7 Benefits of Using Online Job Posting Websites

When it comes to job posting, you might find it less productive to solely rely on your company's website and social media channel. Instead, you can do job posting on free job posting sites. In fact, there are many free job posting sites for employers to search for talents around the world. You might be curious about the benefits of using job posting sites. Online job posting sites provide several benefits that surpass traditional recruitment methods. 

We’ll discuss each of these in greater detail.

Saves You Time to Manage Multiple Vacancies

First, one major advantage of using these free job posting sites is being able to quickly expand your reach to a large pool of talents. For instance, when job seekers begin searching online, they often look for hiring posts on job posting websites rather than on individual company websites or social media.

Second, job posting websites make it easier to connect with these job seekers in a more efficient way. Some sites have free job posting features that allow you to post and update all job listings with one click. This saves you time! It also allows you to keep track of all job advertisements and applications in a centralized location.

Third, if you have multiple hiring posts, manually updating these job openings can become very time-consuming. Therefore, some job posting websites allow you to upload your list in bulk (csv form) or use API integration to sync all open roles on your website. With an integrated API, you can display and update your job posting in real-time.

Collaborate Effectively with Your Team

Effective admin role management is crucial for multinational companies. It ensures efficient collaboration and productivity among in-house recruitment teams in different regions. The best free job posting sites offer a solution for companies to assign different job postings to team members in charge of specific job roles.

With this feature, companies can easily control and manage access to their career page. You could also grant different levels of permission to team members based on their role and responsibilities. As a result, this ensures job postings are accurately and efficiently managed. It helps companies to attract the best talent for each business unit or regional team.

More Accessible and Quality traffic

In today's competitive job market, it's essential to cast a wide net when looking for top talent, especially in the tech and business industries. As a result, free job posting sites can help you reach a larger audience and increase your chances of finding the right fit for your team. That is to say, some sites gather high-quality talent for specific professions, so you can be sure that you're attracting the best candidates. 

By posting your hiring job ad on these job posting websites, you'll be tapping into a pool of qualified applicants who are actively seeking new career opportunities. Consequently leading to a faster and more efficient hiring process.

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Makes It Easier t Screen and Filter Candidates

On the other hand, sometimes recruiters take up a more active approach to screen and discover talents! As a result, many free job posting sites provide a Talent Search Engine that uses advanced filters, so you don’t have to spend hours browsing through piles of candidates. These job posting websites simplify applicant screening by using multiple filters and even allow you to have direct conversation with candidates onsite.

Based on the applicant’s responses to your screening questions, you can invite the candidate for an interview which helps to streamline the applicant filtering process.

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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Some job posting websites’ application tracking systems offer several useful features to streamline your hiring process. First, you can easily track the progress of each candidate with the resume review button. That is to say, the status filter allows you to quickly pick up where you left off.

Second, the system offers an automated rejection letter feature, with pre-made samples to save you time and effort. These features can help minimize your recruitment efforts. Allowing you to focus on finding the best candidates for your company.

When you manage candidates with “tags”, you’ll never have to wonder which step of the hiring process each applicant is on. Certainly helpful if you are hiring for numerous positions or coordinating with another hiring manager.

Faster Recruitment

Sometimes you need a job filled ASAP, but traditional recruiting doesn’t let you prioritize job postings. With free job posting sites, you can upgrade to sponsored or featured hiring ads. Those premium services will pin your ad to the top of the job board giving it more visibility. However, the ranking of jobs on some sites are based on the update time of the job and its traffic. Therefore, they only require you, without additional cost, to update the job frequently and proactively share the job with job seekers to enhance your job ads ranking.

In addition, according to Statista, an average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media. Therefore, some job posting sites for employers offer off-site recruitment marketing support which drives more applicants.

Connecting your job posting sites with social media and sharing job openings with offline-to-online job posting referral link directly, will allow you to attract candidates from other channels to seamlessly apply online.

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Maximize employer branding that resonates with digital age

Most employers want to learn everything about its candidate before hiring him/her, and that’s totally normal. Likewise, have you considered applicants may want to learn about your company before they even start applying?

Your career page is often your candidate’s first experience with your company. You should treat it as an invitation to the coolest working place around! Make candidates want to join your team by including fun pictures of employees, unique videos, and interesting information about your company.

Companies with successful employer brands can clearly convey their visions, cultures, and values to job seekers. Social media networks allow powerful engagement with passive or active potential candidates – making it the ideal place to express your employer brand as well. Subsequently, the best free job posting sites offer support to generate employer branding materials for you. In addition, it also manage recruitment marketing that increases brand awareness and social engagement. Not to mention you don’t have to pay extra for job advertisement.

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Now that you know the benefit of using online job posting, learn how to craft an attractive job description to attract potential candidates. Without including the necessary information, your hiring post can appear to be suspicious, or deliberately hiding negative information. 

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