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The recruiter is an inevitable part of a company and the Human Resources (HR) team. Though it appears to be similar, the recruiter position is different from hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists and headhunters. Hiring managers are in charge of evaluating and giving candidates heads-up; talent acquisition is to seek high-level positions such as team leaders or executives; while headhunters are hired by firms to work as the third-party talent-finder. 

Meanwhile, recruiters handle the overall process of hiring, including: 

  • Composing job descriptions
  • Organizing interviews
  • Foreseeing the labor market
  • Keeping pace with employment law

During the hiring process, it’s very important for you, “a recruiter-to-be", to prepare a professional recruiter resume and make a good impression, enhancing your chance of landing the job interview.

How to make a recruiter resume?

Step 1: Understand the differences between a CV and a resume for the recruiter position

CV (Curriculum Vitae) and resume are both professional documents required for the job application, depending on the company that asks for one or both. The major differences between CVs and resumes lie in the length, the content, the purpose, and the format.

Recruiter CVRecruiter Resume
Length2-8 pagesWithin 2 pages
ContentMore detailed informationRelevant information to a specific role
FieldAcademia, medicine, or science fieldsThe general job application process
DesignSimple and plainVaries depending on inđustries

Step 2: Choose the right recruiter resume format.

Four major types of recruiter resume formats are chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted. If you are preparing a resume for the recruiter position, the Hybrid/Combination resume format could be a good choice. It can not only point up your accomplishments, qualifications and recruiter skills on your resume, but also organize your work experience in a reverse-chronological order, which is used commonly.

Step 3: Look up recruiter resume templates & examples online as references.

If you find it difficult to start writing a recruiter resume, learn more on the Internet by searching “resume for the recruiter position”, “recruiter resume templates” or “recruiter resume examples”.  

This way, you may figure out how to adopt a proper recruiter resume format, highlight your key skills for a recruiter resume, and especially avoid making common mistakes.

Step 4: Tailor your resume for the recruiter position.

There are many different positions for a recruiter, though each requires specific skills. Accordingly, a technical recruiter resume should be slightly different from a corporate recruiter resume, a staffing recruiter resume, or a campus recruiter resume.

Regardless of seniority, a recruiting manager resume is also distinct from an executive recruiter resume, an entry-level recruiter resume, or a recruiting assistant resume. 

📝 Reminder: Keep this in mind and make sure to tailor your recruiter resume for the role you are applying for.

Step 5: Craft a recruiter cover letter.

Though a cover letter is not always required for a job application, it's highly beneficial to have a good cover letter to express your desire for the role, demonstrate your advantages, and distinguish yourself from other applicants.

Similar to the recruiter resume, your recruiter cover letter should be modified to suit the desired position. 

Step 6: Proofread.

For all jobs seekers at any professional level, proofreading is an essential step. 

Make sure your recruiter resume and recruiter cover letter are error-free with the following methods: 

  • Read it over and over.
  • Use tools for checking typo and grammar mistakes (Kilbin, Grammarly, etc).
  • Have someone else proofread for you.

CakeResume is an online resume builder that helps job seekers build professional recruiter resumes/CVs.

What to put on a resume for a recruiter position?

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

A resume profile provides the hiring managers with crucial information about you. Make sure all personal details are up-to-date to improve your chance at furthering the evaluation process.

The recruiter resume profile section should include:

  • Full name
  • A professional title to indicate your professional level (e.g: a recruiter resume with no experience, a junior recruiter resume, or a senior recruiter resume.)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address

📝 Further reading: How about some information that shouldn’t be included in a resume? Check out 10 personal details NOT to be included in a resume!

2. Recruiter Resume Headline

A catchy resume headline quickly tells the recruiter and hiring manager who you are as a job applicant by highlighting your skills, experience, and achievements. When well-written, it can make you and your recruiter resume stand out.

Examples of Resume Headlines for a Recruiter:

  • Headlines for a Senior Recruiter Resume:
    Senior recruiter with 7+ years of experience in sourcing and hiring top talent for Maxxus Group and other diverse industry organizations.
  • Headlines for an Executive Recruiter Resume:
    Executive recruiter with over 10 years of creative, technical, and corporate recruiting experience both in-house and agency-side.

3. Recruiter Resume Summary

In general, a resume summary, ideally within two sentences, can be a determinant whether readers will through your entire resume. If you are preparing a recruiter resume with no experience or a recruiter resume for freshers, you can highlight your relevant qualifications and skills. Meanwhile, for those who have boatloads of experience, try to keep it brief and make it shine.

Examples of a Professional Profile Summary for Recruiter Resumes:  

  • Goal-oriented recruiting manager with 8+ years of experience and the capability of executive coaching and stimulating personnel to deliver the best performance. 
  • Enthusiastic fresh graduate with a Master's degree in HRM. Skilled with social media and looking forward to leveraging it to discover the best candidates out there.

4. Recruiter Resume Objective

A well-written recruiter resume objective should emphasize on your devotion to the company instead of focusing on personal goals.

Examples of a Well-Written Recruiter Resume Objective:  

  • With my hands-on experience in managing large pools of candidates and acquiring staff, I await to translate my great expertise to your company.
  • With a strong base of knowledge about recruitment policies and procedures, looking to be a part of the HR team as a recruiting assistant to provide excellent support.

5. Recruiter Skills for Resume

Whether you are writing a talent acquisition specialist resume, a headhunter resume or a recruiter resume, the qualities that employers look for are often quite similar.

