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A production assistant or a PA is the one who supports the whole team. Its job responsibilities vary according to different industries such as filming, manufacturing, or even freelancing. From managing equipment to running errands for the director or producer, a production assistant usually is multi-skilled and knows how to communicate with people well.

When it comes to finding a job as a production assistant, you’ll need to present the best of yourself on the resume. In the following article, you’ll be learning step by step to craft your production assistant resume.

How to write a professional production assistant resume?

Step 1: Write an eye-catching resume headline.

A production assistant resume headline will be a one-sentence title that summarizes your experience and the entire resume. The headline should be placed at the top of your production assistant resume, right below your name and contact information so that the recruiter will notice it in no time.

Production assistant resume headline example:

Professional production assistant with 5 years of experience in the television field.

Entry-level production assistant resume headline example:

Entry-level manufacturing production assistant with 2-year experience in the food industry.

Music video production assistant resume headline example:

Goal-oriented music video production assistant with 4 years of experience in supporting video shoots.

Step 2: Craft a professional resume summary statement.

A production assistant resume summary is a paragraph of 3-4 sentences placed after the resume headline. It presents your professional skills and past achievements.

Since the recruiters only spend less than a minute on every candidate’s resume, crafting a nice production assistant resume summary is key to increasing the chance of receiving an interview.

Production assistant resume summary example:

Creative production assistant with 6 years of experience supporting the filming field in all stages of production. Skilled in editing, photo shooting, and multitasking. Handled 80% of backstage errands and tasks.

Freelance production assistant resume summary example:

Energetic freelance production assistant with 2-year experience in podcasting. Familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and responsible for post-edition. Collaborated with 20+ cross-field guests.

Film production assistant resume summary example:

Self-motivated production assistant with more than 3 years of experience in the filming and television industry. Supported 70% of production and equipment maintenance for companies.

Step 3: Include key skills.

Whether you are writing an office production assistant resume or a freelance production assistant resume, you should list both hard skills and soft skills in the skill section.

For an entry-level production assistant, the easiest way is to use a simple bullet list. For those who have a multi-skillset, consider categorizing them into groups.

Example of skills on a production assistant resume:

  • Hard skills: Camera Boom, Adobe Premiere Pro, project management, budget management, production rehearsals
  • Soft skills: communication, time management, administrative skills, analytical thinking, cross-field collaboration

Read more about how to list skills on your production assistant resume.

Step 4: Tailor the resume to a specific job.

If you are applying for different job positions, make sure to tailor the resume for each specific job.

For example, a film production assistant resume might need a portfolio with some film projects you have participated in, while a manufacturing production assistant resume might need to emphasize the equipment you are skilled at.

Step 5: Proofread.

After you finished your production assistant resume, remember to proofread it and correct the typos, typesetting, or grammar mistakes. 

What is the best resume format for a production assistant?

Writing a production assistant resume isn’t just about the content, you’ll need to follow a resume format to make the resume reader-friendly.

Also, using different formats is like presenting yourself from different aspects. That is, even if the content is the same, you can highlight the part you want to show the recruiters by choosing the right production assistant resume format.

The following 4 types of production assistant resume formats have their features and are suitable for different job search situations:

  • Chronological resume format

A chronological resume format is the most commonly-seen resume format. Simply list your experience in reverse chronological order. That is, the most recent one will be placed first. If you have some relevant experience, it is recommended to use this type of format

  • Functional resume format

A functional resume format is a skilled-based format that emphasizes your professional skills and accomplishments in your career history. If you want to highlight a specific technique to show that you are a qualified candidate, or if you are going through a career change, consider using a functional resume format.

  • Combinational resume format

A combinational resume format (or a hybrid resume format) combines the features of the chronological and functional resume formats. It is recommended for junior production assistants with several job experiences who want to highlight their skills as well.

  • Targeted resume format

A targeted resume format is a format designed specifically for a job or company you are planning to apply for. To increase the chance of getting the job, one usually puts a lot of effort into making customization. Since structuring this type of format takes a lot of time, it is recommended for seniors or one seeking a specific job position.

How to make a production assistant resume template?

