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A merchandiser is responsible for adjusting the amount, price, and appearance of different products, in offline and online stores, for maximizing sales performance.

With that responsibility, a merchandiser has to monitor each product’s performance to decide seasonal stock level, work closely with the purchasing department to ensure the right products arrive at the right time. Moreover, a merchandiser also decides where and how to put the products on shelves and websites. 

Take note that the difference between retail and merchandising is that merchandising comes before retail. Merchandising concerns the strategy of selling, whereas retail is about the act of selling. For the job of retail merchandising, it means managing how to sell the best at a retail store. 

A clear and powerful merchandiser resume is important since a specific description of abilities is the key to acceptance.

How to write a merchandising resume?

📚 Reading through the complete resume building guide may enhance your efficiency of generating a powerful merchandising resume.

Step 1: Knowing a merchandiser CV and a merchandiser resume are not the same.

Deciding to write a CV or a resume based on your situation may increase acceptance chances. We provide all you need to know about merchandising CV and a merchandiser resume to help you make the right choice:


  • Apply to jobs in academia, scientific, or medical fields.
  • Comprehensive work experience and publication. 
  • Neat and clear.
  • More than one page.


  • Acceptable to common positions
  • Should tailor the content towards the job
  • Required to be visually appealing
  • Two pages or less

Reminder: Different countries have different rules for when to use a CV or resume. Remember to understand the social norm of where you are applying to when deciding to write a merchandising CV or a merchandising resume.

Step 2: Choose the right merchandiser resume format & layout. 

  • Resume format:
    A resume has multiple sections. Having the right merchandising resume format means that each section has adequate lengths. Applicants should choose a resume format according to their situations.
    Different backgrounds require different formats. While those writing a merchandiser resume with no experience may emphasize education or objective parts, a senior merchandiser resume may have an emphasis on experience and skills. 

💡 Get some inspiration from 4 types of professional resume format.

  • Resume layout:
    A resume layout is about how you present your information, through adjusting margin, spacing, font type and size, color… etc. Whether you are writing a fashion merchandising resume, a supermarket merchandiser resume, or a retail merchandiser resume, good content is not enough. The recruiters should see that you have put effort into designing the resume.

Step 3: Inspired by online merchandiser resume samples & templates. 

Learn from resume samples and apply good features to your merchandising resume. A merchandiser resume template guides where on the resume should fit what information. Having a template is a great start to generate a successful merchandiser resume. 

📥 Free resume templates for you to download.

Step 4: Tailor your merchandising resume to the job position. 

Though both assistant merchandiser resume and Zara visual merchandiser resume are merchandising resumes, they demand different abilities. Make sure yours addresses those minor differences. 

Step 5: Craft a merchandiser cover letter. 

A professional and sincere cover letter is the key to recruiters attentively reading your resume. Show your confidence, convey the message that you are qualified.

Step 6: Proofread. 

Ensure correct grammar and spelling, and avoid vague phrases in your merchandising resume. You do not wish to jeopardize acceptance chances with careless mistakes.

What to put on a merchandiser resume?

Merchandiser Resume Profile

This section of your merchandising resume includes your personal information. While simple, careful not to add irrelevant information that grants a disadvantage.

Review the complete tips for personal details in your resume to confirm having everything right.

✅  Should have: 

  • Full name
    should use your passport name, no nickname, no abbreviation
  • Contact details
    phone number, email address
  • Current location
    country and city, not a complete mailing address

🖇 Optional to have:

  • Your photo
    appropriate head/body/background proportion, professional smile, proper dressing, still posture, high image resolution
  • Link to your portfolio or professional social media accounts
    i.e. LinkedIn, Medium, Cake, Instagram, TikTok

❌  Should NOT have:

  • Marital status/ Allergies
    exclude unnecessary details about private life
  • Hobbies/ Interests/ Motto
    avoid sharing preferences
  • Religious preference/ Nationality
    avoid exposing personal identity
  • Social security number
    provide only after being accepted

Merchandiser Resume Headline 

The headline in a merchandising resume is a powerful statement covering your most impressive achievement relevant to the applied role. It aims to effectively present your qualification to the recruiters, allowing the recruiters to consider you as a strong applicant at first sight.

More tips on how to write a professional resume headline.

💡 Sample structure:
[Powerful adjective] your title [with XYZ experience/expertise] and/or [having outstanding personality/achievement].

