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Nurse managers embody the roles of both a nurse and an executive in managing the function of their unit. By coordinating all aspects of daily patient care, they aim to ensure effective care delivery and communication towards patients and their families.

In addition to patient care, nurses who hold high-level positions are also expected to carry out the following duties:

  • Staff and case management
  • Treatment planning
  • Recruitment and educational programs 
  • Scheduling
  • Mentoring

Due to the anticipated shortage of nurses, there seem to be many opportunities for newly minted nurse managers. What comes to the first step here is having a strong nurse manager resume that fully showcases your skills, qualifications, and experience.

Make your nurse manager resume stand out with 5 tips

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly resume to beat the bot.

Here’s how to beat an ATS with a 100% pass rate: 

  • Insert keywords from the nurse manager job description to your resume
  • Don't use fancy graphics and images
  • Check the spelling and grammar
  • Submit your nurse case manager resume as a PDF file

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) works as a filter, scanning your nurse case manager resume and forwarding only the qualified ones to the recruiter. About 75% of application documents are rejected by ATS because they're not formatted correctly or do not contain keywords.

Writing a resume can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right source of information to help you get prepared. Many CV experts and online resume builders like Cake provide a wide range of information and resume examples for any job you’re seeking. 

Tip 2: Learn from online resume examples.

With professional nurse manager resume examples, you can learn how to compile and structure your resume effectively and efficiently.  

Tip 3: Tailor your resume to a job posting.

Hence, the best way to get noticed is to customize your RN case manager resume to the specific job you're targeting.

Employers have to sort through hundreds of resumes for a single job, meaning that they only take a glance and seek nurse manager resumes with the most relevant details. 

👍 Tip: To do this, you need to prioritize the skills and experience that are most related to the position and adopt relevant keywords.

Tip 4: Demonstrate your value by adding numbers to your resume.

Metrics, data, and statistics can help hiring managers understand your job duties and performance better in previous roles, for example:

👍“Trained and supervised 35 staff, including nursing staff, phlebotomists, and medical assistants.”

Here are several ways to quantify results in a resume for nurse manager positions: 

  • Be specific about the number of nursing staff, patients, or unit beds. 
  • Pile up the percentage regarding patient satisfaction scores or employee turnover rate.
  • Show off the rankings or ratings. 

Tip 5: Compile a professional work experience section.

The work experience section can make or break your RN case manager resume as the employers tend to spend the most time going through this part. 

All information about your former positions is critical, including:

  • Job title
  • Employer name
  • Employment year 
  • Job duties and achievements 

As mentioned earlier, don't forget to list measurable accomplishments on your nurse manager resume and tailor every detail to the job opening.

How to write a nurse manager resume objective

A resume objective, also called a career objective, is one to two sentences that state your career goals - what you hope to achieve on the career path and what values you can contribute in the nurse manager position.

It is widely used by professionals who don’t have much experience in the field, although some argue that objectives are outdated and no longer necessary in a resume.

However, if written well, an objective statement that focuses on your competencies and strong motivation can beef up your nurse manager resume and convince employers better. 

Examples of an impressive objective for nurse manager resumes

  • Assistant nurse manager resume:
    “Seeking an opportunity at Grupa Clinic to effectively support the smooth operations on key assigned units.”
  • RN case manager resume:
    “Looking to be an RN Nurse Manager at Grupa Clinic to utilize my professional nursing practice and strong leadership skills.”
  •  Nurse manager resume:
    “Seeking to bring more value to the quality of patient care as the Nurse Manager at Grupa Clinic.”

📝 Check out this career objective guide if you want to drill into what to put in a resume objective.

How to write a professional summary for nurse manager resumes

A resume summary consists of 3-5 sentences that briefly demonstrate your professional experience and highlight your qualifications for the opening role. When written well, it can help label yourself impressively and win the competition.

Check out the following guidelines when crafting a summary for nurse manager resume: 

  • Pick positive adjectives (e.g., passionate, enthusiastic, dependable).
  • List certifications or licenses that you've got. 
  • Include your job title as a nurse manager.
  • Add years of relevant work experience. 
  • Highlight a few key skills and the most outstanding achievement.

RN case manager resume summary examples: 

  • Assistant nurse manager resume:
    “Highly dedicated Assistant Nurse Manager working in Calhoun Hospital for 8 years. Proven track record for overall operations, including general supervision, staff retention and recruitment, fiscal budget, cost containment, and position control. Patient, self-motivated, and able to develop positive relationships with both patients and hospital staff.”
  • RN case manager resume:
    “Registered Nurse Case Manager with 15 years of experience in managing dynamic nursing teams and launching safety companion programs. Forward-thinking team leader and great communicator. Along with the team, recognized for Excellence in Patient Satisfaction from the WOW Committee.”
  • Nurse case manager resume:
    “Accomplished Nurse Manager with 10+ years of experience in fast-paced clinics in NYC and New Jersey. Responsible for all phases of the care cycle, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for patients, their families, and clinic staff. Recognized as an active member of staff education and procedural committees.”

