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Ever picked up a product and wondered about the manufacturing and the assembly process it went through? A production engineer's job is precisely this; they coordinate plant workers, monitor manufacturing processes, and work out how a product will be manufactured and assembled in the production line.

For this reason, production engineers work closely with manufacturing personnel, with their shared goal being producing products at a lower cost without negatively affecting the quality.

"How do I start writing a production engineer resume?
Should I write a production engineer resume or a production engineer CV?
What is the best resume format for a production engineer resume?"

These might be some of the many questions you ask yourself when starting your resume-making journey. Worry not; these questions (and many more) will be answered in this article.

How to write a production engineer resume?

What makes a good production engineer resume? Is it your production engineer profile summary, the career objective for your production engineer resume, or your production engineer cover letter?

In addition to all these, there are other factors that you should also take into consideration to make the best production engineer resume.

Understand the differences between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a resume.

As previously mentioned, you might be confused about the differences between a production engineer CV and a production engineer resume.

Though a CV and a resume are interchangeable in many instances, they are separate documents. The 3 main differences lie in the purpose, length, and layout.

  • A production engineer CV is mainly used in academia, medicine, or science fields. In contrast to a resume, it is longer (usually over 2 pages), contains more details, and has a simple structure.
  • A production engineer resume, on the other hand, is primarily used for job applications. Thus, it should be within 2 pages, it should only contain relevant information, and has a variety of layouts to choose from. 

❗ Note: It is highly recommended that you carefully check the type of document the job application asks to avoid submitting the wrong one.

Choose the right resume format for your production engineer resume.

Now that you know the differences between a production engineer CV and a resume, it's time for you to decide on the resume format.

There are 3 types of resume formats for a production engineer resume: chronological, functional, and hybrid/combination.

Based on your experience and background, some formats might work better than others; ensure you carefully evaluate your production engineering background, abilities, and job context and choose the one you feel works best for you.

Look up production engineer resume templates & samples online for reference.

Not sure how to start? Fret not, with the internet at your disposal; you can look up production engineer resume samples and use them as a guide when constructing your production engineer resume.

The good news? There are a plethora of samples online that you can utilize and "borrow" some ideas from. The bad news? Some of these samples might contain mistakes or other no-nos that you should avoid. That's why it's crucial to not merely copy and paste these references.

Tailor your production engineer resume for the position.

Tailor your production engineer resumes (yes, plural) for the specific position. Having only one production engineer resume PDF saved on your desktop is not enough during your job search as you are likely to apply for more than one jobs. Each of them is likely to ask for slightly different qualifications. Make sure your production engineer resume shows the qualities and skills a specific company is looking for.

For instance, if you apply for a job that requires you to submit a senior production engineer resume, you can highlight the work experience and work achievements you have.

Craft a production engineer cover letter.

No matter if you're crafting a mechanical production engineer resume, a production engineer resume in the automobile industry, or a production engineer resume in fabrication, you should write a cover letter to accompany your resume.

As with your production engineer resume, the best production engineer cover letter should be tailored. It should still convey your enthusiasm for the role and explain how your background and skills fit into the company's role in detail.


Submitting a resume with spelling or grammatical errors is the last thing you want. Making avoidable grammatical mistakes in your resume can make you look unprofessional to recruiters.

So, take some extra time, invite a new pair of eyes, and look over your production engineer resume again after you're done crafting it.

What to put on a production engineer resume?

As mentioned previously, there are plenty of layouts and formats that you can utilize for your production engineer resume. Even so, there are details that you should always include, no matter the layouts and formats you use.

These are:

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

✅  Always INCLUDE:

  • Full name
  • Professional title
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Address (city, state, and/or country)

🚫  Exclude:

  • Current salary
    Doing so may be deemed unprofessional and may reduce your bargaining power when you negotiate your salary. 
  • Social security number/national insurance number
    These are only required AFTER you get hired; by unnecessarily providing your social security number or national insurance number, you risk exposing yourself to potential fraud or identity theft.
  • Sexual orientation, race, marital status, date of birth, nationality, gender, and religion

2. Resume Headline

    What is a resume headline?
    It is a short (usually one-line) and accurate description placed on top of your production engineer resume to quickly inform the recruiter of who you are, your strengths, your achievements, and relevant experience.

Resume headline for a production engineer examples:

  • Highly Motivated and Efficient Production Engineer Experienced in Supporting Technology and Manufacturing Needs
  • Goal-Oriented Senior Production Engineer with 8+ Years of Experience in the Health Technology Industry

3. Resume Summary

After you've grabbed the recruiter's attention with your fantastic resume headline, this is where you delve deeper about yourself.

An ideal production engineer resume summary (or production engineer profile summary) would be around 2-3 sentences long, focusing on your production engineer background and abilities, as well as your qualifications and experience.

Production engineer profile summary example:

Hardworking and knowledgeable production engineer with 5+ years of experience in implementing lean manufacturing techniques. Demonstrated a history of team building, leadership, analytical problem-solving, and negotiation skills.

4. Career Objective

"What do I want to achieve in my career as a production engineer? What is my career objective as a production engineer?"

Your resume objective should be able to answer these questions.

A good production engineer's resume objective should be able to give the recruiter a better idea of who you are as a candidate; thus, you can integrate this into your resume summary.

