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Public health is constituted by a set of policies that seeks to guarantee, in an integrated manner, the health of the population through actions directed both individually and collectively. Its results include indicators of the conditions of life, well-being, and development.

We know how it is important for public health professionals to have a top-notch resume especially when they play a key role in our communities. It is no easy task to convey aspects regarding public health when you are on a job hunt. Nonetheless, this step-by-step guide will help you in building that great public health resume in the most efficient way possible!

Step 1: Pick the best layout for your public health resume

How long should a public health resume be?

One page is the best approach as recruiters tend to receive a high volume of applications, so do not make it extensive. You only need to include information relevant to the job.

What is the best font to use in a public health resume? (Size and Style)

For a public health specialist resume, stick to using 10-12 pts in font size. The best font styles are Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, and Helvetica.

What is the standard margin for a public health resume?

There should be an adequate amount of white space around the content in your resume to make it easy to read. A rule of thumb is to stick to at least one inch on all sides.

What spacing should a public health resume be in?

When writing your resume, space your lines using 1.15 or 1.2, and use 1.5 or double space after a heading.

What format should a public health resume be in, Word or PDF?

A public health resume in PDF format will less likely be altered once it is open and viewed across other devices. As for word format, layout changes might occur to your public health resume when it's opened on other devices.

💡 Tip: Only use a Word format if the recruiters specifically requested your public health resume in this format.

Step 2: Choose the best format for a public health resume

There are 3 types of formats you can use for your public health resume.

The following section will introduce each type of format and its advantages and disadvantages:

Chronological format

This format emphasizes work experience, listing the recent positions at the top. This is the most common use format for public health resumes in general.

Your resume would have a simple and direct layout, meaning that recruiters will have an easy time reading your work experience. This is the ideal format for those who count on plenty of public health experience.

Lacking experience will be easily noticed on your public health resume as a chronological format emphasizes work experience more than other qualifications such as skills, which means this type of format is not suitable for freshers or career changers seeking to start their first work in public health fields.

Functional format

This format emphasizes skills over experience in your public health resume. This type of format is often used by career changers or people who have gaps in their work history.

This type of format is suitable for people that have the relevant skills for the job description.

Your public health resume may not display your career development clearly. A functional format can be vague in explaining how you got the necessary skills in your public health resume. It might also fail to pass automatic screening software.

Combination format

This format is a mix between a functional format and a chronological format. It highlights both skills and experience in your public health resume.

A combination format highlights both skills and experience in your public health resume. This can show balance and it displays how the skills you possess were obtained through your experience.

This format is not suitable for freshers and new grads with no experience. Furthermore, it can be a challenge to balance skills and experience as there is no right answer in which of these two aspects shall outweigh the other. It would rely on the applicant in choosing which of these two should be emphasized more.

Step 3: List contact info and personal details

After picking the right format, you start your public health resume with the most essential information - your contact info.

What should you include and what should you leave out for the first section of your public health resume?

Essential information

The first section of your public health resume is your contact information. Every resume shall display the following three elements.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Employers need to know your name and have a way to reach out to you via email or phone number.

Optional information

These are not mandatory to include, but it is advisable to share them so that employers can know more about you.

  • Address or Location
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Personal Website

Elements to avoid

Avoid including any of these details in your public health resume as they are personal and not helpful for your job search:

  • Date of Birth
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion or Belief
  • Marital Status/Dependency
  • Expected/Current Salary

Step 4: Create an intriguing public health resume title

A public health resume headline is a sentence where you show a key highlight from your career you deem the most important. It is vital to craft it carefully because it is one of the first things readers will see in your public health resume that shows your value as a candidate.

Here are 3 elements to consider when writing a good public health resume headline:

✅ Don't be lengthy

A public health resume headline is only a single sentence, so try not to exceed 80 characters when writing your headline.

✅ Use one of your biggest strengths

This sentence shall display a key highlight from your experiences, such as an accomplishment or years of experience.

✅ Start with a strong trait

Using an adjective to start your resume headline such as “experienced” or “detail-oriented” tells employers more about you.

Resume title samples:

  • Public health officer resume headline example:
    “Devoted Public Health Officer With Over 12 Years of Experience”
  • Public health advisor resume headline example:
    “Goal-Driven Public Health Advisor Who Increased Wellness Survey Grades by 18%”
  • Public health educator resume headline example:
    “Passionate Public Health Educator Who Educated 500+ Residents About Nutrition and Dieting”

Step 5: Make a professional resume summary

A resume summary statement is a paragraph outlining your professional career based on past work experience and other relevant qualifications you possess. This section is suitable for public health specialists making a resume with solid experience.