Writing a production assistant resume without any references may be hard, so why not surf the Internet to look up some production assistant resume templates as guidance? When building your own resume template, the common 2 tools are Microsoft Word or an online resume builder.

1️⃣ Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word would be a good choice for building a text-based production assistant resume. However, it would be an inconvenience if you are planning to attach a portfolio or any images.

1. Collect your favorite resume components. (e.g. layout, format, section)

2. Include necessary sections (the ones mentioned in the first part of this guide) and craft the headings.

3. Choose a reader-friendly font and font sizes for your resume.

2️⃣ Online Resume Builder

Some online resume builders provide various formats, layouts, and styles for you to create your production assistant resume. There may also be a production assistant sample for you to take reference from.

From resume templates to resume font styles, CakeResume provides you a rich choice of function to craft your production assistant resume easily and flexibly. By dragging and moving blocks, you can even add a portfolio with pictures like a piece of cake!

Top 10 Production Assistant Resume Dos and Don'ts

Now that you’ve known 90% about how to write a good production assistant resume, here are 10 Dos and Don’ts for you to keep in mind:

✅ Dos:

1. Tailor the resume and include only relevant information.

After you finish writing your production assistant resume, remember to tailor it for each job position you are applying for. The requirements may be different, so only include relevant information on the resume.

2. Add quantifiable and measurable achievements.

A way to make your production assistant resume more persuasive is to use numeric figures or quantifiable descriptions to support your statements.

3. Optimize the resume for ATS.

Most recruiters use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to scan resumes. To pass the ATS test, you should build your production assistant resume in a text-based format and avoid using charts.

4. Choose the right resume format.

Choose from the four types of production assistant resume formats mentioned above according to your current working status(fresher/junior/senior/career changer).

5. Use active verbs in the resume.

Adopting active verbs in your production assistant resume shows that you are a positive and initiative candidate.

❌ Don’ts:

1. Mix up a resume with a CV.

A production assistant resume includes relevant information to a specific job you are applying for, while a production assistant CV focuses on detailed information about your professional skills and experiences. Keep in mind that different countries may have different preferences for a resume or a CV.

2. Adopt an old-style resume objective statement.

A good production assistant resume objective statement should highlight your career goals in a concise and specific tone. Instead of only listing the position and the company, point out how you can contribute to the company and how this position matches your goals.

3. Disclose confidential information about previous employers.

You might violate the regulations or be considered unprofessional if you put confidential information about your previous job on the production assistant resume.

4. Include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.

Some personal detail such as race, sexual orientation, or marital status should be excluded to avoid stereotypes and discrimination.

5. Send the resume as a Word doc.

A Word doc does not fit in every computer model. There might be fonts missing or template shifting situations. Therefore converting your production assistant resume Word file into a PDF would be a smarter and safer way to ensure nothing goes wrong during the sending process.

CakeResume provides the right resume templates & formats for production assistant to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best production assistant resume and download it for free, Now!

Production Assistant Resume Sample (Text Format)

Kyle Eastwood

Dedicated production assistant in the filmmaking industry

Mobile: 02-1234-9876
Email: [email protected]


Goal-driven production assistant with 3 years of assisting filmmaking experience. Skilled in multiple video editing software. Developed a new editing strategy to reduce 30% post-production time.

Work Experience

Production Assistant, ABC Studio 

2004 - 2006 

  • Assisted 60% of post-production, including film-editing and photo-shooting for the studio.
  • Organized and re-scheduled film production date, saved 30% budget than expected.
  • Developed business and cross-communicated with 50+ celebrities for making cooperative videos.

Freelance Production Assistant 

2003 - 2004

  • Assisted 5+ personal studios for post-production.
  • Supported 60% of graphic design for an animation film company.
  • Held 4 large-sized projects at the same time and completed them in 100 days.


Hard Skills:

  • Camera Boom
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut
  • Budget Management
  • Production Rehearsals

Soft skills:

  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility
  • Cross-function Collaboration


Bachelor degree in Film Studies
Westwood University

1998 - 2002
Relevant coursework: film production, photography, drama theory

--- Originally written by Annie Chao---

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