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A quality engineer shares similar job responsibilities with a quality assurance engineer (QA engineer) and quality control engineer (QC engineer). Below are guides on how to write a quality engineer resume along with a professional quality engineer resume sample.

In general, quality engineers share similar responsibilities, while expertise, knowledge, and tools they use might differ.

Read on if you are writing a:

  • Quality engineer resume
  • Quality assurance (QA) engineer resume
  • Quality control (QC) engineer resume
  • Mechanical quality engineer resume
  • Software quality assurance resume
  • Automation engineer resume

If you are writing a CV to apply for a master’s degree in quality engineering, notice that the major difference between a resume and a CV is their purposes. A CV is for academic application while a resume is for job hunting. When writing a QC or QA engineer CV, focus on your education and research experience instead.

Step 1: Pick the best layout for your quality engineer resume.

How long should my quality engineer resume be?

You should try your best to end your quality engineer resume within one page. A one-page quality engineer resume is concise and grabs HR’s attention and keeps the content highly relevant at the same time.

What is the best font to use in a resume? 

The best fonts to use for your quality engineer resume are Arial, Helvetica, Gill Sans, Roboto, Times New Roman, or Verdana because they provide a smoother reading experience with their low-profile simplicity and variability. Font size should stay around 10-12 pt, and 4 to 6 pts bigger for section headings.

What is the standard margin for a resume?

The standard margin for an A4 paper lies around 0.8-1 inch (2-2.54 cm), depending on the content in your quality engineer resume.

What spacing should a resume be in?

Keep line spacings between 1.15 to 1.5. For heading and titles, double the line spacing. 

What format should a resume be in, Word or PDF?

Your resume format for a quality engineer job depends on the company’s application channel. When the company did not specify a file type, usually it means to send your quality assurance engineer resume as a PDF file. 

Step 2: Choose the right format for your quality engineer resume.

If you are unsure where to start, choose a resume format based on your needs when applying for a quality engineer job. Here are the 3 most common resume formats for a quality engineer.

  • Chronological resume format

The Chronological format style emphasizes your work experience section by presenting them in reverse chronological order. It is widely accepted for all job applications, including your quality engineer resume.

  • Functional resume format

“Skills” are the main focus in the functional resume format. Under each specific skill is a list of supporting facts to back up your ability and qualification. A functional format for a quality engineer resume is ideal for students or freshers with little to no experience.

  • Combinational resume format 

The combinational resume format combines a chronological format with a functional format and highlights experience along with strong quality engineering hard and soft skills. It’s suitable for a senior quality engineer resume, as long as the content is concise and not repetitive.

Step 3: Start your quality engineer resume with contact information.

You should list these:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Address/Location (optional)
  • LinkedIn URL (optional)
  • Personal Website (optional)

You should not list these:

  • Date of Birth
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion or Belief
  • Marital Status and Dependency
  • Expected/Current Salary

Step 4: Write a captivating headline for your quality engineer resume.

A resume title is one brief description of your professional role. It should be short and directly connected with the job posting. It’s placed on top of your quality engineer resume.

✅ 1. Use keywords in the job description to customize for different positions.

When writing a resume, be sure to read closely into the job descriptions. Mark keywords, and use them in the headline of your quality engineer resume. This is a way to make it appealing and pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) scanning.

✅ 2. Bring out the biggest relevant achievements right away.

Your headline should be attractive like a news title. Use your achievements like a hook to lure the recruiter into reading the rest of your quality engineer resume.

✅ 3. Add years of experience.

When writing a resume headline for a senior quality engineer job, specify the years of experience you have to substantiate your qualification immediately.

Quality Engineer Resume Headline Examples:

  1. Technically agile quality engineer with 7+ years of experience in electronics industry
  2. Data driven software QA engineer with 3+ years of experience and expertise in measurement technologies
  3. Supplier quality engineer with strong communication skills and 4+ years of experience

Step 5: Craft a professional resume summary or objective statement.

A resume summary is 3-4 sentences that recap your work experience and achievements. You can craft a summary for a QA engineer’s resume after finishing other sections and select the highlights from your experience. Place your summary on the upper half of your resume. Recruiters will read your resume summary for the QA engineer job role to decide if they want to read the rest of your resume.