Besides a resume summary, job seekers can opt for a public health resume objective. A career objective is a paragraph talking about current skills you have, your career aspirations, and how you can help the organization.

💡 Reminder: For entry-level applicants in public health, a resume objective is more suitable as it emphasizes your goals and passion instead of experience.

Here are 3 crucial elements to consider when making your resume summary:

✅ Mention years of experience

Include the number of years and details on past relevant experience.

✅ Put together your qualifications

Based on your skills and experience, list some aspects you are capable of based on the job requirements.

✅ Include achievements (if any)
Results or awards will boost your public health resume summary as it shows you are capable of delivering a positive impact to the community.

Resume summary samples:

  • Public health specialist resume summary example:
    “Ambitious public health specialist with 10 years of experience collaborating with communities and strategic partners. Strong, participative communicator with effective interpersonal skills and a passion for public health.”
  • Public health analyst resume summary example:
    “Charismatic public health analyst with 6 years of experience and proven track record in cooperating with other public health groups to get support, share information, and request recommendations. Skilled in synthesizing data, generate pros and drawbacks for different viewpoints, and write policy documentation.”
  • Epidemiologist resume summary example:
    “Detail-oriented epidemiologist with 5+ years of experience with strong Data Analysis background. Well-versed in critical thinking, inferring epidemiologic correlations, comprehending large and complex databases, and possessing technical prowess to convert complex information into reusable code, among other different forms of reporting.”

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Step 6: Include skills relevant to the job

There is a wide range of public health skills for a resume. Regarding the resume skills section, there are four types of skills listing formats.

For a public health resume, it is advisable to choose between one of these two formats.

Simple bullet list

This format is the simplest way to list down skills in your public health resume.

Here’s an example:

  • Data Analysis
  • Infection Control
  • Microsoft Office

This format is concise and easy to read for employers scanning your public health skills on the resume. The downside is it lacks details so you may have to further elaborate on your relevant skills in your public health cover letter or during the interview.

List with expanded bullets

This format provides more details and context for the relevant public health skills listed in your resume. The advantage is that it gives further information on the relevant skills you possess; however, it also takes up more space in your public health resume.

Here’s an example:

  • Public Health Crisis Control: Possess knowledge and well-versed with diagnosis, evaluation, analysis, and monitoring of critical health situations.
  • Policy Management: Strong background in administration and environmental policies. Able to draft and evaluating policy documents.

Example list of public health skills for a resume:

Example list of public health skills for a resume:

Hard Skills

  • Public Health Education
  • Health Service
  • Collaboration
  • Infection Disease Knowledge
  • Patient Care Coordination
  • Program Monitoring
  • Health Service Providers
  • Statistics
  • Crises Handling
  • Infection Control

Soft Skills

  • Attention to Detail
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Writing Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Organizational Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy
  • Passionate

Other Skills

  • Child Health
  • Emergency Plan Response
  • Sanitary Code Compliance
  • Disease Prevention
  • Environmental Health
  • Food Safety
  • Health Risks
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Press Release Generation

Step 7: Highlight your best experience

Your work experience section in a public health resume is one of the most important sections employers would want to take a look to see if you're familiar and capable of the job.

5 things to take into account when writing the work section in your public health resume:

  • Name of organization
  • Dates of employment
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Accomplishments
  • Awards (if any)

Tips for making a great work experience section:

 Tailor to the job description

Job descriptions usually mention the roles and responsibilities the applicant will need to oversee. Make sure you modify your public health resume so that your work experience section aligns with the duties for the job.

✅ Add quantifiable results

Numbers and percentages that show your contribution and performance will give you an edge in your public health resume.

✅ Use action verbs

Verbs such as “managed,” “developed,” and “analyzed” show strong command and confidence. Try using action verbs at the start of each bullet point in the work section of your public health resume.

Epidemiologist resume work experience section example:

Giogio Community Center

Aug. 2012 - Aug. 2014

  • Provided scientific assistance to principal investigators on research design and procedures.
  • Analyzed data and identified significant insights that influenced company strategies.
  • Conducted analysis, interpretation, and distribution of project data and their application for the national and worldwide community.

