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A property manager takes care of daily administrative tasks of managing rental properties, such as searching for good tenants, collecting rents, and maintaining the property. You need to be organized, detail-oriented, and great with tenant relationships.

To show your property management skills, your property manager resume should be well crafted. Read on to learn more about property manager resumes.

💁‍♀️ Note: Don’t confuse a property manager with an asset manager. An asset manager treats the property as an investment and concentrates on maximizing the return on investment. They mostly deal with long-term financial matters, while property managers handle administrative routines.

How to write a great property manager resume?

🖋 Step 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format.

First and foremost, avoid using fancy elements such as tables, charts, and photos on your property manager resume.

With large amounts of documents, recruiters usually use an ATS, applicant tracking system, to scan through all the property manager resumes. Those systems usually cannot recognize any graphics, tables, or non-text elements. 

🖋 Step 2: Refer to property manager resume templates and examples.

It is always a good idea to learn from others. Feel free to search for property manager resume templates online and see how other property managers showcase their skills.

🖋 Step 3: Tailor your resume for the property manager job.

What kind of skills does the position require? Each property manager job has slightly different requirements. Examine the job post carefully and use keywords from the job description. Recruiters can then easily identify your property manager resume as a match.

Note: Does the job require a property manager CV instead of a resume? A property manager CV is usually a more detailed and formal version of your complete professional experience that needs less customization.

Further reading: What is the Difference Between a Property Manager CV and a Resume?

🖋 Step 4: Quantify results on your resume.

Property manager resumes with numbers shown as work results look a lot more professional. It shows that you are good at managing properties and that you understand how to evaluate your work performance.

🖋 Step 5: Include relevant certifications.

While certifications aren’t required on real estate manager resumes, they definitely prove your professional skills and background knowledge.

Common certifications related to property management include Certified Property Manager (CPM), Residential Management Professional (RMP), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM).

What is a good objective for a property manager resume?

A strong property manager resume objective highlights your skills and emphasizes your career goal. Since it is placed at the top of your resume, it will be the recruiter’s first impression of you and determine whether your resume is worth reading.

It is a great tool especially if you have limited experience.

Here are some key elements of a good property manager resume objective:

  • List relevant strengths.
    If you don’t have much experience in property management, you can list the skills or educational background you have that can make you a good property manager.
    Make sure they are relevant to the position. Consider using some keywords that are listed in the job requirement.
  • Describe your career goal concisely.
    Avoid generic statements such as “Motivated professional looking to become a property manager”.
    Instead, try to describe why you aspire to be a property manager and what aspects of the job make you excited.
  • Add a little personality.
    If you don’t have impressive experience, show your creativity to make your property manager resume stand out.
    Consider adding a short sentence to describe you as a person, such as sharing your hobbies that can demonstrate you have the skills necessary for a property manager.
  • Keep it short.
    A property manager resume objective should be within 3-4 lines. After all, it is only a quick snapshot of you to spark the recruiter’s interest in reading further.

Example of a good commercial property manager resume objective:

Property Manager with 4-year experience in commercial property management including customer service, budget control, and contract negotiation. Extroverted leader with excellent communication skills and extreme attention to detail. Seeking to leverage customer service experience at CBC Company and take budget development skills to a higher level.

Example of a good house manager resume objective:

Dedicated House Manager with proven record of increasing resident retention by 34% and reducing expenses by 22%. Possess thorough knowledge of housing policies and real estate market trends. Motivated to deepen negotiation skills and contract management at TNT Corp.

Example of a good apartment manager resume objective:

Seasoned Apartment Manager skilled in maintenance, tenant relationships, lease negotiation, and conflict management. Certified Residential Management Professional (RMP) seeking to exceed closing rate for AAA Property Office.

How to write a property manager resume summary?

Similar to resume objectives, a property manager resume summary is the recruiter's first impression of you. It is at the top of your resume, where you aim to encourage the recruiter to read on. However, it focuses on your experience and achievements rather than career goals.

Here are some key elements for a good property manager resume summary:

  • Prioritize your top accomplishment.
    You want recruiters to see the best of you, so definitely place your highest achievement in the front, such as boosting occupancy or obtaining a well-known property management certification.
  • Keep it relevant to the job.
    Make sure the accomplishments are relevant to the position you’re applying to.
    For example, there is no point in showing your college GPA or a painting contest award on a property manager resume.
  • Include quantifiable results.
    Numbers are eye-catching and more objective than vague adjectives.
    How much did you increase the occupancy rate? How many tenants were you managing? Try your best to include meaningful data.
  • Keep it short.
    A resume summary is only a snapshot of your full property manager resume. Keep it within 3-5 lines so that recruiters can quickly scan through it in 10 seconds.

