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Staying on the frontline of the medical workforce, registered nurses play a vital role. In a country like the U.S., registered nurses are considered to be the backbone of today’s healthcare system. They generally wear many hats on a daily basis in order to provide a wide range of patient services. While their duties and job responsibilities may vary, their primary role is to ensure that every patient receives the proper care.

Note that RNs (registered nurses) and NPs (nurse practitioners) both provide patient care, however, there are significant differences between these two important nursing roles.

  • Level of education: RNs usually need a bachelor's degree in nursing to pass the National Council Licensure Examination and to obtain a state license to enter the medical field. NPs, on the other hand, must obtain a master's degree in nursing or higher.
  • Work environment: RNs typically work in hospitals or surgical clinics, whereas NPs may take on more private practice-style settings like community clinics, government agencies, nonprofits, or educational settings. 

A medical career can be challenging, but incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking to become a registered nurse, the next step after meeting all educational requirements is to prepare a strong RN cover letter and resume for your job hunt. In this article, we will walk you through how to write a registered nurse cover letter for both new graduates and experienced candidates. Also, have a look at our great RN cover letter examples and the ready-to-use template.

Registered Nurse Cover Letter Samples

Pediatric nurse cover letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I'm Loren Chen, a highly skilled Pediatric Nurse with extensive experience providing comprehensive services in both the clinic and hospital settings. Please accept my enclosed application for the position of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Hennepin Healthcare Center. With a strong passion for working with children and a background in supporting pediatric patient care, I believe that my skills and experience would be a valuable addition to your team.

With 6-year experience in the field, I am adept at well-child visits, sick assessments, and treatment plans. Highlights of my expertise include the following:

  • Offering general pediatric nursing support during well-check and sick exams for children between 3-18 years old. 
  • Evaluating sick patients to categorize illnesses and develop proper treatments.
  • Educating patients and their families about treatments and other beneficial health choices to improve wellbeing.
  • Maintaining a solid commitment to abiding by nursing philosophy, organizational standards, and legal regulations.

Furthermore, I’ve achieved a reputation for providing superior pediatric healthcare through the use of my outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. 

I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you and learn more about the role at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 847-012-8896 or via email at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Loren Chen

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ICU nurse cover letter

Jessica McAdams
Lolita, TX 77971
[email protected]

August 19th, 2022

Harry Springfield
Hiring Manager
Ormond Hospital for Children
7125 Kitto Rd, London SE14 5TN

Dear Mr.Springfield,

Having 4 years of critical care experience, I would apply with enthusiasm for this opportunity at Ormond Hospital for Children. I love taking care of people and hope to advance my career by working for a large institute like yours. 

Previously as an ICU staff Nurse at Lawrence Hospital Center, I was responsible for providing constant monitoring and care for patients in a seriously ill or unstable condition, delegating nursing tasks to nursing assistive personnel, and providing direction to the LPN as appropriate. I also demonstrated strong leadership skills through teaching LPNs and nursing assistive personnel special tasks of nursing care.

In addition to that, I have gained extensive experience dealing with critically ill patients while making sure the patients are receiving proper care and are as comfortable as possible. 

Together with my ability to communicate with the patients and their families in a sympathetic manner, I believe that I can significantly contribute to Ormond Hospital for Children in this role. 

I look forward to discussing with you regarding this opportunity and my qualifications in more detail. Thank you for considering my application!

Jessica McAdams

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NICU nurse cover letter

Dear Mr. Wilson,

After reviewing your job description for the RN-NICU position at Sutter Health, I feel that my expertise in providing direct care to both pre-term and full-term newborns will allow me to perform the job well and exceed your organization’s goals. 

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Nova Southeastern University, and I am state certified with an RN license. My 4-year experience includes providing the ultimate care to infants under the direct supervision of senior health care professionals. I was also tasked with making sure new mothers know how to take care of their children before leaving the hospital. 

I have demonstrated strong teamwork skills while collaborating across medical teams, including physicians and neonatal nurse practitioners, in order to formulate and implement patient care plans and appropriate protocols.

As a passionate and empathetic Neonatal Nurse, I would like to learn more about the opening job at Sutter Health. Please kindly review my attached resume for additional details regarding my professional experience and career achievements. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
Nick Spaceys

[email protected]

ER nurse cover letter

Miley S. Grey
1055 SW 197th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006
[email protected]

September 8th, 2022

Kaiser Permanente Westside Center
8205 NE Stucki Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Dear Hiring Manager,

Kindly accept my application for the post of Emergency Room Nurse at Kaiser Permanente Westside Center. Together with the ability to handle emergent and heavy patient caseloads, I believe that my 6 years of working experience in the trauma and emergency center will make me a promising candidate for this role. 