Public health advisor resume job description example:

  • Assisted in the development and monitoring of more than 20 programs dealing with the implementation of environmental public health components.
  • Developed potential organizational responses to any pressing issues that arise.

Step 8: Elaborate your education background

This section details your academic background in your public health resume.

5 things to include: 

  • Name of the school/university
  • Years of study
  • Degree and major
  • Relevant courses (optional)
  • Awards (optional)

🔎 Where to put the education section on a public health resume?

For university students or job freshers with no experience, your education section shall be right after your objective or summary section. Since you lack experience, your academic background would be your strongest qualifications.

For experienced public health professionals, you can put their education section right after the work experience section.

🔎 How to write resume education section in specific situations?

✍🏻 High school education

If high school education is your highest degree, make sure you included it in your public health resume. If you possess a higher education degree such as a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, high school education can be omitted from this section.


Naylor Springs High School
May 2008, Jacksonville, FL

✍🏻 Education in progress

If you are making a public health resume while still studying, all you have to do is add your expected graduation date.


University of Georgia                                                                                                        
Bachelor’s in Public Health
Expected Graduation: May 2020                                                                      

✍🏻 Incomplete education

If you did not complete your education, you can omit the graduation date, drop the degree name, and include your GPA.

If you are not comfortable sharing your GPA in your public health resume, you can show the number of credits obtained.

Example 1:

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Example 2:

University of Georgia
Athens, GA
Completed 32 credits towards Bachelor’s in Public Health Education

Step 9: Add an extra section to highlight traits or achievements

You can considering adding:

1. Hobbies and interests

This can help employers know more about you and your personalities. Employers are also interested in what you do when you are not at work.

2. Volunteer work or projects

Any type of volunteering, directly involved in the public sector or not, can help in your public health resume if you currently lack experience.

3. Certifications and awards

Any relevant training or accolades show the result of your endeavors and determination as a public health professional, so include them in your public health resume.

Step 10: Write a public health cover letter

An impressive public health cover letter should include the following parts:

1. Contact information

This goes on top and shows your name, phone number, and email. This information is important for recruiters to contact you.

2. Introduction

Briefly introduce yourself and state your interest in the position. Tell them in one sentence why you are the best for the job.

3. Motivation

Talk about your passion for public health and how your interests align with the organization. This part is about how you relate to their values and why you are a good fit.

4. Qualification

Based on past experiences and skills learned, elaborate on past roles that are most relevant to the position. Make sure you provide more details here than your resume content.

5. Closing

Wrap up by thanking them for spending time reviewing your public health cover letter.

Now that you have read everything you need to know, let us sum up the important aspects in writing a public health resume:

A public health resume is composed of many important sections. Since the space is limited, choose wisely on what to include in you public health resume.

Furthermore, make sure you check your resume & cover letter thoroughly. If you still have no idea where to start, consider using public health resume templates available online to give you a better idea, especially for those who are making a resume for the first job.

Public Health Resume Sample

Ashley Hunter

Experienced Public Health Specialist With 10+ Years of Experience

Mobile: (+50) 004-9790
Email: [email protected]

Professional Summary

Passionate public health specialist with extensive expertise in procurement processes and procedures in the public health field. Skilled in collaborating with consultants and establishing good relationships with client service teams.

Work Experience

Public Health Specialist
McTominay & Co.
May 2015- Jun. 2020

  • Oversaw proposal creation processes and tracked record of producing compliant, persuasive, and responsive proposals.
  • Attended frequent team meetings and provided feedback on community needs and developing challenges.
  • Arranged more than 20 relevant events, training, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for state coordinators and other prevention providers.

Public Health Officer
Masse State Community Services, Inc.                                    
Feb. 2010 - Apr. 2015

  • Developed and maintained strong connections with community coordinators, local politicians, statewide leaders, and coworkers by communicating effectively.
  • Prepared and gave more than 100 current-topic presentations at training and other gatherings.
  • Collaborated closely with the statewide team to create strategies for addressing community-based preventive needs and gaps.


2011– 2014, BSBA in Accounting
University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO 64093


Hard Skills                                                        

  • Disease Prevention                                                 
  • Environmental Health                                           
  • Food Safety                                                             
  • Infection Disease Knowledge                               
  • Community Education                                          

Soft Skills

  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication
  • Active Listening


May 2009
Masse State University, CA
Bachelor’s in Public Health

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