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A network engineer, also known as a network architect, builds, plans, implements, and maintains computer networks that are associated with the phone, data, video, and any other wireless network services in the workplace. 

A network engineer’s duties include: 

  • Ensure a good network performance by establishing and maintaining it
  • Design the networking environment by coordinating system installation, establishing, documenting, and enforcing system standards
  • Build network connections and configurations 
  • Troubleshoots network problems and outages, as well as arranging upgrades to improve network performance 
  • Establish secure network systems by developing and enforcing regulations and monitoring network access 
  • Perform capacity management and audits of IP addressing and hosted devices inside data centers 
  • Communicate with project management teams, third-line engineers, and service desk engineers regularly. 
  • Provide customer service via email and telephone for initial requirement capture 
  • Participate in educational opportunities, workshops and professional organizations to update job knowledge

However, a network engineer is not to be confused with a network administrator. Generally, a network engineer sets up new networks based on clients’ requirements, while a network administrator picks up the end of the network engineer’s work and manages networks already in place. 

The difference between a network engineer and a network administrator can be easily distinguished via a good network engineer resume. As job recruiters only have 4 to 6 seconds on average to view an application, it is important to have a well established and structured resume to land the job. 

In this article, we will discuss details of writing a professional resume, including resume format, network engineer resume templates, the dos and don’ts of writing a good network engineer resume. 

How to write a professional network engineer resume

Step 1. Write an eye-catching resume headline for network engineers.

  • What is a resume headline and why is it important? 

A resume headline is a brief sentence that summarizes your entire resume. It easily captures the recruiters’ attention so if your resume for a network engineer job comprises a poor headline or in an obscured position, it can be a huge disadvantage. 

  • How to write a resume headline for network engineers? 
    • #1. Outline your biggest achievements 
    • #2. Use catchy words or phrases 
    • #3. Place it on top of your network engineer resume 

Examples of resume headline for network engineer: 

  1. Dedicated individual with 3+ years of experience at various IT consultancy companies 
  2. Detail-oriented and experienced engineer who understands technical and analytical IT skills 
  3. Skillful network engineer who is exceptional in proxy servers, WAN accelerators, and DHCP 

Step 2. Craft a professional profile summary for network engineers.

  • What is a summary statement and why is it important? 

A summary statement is an outline that describes your most valuable skills and experience using one or two sentences. Adding a summary for your network engineer resume is important as it gets you noticed quicker by the recruiters. 

  • How to write a resume summary for network engineers? 
    • #1. Read through network engineer job description before writing the resume.
    • #2. Pick out relevant skills and experience and put them together for your network engineer resume summary.
    • #3. For those who are writing a fresher or entry-level network engineer resume, it’s suggested to opt for a career objective and stress on your goals.

Examples of network engineer professional summary:

  1. Devoted and resourceful network engineer skilled in maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading network performance. Helped 10+ clients connect various computers to a central server for better network performance. 
  2. Organized and detail-oriented IT engineer who is highly experienced in providing installation, configuration, and standard IT maintenance networks. 
  3. Technologically savvy systems engineer with over 5 years of experience designing and managing networks, security, and server infrastructure design and management. Collaborated with project manager and other engineers for over 5 long-term projects.

Step 3. Include your key skills for the network engineer resume.

  • What are skills and why are they important? 

The skills section entails your abilities and qualitative characteristics that are suitable for the job. The skills section on your network engineer resume should exhibit both “hard skills” and “soft skills”. 

  • How to write the skills section for a network engineer resume? 
    • #1. Learn about the job descriptions
    • #2. Make a list of all applicable skills you possess 
    • #3. Start writing and pay attention to the format 

Examples of skills for network engineer resumes: 

Hard skills

  • Network administration 
  • Cisco technology 
  • Automation 
  • Security 
  • Troubleshooting 

Soft skills

  • Project management 
  • Efficiency 
  • Analytical thinking
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Time management 

Step 4. Tailor the network engineer resume to the specific job.

When writing your resume, pay close attention to the job description for a network engineer. 

💡 Tips: This is important to pay close attention to the job description as you do not want to include skills and experience that are not relevant to the network engineer’s roles and responsibilities on your resume. 

Step 5. Proofread your network engineer resume.

This is a rather obvious point - a consistent resume format and content can increase your chance of landing the job.

What is the best resume format for a network engineer?

When looking at different network engineer resume templates or samples, you'll see that there are a variety of resume formats to choose from. The format you should employ is determined by the circumstances of your job hunt. 

