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Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring safe medication usage. Some pharmaceutical duties include preparing prescriptions, reviewing physician notes, and monitoring allergies at places like hospitals, clinics, or local retail drugstores.

For a pharmacist entering the job field, adding a cover letter is more likely to engage the hiring manager by explaining how their personality and experiences apply to the role. However, writing a good cover letter is not an easy task. 

Stay tuned to understand how pharmacy cover letters differ between hospital, clinical, and retail pharmacists. If you are a fresher pharmacist, this guide is also for you, with tips on writing a cover letter with no experience.

Pharmacist Cover Letter Samples

The following are a few pharmacy cover letter samples that relate personal interests and experiences to the organization’s mission.

✉️ Clinical Pharmacist Cover Letter

This cover letter sample illustrates how transferable research skills would improve task performance for a clinical pharmacist.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

Dr. Chen
AB General Hospital
1234 Bellevue Rd, FL 31234

September 1, 2022.

Dear Dr. Chen,

Your reputation for ethical care and research speaks to my interest in finding safe and effective prescription alternatives. My previous roles as a Clinical Pharmacist at DAHealth and as a Clinical Researcher at PGH gave me skills in testing, legal compliance, and drug usage assessment, which I believe would be assets to ABGH as a Clinical Pharmacist. I have a Pharm.D from PHA University and hold State Licensure.

At DAHealth, I was responsible for therapeutic drug monitoring to maximize drug performance while minimizing risks. I followed State and federal regulations to determine proper dosage levels by understanding allergy histories and conducting blood pressure tests. I also performed audits of controlled substances to remove non-compliant drugs. To create effective medication plans, I exercised interventions to identify drug interactions, patient performance, and side effects—improving conditions for 300 patients over four months. 

As a Clinical Researcher at PGH, I conducted 200 clinical trials for patients with cardiovascular symptoms. Using pharmacodynamics testing, I evaluated which medications to omit from or introduce to therapeutic plans. My findings observed a 30% reduction in symptoms for diabetes patients who used new alternatives.

My command of research skills and compliant therapy practices have proven results in patient progress that would benefit your journey in ethical care. I have enclosed my resume and would be honored to arrange an interview at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,
Jane Doe

✉️ Hospital Pharmacist Cover Letter

This hospital pharmacist cover letter speaks to the organization’s needs for improved operational flow and revenue.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

Dr. Kirk
Hills General Hospital
1234 Birch Rd, OH 43123

September 1, 2022.

Dear Dr. Kirk,

Understanding how to provide efficient care to patients has always been my highest priority. I possess skills in logistics management, inventory control, and interdisciplinary communication that would strengthen your operation flow at HGH as a Hospital Pharmacist.

With proficiency in computer information and vault management systems, I understand how to efficiently check in on updated patient records and drug interactions to ensure accurate dispensing of prescriptions. To date, I have reduced patient complaints by 80% and have filed every prescription order with complete accuracy. In inventory management, I prioritized high-demand orders and maintained a steady ample stock flow in critical times—increasing revenue by 50%.

Working in interdisciplinary environments at three different general hospitals, I communicated with physicians and practitioners from anesthetics and nursing departments to create 500 self-diagnosing educational guidelines for patients and their families.

I have enclosed my resume and would like to converse about my qualifications for streamlining operation oversight. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,
Jane Doe

✉️ Cover Letter for Pharmacy Assistants

The pharmacy assistant cover letter below targets customer needs using multitasking skills at a retail pharmacy.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

Roland Macy
1234 Pharm Rd, ON M7N 2KN

September 1, 2022.

Dear Mr. Macy,

After learning about your mission to expand informative care, I believe my passion for attentive customer service in retail environments will be valuable as a Pharmacy Assistant at GreaterMart. I am confident that my skills in communication, multitasking, and organization will be wonderful additions to your care team. 

During my time as a Pharmacy Assistant at XYMart, I alleviated the communication process between pharmacists, suppliers, and customers. On one occasion, our prescriptions were insufficiently stocked for a refill order. By calling our lead pharmacist and the supplier, I was able to locate suitable alternatives and informed the customer of the change. 

With organizational skills, I understand how to provide a continuously reliable experience for patients, while attending to debit/credit order processing. To ensure accuracy in dispensing and delivery, I avoided prescription errors by checking DIN numbers, patient records, and expiry dates. My sensitivity to customer care—including notifying refill times and answering patient concerns—has increased the number of perfect customer satisfaction surveys by 20% at the pharmacy. 

Thank you for your consideration. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my strengths in customer service, which my resume also provides details on.   

Jane Doe

✉️ Pharmacy Intern Cover Letter

The following pharmacy intern cover letter hones in on interdisciplinary experiences to serve varying patients.

Jane Doe
[email protected]

Marie Montgomery
XY Hospital
1234 Cassandra Rd, CA 94123

September 1, 2022.

Dear Ms. Montgomery,

Seeing your research fundraisers for children and women in a news piece, I would love to continue your equitable approach to patient care as a Pharmacy Intern at Greater Hospital. I volunteered in the pharmacy sector at XY Hospital, where I had the opportunity to care for patients through education, prescription assistance, and consultation support. Currently, I am a Pharmacy student at ABU with a CGPA of 3.5. 

As a Pharmacy Volunteer, I shadowed licensed clinical pharmacists and observed their daily tasks in patient interactions. My observations allowed me to identify and address recurring difficulties that patients may have. I have educated patients in pediatrics and oncology departments on proper medication usage and the risks of overdose. I also consulted caregivers and families on discharge care.

