a wide range of skill sets

💡 The gist of writing medical office assistant skills on resume: 

  • For entry-level medical assistant resume
    Draw attention to the medical assistant resume skills sections, as the candidate might not have enough experience. However, do not ramble and always keep the content relevant. 
  • For experienced job seekers
    Keep the medical assistant resume skills section concise, as the comparison will highlight the candidate’s work experience = which is a strength for experienced job seekers. 
  • Provide both hard & soft skills to show a candidate is professional but also well rounded (indeed, finding a job is difficult).  
  • Match the job requirements. 

Samples of medical assistant resume skills:

The entry barriers for medical workers is generally higher than the average job. They require a special set of skills that appears on a medical administrative assistant resume are as followed:

  • Proficiency with EMR and CPOE software
  • Certified First Aid and CPR 
  • Knowledgeable on HIPPA & JCAHO 
  • Experienced Injection and blood draws 
  • Patient Preparation & Scheduling
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • Office Management 
  • Team Leadership 
  • Clinical Expertise 
  • Bilingual (Advanced Spanish & English)

How to write a medical assistant resume with no experience?

💡 Advice 1: Check out medical assistant resume examples and templates. 

The widely known resume formats for writing medical assistant resumes are: chronological, hybrid, targeted, and functional (to know more, check out “The Go-to-Format for Medical Assistant Resumes”). 

As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, most freshmen or new graduates lack the experience to offer their competence in the job application race. Instead of using a chronological format that focuses on professional experience, it is recommended that a medical assistant resume with no experience should adopt a targeted or functional format and stress on their skills and motive. 

💡 Advice 2: Add an “Achievement” section.

Instead of providing a working history (which one should still include if possible), the word-of-mouth secrets for a good entry-level medical assistant resume or medical assistant externship resume are to highlight a candidate’s highest achievements. 

A wide range of topics can be covered: whether it’s a medical competition, a patent, publication of scientific papers, or related extracurricular activities. 

💡 Advice 3:  Craft a medical assistant objectives for your resume

Why did one choose the medical field (which is known for rigorous studies and hardworking)?

The underlying motive? What specific areas would one want to focus on and why? (Cancer, dementia, child-care, and more?) 

💡 Advice 4: Highlight your education. 

If the medical assistant experience on one’s resume is limited (an inevitable downside for freshers), the power of compelling credibility comes into play.

Not to be discriminatory, but the educational background indeed says a lot about a candidate, immediately giving glimpses of the candidate’s level of knowledge and training status to the recruiters. 

Be sure to provide evidence of a well-prepared educational background and evidence in one's medical assistant resume(s). 

💡 Advice 5: Include your portfolio. 

This may be similar to the “achievement section”, but instead provides access to the actual project (for instance, if a student did a whole advocating campaign for mental-disease patients, one can provide the link to the campaign or some sorts of concrete documentation of its process and results). 

For fledglings attempting to create a strong clinical assistant resume, one can provide in-school provides, advocacy and non-profit campaigns, competition results, personal projects, and more.

Medical assistant resume sample

Sherry Admin

Certified Medical Assistant at ABC Hospital

(+3) 111-11112
[email protected]

Professional Summary

AAMA Certified Medical Assistant with 6+ years experience in clinical and administrative healthcare environments. Served as key leader of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. Experienced in both private clinical office and large hospital settings.

Work Experience

Sr. Medical Assistant
Taipei Regional Hospital                           
Feb 2019 - Present 

  • Praised for accurate and efficient injections, blood draws, and ancillary tests (chemistry analysis, urinalysis, immunoassays, and more). Monitored vital signs 25+ a day. 
  • Updated and Verified patient medical history, pharmacy information, and prescriptions orders in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Address patient’s concerns to physicians. 
  • Oversaw patient medication distribution to 2 wings of 20 hospital beds. 

Medical Assistant
Elderly Care Facility                                         
May 2016 - Jan 2019

  • Demonstrated proficiency in monitoring patients’ vital signs (deviance from normal) and medical histories. Monitored and took care of 12+ patients per day. 
  • Performed injections, diagnostic procedures, and blood draw. 
  • Maintained facility and equipment sanitation and ensured efficient completion of administrative responsibilities.


2016, The University of Texas at Dallas
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies


  • Patient Scheduling & Preparation 
  • Patient Assessment
  • Experienced in Injections, Blood Draws, and Ancillary Testing
  • Medical Database Management 
  • Equipment Maintenance & Restocking
  • Billing & Coding Medical Records
  • CPT Destinations
  • CPR, First Aid Certification
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills

--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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