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Top 10 must-have nurse manager skills for resumes

Through the skills section in your nurse manager resume, employers can see if you meet the job requirements. 

Here’s how to polish a nurse manager skills resume: 

  • Create a draft of all skills you possess, including both soft and hard (technical) skills. 
  • Re-read the job ad to see what skills are mentioned. 
  • Focus on the ones that are on both lists and put those skills in your nurse manager resume. 

The tables below help you identify nurse manager skills for resumes:

Technical skills
- Health Watch Pharmacy System
- Admitting and discharging
- Meditech documentation
- Patient/family education
- Knowledge of managed care program policies and procedures
Soft skills 
- Strong leadership 
- High responsive to emergencies 
- Great team player
- Communication skills 
- Decision-making

👉 Reminder: Keep in mind to tailor the skills section to the specific position. For instance, an assistant nurse manager resume will feature a slightly different skill set compared to a clinical nurse manager resume.

5 golden tricks to beef up your entry-level nurse manager resume

✅ Advice 1: Pick the right resume format.

A regular entry-level resume may be different from an entry-level nurse manager resume. For those seeking an entry-level manager position, you likely have gained vast work experience in the nursing field, just lacking management experience.

Thus, you may consider using a hybrid resume format that incorporates the best part of a chronological and functional resume. This allows you to highlight key skills for a nurse manager and showcase your employment history at the same time.

✅ Advice 2: Craft a strong career objective.

An objective statement can make or break your entry-level nurse manager resume. It will be a waste of space if you write something like this:

❌ “Looking to be a Nurse Manager in Spring Healthcare Services.”

Instead, craft an intriguing career objective to state who you’re looking to become and where you want to go on your career path:

👍 “To secure a Nurse Manager position in Spring Healthcare Services to maintain patient care consistent with professional, regulatory and governmental guidelines.”

✅ Advice 3: Highlight your education.

It's crucial to make the educational background a priority on your entry-level nurse manager resume. Start with the highest degree (e.g., Ph.D. and/or Master), followed by Bachelor and finally, Associate’s degree.

For example:

2011 - 2015 | B.S. in Nursing | Taipei Medical University, TaiwanGPA: 3.85/4

✅ Advice 4: Add certifications or licenses for a spotlight effect.

In most countries, nursing professionals must hold a license and additional certifications to practice. Keep that in mind to put your certifications and licenses in a separate section from education.

Examples of relevant certifications in Nursing Management: 

  • Certificate in Clinical Trials
  • Certified Nurse Manager and Leader Certification (CNML)
  • Registered Nurse Board Certification (RN-BC)

✅ Advice 5: Draft a sincere cover letter for the nurse manager position.

To get your first management job, you probably need a nurse manager cover letter beside a resume. The main purpose is to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and aim to show them that you are qualified for the vacancy.

Your nurse manager cover letter should present your qualifications, experience, positive traits, and most importantly, the motivation to apply for the job. Walk the reader through your nursing experience and what led you to this position.

Nurse manager resume sample

Martha Watson  

Clinical Nurse Manager with 24/7 accountability for professional nursing practice.

[email protected]
Dallas, TX

Professional Summary

Patient-focused Nurse Manager with 12 years of experience in implementing RN-specific duties and streamlining administrative functions. Gained demonstrated knowledge, expertise, and managerial skills to ensure smooth operations on a 24-hour basis. In previous positions, maintained <2% turnover rate in staff and improved patient satisfaction score by 35 - 40%.

Work Experience

Clinical Nurse Manager 
UT Southwestern Clinic, Dallas 
2/2015 - 12/2020

  • Coordinated skilled care delivery for an average of 80 patients every month. 
  • Assisted the Clinical Director in training and supervising 50+ employees involved in a variety of clinical operations.
  • Initiated the Managed Telehealth, Wound Care, and Disease Management Programs in adherence to federal and state laws, JCAHO requirements, and standards of practice. 
  • Developed and implemented patient incentive programs, patient acuity tools, and nursing care delivery systems.

Assistant Nurse Manager 
Methodist Healthcare Center, Dallas 
10/2008 - 12/2014

  • Provided hands-on care when needed, served as a resource for troubleshooting issues and response to emergencies.
  • Directed and supervised all activities for an acute care unit of 15+ employees, including recruiting, hiring, scheduling, and progressive discipline.
  • Performed day-to-day duties required directing and ensuring the quality, safety, and continuity of patient care for PCU, Surgical, and the PICC Therapy team. 
  • Coordinated plans of treatment, customer-focused care, and cost-effective utilization, generating an increase of 35% in patient satisfaction scores and care team improvements.


University of Dallas, TX
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Class of 2005

University at Buffalo, NY
Associate of Science, Nursing
Class of 2003


Hard skills
- Knowledge of managed care and insurance industry
- Nursing Practice Act & JCAHO
- Clinical expertise
- Treatment plans
- Patient care
Soft skills 
- Evaluation skills 
- Analytical skills and sound clinical judgment
- Positive attitude
- Stress management
- Mentoring


  • Registered Nurse—Licence #9264225
  • ACLS
  • CNML
  • CENP

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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