Recruiter Cover Letter: Step-by-Step Guide with Samples and Tips!

Recruiter Cover Letter
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Recruiters are an essential link in the hiring process. As a recruiter, you will need to separate the wheat from the chaff and discern those whose applications suggest a true potential for success. 

A good recruiter cover letter will display your knowledge of the recruitment process. What’s more, a memorable recruiter cover letter will stand out to the watchful eye of the recruiter who reads it, and prove to them that you know what a well-structured and engaging cover letter looks like. 

How do you write an impactful recruiter cover letter? What are the main points that should be included in your recruiter cover letter? This step-by-step guide to writing a cover letter for a recruiter job will help you understand the components of a recruiter cover letter and give you the tools you need to write your own!

Recruiter Cover Letter Examples

Let’s take a look at some recruiter cover letter examples as a guide to writing your own!

Cover letter for a recruiter position

Alexandra Spooner
Corporate Recruiter
2144 Jones Street
Dallas, TX 75241
[email protected]

March 27, 2022

Lucas Kane
Hiring Manager
New Capital 
981 Skips Lane
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Dear Mr. Kane,

As a corporate recruiter with five years of working experience, I am enthusiastically expressing my interest in the technical recruiter position at New Capital. I believe that my experience and qualifications gained from half a decade in the recruitment profession have equipped me with the necessary skills to drive and support your company’s success. 

In my current position as a corporate recruiter, I have been directly involved in the recruitment and onboarding of 1000 employees over five years. Along with a proven track record of consistent returns and a results-driven work ethic, my top accomplishments include:

  • Streamlined the recruitment process by 30%, saving both company time and resources
  • Worked with management to increase the retention rate of employees by 67%
  • Worked with the IT department to develop a new digital onboarding system to decrease onboarding time by 40%  

Please take a moment of your time to review my attached resume. I would be more than happy to arrange a future time to meet face to face and discuss the ways I can contribute to the development of New Capital and help you meet your developmental and organizational milestones.

Alexandra Spooner

Cover letter for a recruiter position with no experience

Leo Howell
Graduate Student
2194 Chenoweth Drive
Lynville, TN 38472
[email protected]

March 1, 2022

Abigail Murphy
Recruiting Manager
127 Lakewood Drive
Rutherford, NJ 07070

Dear Ms. Murphy, 

I am writing to express my interest in the recruiter position at Alcatrad. I resonate with your company’s mission and wish to develop alongside your company both personally and professionally.

As a graduate student wishing to enter the job market, I believe that my educational background and skill set align closely with the demands of the recruiter position at your company. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Human Resources, and hold a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. Throughout my educational career, I have developed the soft and hard skills that will allow me to effectively carry out the responsibilities of a recruiter. I am certain that my resourcefulness, detail-focused, and forward-thinking mindset will support and accelerate the organizational success of Alcatrad. 

Please find attached my resume and recommendations. I would be happy to sit down with you soon and discuss the details of the recruiter position at your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Abigail Murphy

Recruiter Cover Letter Template

Now that you’ve seen examples of eye-catching recruiter cover letters, let's break it down. 

✍🏻 Cover letter header

The cover letterhead of a recruiter cover letter follows the standard letterhead format. The letterhead consists of your contact information and the contact information of the hiring manager.

💡 Pro tip: Take the time to personalize your letter. In terms of the letterhead, find the name of the hiring manager or recruiter to whom you are addressing your recruiter cover letter. 

Recruiters will be more likely to form a good first impression of you if they see you take the time to learn more about the company and personalize your cover letter accordingly. 

✍🏻 Salutations

Similar to the letterhead, try to personalize the salutation of your recruiter cover letter. Also, avoid informal salutations such as “Hey” or “Hi”. Instead, opt for one of these in your recruiter cover letter!

  • Dear [Mr./Ms./Mrs.] [Hiring Manager’s last name]
  • Dear [Mr./Ms./Mrs.] [Hiring Manager’s full name]

When you cannot find the personal information of the addressee, you can use these formal non-specific salutations:

  • Dear [Addressee’s job title]
  • Greetings
  • Dear [Department name] Team

✍🏻 Opening paragraph

A strong introduction to a recruiter cover letter sets the stage for the rest of the letter. The recruiter may decide not to read the whole letter if the introduction does not grab their attention, so pay attention!

The introductory paragraph of your recruiter cover letter serves to provide a brief introduction to yourself, your motivation for applying, and why you are suitable for the position you are applying for. 

✍🏻 Body paragraph(s)

The body section of a recruiter cover letter should embellish the educational background, work experience, and qualifications listed in your resume. In this section, you can provide further information regarding your successes in a level of detail that is not possible in a resume. 

In this section of your recruiter cover letter, support your accomplishments through the use of data and statistics. Backing up your claims with empirical data provides credibility to your recruiter cover letter and is a key component to making your cover letter stand out against other applicants with equal amounts of expertise. 

Example of how to include data in an entry-level recruiter cover letter:

“In my current position as a technical recruiter for a leading technology company, I have spearheaded a program to revamp the recruitment and hiring process, which resulted in a 60% boost in recruitment speed and a 47% reduction in onboarding time.”