Production engineer resume objective example:

Result-oriented production engineer with extensive experience and knowledge in developing, monitoring, and implementing efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes and supervising employees. Aiming to leverage leadership skills as a senior production engineer position in XYZ Inc. 

5. Production Engineer Skills

Your skills, aside from your experience, are one of the selling points. The skills you possess are an indicator of your ability to accomplish tasks and challenges you will face in the position you've applied to.

As with most STEM occupations, technical skills are crucial, but soft skills shouldn't be overlooked from your resume if you want to really impress recruiters.

Example production engineer skills for resumes:

  • Hard skills
    AutoCAD, Automation Studio, SQL
  • Soft skills
    Teamwork, Negotiation, Working under pressure

6. Work Experience

Your work experience section in a resume may very well be the most essential part of your resume. Your experience can give recruiters a picture of your overall skills and abilities and if your potential fits the company and the job.

Aside from the basic details such as your job title, a brief of your job responsibilities, and your employment period, you should also include the achievements you have garnered in your previous jobs.

Production engineer work experience example:

Production engineer, ABC Inc. 

August 2008 – July 2011

  • Developed, implemented, and monitored production processes for a new product line.
  • Maximized productivity and reduced production costs and wastage by 22% by improving existing production processes.

7. Education 

As with most STEM occupations, education can play a significant role in the recruiter's hiring decision (especially if you're applying for an entry-level position).

Your education can also enhance your production engineer resume if you lack relevant work experience. For this section, you would want to include:

  • education institution
  • degree
  • major (and relevant coursework, if applicable)
  • year of graduation
  • honors and awards
  • GPA (if it's above 3.5)
  • relevant extracurricular activities

8. Certifications

Production engineering covers a vast array of disciplines. Thus, there are plenty of certifications out there that you can include to emphasize your specialty on your resume. 

Some certifications to put on production engineer resumes include:
  • Six Sigma Certification
  • Lean Certification

Tips for writing the best production engineer resume

Tip 1: Customize the resume for production engineer positions.

No matter how similar some production engineer positions may be, if you look closely at the job ads, you are bound to spot a few differences. It's best to customize your production engineer resume for every position you apply for to land a chance for an interview.

Tip 2: Quantify results in your production engineer resume.

Numbers speak louder than words in your resume. Numbers can make your accomplishments seem more apparent and more convincing than sentences, so you should quantify your results to make your resume more attractive.

Tip 3: Choose an ATS-friendly resume layout.

Attractive resume templates or layouts may not always attract interview opportunities. These aesthetically pleasing templates or layouts may be filtered out by applicant tracking software (ATS) as they may contain too many visuals.

Tip 4: Make good use of action words (verbs) for your production engineer resume.

Action verbs can instantly provide more information about you for the employer.

Tip 5: Don't neglect your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is renowned as a networking platform for business professionals to foster connections and imprint their presence. 

Aside from building your professional network, LinkedIn gives you space to showcase your achievements and get coworkers to endorse your skills and abilities. As an engineer, you can reap plenty of benefits from having an updated LinkedIn profile and link it in your resume.

Cake provides the right production engineer resume templates & formats for production engineers to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best production engineer resume Now!

How to write a production engineer cover letter?

In the production engineer job market, standing out from other candidates is crucial; a cover letter can help you in this aspect. Your production engineer cover letter would usually be the first contact with a prospective employer, you would want to make sure that you leave a good first impression on them. 

Follow the advice below to write the best production engineer cover letter.

  1. Include your contact details.
  2. Research the company (through their website, LinkedIn, etc.) to find out more about the hiring manager and the company itself. Greeting the former with the right name can be an excellent first impression. State who you are and the position you're applying for.
  3. Explain why you're applying for the job and what you bring to the table.
  4. Convince them why you're the perfect fit for the position by mentioning 2 to 3 of your relevant skills and experiences for emphasis.
  5. End your production engineer cover letter in a polite tone, thanking them for their time.

Production engineer resume sample

Mitchell Howards Haynes

Dedicated and Result-Oriented Production Engineer with Demonstrated History of Increasing Production Efficiency by 28%

Mobile: +61-7-7010-1111
Email: [email protected]


Result-oriented, hardworking, and dedicated production engineer specializing in developing, monitoring, and implementing cost-effective manufacturing processes. Demonstrated history of team building and project management. Seeking to join Implex Inc. to leverage leadership skills as the Senior Production Engineer.

Work Experience

Production Engineer, Mative Enterprises

May 2018 - Present

  • Continuously improve machinery and provide engineering support as needed.
  • Plan, manage, and perform product introduction.
  • Develop and implement cost reduction strategies and deliver quarterly improvements.

Production Engineer, Reling Inc. 

July 2014 - August 2017

  • Developed, implemented and monitored production processes for a new product line.
  • Maximized productivity and reduced production costs and wastage by 22% by improving existing production processes.
  • Ensured compliance with ISO9001, ISO45001, and ISO 50001.


  • AutoCAD
  • SQL
  • LabView
  • SAP
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Resource Planning and Optimization
  • Attention to Detail
  • Leadership


  • BSE Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales
    2009 - 2013
    • Academic Award: Academic Achievement Awards (AAA) Scholarship
    • GPA: 3.91/4.0

--- Originally written by Patricia Rosita ---

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