✅ Tips on writing a resume summary for a quality engineering job:

  • Writing your work experience before a profile summary for a quality engineer will make it easier to structure the summary.
  • Read through the job description and select major keywords to put in the resume summary.
  • Pick only the relevant experiences & skills and keep it concise.
  • Use quantified results instead of vague descriptions.

A resume objective is another way to write a resume statement. An objective focuses on your ambition, character, and skills. If you are a fresher writing a junior QA engineer resume, adopt a resume objective when you don’t have much work experience. 

    Quality Engineer Resume Summary Examples:

    1. Software quality assurance manager with 6+ years of experience. Supervised automation tests, quality control, and the testing team and reduced malfunction rate by 20%. Solution seeker and strong communicator with expertise in Xcode, Swift and iOS development.
    2. Resourceful and goal-oriented quality engineer with 8+ years of experience in quality assurance and large-scale production. Supervised a team of 20 junior quality engineers and developed cost-efficient QA procedures. 
    3. Motivated graduate with a bachelor’s degree in quality engineering. Seeking a quality engineer role at ABC Company to apply analytical and problem-solving skills to ensure the implementation of  QA plans and manufacturing processes meet the standard.

    Step 6: Include skills and abilities relevant to the job.

    The employers will look at the skills section in your quality engineer resume to decide if you are competent for the position. You can use bullet points to categorize your quality engineering skills or know-how. If you don’t have enough relevant skills, you can integrate the skills in your work experience section instead.

    Examples of Quality Engineer Resume Skills:

    Quality Engineer Hard Skills

    Quality Engineer Soft Skills

    • Fishbone diagrams, 5S, 8D, A3 methodology
    • Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
    • Finite element analysis (FEA)
    • APQP, PPAP
    • MSA, SPC
    • Six Sigma
    • SAP, ISO
    • ASQ certification
    • AutoCAD, GD&T
    • Pareto Charts
    • Python, R programming, MATLAB
    • Postman, Charles Proxy
    • Mathematical arithmetic skills
    • Statistics
    • Technology integration
    • Failure analysis
    • Critical thinking
    • Logical thinking
    • Systematic thinking
    • Problem-solving skills 
    • Customer feedback analysis
    • Decision making
    • Leadership
    • Attention to detail
    • Time management
    • User-centered point of view
    • Systems design & automation testing
    • Quality Auditing

    Step 7: Highlight your best experience and accomplishments.

    The work experience offers substantial information to show a candidate’s suitability. It’s probably the first section read by a hiring manager in your quality engineer resume. Here’s how to write your quality engineering work experience on the resume:

    • List your last job or intern title/position.
    • Include company name, location, and employment dates.
    • Use 2-6 bullet points per position to describe your work achievements or responsibilities.
    • Each bullet point should focus on one specific task and its result.

    If you want to craft an outstanding work experience section for the QA engineer resume, follow the tips: 

    ✅ Tailor your description to the job responsibilities.

    Each bullet point you list should match perfectly with responsibilities for the job you’re applying for. Don’t include every duty you had in a previous role in your quality engineer resume, only the related ones.

    ✅ Add quantifiable results. 

    Quantifiable results are more persuasive than abstract descriptions. In a quality engineer resume, a hiring manager will look for numbers as well.

    ✅ Use action verbs.

    Start the sentence by using intense action verbs like operated, developed, supervised, etc to show you’re capable and confident.

    Example of Work Experience on a QA Resume:

    Quality Engineer | Samsung Electronics

    • Monitored defect data and generated python analysis report on a weekly basis.
    • Cut production cost by 8% by collecting market defect trend and increasing the solution effectiveness.
    • Prevented 10 major product hazard and inefficiencies by identifying and providing technical solutions.

    Software Quality Engineer | Fresh Breath technology

    • Provided precise QA statuses and progress updates of project testing phases using Python, Javascript, and CI/CD systems.
    • Developed 4 automation test tools for the QC team to meet project requirements.
    • Collaborated with project stakeholders.
    • Shortened development time by 30% by reviewing and revising product guidelines.

    Step 8: List educational qualifications and background.

    The Education on a resume is important for applicants, especially freshers who are looking for entry-level quality engineering jobs. To apply for a quality engineer role, you need at least an associate’s degree. Here’s how to list your education:

    If you are writing a senior quality engineer resume, place it after the work experience section.

