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There are a few reasons you might be preparing for an internal job interview. You might be interested in moving up in your job, or you may have noticed a different department is interviewing internal candidates. Maybe your superiors have noticed your work and are considering placing you in a different role. 

If you are considering changing to a new position within your company, an internal promotion interview is the first step.

There are some challenges to mastering a job promotion interview. You could be competing with your peers for this promotion. Or you might have trouble convincing your superiors that you are well-suited for a new position. For example, they may struggle to imagine you in a scenario outside of your current role. 

Despite the challenges, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the promotion interview questions and secure your new position.

What is a Promotion Interview?

An internal promotion interview is meant to assess your skills and fitness for a higher role or a position in another department within the company. A job promotion interview could be a chance to move up at work and use your existing skills to secure a raise. It might be in another department or at a more senior level in your own department. 

There are many benefits to an internal job interview. Corporations are more inclined to hire internally, since their existing staff is already familiar with their company culture and processes. They also want to reward their employees’ loyalty and they prefer to promote people who have proven they will stay. 

A job promotion interview is a great chance to make a change at work, grow within the company, or pursue your career goals. Preparing for a promotion interview could be the first step to a beneficial career move. 

Promotion Interview Tips

An internal promotion interview can be tough, but it could also be a great opportunity. The best way to excel is by thoroughly preparing for an internal interview.  Follow these promotion interview tips to stand out in your internal job interview.

💡 Talk to your manager in advance

It might be seen as unprofessional, if not disrespectful, to go for a job promotion interview without speaking to your supervisor first. If you are honest and direct about your plan, it will help maintain your working relationship and simplify your internal job interview experience.

💡 Familiarize yourself with the role

The best internal job interview tip is to do your research and know the role inside and out before you go to the job promotion interview. Talk to people either in the department, or who were previously in a similar role to acquaint yourself with the position before the job promotion interview. 

💡 Reflect on your current duties and list your achievements

After doing research for your internal promotion interview, think about your current position and consider which skills are transferable. Prepare a list of the things you have accomplished at work, so you can discuss your strengths and achievements in the job promotion interview. 

💡 Be prepared to respond to criticism

Every employee makes mistakes, and some of yours might come up in a job promotion interview. The interviewer wants to assess whether you have learned from your errors. Take ownership of your decisions and make sure you elaborate on how you grew from those situations. If your mistakes come up in an interview for an internal position, accept them gracefully. 

💡 Write a thank-you note

Write a thank-you note to your interviewer, even though it’s an internal job interview. A thank you note or email is not only a professional thing to do, but it also gives you a chance to highlight your strengths or abilities one last time after the job promotion interview is over. 

Internal Promotion Interview Question and Answer Examples

If you’re wondering how to prepare for a promotion interview, the next thing you can do is consider the questions you think will come up and prepare strong responses. Here are some examples of common job promotion interview questions and answers.

Tell me about yourself. 

When this question comes up in an internal job interview, you can talk about yourself and your goals. Your self-introduction for a promotion interview should expand on the reasons you’re a good fit for this promotion.

Answer: I’ve been a junior copywriter here for the last 2 years, and I’ve learned so much from ABCopy and produced many pieces that are popular on our website. My ultimate career goal is to be a creative director managing an important project. So being promoted to a senior copywriter that has some managerial responsibilities is one step closer to that. In my free time, I love to read and paddle-board, which helps me experience new things and improves my writing.

Why do you think you’re a good fit for this role?

When you’re asked this common promotion interview question, you get a chance to talk about your accomplishments at the company and your transferable skills. 

Answer: I’ve learned a lot from the copywriting department, and I’ve been responsible for a few high-profile campaigns. My coworkers seek out my feedback on their projects and I’ve always gotten positive comments from my managers. I feel that my skills as a junior copywriter directly translate to senior copywriting. 

What do you like about your current position?

You can share your opinion of your job when you interview for an internal position. Elaborate about what you like about the work culture, company values, or environment. 

Answer: I love that the department is so collaborative. I really feel that I’m part of a hard-working and supportive team. If I were to advance, I’d want to expand on that environment of cooperation because I feel it’s our strength as a company. 

How do you see your future at this company?

This job promotion interview question gives you a chance to show your employer that you are looking to advance in the company and contribute to their goals as well. Make sure you indicate your desire to stay long-term in your internal job interview.

