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Medical Receptionist Cover Letter
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Healthcare facilities, like hospitals or clinics, more often than not have busy schedules. To ease some of the workloads, medical receptionists provide administrative support and act as a bridge between physicians and patients. Some of their duties include greeting patients, maintaining records, verifying insurance claims, and managing billing and payment collections. 

If you are looking into a medical receptionist role, writing a cover letter not only sets you apart but also demonstrates how well you can perform the job. Moreover, a medical receptionist cover letter allows you to highlight your personality and add impact to the experiences on your resume.

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This guide provides cover letter samples for different medical receptionist jobs, with tips on how to format and write your own medical receptionist cover letter. Stay tuned for a cover letter template at the end that you can tailor for your medical receptionist job application.

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

When writing your cover letter, take into account the differences between positions and responsibilities. While a medical front office receptionist and a medical receptionist may work front-end duties, a medical secretary primarily handles tasks without interacting with customers in person.

Below are cover letter samples for a medical receptionist, a medical secretary, and a medical front office job that you can compare and contrast.  

✉️ Cover Letter for Medical Receptionist

The following is a medical receptionist cover letter sample for an applicant with no experience in medical environments. The candidate pulls from her customer service experiences to demonstrate her knowledge of applicable skills in her cover letter.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

December 1, 2022

AB Healthcare
1234 Tine Street, MO 65123

Dear Ms. Langley,

Having worked as a Customer Service Representative at AltHydro for 3 years, I understand how to work under pressure, while delivering timely assistance to customers and my team members. I aim to broaden my expertise in customer service and hope to assist your goal of providing compassionate care at AB Healthcare as an Entry-Level Medical Receptionist. I am currently a second-year Biology student at XYU and look forward to a future in healthcare practice.

I hold extensive organizational experience in accounts receivables management, one of the core skills listed in your job description. As a Customer Service Representative, I kept track of customer records, created invoice reports, and prepared collections requests over phone and email follow-ups. My attention to pending payments and prioritization of collections accounts increased the number of on-time payments by 5%. 

I am also familiar with independent and collaborative problem-solving practices that could benefit your clinic and care family. At AltHydro, I answered high-volume calls on a daily basis and understood how to resolve disputes, supplement relevant explanations, and transfer calls to appropriate members when needed. To date, I have helped reduce customer complaints by 30%. 

It would be a pleasure to discuss how I balance swift and attentive customer service in person. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jane Doe

✉️ Cover Letter for Medical Secretary

Below is a medical secretary cover letter that speaks to specialized medical knowledge and compatibility with health staff. Note how a cover letter in this case would place more emphasis on strengths that cater to the workflow of practitioners, rather than on direct customer encounters.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

December 1, 2022

1234 Lane Drive, MO 65125

Dear Dr. Suri,

As a Medical Secretary who worked at NUHealth, I have developed organization, judgment, and verbal and written communication skills in inpatient and outpatient contexts. I came across your opening for a Medical Secretary and believe my experiences in interdisciplinary tasks would be a strength at SYMed. 

I understand the medical complexities and processes that take place behind the scenes of a patient's treatment. At NUHealth, I was involved in medical billing, task scheduling, and inventory management. My responsibilities required a strong command of medical terminology and knowledge of interdisciplinary expectations. 

With proficiency in CPT and ICD-9 coding, I transcribed physician notes and verified and processed insurance claims for accurate medical billing. My diligence in identifying areas of health coverage has reduced billing discrepancies by 5%. To meet the needs of health practitioners, I scheduled patient and staff meetings within minutes, created medical reports, and forwarded mails to nurses or doctors. I also streamlined procedural preparation by conducting inventory checks, contacting suppliers, and ordering medical equipment.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am excited to bring my knowledge of administrative flow to a busy health center like yours. Please feel free to contact me so we can schedule an interview.

Jane Doe

✉️ Medical Front Office Cover Letter

The following is a front office cover letter for a Medical Front Office Assistant. The applicant takes on a customer-centric approach in her cover letter and highlights the importance of patient care.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

December 1, 2022

Myers-Brigg Institute
1234 Hospital Street, MO 6125

Dear Ms. Shaw,

I am eager to apply for your position as a Medical Front Office Assistant at Myers-Brigg Institute. As a former Patient Services Representative at LM Group, I hold exceptional customer service experience that focuses on providing safe and trustworthy care to patients. 

Working in customer-facing areas, I greeted visitors, calmed patients in waiting areas, and helped walk-ins with registration processes. Besides setting up a welcoming experience, I value patient confidentiality and accuracy. I am well-acquainted with using EMR systems and following HIPAA guidelines to gather patient records, check medical charts, and collect cash or debit/credit payments. By answering inquiries and identifying sources of concerns, I have increased the rate of first-call resolutions by 20%.

With strong time-management and organization skills, I booked, rescheduled, and set reminders for patient appointments. I am also fluent in operating data management systems, such as Epic. At present, my accuracy in data entry has led to zero scheduling conflicts.  