    • Start with your highest degree.
    • Include the school’s name and location, and your graduation year.

    If you are a less experienced quality engineer or recent graduate, you can list it before work experience on the CV and add the following information to make your CV stronger:

    • Major(s), minor(s), and research interest(s)
    • Academic honors, awards, dean’s list, and relevant courses
    • Extracurricular activities, international programs, and accolades

    If your education is still in progress or is incomplete, simply replace the graduation year with the expected date, or the credits and courses you did complete in the quality engineer resume.

    Examples of Education on a Quality Engineer Resume:

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | ABC University

    • GPA 4.0 with Dean’s List all semesters
    • ABC University Student Speech Contest finalist, 2016

    Bachelor of Science in Statistics | XYZ University
    Expected to graduate in June 2022

    • With 60 credits in computer science

    Step 9: Add an extra section to highlight personal traits or achievements.

    Use this section to show related information and your uniqueness.

    • Volunteer work
    • Certifications and awards
    • Projects
    • Hobbies and interests
    • References

    📚 Further reading:  40+ Hobbies and Interests to Put on a CV (Guide + Examples)

    Examples of Additional Information for a QA Resume:

    • Volunteered at a local animal shelter, feeding and bathing dogs and cats and helping them to match with prospective adopters by creating an online system using python.
    • Interested in web development and created 10+ websites.

    Step 10: Craft a convincing quality engineer cover letter for your resume.

    A cover letter is often required or expected from a recruiter. It is a chance for you to speak directly with the hiring manager aside from a quality engineer resume. To write a QA engineer cover letter, use the structure below.

    • Contact details

    List your full name, email address, mobile number, and professional links such as LinkedIn, CakeResume, or your personal website.

    • Introduction

    Start your cover letter for a QA engineer job with simple greetings to explain who you are and your current status. One to two sentences are sufficient.

    • Motivation (Intention to apply)

    Explain which position you want to apply for, where did you attain the information and the reason why you are applying. The key point is to show your understanding of their company. The recruiters would also want to know they are chosen. 

    • Qualification

    The next paragraph concludes your qualification for the role. Here you showcase your core value and major achievements as a quality engineer. Apply STAR method: talk about situations, tasks, actions, and results so they will be interested in reading your resume for the QA engineer role.

    • Closing

    In the closing paragraph, you can add other supplements, such as recommendation letters, and end the quality engineer cover letter by expressing gratitude. Add a call to action: let them know you are happy to further discuss your qualifications with them in an interview.  

    Congratulations, that’s it! Follow the tips in each section to complete your quality engineer resume. There’s no need to start from scratch: use resume templates, refer to examples and samples, and online resume builders to make a quality engineer resume. 

    Use CakeResume’s professional templates and 500+ real resume examples from diverse industries to save your time on formatting and layout designing!

    Quality Engineer Resume Sample

    Judy Dodson

    Meticulous quality engineer with 5+ years of experience in implementing quality control procedures and improving manufacturing processes.

    [email protected]


    Data-driven quality engineer with 5+ years of experience in smart-phone production. Expertise in data analysis for managing and supervising international production lines. Increased automation speed by 7% by carrying out corrective solutions and tests based on failure analysis in previous roles. 


    • CAD and CNC software expertise
    • APQP and PPAP
    • SPC and MSA
    • Python
    • Six Sigma (Black Belt Certification)
    • Cross department communication
    • Document management
    • Failure analysis
    • Preventative actions
    • Project management

    Work Experience

    Manufacturing Quality Engineer

    • Minimized product line quality issue by 5% (compared with previous version) by reviewing 2D engineering and product design team drawings to ensure production process meet GD&T standards.
    • Developed criteria for dimensions/cosmetics/electrical testings, design gauges, etc.
    • Drove MSA Drive FAI/Cpk data collection with vendors. 
    • Speeded up manufacturing flow process by 4% by conducting a gap and statistical analysis review with cross-functional teams. 
    • Supervised component quality and maintained relationship with supervised 15+ international contractors and suppliers.

    Quality Control Engineer
    MB manufacturing    

    • Formulated production standard, KPIs, and training documents to facilitate employee education and internal communication.
    • Devised validated solutions in 14% major production segments by optimizing environment analysis and research processes.
    • Reduced quality issues by 13% by driving failure analysis and corrective actions.


    University of Central Florida
    Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering


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