Check out some examples of key skills for a recruiter in resume:

  • Corporate recruiting
  • Technical recruiting
  • Job posting
  • Resume/CV databases, review and screening 
  • Direct/out-sourcing
  • Communication skills

💡 Reminder: Learn more about the dos and don'ts of writing a professional skills section for a variety of roles and professions.

6. Work Experience

What you list in the work experience section are practical values to show hiring managers so that they can decide whether you are well suited to the position. You should not only list your job responsibilities in a professional way, but also organize your employment history and accomplishments logically.

Example of “Work Experience” Section in a Recruiter Resume:

Junior Recruiter 
LEE&TEE Group | 2017 – 2020

  • Networked to stimulate talent acquisition through the use of social media platforms.
  • Handled the database of job applicants in order to streamline office efficiency.
  • Qualified candidates through recruiting process and tracking system including: source, CV screen, interview, on-board, etc.

7.  Education

Educational background is a complement towards evaluating a candidate. Hence, it's important to specify your field of study, degree and school name; and avoid stuffing this part with too many academic details.

“Education” Section in a Recruiter Resume Example:

MSc in HR & Management

Michigan State University | 2016-2018

  • Majored and excelled in HRM
  • Assisted with the enrollment of 10 freshers of the year 2017
  • Handled the creative design of all advertising materials for the Career Fair 2018

8. Additional Information to Put on a Recruiter Resume

If you have gained outstanding achievements or certification related to the recruiter position, don't hesitate to bring them up to further promote yourself.

Tips for writing a professional recruiter resume

📌 Tip 1: Customize the resume for the job.

First and foremost, attract the hiring manager’s attention by tailoring your recruiter resume for the role/profession you are targeting. Simply, you can just keep the top-down outline of personal info, skills & qualifications, employment history, and education. What matters is that you should modify, add or remove specific details based on the desired job. 

📌 Tip 2: Use Keywords (from Job Description) in your recruiter resume.

Next, go beyond the job description to get a feel for the company and position; and especially, make your recruiter resume professional and impressive by keyword optimization.

Since many companies are now using ATS to scan job applications, make sure you won't be disqualified for missing keywords in your recruiter resume. 

📌  Tip 3: Quantify results in your recruiter resume.

Showing what you have accomplished in a quantifiable way can present compelling evidence to hiring managers and land you the interview. 

How to quantify results in a recruiter resume?

  • New employees hired, acquired or trained  
  • Cost reduction
  • Cost savings
  • Response time
  • Job postings

📌 Tip 4: Choose an ATS-friendly format for your recruiter resume.

Nearly 75% of candidates are disqualified by ATS before a hiring manager reads their resumes. Hence, make sure the recruiter resume format you choose is lean and easy-to-read.

Here are several ways to build an ATS-friendly format for your recruiter resume:

  • Use the reverse-chronological order
  • Keep the sections organized 
  • Insert job-related keywords
  • Choose a plain and minimal design
  • Save your recruiter resume as a pdf   

📌 Tip 5: Adopt resume action words (verbs).

Due to a high volume of job applications, hiring managers will skim and scan applicants' resumes for key info. Thus, resumes with power verbs can grab their attention easily and effectively. This way you not only showcase your skills and qualifications but also make your recruiter resume through the ATS to get it read. 

📌 Tip 6: Feature unique attributes in your recruiter resume. 

Given that you are building a recruiting manager resume, an executive recruiter resume or a senior recruiter resume, polish it with your vast experience, knowledge and expertise as well as exceptional achievements in your career.

What about writing an entry-level recruiter resume or a recruiter resume with no experience?

Simply start with your educational background and relevant projects, qualifications, or achievements. Get yourself in the spotlight by expressing enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

How to write a cover letter for a recruiter position?

A well-written recruiter cover letter will help your job application get noticed and highlight the best of your resume.

A recruiter cover letter, commonly one-page long, should include the following five pieces of information:   

  • Contact details
  • Introduction about yourself 
  • Your motivation to apply for the position
  • Qualifications and achievements
  • Appreciation to the hiring manager

✍🏻  Reminder: Need more details? Take a look at the cover letter tutorial!

Recruiter Resume Sample

William Joseph

Sr. Executive Recruiter

[email protected]

Professional Summary

Results-driven senior recruiter with 6 years of experience in implementing solid and highly productive recruitment processes, developing extensive recruitment strategies and testing out up-to-date techniques. Fluent in 3 languages: English, Chinese and Japanese.

Work Experience

VNPed Ltd | London, UK
Staffing & Recruitment Associate

January 2017–December 2020

  • Handled all areas of the recruitment and staffing procedures for a global 800-employee company.
  • Provided internal relations supporting managers and employees as both a trusted advisor to managers and employee advocate.
  • Developed coaching and training modules to educate the regional managers on career development.
  • Controlled corporate repositioning and recruitment of 230 technical and management staff for UK HQ.

MyGym Group | London, UK
Junior Recruiter
October 2014-December 2016 

  • Composed job descriptions for various positions. 
  • Designed appropriate questions and tests for evaluating potential candidates, reduced the company’s hiring cost by 15% with an increased retention rate of 25%.
  • Handled and maintained job postings on social media platforms and company websites with a variety of tools.
  • Processed outbound and inbound emails to hiring managers and job applicants.


2009– 2013, Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management
University of Manchester

Skills & Qualities

  • Proficient in using recruitment tools and platforms 
  • Strong background of maintaining personnel records
  • Staff coaching and mentoring
  • Details-oriented and highly responsive with solid team working skills  
  • Strong communication skills with a proven ability to listen actively and build up productive relationships

--- Orginally written by May Luong ---

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