Merchandiser Resume Headline Examples: 

  • Professional garment merchandiser with outstanding communication skills extraordinary at building a relationship between vendors and purchasing departments.
  • Experienced supermarket merchandiser with exceptional aesthetic who reorganized Welcome stock display that led to 10% sales growth.
  • Assistant merchandiser with splendid commercial awareness optimized pricing strategy leading to 10% exceeds in sales target.

Merchandiser Resume Summary

A summary serves to present the job seeker's qualification objectively. It is a longer version of the headline with more concrete evidence and fewer descriptive languages. While your merchandiser resume headline may sound powerful, the recruiters want to judge you based on facts. 

The merchandiser resume summary is where you share an overview of what you have been working on and the results. Leave some details for the work experience section. 

We recommend you read through the complete guide for writing a resume summary.

Merchandiser Resume Summary Examples: 

  • Senior merchandiser with 5+ years experience of managing 20 stores quarterly stock selection with exceptional trend sensitivity. Launched a new merchandise strategy at Costco and resulted in exceeding sales target by 25% per year. 
  • An intended fashion merchandiser double majored in business and fashion design. Received best designer award and interned at Zara, assisting garment selection. Closely following social trends and able to provide effective sales tactics.
  • Retail merchandiser with 8+ experience working at Walmart, responsible for managing stock level, display, pricing, and worked closely with the purchasing department. Successful in creating a 30% increase in customer satisfaction observed through surveys.

Merchandiser Resume Objective

A career objective for merchandiser informs the recruiter why this job, and why they should choose you. To write a good merchandiser resume objective, you should answer: 

  • What are your aspirations? 
  • Why do you want to do this job? 
  • What do you hope to contribute? 

💡 Receive more insights from the ultimate guide for writing a career objective.

Merchandiser Resume Objective Examples: 

  • Fascinated by increasing sales via effectively organizing products, I yearn to contribute by being a retail merchandiser. 
  • Passionate in the fashion industry, I look forward to applying my ability to predict the fashion trend as a garment merchandiser. 

Merchandiser Resume Skills

The merchandising skills section on your merchandiser resume is about: what you know and what you can do. With information about your skill sets, the recruiter can picture how you might handle different situations and how you might perform

Your resume should indicate that you’ve fully understood the merchandiser duties and responsibilities on job description. Skills may include soft skills that reflect your high qualification, and hard skills such as proficiency with relevant tools or tasks that a merchandiser usually does.

Skills Example for a Merchandiser Resume: 

  • Outstanding in collaborating with the purchasing department.
  • Capable of arranging displayed stocks corresponding to customer psychology
  • Exceptional communication ability

Work Experience 

Before listing your work experience, ensure that you understand the merchandiser job description for your resume. The work experience section of a merchandising resume requires you to demonstrate how your work experience made you capable of doing this new job. 

Remember to exclude experience irrelevant to the role. The work experience relevant to a supermarket merchandiser resume might be inappropriate to add to a garment merchandiser resume. Careful about your choice of information. 

Merchandiser Work Experience Example: 

Zara Visual Merchandiser 
March 2017 - Present 

  • Designed the planograms of 20 Zara stores 
  • Monitored the implementation of visual displays 
  • Selected seasonal garments based on fashion trend


List your field of study, institution name, graduation year, and relevant educational record in this section. There is no need to provide a high school degree unless requested. 

A merchandising job applicant tends to have a degree associated with merchandising, supply chain management, business, and economics. If you do not fall under this category, check out merchandiser resume examples to see other ways of showcasing your strength. 

👍🏼 Ensure being on the right track by checking how to write Education on Resume.

Merchandiser Resume Education Section Example: 

Northeastern University | B.S. Economics major and Business Management minor

  • Year of graduation: 2018
  • GPA: 3.5/4.2

Additional Information

Heres are a few ideas on extra resume sections:

  • Attach a planogram that you have designed for the companies.
  • Insert recommendation letter from your previous manager.
  • Include graphs indicating the sale growth magnitude before and after applying your merchandising strategies.
  • Add customer feedback, for which the benefits are attributed to the changes you have made.

Additional Resume Section Example:

  • Feedback from the customer: 
    Alex Cho: How Zara displays the garments based on colors made it easier for customers to find what they need, and the visual cleanness enhanced the shopping experience.
  • Comments from the manager: 
    Joseph is a hardworking employee with phenomenal business skills. He drastically increased sales performance by cleverly planning the IKEA customer flow line to make it easier for customers to buy various products.

