10 Tips for Successful Talent Recruitment

Tips for Successful Recruitment

Effectively recruiting is necessary for the smooth functioning of any organization. You want to hire the best possible team, whether your company is growing or experiencing a degree of turnover. But success recruitment isn't an accident. It requires a deliberate approach and constantly updated fresh recruitment ideas, from examining your current practices to using tools and creating interview questions, knowing how to recruit effectively will take some time and effort. 

Previously, we have shared with you how to set up a recruitment process. In this article, we will share with you our top 10 recruitment tips that you can use to attract the best talent possible.

Create a Positive Candidate Experience

A simple hiring tip is to create a positive experience for your applicants. Not only will this make it easier for the right candidates to say yes to an offer, but it will help with your image as an organization. A good experience is one of the best practices for recruiters because any time an applicant has a negative encounter, you risk your brand’s image. 

There are many tips for recruiting applicants and creating a positive experience as they move through the process. Follow these recruiter tips to enhance your candidate experience.

A simpler job application process.

A lengthy application process will frustrate candidates and could lead to them abandoning their application. For example, an application requiring a resume, cover letter, application form, and skills testing will likely be too discouraging. 

Clearly written job descriptions.

One of the best ways to recruit employees is with your job description. This means using clear details. A poorly written job description, lacking in information, could result in the wrong candidates applying for the job, and you will struggle with recruiting employees. This wastes everyone’s time, including yours!

Transparent information about the company.

Be transparent about the organisation at every stage of recruiting employees, from job positing to interview to training. This is a basic recruitment tip for employers since honesty is important for both talent acquisition and retention. An applicant needs to have all the information about the position before they can make an informed choice. 

Timely responses.

Another hiring tip is to reply quickly when you’re recruiting employees, whether this means responding to their application or getting back to them after an interview. For instance, waiting a month to hear about the position could be frustrating, and the applicant may take another position. 

Respect for candidates.

If you’re not sure how to recruit people, respect is a good place to start! Respecting your candidates, regardless of how they performed during recruitment, will create a more positive experience. For example, be professional in your correspondence, and show them empathy during the interview. 

Appropriate and effective interview questions.

Another recruitment tip is to enhance your candidate experience by reviewing your interview questions. Make sure they are both respectful and relevant to the job. Personal questions should be avoided during interviews when you are recruiting employees. 

Clear and realistic timelines. 

Having a clear timeline for hiring helps candidates manage their expectations. You should establish the date you need to hire by and relay that information during the hiring process. 

Try Collaborative Recruiting

Some tips for recruiting go beyond the candidate experience. Collaboration is a tried-and-true hiring tip with many benefits. It gives you multiple perspectives on your candidate, which helps make the decision easier and can lead to greater hiring success. It also allows the new candidate’s direct management to be part of the decision-making process. 

If you decide on a collaborative approach to recruiting employees, you must then decide who will make up your hiring committee. This can be a general manager, direct supervisors, team members, or an HR representative.

Encourage Employee Referrals

If you’re not sure how to recruit effectively, one innovative approach is to use employee referrals. Referrals are one of the best ways to recruit employees because it allows you to hire more passively, saving you time and energy on pre-screening.  

There are a few different ways you can encourage employee referrals and increase your hiring success. 

You can get more referrals by offering incentives to your employees for referring new candidates who stay. This can be things like gift cards or bonuses.

Another recruitment tip to encourage employee referrals is a more bottom-up approach, by building your brand. This is the best way to recruit employees because a positive brand will sell itself. Here are some ways to build your employer brand, increasing your referrals and your hiring success. 

Create a pleasant working environment. 

A positive work environment will increase employee satisfaction, which will naturally encourage employees to refer people in their network to your open positions. This will in turn simplify your process of recruiting employees. 

Build a strong company culture. 

Another hiring tip to increase employee referrals is to get clear about your company culture. You can do this by listening to your employees, building them up, and sharing your vision with them. 

Build a strong employee value proposition.

Your employee value proposition (EVP) is the reason why talented professionals will want to work for you, so it’s an important tool in recruiting employees. It’s the set of benefits and behaviour that make your company a good place to work. To get clear on your existing EVP, try using a survey to get your employee’s feedback on why they like working for you. 

Utilize marketing strategies. 

Using marketing to build your brand will help you find greater hiring success. Brand awareness will result in more interest in your company, and a larger network with more referrals. One way to build your brand using marketing is to maintain a consistent online presence. 

Utilise Technology and Tools

Today’s technology can improve your talent acquisition and increase your hiring success. Recruitment tech can do things like help you save time, advertise jobs, stay organized, and keep a record of the recruitment process. 

Here are a few different tools you can use to help you in recruiting employees. 

⚙️ Job boards

Online job boards like Indeed and Cake are great places for recruiting employees. You can use them to post your job ads as well ass receive and manage your applications and responses. 

⚙️ Interview software

Another recruiting idea is interview software, where applicants submit answers to interview questions online, giving you a chance to review their application at your own pace. 

⚙️ Applicant tracking systems

If you’re looking for hiring tips, ATS, or sometimes known as resume checkers can do a lot of heavy lifting. ATS can help you filter resumes and cover letters by keywords and collect information on your applicants. Please keep in mind that ATS systems can only recognize resumes that are optimized for them (aka ATS-friendly resumes). Therefore, it may be a good idea to have a human review your resume periodically to catch any errors that the system may miss.