Answer: Because I’ve been here for two years already, I’ve gotten to know and love the work culture and I’ve worked on various campaigns. I feel that there is more that I can contribute to ABCopy, and I see myself continuing to grow with the organization and one day becoming the creative director. 

How will you handle the additional responsibility of this new role?

When this promotion interview question comes up, you can elaborate on your existing role and the responsibilities you already have. Talk about times that you’ve demonstrated leadership or solved problems for this internal promotion interview question. 

Answer: I feel that I’ve had an opportunity to take on more responsibility in my existing role as a junior copywriter. My last campaign was a major project for the company, and I’ve even given a few sales pitches to the senior team on top of my regular print copy duties. 

If you are promoted, how will that affect your current relationships within the department?

Getting promoted over your peers has the potential to cause tension, and this job promotion interview question is about your leadership ability and professionalism. Talk about how you’ll support your team in your new role and continue to listen to their needs while being open to criticism. 

Answer: I will continue to prioritize my work relationships, and I believe the experience can be smooth if I’m honest and direct, and open to feedback. I don’t feel a new role will change how I communicate with my teammates, and I hope we can keep growing together. However, there will be changes and I will use the resources that become available to me because of those changes to support them.

How would the people in your department describe you?

Since this job promotion interview is internal, the interviewer probably has a good idea about your work and personality. Use specific feedback from your team to answer this job promotion interview question and be honest. 

Answer: I’ve heard from people in my department that I am direct but friendly. My supervisors have told me that I do my work diligently and efficiently. 

If you get promoted, what would be the first thing you want to accomplish in your new role?

Use this internal promotion interview question to show you understand the company’s goals and demonstrate that your own ideas are in line with theirs.

Answer: My first goal as a senior copywriter is to work on improving copy for the Eco Soap brand. I know they are looking to grow the brand more aggressively and I feel that there are a few approaches we could take on the social media side to help them accelerate their growth.  

How would you handle not getting this promotion?

Be professional when you answer this promotion interview question. The interviewer wants to know if your work relationships would deteriorate or if you would leave the company. 

Answer: I’d feel disappointed for sure, because I think I’m a good fit for this position and I know I can help ABCopy achieve its objectives. But obviously I know the decision-making process is complicated, and at the end of the day my hope is that the department hires the right person that will best suit the role, as I will also benefit from it professionally. I grow when the company grows. 

Walk me through a time that you resolved a problem you weren’t familiar with.

You might be asked some situational interview questions for your promotion interview. Since you’ll be in a new role, you should demonstrate that you are able to solve new problems and think critically about solutions. 

Answer: When I first started at a junior copywriter, there were a few situations where I encountered problems that were new to me. The first thing I like to do is consult with people who have more experience than I do. I also like to look for my own unique solutions.  

Questions to Ask the Employer in a Promotion Interview

It’s best practice to prepare some promotion interview questions to ask your employer. Asking questions shows that you’ve thought carefully about the position and prepared thoroughly for the internal job interview.

Here are some examples of questions to ask during a promotion interview:

  • What would you say is the most challenging part of this position?

This promotion interview question is a good one to start with because it shows you’re ready to take on obstacles. 

  • How much training or support is involved in helping your candidate settle in the new role?

Asking this job promotion interview question tells the employer that you’re willing to ask for help and already preparing for your first steps in the new position. 

  • What is the most important quality your candidate should have to succeed in this role?

This job promotion interview question indicates to your employer that you’re curious about how you might fit into the position. 

  • How will you judge your candidate’s success or failure in this role?

This is a great internal job interview question because it shows you are thinking long term about success metrics for the position. 

  • Do you have any reservations about my experience? 

This is a good promotion interview question to ask an employer because it shows you are open to criticism and growth. 

Preparing a few questions to ask in a promotion interview shows your employer that you’re enthusiastic and prepared and it could ultimately help you ace your internal promotion interview.

🔑 Key Takeaway:

When you respond to your company’s call for an internal vacancy, the first step is a job promotion interview. 

Whether you are applying for a position in your current department, or applying to another department altogether, preparing for a promotion interview is the best way to help yourself move forward. 

  • Get familiar with the role and be prepared for tough questions about your previous work. 
  • Make sure you speak to your manager before applying. 
  • Research some common promotion interview questions and think of a few things to ask the interviewer.

With a little groundwork, you can overcome the internal job interview and secure your new role. 

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--- Originally written by Tiffany Quinn ---

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