Examples of a professional property manager resume summary:

  • Certified Property Manager (CPM) with 7 years of experience in commercial property management and a proven record in closing contracts and maintaining client relationships. Improved physical occupancy of the portfolio by 24% and financial occupancy by 32%.
  • Goal-driven Apartment Manager skilled in staff management, customer service, and budget controls. Thoughtful leader with a track record of building top-performing teams and improving customer satisfaction by 45%.
  • Property Manager with a master’s degree in real estate and 4+ years of experience in budget management, business development, and tax filing. Achieved a tenant retention rate of 90% for 3 consecutive years.

What are some great skills for property management resumes?

Listing some property manager skills on your resume is definitely a good idea. As property managers often deal with various work duties, recruiters would want to know what your specialties are and if they fit the position.

There are different ways to list property management skills on a resume.

The simplest way is to put your skills in bullet points, which will look clean and is scannable. However, words such as “client management” don't offer much details regarding how you use the skills.

You can also consider using an expanded bullet list to further describe your experience in regard to each skill.

If your work experience can perfectly align with your skills, integrating property management skills with your work experience section might be a great idea as well. It is a trade-off: by including more detail, you might need to make compromises on the design and layout of your property manager resume.

No matter which format you pick, a good skills section on a property manager resume needs to be:

  • Relevant
    List skills that are closely related to the position. 
  • Specific
    Instead of only listing vague phrases such as “real estate market analysis”, try to specify which tools and which aspects you are skilled in.
    Naming the software also shows that you have enough background knowledge of the field.
  • True
    While it’s tempting to make up a bunch of impressive skills, recruiters can definitely find out if your work experience section doesn’t match the skills you list on your property manager resume.

Examples of property manager skills for a resume:

  • QuickBooks
  • Yardi
  • Appfolio
  • Maintenance knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Budget management
  • Contract & Lease negotiation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Staff management
  • Communication
  • Time management

Tip: Look for skills mentioned in the job description and put them on top of the skill section on your property manager resume.

How to write a property manager resume with no experience?

If you have no experience in property management, you might be working on an assistant property manager resume. Such resumes contain less work experience but are just as important when you’re looking for a property management job. Here is some advice for writing entry-level property manager resumes:

👍 Advice 1: Choose the right resume format.

If you don’t have any work experience, a chronological property manager resume format might not be suitable. Try a functional resume format where you focus on explaining your skillset and accomplishments instead of past jobs, or a targeted resume format where you customize your assistant property manager resume for the position. Learn more about those formats in 10+ Resume Format for Job Application.

👍 Advice 2: Include a career objective.

An entry-level property manager resume usually contains a resume objective to describe career goals, instead of a resume summary where you highlight your top experience.

👍 Advice 3: Highlight your education.

Even if you haven’t had any property management jobs, you certainly have acquired some useful skills in school that can make you a good property manager.

Add details to the education section of your property manager resume. Achievements, like academic performance, relevant coursework, and extracurricular activities, can showcase your soft skills.

👍 Advice 4: Include your portfolio/side project/personal website.

You can always work on your own projects and build a portfolio even if no one has decided to hire you yet. Actual work samples on an assistant property manager resume can definitely prove your skills to employers.

👍 Advice 5: Write a sincere cover letter.

If you don’t have relevant experience, write a cover letter to let the recruiter know why you want this job and how you can contribute.

A property manager cover letter is extra important when you are inexperienced. Talk about your personality and your passion to impress recruiters!

With Cake, you can easily create a property manager resume online, free download your resume’s PDF formats, and utilize ATS-friendly templates. Land your dream job and create your property manager resume online (free download) now!

Property manager resume sample

Andrew Wang

(+1) 234-0000 
[email protected] 
New York

Commercial Property Manager with 8 Years' Experience in Real Estate

Resume Summary

Motivated Property Manager skilled in budget management, lease negotiation, and staff management. Exceeded goals in physical occupancy of the portfolio for 4 years and led a team of 10 junior property managers to increase ROI by 25%. Extroverted leader with excellent communication skills, comfortable in a fast-paced work environment.


  • Budget management
  • Lease & contract negotiation
  • Staff management
  • Maintenance knowledge
  • Housing policies & tax
  • Real estate marketing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Spanish (fluent)

Work Experience

Commercial Property Manager
REP Properties, New York
Mar 2017 - Nov 2021

  • Oversaw day-to-day communication and operation functions including tenant relations, facility maintenance, and oversight of contracted services to secure long-term tenant agreements.
  • Exceeded an annual occupancy goal of 85% by a margin of 10% through business development and lease negotiation.
  • Led the team to cut expenses by 15% and increase ROI by 10%.

Apartment Manager
NY Palm Tree Properties, Toronto
Jun 2014 - Feb 2017

  • Performed property management functions including maintenance, security, inspections, and rent collecting.
  • Converted 70% of potential tenants to actual tenants through excellent communication and customer service.
  • Achieved an average customer satisfaction of 9.4 out of 10 among 500+ tenants.


Bachelor in Business Administration | Real Estate Track
University of Toronto
2007 - 2012

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