⚙️ Social networks

Social networks like LinkedIn can help you find talent and connect with the right people. You can find candidates by skills or experience and track applicants, making recruiting employees even easier.

⚙️ Augmented writing software

The first step in recruiting employees will be a job post, so a proper job description is crucial to attract the right candidate. Augmented writing software uses AI to optimize your job description, increasing hiring success. 

Embrace Diversity

One tip for recruiting is to be mindful of diversity. A diverse workplace is much stronger overall, leading to better ideas and different approaches to problems, as well as helping your brand and reputation. 

There are many things you can do to increase diversity while recruiting employees. 

Examine current hiring practices.

You can’t set a goal of increasing hiring diversity if you don’t know where you currently stand. The first step in diverse hiring success is to examine what you are already doing. 

Perform a diversity gap analysis. 

To understand what your recruiting guide might be lacking, you can perform a gap analysis. You can outsource this job to data analysis agencies or gather your own information. Talk to existing employees from diverse backgrounds to get their perspective on the hiring process and ask for their hiring tips. 

Promote diversity in management. 

Diversity can come from the top down, since a more diversified management team is more likely to consider different candidates when recruiting employees. It’s also important to educate management about the benefit of diversity at work and have them consider changes to workplace policies that would attract diverse talent. 

Also, during interviews, it would be helpful for you to create a list of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) questions and refer to it.

Create a Good Onboarding Experience

After recruiting employees, the next step is the onboarding experience. Creating a positive onboarding experience is important for hiring success because it encourages retention and builds your brand, leading to even more quality applicants in the future. 

There are many ways you can enhance your onboarding experience, and the changes you apply will depend on your needs as a company. A good onboarding experience can include a guide or videos, a partnership with a seasoned employee, designated time for asking questions, and a reasonable learning pace.

Explore Remote Options

More and more workplaces are moving online, so one recruitment tip is to consider remote work. Many candidates will be interested in learning if there is a remote option for the open position, so flexibility where it comes to remote work can increase your hiring success. There are many benefits to working remotely, including the following:

Flexible schedules. 

Remote work is a great recruiting idea because it creates more flexible schedules. That flexibility allows employees more control over their lives, which increases satisfaction and productivity. 

Time saving.

The time saving aspect is one reason why remote work is a good tip for recruiting. Working remotely means employees won’t have to commute to their workplace. This time saving can translate to increased productivity and higher satisfaction. This also appeals to new candidates, increasing your hiring success.  

Reduced office footprints. 

Remote work can help reduce more then just the emissions from commuting. Not having a physical workplace means less waste from running a building. This helps incorporate sustainability into your brand, which in turn is great for recruiting employees.   

Hire Internally

If you’re struggling to figure out how to recruit people, consider hiring internally. Promoting from within has benefits over other types of recruitment because your existing employees already know your brand and fit into your work culture. They also are more likely stay in your employment if they feel they have opportunities for growth, making hiring internally on of the best practices for recruiters. 

There are a few steps to hiring internally when you’re recruiting employees. 

Set up a process to hire internally

The first step is to come up with an internal recruiting guide, including assigning a hiring committee and establishing an internal hiring policy. 

Make a job posting

When recruiting employees from within, you’ll need to make a job posting that makes the job description clear. 

Share the posting and encourage applications

After creating a job posting, the next step in recruiting employees internally is to share the posting with your employees and encourage people to apply. 

Screen and interview candidates

The next internal hiring tip is to decide which candidates fit the criteria you are seeking for the role and interview them. 

Give feedback

The last step of your internal recruitment is to give feedback to your candidates after their interview. This is an important recruitment tip because regardless of the outcome, you’ll want to retain that candidate. 

Use a Rubric or Scorecard

If you’re looking for recruiting tips and tricks, a scorecard is a useful tool. Whether you are interviewing alone or doing a collaborative approach, a scorecard will increase your hiring success by keeping you organised. A rubric ensures a more consistent recruitment process, since candidates will be judged by the same metrics, regardless of who is doing the interviewing. 

When recruiting employees, some of the metrics you can consider including in your rubric are basic information, education, appearance, skills, and experience.. You can use a numerical scale for grading and leave room for additional comments. Use this sample recruitment rubric to help you get started. 

Candidate Name:


Total Score:

Recommended for position:

Build Strong Talent Networks

A good talent network is one of the best ways to recruit employees, because you will have a ready pool of qualified individuals to meet your future hiring needs. This will help you save time with recruitment in the future by hiring more passively. 

There are different ways you can approach building a talent network and increase hiring success. You can establish a pool of talent from former employees who were successful in the role in the past, such as retirees. You can maintain a talent network using referrals from your employees. You can also use the career page of your website, with email notifications for recruitment when jobs become available. 

It's not easy to know how to recruit effectively, but there are some simple hiring tips you can follow to help you succeed. You can consider recruitment tips like hiring collaboratively, using technology, building a talent network, and using a scorecard. Ultimately, the best way to recruit employees is to create a place where people want to work. You’ll achieve greater hiring success by establishing your brand as a positive workplace with a great candidate experience. 

Want more recruitment tips? Follow our blog to have more insights. Cake offers job seekers and employers a valuable solution with our free online resume builder and talent search and branding services.

— Originally written by Tiffany Quinn —

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