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Music teachers teach students of all ages to sing or play instruments. They can provide lessons at home, school/college, music academy, or conservatory.

Music teacher job duty examples:

  • Design lessons to meet individual students' needs and syllabuses.
  • Acquire appropriate teaching materials and resources. 
  • Teach music theory, aural skills, and practical techniques.
  • Motivate students with practice and rehearsal sessions.
  • Evaluate students' abilities, provide feedback, and write reports.

Whether you're self-employed or seeking a full-time job, be sure to prepare a winning music teacher resume to land the dream job.

How to write a great music teacher resume?

Tip 1: Optimize your music teacher resume format for ATS.

ATS (applicant tracking system) works as a filter to screen applications and forward only the qualified ones to the hiring manager. As most companies move toward ATS for their hiring process, make sure you craft an ATS-friendly music teacher resume.

💡 Note the following to beat the bot:

  • Simplicity is best - stick to text and avoid images, symbols, or tables.
  • Use common resume headings like "Summary", "Education", "Work Experience", "Skills", etc.
  • Insert keywords and phrases from the music teacher job description. 
  • Avoid spelling errors. 
  • Submit the document as a music teacher resume PDF file.

Tip 2: Refer to great music teacher resume examples and templates.

Looking up great music teacher resume examples on the Internet can benefit you a lot by providing: 

  • A comprehensive guide on how to write a music teacher resume
  • Do’s and don’ts of resume writing
  • Creative music teacher resume templates

Tip 3: Tailor your music teacher resume for the job.

Music teachers can be self-employed (e.g. private tutor, video lessons) or work for a particular organization (e.g. school or college, Music Conservatory).

Also, music teaching jobs can range from music theory, vocal, instruments, to composing and production. Therefore, try to customize your resume for the job you’re targeting.

For example, make it clear whether you're writing a piano teacher resume, guitar teacher resume, or music teacher resume.

👍 Key tip: Insert relevant keywords from the job description.

Tip 4: Add measurable accomplishments to your music teacher resume.

By quantifying results on your music teacher resume, you can demonstrate to the hiring manager your expertise and the value you could bring to clients or their organization.

This way they can first evaluate your competence whether you are performance-driven, goal-oriented, or satisfaction-based.

Example of a measurable accomplishment 

Facilitated general music instruction to 500+ students within 10+ elementary schools in Victoria, TX.

Tip  5: Include supporting materials.

To impress the hiring manager, you may consider adding supporting information in your music teacher resume, such as:

  • Links to teaching videos
  • Links to your music performances
  • References 
  • Certifications

What is a good objective for a music teacher resume?

The resume objective is a short statement that states your career path and goals. When crafting a music teacher resume objective, bear in mind to tailor it to position yourself as a fit for the job.

With a well-written resume objective, the employer can evaluate your potential contribution to the students and decide whether or not to hire you.

3 crucial elements of a music teacher resume objective:

  • Demonstrate your career goals: Be realistic and focus on the most important one. 
  • Customize the objective statement: Indicate what value you could bring to the organization or students. 
  • Keep it brief and straightforward, within two sentences. 

Examples of an impressive resume objective for a music teacher:

  • Piano teacher resume: To engage and excite children to become professional pianists in the future through both my exceptional piano skills and classical music knowledge. 
  • Guitar teacher resume: Looking to be a Guitar Teacher at CSG Academy where I can provide excellent coaching services and guitar performances.
  • Music teacher resume: Seeking a teaching position in K-12 music education where I can impart knowledge and a passion for classical music. 

Further reading: Resume objective writing tips for freshers & students

How to write a resume summary for a music teacher?

At the top of the resume is a summary statement where the job applicant provides a brief summarization of their expertise, skills, and achievements. A well-written music teacher resume summary will motivate the reader to move on to the rest of the resume.

Here’s how to make a music teacher resume summary:

  • Include the position you're applying for or your current job title. 
  • Briefly demonstrate your key skills, work experience, and accomplishments in the field. 
  • Shortly explain how you're going to add value to the organization. 
  • Keep it within 4 sentences. 

Examples of a well-written resume summary for a music teacher: 

  • Studio Director and Music Teacher with 5 years of experience in teaching online and in-person vocal lessons and 3 years of experience in managing a music studio. Patient, passionate, and able to develop positive relationships with students, parents, and peers to ensure the success of students and school reputation. 
  • Music Educator with a Certification in Choral Music Education and 9 years of experience in teaching music at elementary schools. Capable of designing curriculum and streamlining music teaching processes to achieve desired outcomes and improve student engagement. 
  • Results-driven Music Teacher who is passionate about improving the quality of teaching as well as a culture of learning and aspiration within the school’s musical department. Excellent knowledge of classical music, a good sense of humor, and a strong desire to provide students with inspirational lessons.