The resume format for a network engineer with no experience, for example, might be very different from that of a resume format for a senior network engineer.

3 main types of resume formats:

Chronological resume format:

A chronological resume uses a reverse chronological order on the resume. Hence, list your latest experience and accomplishment first on your network engineer resume. 

Functional resume format:

A functional resume format categorizes your experience into different skills and therefore it demonstrates how your skills and experience are related. 

Combinational resume format:

This is a hybrid version of the chronological and functional resume formats. It is an ideal format for senior network engineers or career changers with a lot of work experience.

🔍 Which resume format should I use for my network engineer resume? 

For freshers and entry-level network engineers, we recommend using the functional resume format; for seniors and experienced network engineers, a hybrid resume format would help your network engineer resume stand out. 

How to make a network engineer resume template

It's time to create a network engineer resume template now that you know how to write a professional network engineer resume and understand the value of utilizing the correct resume format.

2 ways to build your network engineer resume template:

1️⃣ Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word comes with several built-in resume templates. You may also discover open templates for Microsoft Word on the internet.

2️⃣ Online Resume Builder: 

Cake is an online resume builder where you can customize your network engineer resume template. Most importantly, you can download your network engineer resume as a PDF for free afterwards.    

Pros and cons of using resume template: 

✅ Pros: 

  • Consistent format: most online resume builders offer various resume formats that you can choose from.  
  • Time efficiency: it is often quicker to use a resume template than to build one from scratch on your own.  

❌ Cons:

  • A lack of creativity: the majority of individuals use an online resume builder because it is quicker to use, but it leaves recruiters with a large number of similar resumes to read.
  • You won’t learn how to write a resume: you may not be able to learn how to make a resume on your own because it is so simple to create a network engineer resume template using an online resume builder.

Cake provides the best Network Engineer resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream as a Network Engineer with a strong resume (free download)!

Top 10 Network Engineer Resume Dos and Don'ts

✅  Dos:

  • Tailor the resume and include only relevant information.
    Only include relevant experience and skills on your network engineer resume. 
  • Add quantifiable and measurable achievements.
    Make use of measurable achievements, such as numbers, percentages, and time. 
  • Optimize the resume for ATS.
    Optimize your network engineer resume format and content so it is ATS-friendly. 
  • Choose the right resume format.
    When you choose the correct resume format, you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd.  
  • Use active verbs in the resume.
    Make use of a range of action verbs in your network engineer resume to give clarity and confidence. 

❌ Don’ts:

  • Mix up a resume with a CV.
    Even though the intention of a resume and a CV are similar, they serve quite different purposes. For academic and scientific sectors, a CV is usually necessary, but for general job applications, a resume is preferred.  
  • Adopt an old-style resume objective statement.
    When writing your network engineer resume objective, don’t lay out your career history or have lengthy objective statements. 
  • Disclose confidential information of previous employers.
    Avoid disclosing confidential information of your previous employers.  
  • Include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.
    Details such as sexual orientation, race, and/or marital status should not appear on your network engineer resume. 
  • Send the resume as a Word doc.
    It's best not to send your resume as a word document because it might mess up the formatting.

Junior Network Engineer Resume Sample (Text Format)

Frederik A. Davis

Detailed oriented and experienced engineer with thorough knowledge about networking devices and Cisco products

[email protected]
Albuquerque, New Mexico   

Resume Summary

Passionate and determined junior network engineer with 2 years of experience in designing and implementing IT networks. Worked on 4 different projects focusing on Cisco, WAN, and LAN.   

Work Experience

Junior Network Engineer
XY Cooperation
 Albuquerque, New Mexico

    05/2014 - Current 

  • Monitored and maintained network performance regularly to improve general network functions and performance
  • Assisted in-house lead network engineer on network design, configuration, testing, and implementation of IT solutions
  • Helped with on-call support for installation and troubleshooting of the configuration issues for over 50 customers 

Assistant Junior Network Engineer
Z Technology Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico 

02/2013 - 03/2014

  • Handled tasks of diagnosing hardware and software problems
  • Performed multiple network QA tests and troubleshoots networks and devices for over 40 customers 
  • Participated in a rotating 24/7 on-call customer service to support network problems 


Hard Skills: 

  • IP Networking 
  • In-depth knowledge of Cisco products, WAN, and LAN
  • Network administration 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Windows 

Soft Skills:

  • Customer service
  • Project management 
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication skills 
  • Flexibility 


Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Telecommunications for Systems and Networks
University of New Mexico
2009 - 2013


Advanced level Python

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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