💡 Pro tip: Strengthen your recruiter cover letter by including action verbs to elevate a simple statement of qualifications, to a strong declaration of your accomplishments. 

✍🏻 Closing paragraph

In the closing paragraph of your cover letter for a recruiter position, thank the recruiter/hiring manager for reading your letter and application and include a call to action for future communication between you and the company. 

It is important to adopt a proactive tone in this paragraph to show the hiring manager reading your recruiter cover letter that you are enthusiastic about progressing through the application process. 

✍🏻 Complimentary closing

End your recruiter cover letter on a strong note. Show your professionalism with a formal closing. Here are some formal examples of complimentary closings you can use in your recruiter cover letter:

  • Sincerely
  • Regards
  • Respectfully
  • Yours sincerely
  • Best regards

Here is a recruiter cover letter template that you can use as a guide to craft your own!

[Your Name]
[Your position] (if applicable)
[Your address]
[Your telephone number]
[Your email address]


[Name of Hiring Manager]
[Job title] 
[Company Address]

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mrs.][Hiring Manager’s name]

I am writing to express my interest in the [job title] at [company name]. As a [current job title] with [years of experience] I believe that my skills and qualifications will make valuable additions to [company name] and its developmental goals. 

My current position as an [current job title] is highlighted be my key accomplishments:

  • [List 2-3 top accomplishments]

My [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3] are drivers of my [personal trait]. I believe that my knowledge of [technical skill], coupled with my [transferable skill] will aid me in fulfilling and exceeding the obligations of the [job title] position. 

[Add a strong call to action and thank the hiring manager for reviewing your application]

[Complimentary close],
[Full name]

How to Write a Recruiter Cover Letter

Here are some powerful tips you can apply when writing your recruiter cover letter!

💡 Understand the requirements for the role.

Before writing your recruiter cover letter, ensure you understand what you are getting yourself into! Research the company you are applying to and the specific requirements that the position demands. 

A good place to start looking is the job listing itself. To make your recruiter cover letter more appealing, catch the recruiter’s attention by including the skills that align with what the company is looking for!

💡 Include skills specific to the position in the recruiter cover letter.

An important point to consider when writing your recruiter cover letter is understanding the field you will be working in. Recruiters working in business will need to be familiar with a different desired skill set than a recruiter working for a hospital.

For instance, the a technical recruiter technical recruiters work with Human Resources to identify talent to fill technical positions within a company.

Your technical recruiter cover letter should include relevant skills including:

  • Knowledge of current technological advancements
  • Understanding of technology-based terminology
  • Computer literacy
  • Negotiation skills
  • Recruiting experience
  • Interpersonal communication skills 
  • Adaptability
  • Time management skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Organizational skills

Meanwhile, an IT recruiters source and hire for positions within the Information Technology (IT) field. IT recruiter cover letters must demonstrate an IT-based skill set, such as:

  • Knowledge of IT terminology
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Negotiation skills
  • Understanding of various IT roles/positions
  • Recruiting experience
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Personable telephone skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Time management skills

A healthcare recruiter cover letter must showing your knowledge (and experience) in the healthcare field, such as:

  • Medical terminology understanding and related knowledge
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Knowledge of healthcare positions
  • Experience working in a hospital
  • Recruiting experience
  • Teamwork skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Time management skills
  • Organization skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills

Lastly, corporate recruiters source talent for their place of employment. Use these examples to boost your corporate recruiter cover letter!

  • Recruitment experience
  • Knowledge of company needs
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Human resources experience
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Highly patient
  • Strong listening skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Time management and organization skills

💡 Elaborate on your interest in the position.

Your recruiter cover letter is a personal reflection of your personality and qualifications. Showing a genuine interest in the position you are applying to is crucial. Recruiters not only look for talent and potential but for those who will enthusiastically carry out their job! 

💡 Emphasize your educational background/training.

Experience is the perfect place to gain skills. However, if you are writing a recruiter cover letter and you have no experience, relate your skill set and your qualification for the position to your educational background or other forms of training. 

💡 Demonstrate a willingness to learn.

A cover letter should show your competence while avoiding bragging about your experiences. If you are writing a recruiter cover letter for a senior or junior position, or if you have no experience at all, demonstrating a willingness to learn is an infallible way of drawing attention to your recruiter cover letter! This shows your humility and willingness to learn and grow alongside the company you are applying to. 

🔑 Key Takeaways:

Keep in mind these points when writing your recruiter cover letter:

  • Conduct the necessary research on the position and company you are applying to before writing your recruiter cover letter
  • In the body of your recruiter cover letter, highlight your accomplishments by backing them up with data and statistics 
  • Embellish your recruiter cover letter by including your hard and soft skills that are relevant to the position AND field you are applying to work in

And there you have it! Recruiter cover letters, like traditional cover letters, follow a simple format but are infinitely customizable to your qualifications and skill set. Take your time when writing your cover letter; recruiters are sure to scrutinize your application package intensively. After all, reviewing cover letters and job applications will soon be your job! Best of luck!

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