Tips for writing the best merchandiser resume

The last thing needed for your unique merchandiser resume is the five tips for crafting the best resume.

#Tip 1: Customize your merchandising resume for the job.

Different companies have different standards for applicants. While Zara’s visual merchandiser resume and Gap’s visual merchandiser resume may include similar information, Zara and Gap have different target audiences, types of garments, and sales strategies. You should know what information the specific company you are applying to demands.

#Tip 2: Use keywords in your merchandising resume.

Extract the common words that appear in sample merchandiser resumes. Identify the words that show the applicant acquires the abilities recruiters demand. Use those keywords in your resume. 

#Tip 3: Include data.

Numbers speak louder than adjectives. Quantify the results on your merchandiser resume. For example, in a fashion merchandising resume, rather than “I provide trend analysis to many companies”, say “how many” companies you contributed.

#Tip 4: Choose an ATS-friendly resume layout. 

Companies that tend to receive a stack of merchandiser resumes every day may use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter the qualified applicants. Look up the ATS filter process and ensure your merchandising resume addresses its criterion. 

#Tip 5: Use action words.

More usage of verbs makes you sound confident. Especially in the merchandising skills and work experience resume sections, the first word of a statement should be an action word.

#Tip 6: Learn from other merchandising sample resumes.

You may compare your resume with the online merchandising resume examples. Through compare and contrast, you may spot which part of your resume needs more work. 

Cake provides the best merchandiser resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream in merchandiser job with a strong resume (free download)!

How to write a successful merchandising cover letter?

  • Contact Information: Your name, email, and phone number at the top.
  • Formal greeting: Address the name of the recruiter if known. If not, you should write “XYZ company’s recruiter team”.
  • Self Introduction: Similar to writing the headline and summary, your self-introduction should include prominent achievements and skills. 
  • Motivation: Address questions such as How did you come across the opportunity? Why did you choose this company? How do you think you match this role?
  • Qualification: Briefly cover your outstanding skills and work experience that allow the recruiters to see how you are qualified. 
  • Call to Action: Present strong interest and desire to work. 
  • Powerful closing: Add a polite and warm thank you note at the end.

Learn more from the cover letter tutorials!

Merchandiser Resume Sample

Wei Ting Chen

Remarkable garment merchandiser spearheaded 30 stores' seasonal garment selection and drove 20% growth in sales every year

Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +86-1047399563
Email: [email protected]


A garment merchandiser having three years of experience at H&M plus five years of experience at Pull&Bear. Worked closely with the purchasing department and spearheaded the implementation for both the online and offline garment display. Reliable fashion taste and aesthetic aligning the seasonal fashion trends led to an annual increase in customer satisfaction.

Work Experience

Garment merchandiser | Pull&Bear
September 2017 - Present

  • Provided executive director monthly reports on sales performance.
  • Optimized quarterly sales strategies.
  • Selected seasonal garments.

Garment merchandiser| H&M
December 2014 - August 2017

  • Designed the planograms for ten retail stores. 
  • Redesigned customer flow lines of three retail stores. 
  • Optimized the point-of-sale system


Hard Skills: 

  • Maintain 5S standards
  • Design customer-oriented planograms
  • Proficiency in customer psychology
  • Effective SOP for managing stock levels

Soft Skills:

  • Reliable prioritization ability
  • Strong leadership skills 
  • Outstanding systemic thinking ability 
  • Splendid communication skill
  • Phenomenal fashion trend sensitivity


  • University of California Berkeley | B.S. Economics
    • Year of Graduation: 2013
    • GPA: 3.4/4.3
    • Student representative for the sophomore economics program

Additional Information

Customer feedbacks: 

  • Yu Jie Lee: My experience at H&M drastically enhanced after the stores adjusted their flow line. The garments are no longer hard to reach or find. There were also more changing rooms which resolved the problem of long waiting in the past.
  • Yi Ting Zhou: I now enjoy shopping Pull&Bear more because the stores have a variety of garments. Moreover, the garments have great styles and designs, even for a seemingly simple t-shirt. Lastly, I love how there is a buffer time for seasonal transitions.

--- Originally written by Rebecca Huang ---

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