Cake provides the right music teacher templates & formats for music teachers to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best music teacher resume and download it for free, Now!

What are some great skills to put on a resume for a music teacher?

It takes a lot to be a great music teacher, rather than a teacher and a professional in the music industry. If you want your music teacher resume to win the competition, take your time and polish the skills section with key skills relevant to the job. 

Four common formats to list the skills section are bullet lists, expanded bullet lists, integrated with work experience, and categorized skills section. 

Read about the pros and cons of each format to decide the right one for your music teacher resume:

  • Bullet lists 

    - Simple
    - Space-saving
    - Candidates can’t further explain their skills
  • Expanded bullet lists

    - Make the skills section more specific with further explanation 
    - Take up more space
  • Integrating skills with work experience
    - Work experience is demonstrated along with listed skills
    - Occupy a lot of space especially for those with multiple past jobs
  • A categorized skills section
    - Favorable for the position that requires a broad skillset
    - Not all skills can be properly categorized

Common skills for a music teacher resume:

✍🏻 Hard skills

  • In-depth music knowledge 
  • Teaching skills
  • Music composing
  • Piano, violin, & flute
  • Performance assessments 

✍🏻 Soft skills

  • Ability to motivate others
  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Passionate
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal communication skills

Further reading: Skills for Resume|Examples List, Templates, Formats

How to write a music teacher resume with no experience?

#Advice 1: Adopt the right music teacher resume format.

Three major types of resume format include chronological, functional, and combinational.

For music teachers with no experience, a functional resume format may be a better choice as you can put an emphasis on your skills instead of work experience.

📚 Read about 3 common resume formats

#Advice 2: Draft a coherent career objective.

Though it's not considered a key part of a resume, you may consider adopting a career objective rather than a resume summary to demonstrate your career goals and your competence to the employer.

Make it clear, realistic, and don't forget to mention the value you could contribute at work! 

#Advice 3: Highlight your education.

Through this section, the employer can see whether you meet the prerequisite for being a music teacher. You need to provide adequate information such as degree, school name, year of start & graduation, relevant courses and activities.

For music teacher resumes, it’s also a great idea to include other training and certifications other than formal degrees.

#Advice 4: Include your personal website.

As mentioned earlier, supporting materials can be extra credit, making your music teacher resume stand out among other candidates.

Especially if you're writing a guitar teacher resume or a piano teacher resume, the employer may expect to see your musical works. 

#Advice 5: Craft a professional music teacher cover letter.

You may already know how to write a winning music teacher resume. Go the extra mile and craft a professional music teacher cover letter, which can impress the hiring manager even more.

In general, a cover letter should include a brief self-introduction, teaching experience, personal traits, and outstanding achievements in the educational or musical field.

And most importantly, express the reason and motivation to apply for this job.

If you're writing a music teacher cover letter with no experience, dig deep into relevant activities or musical works and projects you have obtained.

Music teacher resume sample

Rebecca Martha 

Professional Music Teacher committed to excellent music education.

[email protected]
Dallas, TX

Professional Summary

Performance-driven Music Teacher/Educator with 6 years of experience in evaluating and creating assessments and curriculum for music programs. Possess an outstanding ability to work with all key stakeholders of the learning process to create a valuable, cohesive, and innovative experience for students. 

Work Experience

Music Teacher 
Dallas Music Academy
02/2016 - 12/2020

  • Designed and taught 20-30 one-on-one lessons every week for adult students.
  • Managed the educational instruction, assessment, performance quality, and curriculum Collaborated with key stakeholders to make sure music programs were meeting the intended needs of all associated parties.

Music Adjunct Teacher
Dream Vocal Center 

08/2012 - 12/2015

  • Planned and delivered instruction on technical and musical skills for assigned music courses, including the preparation for lesson plans and unit plans.
  • Evaluated students' work in music theory and provided feedback on their performance level.
  • Coordinated and directed 2 student concerts per academic year, attracting 200+ spectators each.


Master of Music Education | San Jose State University

Bachelor of Arts in Music | The University of Sydney 


Hard skills

  • Music production
  • Musical elements
  • Recording equipment
  • Piano and guitar
  • Lesson scheduling

Soft skills

  • Communications
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Compassion
  • Patience 

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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