Thank you for reviewing my application and I look forward to contributing to a secure and comfortable environment for patients at LM Group. A meetup to learn more about what I have to offer would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Jane Doe 

What to Include in a Cover Letter for a Medical Receptionist

✅ Information of Sender and Recipient:

At the top of your medical receptionist cover letter, include your name and contact details. Proceed with the date, company name, and company address. 

✅ A Clear Subject Line (for Emails):

When emailing a medical receptionist cover letter, use a clear subject line. State the desired position to avoid recruiters confusing your cover letter with spam mail:

Medical Secretary Application – Jane Doe

To make your medical receptionist cover letter stand out, try adding a relevant trait to the subject line. The following is an example of a subject line when emailing a medical secretary cover letter, with no experience in healthcare:

Multitasking Office Receptionist Seeking Medical Secretary Position

✅ Greetings:

Start your medical receptionist cover letter with a polite salutation (e.g. Dear). Ideally, tailor your cover letter to the company and medical receptionist position by addressing the direct recipient. Peruse the organization’s website or even call the receptionist for an exact name. If unsure, you can use Hiring Manager or Hiring Team to begin your medical receptionist cover letter.

✅ Body Paragraph(s):

  • Introduction: 
    Introduce your medical receptionist cover letter with the job you’re applying for and the company name. Briefly state why you’re interested in the role and why you’re qualified. To make the introduction of your cover letter more engaging, include noteworthy qualities that the company would like to have for its medical receptionist position. 
  • Middle Paragraphs:
    The middle paragraphs of your medical receptionist cover letter are where you discuss qualities or challenges that would be harder to convey on a resume. Connect your soft skills, hard skills, and experiences to the medical receptionist job role. Add emphasis to your cover letter and support your experiences with metrics or results.

✅ Closing:

Thank the recruiter and remember to end your medical receptionist cover letter with a call-to-action (CTA). Let the recruiter know your intention for an interview or a follow-up call. 

✅ Sign-Off:

Use a professional sign-off in your medical receptionist cover letter and include your full name. Appropriate sign-offs for medical receptionist cover letters could include: Sincerely, Best Regards, Kind Regards, etc.

✅ Your Contact Information (for Emails):

In a medical receptionist cover letter email, you may write a message which details your attachments and includes a sign-off. You can add your email address or phone number after your sign-off to facilitate ways of contact. For instance, a cover letter sign-off for a medical receptionist email application could be:


Jane Doe
[email protected]

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Medical Receptionist

💡 Familiarize yourself with the job description:

Reference the job description to identify the top relevant skills your medical receptionist cover letter will focus on. Skim through the responsibilities in the medical receptionist job posting for required qualifications and keywords to include in your cover letter. 

💡 Highlight relevant skills:

Recruiters in the medical profession may use ATS systems to identify keywords in your cover letter relevant to sought-after skills in medical receptionist job applicants. Common keywords to look out for when crafting your medical receptionist cover letter include:

Hard skills:

  • Relevant certifications or degree
  • Typing speed
  • Insurance verification
  • Proficiency in database management
  • Medical Billing

Soft skills:

  • Customer service
  • Problem-solving
  • Multi-tasking
  • Verbal & written communication
  • Collaboration

💡 End with a compelling call to action:

To leave a lasting impression at the end of your medical receptionist cover letter, summarize the experiences you hope to unpack in an interview. 

💡 Pull from relevant experiences: 

If you are applying to a medical receptionist job with no experience in medical settings or professional roles, you can draw on related skills from previous work experiences in your cover letter. Examples could include administrative, business, or customer service skills in office environments or knowledge from school courses. 

💡 Proofread and ask for feedback:

Keep your medical receptionist cover letter short and under a page. Since accuracy is key to medical receptionist jobs, check for grammatical or spelling errors and get a person to proofread your cover letter for inconsistencies.

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Template

Feel free to use the cover letter template below to fill in your own experiences, depending on the medical receptionist job you’re applying to. 

[Full Name]
[Phone Number]


[Company Name]
[Company Address]

Dear [Recipient name]

I am interested in your role for a [name of medical receptionist position] at [company name]. With [number] years of experience as a [former/current role], I am adept in [soft and hard skills] that I believe would be desirable to your organization.

At [former company], I was responsible for [job responsibilities]. With extensive experience in [hard skills], I have a strong foundation in [relevant skills or technical knowledge]. My [soft and hard skills] in managing [relevant responsibilities] led to [results with metrics].

As someone who has skills in [relevant skills], I would like to join your team and present the same experience to your organization. An opportunity to discuss my experiences in an interview would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about what I have to offer. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

[Full Name]

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Note how cover letters for a medical receptionist, a medical secretary, and a front office job differ in priorities. Additionally, include relevant soft and hard skills in your medical receptionist cover letter to grab the recruiter’s attention.
  • Make your medical receptionist cover letter more impactful with results. For applicants with no experience, draw on applicable skills or metrics in your cover letter.
  • End your medical receptionist cover letter with an engaging CTA by supplementing your interview request with what you have to offer.

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