Writing a New Employee Introduction Email

If you are an employer or manager, this article is very important for you because we will be showing you how to write a new employee introduction email. You may also find a simple template and 3 samples of how to write one.

A new employee introduction email can come in handy when you want to introduce a new employee to the team. It provides some information about the new employee which allows them to get along better when the new employee arrives for the first few days, creating a positive work environment for the new employee. 

With that being said, you might know what’s coming next. 

employee introduction sample email
New Employee Introduction Email Sample

Why You Need to Announce & Introduce a New Employee

Whenever a company recruits a new employee to a team, the new employee will be unfamiliar with everything around the workplace and the team will be surprised by the newcomer. Hence, introducing the new employee to the team becomes important.

1. It prevents awkward first encounters on the starting day.

Most of us have had the experience of having a transfer student in the class and he/she is always singled out in the first few days. This is because both parties know nothing about each other which then leads to awkward first encounters. 

2. Hiring a new employee to the team is just the same!

Your employee introduction letter will notify the team about who is coming and what is his/her background information, providing them a chance to open up conversations and avoid awkward first encounters. 

3. It allows current team members to prepare.

If you have a solid team and they have been working together for some time, bringing in a new employee without notice in advance might surprise them, causing them to not know how to work with the newcomer.

Writing an employee introduction letter allows your team to prepare for someone new. They can be prepared for additional help and work better in the future.

4. It shows the company’s culture and values.

Different workplaces have different work cultures. When you are introducing a new employee to the team, you will also need your team to help you show the company’s work culture and values to the new employee. This helps the new employee to fit into the position faster and work more efficiently.

How to Introduce a New Employee to the Team

💡 Announce directly during a team meeting.

One of the fastest ways to introduce a new employee to the team is to announce it directly when you are holding a team meeting. That way, your team can easily get information about the new employee from you within the meeting to help build personal connections.

💡 Send a new hire introduction email to the whole team.

Although announcing directly in a meeting is fast and easy, when someone who did not attend the meeting shall miss out on this information. Hence, your next best way to announce is through writing a new employee introduction email. This ensures everyone on the team receives the notification and acts accordingly.

💡 Use a clear subject line.

Whenever you are writing an email, you need to begin with a clear subject line. It is the element that represents the information that you will be mentioned in the content. It is also an important line that allows your employee to differentiate between the important emails and the daily ones.

5 subject line examples of an employee introduction letter:

  • New Hire Announcement
  • Let’s welcome [New employee’s name] aboard
  • The New Team Member
  • Announcing The New Recruitment
  • Welcoming Mr. [New employee’s name] to [Company Name]

💡 Include necessary details.

Writing an employee introduction letter is as easy as ABC because all you have to do is to include the necessary information about the new hire and make it an announcement. You can never go wrong with the information below.

  • Necessary details of an employee introduction letter:
    • New employee’s name
    • New employee’s start working date and time
    • New employee’s job position
    • New employee’s job responsibilities

💡 Include some fun details.

A new employee introduction letter can consist of information other than the necessary ones. If you are hoping your team and the new employee get along well, you might want to include some interesting information about the new employee (with consent). It helps open up conversations.

  • Interesting details of a new employee introduction letter:
    • New employee’s qualifications
    • New employee’s hobbies/interests
    • New employee’s goal in the company
    • Inspirational quotes

💡 Include a photo of the new hire.

To avoid your employees from bumping into a new face and not knowing how to react, you should incorporate the new employee’s photo into the email. This allows them to recognize the face and get familiar when he/she arrives at the office.

💡 Close with a welcome statement & invitation to engage.

After announcing the information that your team should know before the new hire arrives, you may end the letter with an invitation to engage with the new hire. This is a way to remind your employees to not leave out the new hire.

New Employee Introduction Email Template

Subject line: Let’s welcome [New employee’s name] to [Company name]

Hello everyone,

It is my great pleasure to announce that [New employee’s name] will be joining [Company name] as [Job position] starting from [Date of the new employee beginning his/her work].

[New employee’s name] previously worked at [Employment background] and graduated from [Education background]. [He/She/They] will be [New employee’s responsibilities] from now on, and would be a great asset to the company in the future.

If you were to pass by [New employee’s name], don’t be shy to welcome [He/She/They] to the company. [He/She/They] is also very talented in [New employee’s interests]. You might find some interesting things to learn from [Him/Her/Them] too.


[Your name]

New Employee Introduction Email Samples

New employee introduction email to colleagues sample

Subject line: Let’s welcome Ms. Julia Fedrickson to the team.

Good day to everyone in Frigidaire Co.,

I am pleased to announce that we will be having Ms. Julia on the team starting on 14th Oct 2023. She is our new data analyst.

Ms. Julia previously worked at Panasonic and is very experienced in data management and sales model evaluation. I believe you can learn many things from her experience, and vice versa. 

Please feel free to drop by and say hi to welcome her when she starts working. She is stationed in the third row right beside Camie. I am sure you will enjoy working with her in the upcoming days.

Best regards,

Introducing a new employee to clients

Subject line: Please meet Mr. Carson, our newly hired mechanical engineer

Dear Ms. Sarah:

Starting from the 14th of October 2023, you will be working closely with Mr. Carson, our new mechanical engineer.

Mr. Carson has been working in the industry for 12 years and will be very helpful when dealing with projects. You may contact him directly at [email protected] for future collaborations. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Mr. Carson is a very valuable asset to the company and I believe you will have a great time working with him.

Kowalski Smith

New manager introduction to team members

 Subject line: A big welcome to the new manager of Gigabyte Co., Mr. Sung

Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce that we have finally filled the manager seat after having it empty for some time. Mr. Sung will be taking that position and supervising the team from 20th July 2023 onwards.

He is a great and experienced leader who had been working at Tronsmart Co. for 7 years. I believe with his outstanding leadership, you will be more motivated to break sales records in the upcoming months. 

Mr. Sung’s office will be located on the left side of the office. If you have any inquiries, you are always welcome to contact him at [email protected]. Also, feel free to have lunch with him during lunch breaks as he mentioned that he hopes to get to know you better and build a closer work relationship. 

Peter Benson


Now that you know why introducing a new employee to the team is very important and how to write an employee introduction letter, you are ready to write one for the new hire. Let’s wrap this up with some key takeaways that you should keep in mind.

  • An introduction mail for new staff is very helpful when it comes to avoiding awkward first encounters, 
  • Announcing a new employee directly during a team meeting can be an option but the most efficient and formal way is to write an email and send it to everyone in the company.
  • A clear subject line is always needed to let your employees know the purpose of the email.
  • Don’t leave out any necessary information like the new employee’s name, joining date, and job position.
  • You may encourage the team to welcome the new employee to create a friendly work environment.

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— Originally written by Ryan Goh —

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