In my previous role at OHSU Hospital, I was responsible for triaging patients, providing initial treatment, and assisting other health care professionals with developing a care plan for each patient. I was also tasked with tracking their progress and maintaining relevant reports for reference. 

With excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills, I am confident that I can be a huge asset to your team in saving the lives of patients. Kaiser Permanente has gained a reputation for being among the best hospitals in the city with advanced medicinal equipment and highly skilled doctors. Having a chance to work here would be a rewarding experience for me where I can advance my career while meeting and exceeding the hospital’s goals. 

If you would like to discuss this position further, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,
Miley S. Grey

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How to Write a Registered Nurse Cover Letter

Format of a cover letter for RN jobs 

In general, a cover letter for RN jobs should include the following parts: 

  • Letterhead - provide the information of both the sender and recipient, including: 
    • Full name
    • Email address 
    • Physical address
    • Phone number
  • Proper salutation
    • Dear Hiring Manager,
    • Dear Mr.Mrs [Last Name], 
  • Opening paragraph - briefly introduce who you are and explain why you're applying for this role 
  • Body paragraph(s) - explain what makes you the right fit and how you can add value to the organization 
  • Closing paragraph - express your appreciation and include a CTA for an interview opportunity
  • Professional sign-off
    • Sincerely, 
    • Kind/Best regards, 
    • With gratitude, 
  • Signature

💡 Pro tip: If you're sending your RN cover letter and resume via email, make sure you write a clear, professional subject line, like this: “Application for [Job Title]_[Your Name]”. Additionally, it's important to add your contact details in the email signature below.

4 Tips for writing a strong RN cover letter

1. Highlight key nursing skills

It's a must to showcase essential skills in your cover letter for RN jobs so that the hiring manager can assess your ability to fulfill the job duties. Especially when it comes to medical jobs, not only do you need to acquire extensive knowledge but also master plenty of skills to perform a wide range of tasks.

Below is a list of 10 must-have skills for registered nurses:

Hard Skills

  • Urgent & emergency care
  • Catheterization
  • CPR
  • Wound care
  • Knowledge of medical laws & ethics

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills 
  • Stress management
  • Dedication & Patience
  • Physical & mental endurance
  • Responsibility

2. Underscore your relevant experience

Nursing is the largest profession in healthcare with many different specialties and positions. Instead of writing a general cover letter, it's always better to present your professional experience related to the specific job you're applying for. 

Example of an occupational health nurse cover letter:

“In my previous role at Tri-Service Group, I was tasked with providing basic first aid for employees and evaluating their overall health. My primary responsibilities also include conducting health and safety evaluations of work areas and providing recommendations for improvement.”

3. Proofread your cover letter

Being a registered nurse requires you to be a thorough and detail-oriented person. Thus, it's essential to demonstrate this quality through your writing. Double-check your RN cover letter before submitting to the employer, otherwise minor typos may take away the chance of landing a job interview.

4. Emphasize your educational background & certifications

The last tip is highly advisable for registered nurse cover letters for new graduates. Since you have yet to gain experience in the field, adding a spotlight to your education will be a great way to advance your candidacy for the role.

Entry-level registered nurse cover letter example:

“As a recent BSN graduate from Southern New Hampshire University, passing the National Council Licensure Examination with a score of 93% is the most outstanding achievement I've gained. I’m eager to bring the same energy and effort to the entry-level nursing role at Tri-Service General Hospital as I did when studying for the NCLEX.”

Registered Nurse Cover Letter Template

[Your Full Name]

[Your Address]

[Your Email Address]
[Your Phone Number]

[Date submitted]

[Recipient’s Name]

[Recipient’s Job Title]

[Company Name]
[Company Address]

Dear Hiring Manager / Mr.Mrs [Last name],

My name is [Your full name], and I am writing to express my interest in the [Job title] position at [Hospital or Clinic’s name] as recently posted on [job platform]. Given my [years of experience] and comprehensive knowledge in [Name of the fields], I believe that I would be able to add more value to [Hospital or Clinic’s name].

Over the year as a Registered Nurse, my professional experience includes the following highlights: 

  • [List out 3-5 major job responsibilities]

I've received commendations for [highlight your achievements in quantified results] while working at [former Hospital or Clinic’s name]

What's more is that I have mastered  [soft skill 1], [soft skill 2] as well as the ability to [soft skill 3]. With regards to the position you're hiring, I’m sure that I can bring that same dedication to your team/organization. 

Please find attached my resume and my nursing certificate, and let me know if you have any questions. I would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you further about my qualifications for the role. You can reach me at [your email] or by phone at [your phone number].  

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Your Full Name]

To help you secure your dream nursing job, keep in mind that you need not only a well-thought-out cover letter but also a well-crafted resume. Let CakeResume be your CV maker’s best friend, helping you showcase your best self before stepping into the interview phase.

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