To optimize the flow of prescription access for patients, I assisted pharmacists with pill counting and refill preparation for automated dispensing machines. I also prevented drug deterioration and reduced safety risks by checking inventory conditions, separating expired drugs, and following drug disposal protocols. I provided customized support to patients by understanding their symptomatic history from medications, advising providers on drug dosage, and referring visitors to appropriate pharmacists or physicians. 

An interview would be most appreciated for the chance to discuss my observational skills in patient servicing and technical duties. Thank you for your consideration and please find enclosed my resume.

Jane Doe

How to Write a Pharmacist Cover Letter

🖋 Do proper research 

Depending on whether you are applying to be a pharmacist or a pharmacy intern, think about who will be reading your cover letter. Pay attention to the job qualifications and focus on the ones you excel in. Also bear in mind that cover letters for a hospital, a clinic, or a retail pharmacy should encompass different central responsibilities, each of which we will also provide tips for below. 

  • Hospital Pharmacist Cover Letter

Cover letters for hospital pharmacist jobs may prioritize large-scale responsibilities and focus on tasks that increase flow. A hospital pharmacist cover letter might target speed and organization in logistics and inventory control.  

  • Clinical Pharmacist Cover Letter

Skills for clinical pharmacists are more specialized and including necessary certifications or mentioning relevant knowledge (prescription interactions, dosage, preparation, etc.) in your cover letter will be beneficial. 

  • Retail Pharmacist Cover Letter

Jobs at retail or community pharmacies involve face-to-face customer interactions, especially when distributing medications to patients. For retail pharmacists, cover letters might stress customer service and accuracy in handling prescriptions.

🖋 Include necessary elements 

  • Information of sender and recipient

Start your pharmacist cover letter with your full name and contact details, followed by the recipient’s name and organization name and address. Specifying the name of the hiring manager in your cover letter is important in reaching the right individual. If you can’t find an exact name, “Hiring Manager” or “Hiring Team” will do.

  • A clear subject line (for emails)

If you are emailing a cover letter for a pharmacist job, include the job title in the subject line:

Jane Doe – Pharmacy Intern Application

To impress your recruiter, add in a trait the organization needs. For instance, if you have no experience and are submitting a pharmacy intern cover letter:

Interdisciplinary Fundraising Volunteer Seeking Pharmacy Intern Position

  • Greetings

While it's important to be personable in your cover letter, you also want to remain professional as a pharmacist. Stick with an appropriate and welcoming salutation (e.g. “Dear”).

  • Opening paragraph

Begin your cover letter by briefly introducing why you want to apply for the pharmacist job. Support your objective by tying in the skills and experiences you could contribute to the organization. 

  • Body paragraphs

For the middle paragraphs of your pharmacist cover letter, back up your introduction with evidence, which may include metrics, difficult dilemmas, and achievements.

  • Closing

End your cover letter with a call to action and politely request an interview for the pharmacist job. Touch on the main point of your preceding paragraphs in your pharmacist cover letter. 

  • Sign-offs: 

Use a professional and warm closing (Sincerely, Best Regards, Kind Regards) to sign off your pharmacist cover letter. Include your full name. Signatures are optional.

  • Your contact information (for emails)

When emailing a pharmacy cover letter, ease the process of reaching you by including your phone number and email address in your message and sign-off.

🖋 Highlight pharmacist skills 

To attract the recruiter, highlight your pharmacist skills that will allow you to perform well.

Some of the core pharmacist skills you can mention in your cover letter are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication skill
  • Multitasking 
  • Empathy
  • Pharmaceutical research 
  • Analytical skills 
  • Computer skills 
  • Inventory management 
  • Medication distribution 

🖋 Underline your personality

For freshers with no experience, showing relevant interests in your pharmacist cover letter indicates a strong sense of direction and your potential to understand the job rationale. Tailor your pharmacy cover letter for the job qualifications and tie in skills from your school/volunteer achievements that relate to the company’s mission.

🖋 Proofread 

Errors and typos in a pharmacy cover letter are red flags, especially when accuracy is so vital to the role. Ask a friend or professional to proofread your pharmacy cover letter. 

Pharmacist Cover Letter Template

[Full Name]
[Phone Number]


[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]

Dear [Recipient Name],

With a passion for [values you share with the company], I would like to join your team at [company name] as a [job title]. I was a [list previous role] and have a range of knowledge in [relevant skills], which I believe would be assets to your mission in [the organization's mission].

Having experience in [list hard skills], I understand how to assist patients by providing [list soft skills]. As a [previous role or job title], I helped [list responsibilities] and am familiar with [relevant regulations]. My [experience with hard skill] led to [results or metric outcomes]

I believe my experiences in [hard skills] would further your mission to [company mission]. Please find enclosed my [attachments], which I hope to expand on in an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

[Full Name

🔑 Key Takeaways 

  • Include in your pharmacy cover letter a personal objective that aligns with the organization’s.
  • Mention interests relevant to the role and demonstrate your understanding of it, whether you’re writing a cover letter for a hospital, clinical, or retail pharmacist job. 
  • For fresher pharmacists, discuss transferable skills in your cover letter.
  • Keep your pharmacy cover letter under 400 words. 
  • End your cover letter with a CTA and briefly recap what you can bring to the pharmacy job. 

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